the trump phenomenon and the future of us foreign policy

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The Trump Phenomenon And The Future Of Us Foreign Policy

Author : Daniel Quinn Mills
ISBN : 9789813200890
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 21. 51 MB
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Donald Trump has called for a turnaround in the foreign policy of the United States (US). A key reason is that US foreign engagements have in recent decades proved of little benefit to the US middle and working classes. Trump's opponents have challenged him to prove that he can offer a better alternative to the foreign policy which has been pursued by the US since the Second World War. This volume shows that a sane US foreign policy that adjusts US postwar trajectory can be accomplished if leaders have the courage and integrity to do so. The principles and many details of an alternative policy based on democratic nationalism are described in this book. Democratic nationalism presumes that the US is a large family in which the needs of members of the family have a certain legitimate priority over those of people abroad. While Donald Trump has raised the level of discussion of these ideas in US public life, he does not have a monopoly on them. The shifts in the US foreign policy which are envisioned in this book can be made by any president and any political party. The shifts and the considerations which motivate them are deserving of careful attention by any US chief executive. This is not a Republican agenda, nor a Democratic one. We believe that it is a US agenda.

Trump S Populist America

Author : Rosefielde Steven
ISBN : 9781944659516
Genre : Political Science
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In Trump's Populist America, author Steven Rosefielde argues that the policies Trump fashions are not half measures, but stem from an understanding of his supporters and their desire for an elected government that is attuned to the common man's concerns. Through this lens, voting for Trump can be seen as an act of rebellion, in the spirit of Jeffersonian democracy, against the establishment. Despite assertions of xenophobia, bigotry, and racism, Rosefielde asserts that Trump supporters are nationalists in the Jeffersonian sense, who oppose being victimized by a special-interest government at home and who welcome amicable relations with neighbors across the globe. The book documents the grievances ordinary middle and working class American people harbour against the establishment's Global Nation policies at home and abroad, and shows how Trump intends to rectify matters with policies aimed at building a Jeffersonian populist America in a workman-like manner. If Trump succeeds, these policies will reverse the course of 21st century history for the middle and working class Americans. A battle is shaping up between populist advocates of open societies, and those who are sure "father" knows best.

The New Global Politics Of The Asia Pacific

Author : Michael K. Connors
ISBN : 9781317232674
Genre : History
File Size : 33. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Now in its new and fully updated third edition, The New Global Politics of the Asia Pacific continues to provide a compelling analysis of a region undergoing dramatic changes. Based on new research and offering fresh interpretation, this edition evaluates the prospects for continuing US dominance in the ‘Asian Century’. Whilst presenting evidence for a multifaceted ‘Beijing Strategy', which aims to counter the US by building an alternative regional order, it also explains Japan’s definitive departure from its limited military role. Providing an introductory guide for the main frameworks needed to understand the region, including realism, liberalism and critical theory, this new edition is reader-friendly, and offers sophisticated competing explanations. Key content includes: Intra-regional conflicts in the South China Sea and the Korean peninsula, The different responses within the Asia-Pacific to the globalization of Western ideas of democracy and political economy, The underappreciated success of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in building a regional identity, The European Union’s soft power in the region. A highly topical account, which offers an overview of the main actors, institutions and contemporary issues in the Asia-Pacific, the book will be essential reading for undergraduate students of Asian Studies, International Politics, and anyone interested in the region.

Crossroads Of Globalization The A Latin American View

Author : Hardy Alfredo Toro
ISBN : 9789813277328
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 61. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Two powerful forces measure their strength by acting upon globalization. One of them pushes globalization forward, while the other hinders its advance and promotes its decline.In which of those directions should Latin America move? Uncertainty hinders the region's strategic vision. If the future entails re-launching of globalization, it seems obvious that Latin America should follow along its lines. However, if globalization were to embark on a declining phase and an endangered future, the region would need to look at other options. Latin America, therefore, faces not only a dramatic uncertainty as a result of forces beyond its control, but also needs to anticipate unforeseen events to the best of its abilities, and react to or act upon them. Strategic reflection becomes imperative to manage both uncertainty and the possibility of rapid change.This exercise in strategic reflection implies an immersion in fraught international surroundings, analyzing the forces that push for and against globalization, trying to measure their respective strength, convergence capacity, and potential impact. At the same time, it requires looking into the flaws, weaknesses and contradictions of such forces. With these elements in hand, it will be easier to envisage where the trends are leading to, and by extension, where Latin America may end up standing and which goals it should follow. content

