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50 Years Of Science In Singapore

Author : Lim Hock
ISBN : 9789813140912
Genre : Science
File Size : 57. 98 MB
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As part of the commemorative book series on Singapore's 50 years of nation-building, this important compendium traces the history and development of the various sectors of Singapore science in the last 50 years or so. The book covers the government agencies responsible for science funding and research policy, the academic institutions and departments who have been in the forefront of the development of the nation's scientific manpower and research, the research centres and institutes which have been breaking new ground in both basic and applied science research, science museums and education, and the academic and professional institutions which the scientific community has set up to enable Singapore scientists to serve the nation more effectively. Each article is chronicled by eminent authors who have played important roles and made significant contributions in shaping today's achievement of science in Singapore. Professionals, academics, students and the general public will find this volume a useful reference material and an inspirational easy read.

The Singapore Research Story

Author : Chang Chieh Hang
ISBN : 9789814641289
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 28 MB
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Ever since Singapore became independent in 1965, its leaders have invested tremendous efforts and resources to develop its economy in order to create jobs for its people and to support national development. This book describes the challenging journey of Singapore in developing a knowledge-based economy driven by research and innovation and the roles played by research institutes, universities, research manpower and appropriate collaboration between research institutes and industry. The book traces the foundations of Singapore's research story from the time of its independence in 1965 to the present day. Through interviews with the key players and research into the records, the establishment of the key institutes and the roles of a global cast of researchers, scientists and engineers in setting up the R&D infrastructure are outlined. The impact of the concerted efforts to build up a credible and world-class research capability in Singapore over the last 25 years is discussed, as are the tremendous challenges faced by the key players in the drive to develop a knowledge-based economy and the ultimate goal of an innovation-driven economy. Contents:Foreword by PM Lee Hsien LoongAcknowledgementsCover Photo CreditsAbout the ContributorsIntroductionSetting the Stage (Hang Chang Chieh and Yeoh Keat Chuan)Shifting Gear into Research (Hang Chang Chieh, Low Teck Seng and Yeoh Keat Chuan)The Multi-Agency Approach (Hang Chang Chieh, Low Teck Seng and Raj Thampuran)Research in Physical Sciences and Engineering (Hang Chang Chieh and Raj Thampuran)The Biomedical Sciences: Research for Better Health (Raj Thampuran and Kong Hwai Loong)Developing Research-Intensive Universities (Barry Halliwell and Bertil Andersson)Partnering Multinational Corporations in R&D (Low Teck Seng, Raj Thampuran and Yeoh Keat Chuan)Developing R&D in Local Enterprises (Hang Chang Chieh, Raj Thampuran and Png Cheong Boon)Towards Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Low Teck Seng, Raj Thampuran, Tan Kai Hoe and Philip Ong)Appendices:Singapore's Science & Technology, R&D TimelineChairmen, Executive Directors and DirectorsHonouring Scientific TalentOral History InterviewsAcronymsSelect BibliographyIndex Readership: Researchers, professionals, academics, and laymen interested in all aspects of research and development.

