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The University And Public Education

Author : Harry Judge
ISBN : 9781317997290
Genre : Education
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This book examines an important aspect of the relationship between higher education and the public - especially secondary - system of schooling in Britain. Higher education has influenced secondary schools in a number of ways, and not least in the development of school examinations. The contributors to this book – each of them experts in their fields analyse the contributions made by some university luminaries, most of them still household names. These personalities have contributed in a variety of ways such as: becoming Ministers of Education contributing powerfully to successive reform movements using their status as members of that mysterious class called 'the great and the good' to mould public policy and to chair prestigious commissions choosing to centre their own research and scholarship on matters related to schooling. Using Oxford University as its chosen case study, this book places these studies in the wider context of the role of Oxford in public and political life, and in an international context. It examines critically the overall contribution of one university to the formulation of national policies, questions the extent to which that contribution has been unique and beneficent, and offers explanations of the contemporary decline in that influence. This book was previously published as a special issue of the Oxford Review of Education.

Contributions To The History Of Education Volume 5 Secondary Education In The Nineteenth Century

Author : R. L. Archer
ISBN : 9781107622326
Genre : Education
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Originally published in 1921, this book details the major developments in English education between 1789 and 1918.

Studies In Comparative Education

Author : National Office Of Overseas Skills Recognition Staff
ISBN : 0644134909
Genre : Comparative education
File Size : 82. 9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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American Public Education And The Responsibility Of Its Citizens

Author : Sarah M. Stitzlein
ISBN : 9780190657406
Genre : Psychology
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Public school systems are central to a flourishing democracy, where children learn how to solve problems together, build shared identities, and come to value justice and liberty for all. However, as citizen support for public schools steadily declines, our democratic way of life is increasingly at risk. Often, we hear about the poor performances of students and teachers in the public school system, but as author Sarah M. Stitzlein asserts in her compelling new volume, the current educational crisis is not about accountability, but rather citizen responsibility. Now, more than ever, citizens increasingly do not feel as though public schools are our schools, forgetting that we have influence over their outcomes and are responsible for their success. In effect, accountability becomes more and more about finding failure and casting blame on our school administrators and teachers, rather than taking responsibility as citizens for shaping our expectations of the classroom, determining the criteria we use to measure its success, and supporting our public schools as they nurture our children for the future. American Public Education and the Responsibility of its Citizens sheds an important light on recent shifts in the link between education and citizenship, helping readers to understand not only how schools now work, but also how citizens can take an active and influential role in shaping them. Moving from philosophical critique of these changes to practical suggestions for action, Stitzlein provides readers with the tools, habits, practices, and knowledge necessary to support public education. Further, by sharing examples of citizens and successful communities that are effectively working with their school systems, Stitzlein offers a torch of hope to sustain citizens through this difficult work in order to keep our democracy strong.

Death Of The Public University

Author : Susan Wright
ISBN : 9781785335433
Genre : Education
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Universities have been subjected to continuous government reforms since the 1980s, to make them ‘entrepreneurial’, ‘efficient’ and aligned to the predicted needs and challenges of a global knowledge economy. Under increasing pressure to pursue ‘excellence’ and ‘innovation’, many universities are struggling to maintain their traditional mission to be inclusive, improve social mobility and equality and act as the ‘critic and conscience’ of society. Drawing on a multi-disciplinary research project, University Reform, Globalisation and Europeanisation (URGE), this collection analyses the new landscapes of public universities emerging across Europe and the Asia-Pacific, and the different ways that academics are engaging with them.

Creating A New Public University And Reviving Democracy

Author : Morten Levin
ISBN : 9781785333224
Genre : Education
File Size : 84. 82 MB
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Public universities are in crisis, waning in their role as central institutions within democratic societies. Denunciations are abundant, but analyses of the causes and proposals to re-create public universities are not. Based on extensive experience with Action Research-based organizational change in universities and private sector organizations, Levin and Greenwood analyze the wreckage created by neoliberal academic administrators and policymakers. The authors argue that public universities must be democratically organized to perform their educational and societal functions. The book closes by laying out Action Research processes that can transform public universities back into institutions that promote academic freedom, integrity, and democracy.

Disciplines Of Education

Author : John Furlong
ISBN : 9781136917981
Genre : Education
File Size : 20. 10 MB
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Are the disciplines of education ghosts of a productive past or creative and useful forms of inquiry? Are they in a demographic and organisational crisis today? The contribution of the ‘foundation disciplines’ of sociology, psychology, philosophy, history and economics to the study of education has always been contested in the UK and in much of the English-speaking world. But such debates are now being brought to a head in education by the demographic crisis. Recent research has shown that with the an ageing population of education academics, in ten years' time, there could be very few disciplinary specialists left working within faculties of education in UK universities. But does that matter and is the UK no more than a special case? How does this ‘crisis’ look from Europe where the disciplines of education are more embedded, and from the USA with its more diverse higher education system? In this book, leading scholars – including A.H. Halsey, David Bridges, John Furlong, Hugh Lauder, Martin Lawn and Sheldon Rothblatt – consider the changing fortunes of each discipline as education moved away from the dominance of psychology in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s as a result of the growing importance of the other disciplines and new social questions, and how the changing epistemological and political debates of the last twenty years haves resulted in their progressive demise. Finally, the book confronts the question as to whether the disciplines have a place in education in the twenty-first century. The book brings the coming crisis into the public view and explores the issue of the past, current and future relevance of the disciplines to the study of education. It will be of interest to all international academics and researchers in the field of education and the contributory disciplines as well as to students on educational research methods courses.

The University Of Oxford

Author : L. W. B. Brockliss
ISBN : 9780199243563
Genre : Oxford (England)
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The ancient University of Oxford was established in a medium-sized medieval market town in the late eleventh century and for some six hundred years principally served the needs of the English church. By the mid-nineteenth century, both town and university had been marginalized by the new forces of liberalism, nationalism, and industrialization. Many continental universities, similarly disadvantaged by their location and religious raisons d'être, simplydisappeared in the course of the nineteenth century. Oxford, however, went on to become one of the world's leading centres of research and teaching. This volume traces Oxford's improbable rise from a provincialbackwater to a global colossus. It is a story not of entitlement but of hard work, difficult decisions, and a creative use of limited resources and advantages.

The Contribution Of John William Abercrombie To Public Education

Author : Jesse Monroe Richardson
ISBN : UVA:X002249948
Genre :
File Size : 82. 1 MB
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Columbia University Contributions To Education

Author : Alva Walker Stamper
ISBN : UCAL:B4030172
Genre : Geometry
File Size : 23. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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