Unwinding Of The Globalist Dream The Eu Russia And China

Author : Rosefielde Steven
ISBN : 9789813222083
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 32. 21 MB
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This collection of essays documents and investigates the conflicts in Europe, Russia and China that sparked populist revolts against the established globalist order in the European Union. It shows that the populist surge was not an anomaly. It was a reflection of the internal contradictions of globalism that sparked nationalist resentment inside the EU, and backlashes against Western "soft power" aspirations in Russia and China. The idealist rhetoric of the globalist dream was persuasive. It lulled many into believing that the movement should not, and could not be stopped until the 2008 global financial crisis started the dream to unwind. The essays in this volume show that globalism is not dead, but will have to reinvent itself to revive. Contents: About the AuthorsAcknowledgementsIntroduction (Steven Rosefielde)Western Secular Stagnation and Social Strife: Overreach and Discord (Steven Rosefielde)Europhoria (Bruno Dallago)European Union after Brexit (Steven Rosefielde) Balkans (Yoji Koyama)Immigrants, Xenophobia, and Terroism (Kumiko Haba)Russia: Great Power Resurgence (Steven Rosefielde)Military Industrial Potential (Masaaki Kuboniwa)Macroeconomic Challenges (Torbjörn Becker)Sanctions (Iikka Korhonen)Finance (Victor Gorshkov)Industry and Transport (Olga Bobrova)Innovation (Anna Kovaleva)China: Rising Red Star (Steven Rosefielde)Belt and Road Strategy (Zhikai Wang)Public–Private Partnerships (Yiyi Liu)Housing (Wenting Ma)Budget Cycles (Pi-Han Tsai)Asian Power Shift (Kumiko Haba and Steven Rosefielde)Conclusion (Steven Rosefielde) Readership: Academics, policymakers, professionals, graduate and undergraduate students insterested in populist revolts against the globalization, new trends of international economics and political economy. Keywords: Globalism;Globalization;Populism;European Union;Russia;China;Secular Economic Stagnation;Political Disintegration;Cold War;Economic SanctionsReview: Key Features: Documents the unraveling of globalizationShows why the globalist dream triggered the populist revolt that catapulted Donald Trump into the White HouseExplains why and how globalism must be reinvented to cope with insurgent populism

Us Foreign Policy In A Challenging World

Author : Marco Clementi
ISBN : 9783319541181
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 29. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book examines how the US is dealing with the challenge of reconciling its global interests with regional dynamics and how it is able to produce and sustain order at the system level and within regional subsystems. The book comprises four parts, the first of which addresses global issues such as nonproliferation, trade, and freedom of the seas. US policies in these areas are carefully analyzed, considering whether and how they have been differently implemented at the regional level. The remaining parts of the book focus on the US posture toward specific regions: Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia. The policies adopted by the US to confront the most relevant challenges in each region are identified, and the ways in which policies in a specific region influence or are influenced by challenges in another region are explored. The book is a rich source of knowledge on the nature of the balance that the US has pursued between global and regional interests. It will be of much interest to scholars, to practitioners, to postgraduate/PhD students of international relations theory and American foreign policy, and to all with an interest in the ability of the US to produce international order.

Russians On Trump

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The American Annual Cyclopedia And Register Of Important Events

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ISBN : UOM:39015022039807
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The American Annual Cyclop Dia And Register Of Important Events

Author :
ISBN : NYPL:33433082407465
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The American Annual Cyclopedia And Register Of Important Events Of The Year

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ISBN : UIUC:30112033766210
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