50 Years Of Singapore Europe Relations

Author : Lay Hwee Yeo
ISBN : 9789814675581
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 38. 87 MB
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As Singapore enters its 50th year of independence, it is a good time to reflect on its past as well as look to the future. 50 Years of Singapore-Europe Relations: Celebrating Singapore's Connections with Europe is one such contribution to the wide collection of books commemorating Singapore's 50th birthday. The essays and articles in this edited volume capture historical moments, reveal the heartfelt wishes and thoughtful comments of Europeans who have made Singapore their home, chronicle some of the long-standing partnerships and ponder the future challenges of Singapore. This unique book contains a wide range of essays and articles reflecting on the strong connections that Singapore enjoys with Europe, not only at the official level, but also through the contributions that Europeans and European companies have made — and continue to make — which enrich Singaporean society. These essays provide a kaleidoscope of views on Singapore — they explore how close ties and partnerships are forged between nations, how businesses see Singapore as a trustworthy partner and place to invest and establish roots, and, at a more personal level, the articles also present different perspectives on the strengths, and at times, the weaknesses of Singapore as viewed through the eyes of Europeans who live and work in Singapore and consider it as their home. In commemorating Singapore's 50th birthday, this book will add to the understanding of the richness and diversity of Singapore society, and help readers appreciate and reflect on how openness and connectivity have contributed to the success of Singapore in its first 50 years. Contents:Introduction: Celebrating Singapore's Connections with Europe — 50 Years and More (Yeo Lay Hwee)Connections and Reflections — Multi-dimensional Facets of Singapore-Europe Relations:Singapore and Europe: 50 Years of Relations (K Shanmugam)Europe's Contributions to Singapore's Contemporary Culture (Michael Pulch)Reflectiing on Singapore's Contributions to Europe (Yeo Lay Hwee)1965 and 2015, Europe and Singapore: Some Changes and Constants in a Cultural Geography Perspective (Barnard Turner)Debunking Some "Euromyths" — Understanding the European Union (EU) and Its Connections to Singapore (Loke Hoe Yeong)The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM): A Bridge between East and West (Goh Chok Tong)Singapore and the Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) (Tommy Koh and Peggy Kek)Singapore, Germany and the European Union — Political Dialogue for Closer Cooperation and Mutual Understanding (Wilhelm Hofmeister)Enduring Bilateral Ties:Belgians in Singapore: Helping to Write the City-State's (Hi)story (Gerard Cockx)The Mermaid and the Merlion — 50 Years with Denmark and Singapore (Written by Mathilde Moyell Juul (commissioned by Royal Danish Embassy)Preserving the Excellent Connection between Finland and Singapore through the Young Generation (Tuukka Väisänen)Cultural and Scientific Cooperation between Italy and Singapore (Contribution from the Embassy of Italy and Italian Cultural Institute)Singapore and Luxembourg: Small Partners, Big Visions! (Contribution from the Luxembourg Embassy)Singapore and the Netherlands: Building the Future Together (Katrijn de Ronde, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)Polish People in Singapore: The Foundation of Strong Singapore-Poland Relations (Zenon Kosiniak-Kamysz and Katarzyna Kryczka)Singapore and Slovakia — Friendly Countries with a Strong Story (Michal Slivovič)From Commerce and Industry to Education and Science:From Central Europe to Singapore: Bata and Bat'a (Tomáš Smetánka)From Palm Oil to Consumer Goods' Giant (Benjamin Felix van Roij)Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) — A Singapore Story with European Roots (Benjamin Felix van Roij)Siemens in Singapore — Building Partnerships (Contribution from Siemens and Excel Marco)Science and Research Collaboration between Singapore and Europe (Bertil Andersson and Tony Mayer)Engineering the Future: Academic Excellence between Germany and Singapore (Contribution from TUM Asia (Technische Universität München Asia)Irish Connections — Ireland's Intrepid Educationalists in Singapore (Rosemary Lim)NUS' Connections with Europe: Our Students' Experience with European Partners (Anne Pakir)People Matter(s):Brother Joseph McNally: Son of Ballintubber, Ireland and Singapore (Molly Hennigan and Cheryl Julia Lee)Dr Albert Winsemius: A Dutchman among Singapore's Pioneers (Benjamin Felix van Roij)The Polish Professor Who "Maps our Brains" — Prof Dr Wieslaw L Nowiński (Charles Chia)Art and Science in Singapore in the Last 15 Years — A Personal Journey and Reflection (Isabelle Desjeux)Beppe De Vito — The Italian Restaurateur (Charles Chia)From Croatia to Singapore: Marko Kraljević's Journey (Dexter Lee) Readership: General readers who are interested in looking back at the varied dimensions and aspects of ties between Singapore and Europe over the years; students of political science, international relations and European Studies. Key Features:Contains a great variety of contributions, with reader-friendly textsProvides insights into and an overview of long-established Singapore-based companies with European rootsContains accessible insights into diplomatic and inter-regional relations, including ASEM/ASEF by ESM Goh Chok Tong and Ambassador-at-Large Tommy KohSuitable for a range of readers, from the inquisitive general reader to the specialistTimely publication to coincide with and celebrate Singapore's 50th anniversary of independenceKeywords:Singapore;50th Anniversary–Singapore;Diplomacy;Connections;Singapore-European Union Relations;ASEAN-EU;Asia-Europe Meeting;Singapore-EU Business Connections

50 Years Of Social Issues In Singapore

Author : Chan David
ISBN : 9789814632638
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 41. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The social context of Singapore is changing rapidly, and understanding how people think, feel and behave in various situations has become a key driver of effectiveness in addressing social issues. 50 Years of Social Issues in Singapore provides a comprehensive review and examination of various social issues at multiple levels of analysis including the individual, group and society.This invaluable book adopts a translational approach to social issues in Singapore by explicitly bridging intellectual and practical perspectives. Contributed by a distinguished team of authors, the chapters examine the critical ideas underlying public debates of social issues and their policy and practical implications.The book is organized into three parts. Part I examines issues of population and social fundamentals in Singapore such as ageing, marriage, urban planning, healthcare and racial and religious harmony. Part II analyses Singapore's social progress through issues of inclusivity such as social mobility, developing communities and marginal groups that deserve more attention. Part III focuses on core principles and social processes related to social justice, doing good, social media and approaches to understanding and addressing social issues in Singapore.Most importantly, the chapters in this book clearly identify many of the critical, unresolved and emerging questions on various social issues that will guide the next generation of public discussion and policy deliberations on what matter in Singapore.

50 Years Of Engineering In Singapore

Author : Cham Tao Soon
ISBN : 9789814632317
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 65. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An underpinning force in Singapore's remarkable 50-year transformation into a sophisticated world-class city, engineering has contributed significantly to the nation's economic, infrastructural and social developments. A joint publication by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore, and World Scientific Publishing, to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday, 50 Years of Engineering in Singapore brings to life the extraordinary engineering feats across multiple disciplines and tells the stories of these exceptional engineers who, with their determinations and courage, turned the little red dot into a jewel of a city. A vibrant record of engineering excellence, the publication traces the goliath challenges impeding the nation's growth over the past five decades, and the engineering innovations that brought about wealth creation, higher standards of living, and enhanced liveability. This compendium covers land transportation (ERP system, MRT and LRT, roads and buses system); water management and engineering; energy (supply and maintenance); manufacturing in the areas of electronics, precision engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical/bio-medical engineering; housing/cities/infrastructure and land use (reclamation and underground); air and sea hub; and telecommunications, ICT and software. Contents: Foreword by DPM Teo Chee HeanForeword by Er. Edwin KhewEditor's Remark by Prof Cham Tao SoonAcknowledgementsLand TransportationWaterEnergyManufacturingBuildings & InfrastructureAerospaceInfocomm TechnologyOffshore & MarineHealth & SafetyConclusion: Engineers for the FutureIndex Readership: Researchers, professionals, academics, and laymen interested in all aspects of engineering. Keywords: Global Hub;Manufacturing;Electronics Engineering;Chemical Engineering;Bio-Medical Engineering;Infrastructure;Transportation;Water Management;Energy;SoftwareReview:0

50 Years Of Urban Planning In Singapore

Author : Chye Kiang Heng
ISBN : 9789814656481
Genre : History
File Size : 64. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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' 50 Years of Urban Planning in Singapore is an accessible and comprehensive volume on Singapore''s planning approach to urbanization. Organized into three parts, the first section of the volume, ''Paradigms, Policies, and Processes'', provides an overview of the ideologies and strategies underpinning urban planning in Singapore; the second section, ''The Built Environment as a Sum of Parts'', delves into the key land use sectors of Singapore''s urban planning system; and the third section, ''Urban Complexities and Creative Solutions'', examines the challenges and considerations of planning for the Singapore of tomorrow. The volume brings together the diverse perspectives of practitioners and academics in the professional and research fields of planning, architecture, urbanism, and city-making. Contents:Paradigms, Policies & Processes:The Early Years of Nation-Building: Reflections on Singapore''s Urban History (Alan F C Choe)Planning & Urbanisation in Singapore: A 50-Year Journey (Liu Thai Ker)Economic Planning for Productivity, Growth, and Prosperity (Philip Yeo)Environmental Planning for Sustainable Development (Tan Yong Soon)The Built Environment as a Sum of Parts:Planning to Overcome the Constraints of Scarcity (Ng Lang)Making Singapore a Liveable and Sustainable City: Our Urban Systems Approach (Khoo Teng Chye and Remy Guo)The Evolution of HDB Towns (Cheong Koon Hean)Transportation: Mobility, Accessibility, and Connectivity (Mohinder Singh)Industry Planning in Singapore (Tang Hsiao Ling)Greening Singapore: Past Achievements, Emerging Challenges (Tan Puay Yok)50 Years of Urban Planning & Tourism (Pamelia Lee)Shaping Singapore''s Cityscape Through Urban Design (Goh Hup Chor & Heng Chye Kiang)Urban Complexities & Creative Solutions:Conserving Urban Heritage: Remembering the Past in a Developmental City-State (Lily Kong)Public Housing and Community Development: Planning for Urban Diversity in a City-State (Tan Ern Ser)Era of Globalisation: Singapore''s New Urban Economy and the Rise of a World Asian City (Ho Kong Chong)Towards Greater Sustainability and Liveability in an Urban Age (Heng Chye Kiang and Yeo Su-Jan)Perspectives on the Future of Urban Planning in SingaporeChallenges for a New Era (Peter Ho) Readership: Urban planning, architecture, and urban conservation and heritage practitioners; introductory-level urban studies, public policy, and urban administration students; and members of the general public interested in learning more about the history of urban planning in Singapore over the past 50 years. '

50 Years Of Technical Education In Singapore

Author : N Varaprasad
ISBN : 9789814699617
Genre : Education
File Size : 53. 85 MB
Format : PDF
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This book describes in vivid detail how a newly independent nation with neither a history of technical education nor industry, developed in a short period of time a world-class system of technical and vocational education that helped it make rapid progress in its manufacturing and industrial sector. The economy and the education sector both developed in parallel, with each complementing the other, utilizing strategies and making the decisions that were to bring the country quickly to advanced status. Studies show that premature investment in higher education at the expense of technical and vocational education has created many leaders but few doers, leading to high unemployment. The Singapore Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) story demonstrates how governmental support helped changed the image of technical and vocational education to one equal with higher education, yet including bridges and ladders to allow everyone to maximize their potential. Contents:The Colonial LegacyThe Adrenalin of IndependenceVocational Training Takes OffThe Role of the Economic Development Board in Technical EducationPolytechnics Come of AgeThe Transformation of TVETThe Labour Movement and Worker UpgradingConnecting TVET with Higher EducationPreparing for a Skills-Based FutureKey Lessons for Policy-Makers Readership: Professional researchers, government officials, as well as the general public.


Author : Zainul Abidin Rasheed
ISBN : 9789814759892
Genre : History
File Size : 24. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Malay/Muslim community, comprising approximately 13% of Singapore's population, is an integral part of modern Singapore's formative years. The community has come a long way and accomplished plenty. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong lauded the community's growth and its efforts in nation-building in the 2015 National Day Rally, "The Malay/Muslim community is an integral part of Singapore ... and they have contributed significantly to our nation's harmony and progress." 50 Years of Malay/Muslim Community in Singapore highlights the progress, the contributions and the challenges of the community for the past 50 years since Singapore's independence in 1965. While progress is significant, challenges remain an uphill battle towards a comprehensive community development. As the book narrates stories from the past — the successes and the challenges — it is also important for the community to reflect and to look ahead — Majulah! Contents:Progressive Malay/Muslim Singaporeans — The Thoughts of Yusof Ishak (Norshahril Saat)Zubir Said — A Symbol of the Malay Identity (Norshahril Saat)Pak Zubir Said and Majulah Singapura — The National Anthem of Singapor (Joe Peters)Yaacob Ibrahim — In Conversation (Zainul Abidin Rasheed and Norshahril Saat)50 Years on: Singapore's Malay/Muslim Identity (Masagos Zulkifli Masagos Mohamad)National Day Rallies — Tracing the Development of the Malay Community (1990–2015) (Norshahril Saat)The Making of a Malay/Muslim in Singapore: An Analysis of Hari Raya Speeches Delivered by Ministers-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs (Aidi Abdul Rahim)Learning to be a Community of Excellence — Text of Speech by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Community Development and Sports and Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs, at the Hari Raya Get-Together, Istana, 28 November 2003New Dynamics of Multiracial Singapore as seen in 1995 — Text of Speech by Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Editor, Berita Harian, CEO of MENDAKI and President of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) at the People's Association Lecture Series, Saturday 21 January, 1995 at the People's Association Auditorium, KallangMalay-Muslim Community in the Next Lap (George Yeo)Text of the Speech by K Shanmugam, MP for Sembawang in Parliament, 20 January 2003AMP and the Idea of Collective Leadership (Yang Razali Kassim)The Story of Five Blind Men and an Elephant — The Need for Transformation (Maarof Salleh)Education from 1959 to 2014: The Seeds of the Formation of MENDAKI (Wan Hussin Zoohri)Religious Leadership in Singapore: From Success to Significance of Madrasah Education (Mohammad Hannan Hassan)Science, Technology and the Malay/Muslim Youths (Jackie Yi-Ru Ying)A Vision for Malay Studies (Syed Farid Alatas)Sayang Anakku Sayang (My Beloved Child) (Sharifah Mariam Aljunied)Keeping the Faith While Looking Forward — Shaikh Syed Isa Semait, Mufti of Singapore from 1972 to 2010 (Zakir Hussain)Living as Faithful Muslims in Secular Singapore (Mohammad Alami Musa)Moderate Islam in Singapore — In Conversation with Habib Syed Hassan Al Attas (Zainul Abidin Rasheed and Norshahril Saat)The Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG): A Community-Government Partnership in Fighting Terrorism (Mohamed Ali)Muslim Institutions with Statutory Powers in Singapore: The Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA) (Alfian Yasrif Kuchit)The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) Journey: Continuing the Pursuit of Excellence — Legacy from the Past (Abdul Razak Hassan Maricar)Genesis of MENDAKI and Milestones (Tuminah Sapawi)The Role of Berita Harian in the Development of the Malay/Muslim Community in Singapore (Mohd Guntor Sadali)Singapore Malay Radio Broadcast Service — An Overview of the Last 50 Years and a Way Forward (Aidi Abdul Rahim)The Role of Malay Media (Zakiah Halim)Singapore Malay Media Industry Shines (Muhd Fuadi Rahmat)Glimpses of 50 Years of Malay TV and Its Future (Aidi Abdul Rahim)From Radio to Television — My Story (Sujimy Mohamad)The Malay Heritage Foundation (Julina Khusaini)Unlocking the Community's Potential through Proper Management of Its Assets and Liabilities (Sani Hamid)The Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI) — History and MilestonesAre the Malays Ready for the New Economy? (Umar Abdul Hamid)Some Thoughts on Globalisation and the Malays: Lessons from the Past (Sher Banu A L Khan)Break New Ground and be the Malay/Muslim Icon (Sumarleki Amjah)Going GlobalIn Search for the Canon of Singapore Malay Poetry: Reflection on Nature, Race, Religion and Love (Hadijah Rahmat)Resisting Cultural Amnesia: Malay Literature of Dignified Presence (Azhar Ibrahim)Selected PoemsA Reflection on Singapore Malay Popular Music (1965–2015) (Art Fazil)Visual Art Developments within the Malay Community (Syed Muhd Hafiz Bin Syed Nasir)The Nusantara Ethnic Communities of Singapore — Javanese, Baweanese, Minangs and Banjarese (Aidi Abdul Rahim)The Bugis of Singapore (Sarafian Salleh)The Arabs in Singapore (Al-Wehdah Arab Association of Singapore)A Brief on Singapore Indian Muslims (Raja Mohamad Maiden)Iskandar JalilCikgu Muhammad Ariff Ahmad (Mohd Raman Daud)Som Said and Sri Warisan (Marina Yusoff)Our Pioneers Readership: General public, researchers, politicians and students of social science.

Singapore Eurasians Memories Hopes And Dreams

Author : Pereira Alexius A
ISBN : 9789813109612
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 42. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Singapore Eurasians: Memories, Hopes and Dreams offers insight into the Singapore Eurasian community, one of Singapore's minority communities. Though small, the Eurasian community has undoubtedly played a big part in Singapore's nation-building. This book is the definitive record of Eurasian history and heritage in Singapore, and serves to educate the younger generation of Eurasians about their roots, the community's achievements and its collective hopes and dreams for the future, as well as provide a useful resource for others to learn more about the Eurasian community. In addition, Singapore Eurasians: Memories, Hopes and Dreams also covers the growth and developments of the Eurasian community within the last 25 years, and how the Eurasian Association (EA), as a Self-Help Group since 1994, has been helping the less fortunate through its programmes, as well as being the main force in driving the preservation and sharing of the Eurasian culture for its future generations. In preserving the history and heritage, as well as expressing the hopes and dreams of the Singapore Eurasian community, this book is an effort in contributing to the country's continued multiracial harmony and appreciation of the many elements that make up Singapore's story.

50 Years Of The Chinese Community In Singapore

Author : Cheng Lian Pang
ISBN : 9789814675420
Genre : History
File Size : 23. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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' Singapore''s success story is essentially a "people" story. Singaporeans have good reason to celebrate the nation''s golden jubilee with pride. In the short space of five decades the country has moved from Third World to First, and its real GDP has grown by 40 times! For this phenomenal progress, credit must go to its people, the Republic''s primary resource. Against all odds and amidst dire predictions, Singaporeans proved that a united and resourceful community could build a nation from scratch. This book is dedicated to one segment of these Singaporeans — the Chinese community. In particular, this collection of essays focuses on the Chinese speaking members of the community whose many contributions are less familiar to those brought up on a strict diet of the English language. This celebratory book is divided into four broad categories. The first section examines the major Chinese organisations and their contributions in the past five decades. These include the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, the Chinese Development Assistance Council and the Chinese Heritage Centre. In addition, it looks at the history and work of some of the social clubs and charitable organisations in the Chinese community. The second section examines some community issues that have engaged the Chinese community in Singapore''s first 50 years. Two senior journalists and two academics review the evolution of the Chinese language, the integration of new immigrants from China and the influence of Chinese religions. The five essays in the third section trace the development of Chinese visual and performing art in the Republic. The last section looks at the interactions between Singapore''s Chinese community and China on the one hand, and with the regional Chinese communities on the other. The contributors of this salute to the Chinese community are/ have been directly involved or are passionate about the subjects of their essays. Readership: General public, researchers and students interested in learning about the significant roles and contributors of the Chinese community in Singapore in the last 50 years. Key Features:This is first of its kind in English, credible, holistic and readableA good summary of the community after 50 years of independenceContributors are specially invited because of their close association to the organisations and the different topicsKeywords:Chinese Community;Chineses Language;New Immigrants;Chinese Organisations;Chinese Culture;External Relations "As Singapore celebrates SG50 this year, the publication of this book to document the Chinese community''s contributions towards nation-building, is indeed timely and of great significance. This book records the resilience, the gumption and the confidence exemplified by our forefathers as they toiled to build a nation we are proud of today.The book not only encapsulates the development of the Chinese community in Singapore, it is also a tribute to our pioneers who have dedicated their lives to the nation." Chua Thian Poh President of Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations “We are delighted that the Chamber''s achievements and contributions have been included in this celebratory book on Singapore''s Chinese community. We take pride that the SCCCI with its network of 4,000 corporate members and more than 150 trade association members covering 40,000 enterprises, has made its mark in the history of Singapore.” Thomas Chua President of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry '

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