the sender a story about when right words make all the difference

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The Sender

Author : Kevin Elko
ISBN : 1683972872
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 40. 47 MB
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A few months ago he was a high school football coach. Now Charlie Cristo is a cancer patient, battling not only an aggressive disease but also years of bitterness and disappointment. Then anonymous letters start arriving from a source known only as The Sender. Lift your spirits. Work the process. Help one another. The short, wise counsel in the letters challenged Charlie Cristo to fight the disease ravaging his body and the anger threatening his soul. What will you do with The Sender's advice? Based on actual letters sent to Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano during his cancer treatment, The Sender blends creative storytelling and inspiration to communicate a powerful message of endurance and strength. As you journey along with Charlie, you will uncover profound lessons that challenge you (just as they did Coach Pagano) to live a life serving and loving others no mater what trials you endure.

Integrated Business Communication

Author : Bonnye E. Stuart
ISBN : 9780470027677
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 54. 99 MB
Format : PDF
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Integrated Business Communication applies communication concepts and issues from various fields such as marketing, public relations, management, and organizational communication and packages them into a dynamic new approach – Integrated Communication. It is designed to give business students a basic knowledge and broad overview of communication practices in the workplace. Ultimately, the book should be seen as a practical guide to help students understand that communication is key to decision making and fundamental to success in a global marketplace. This book uses an interdisciplinary approach to its discussion of integrated communication by incorporating theory, application, and case studies to demonstrate various concepts. Theory will be introduced when necessary to the understanding of the practical application of the various concepts. This co-authored book will be broad enough in scope and method to be used as a core text in business communication. Case studies will be an integral part of the material. The book focuses on the practical application of theory and concepts Presents case studies from many sectors to illustrate concepts The book will have an interdisciplinary approach utilizing examples from communications, mass communications, marketing, public relations, management, and intercultural and organizational communication being used in many countries throughout the world There will be a strong pedagogical structure within the text with a website providing additional materials for students and lecturers Contributions from Katherine Van Wormer, Theresa Thao Pham, Charles Lankester, Elizabeth Dougall, Jean Watin-Augouard, Kristi LeBlanc, Geof Cox


Author : John Ames Mitchell
ISBN : UOM:39015010734021
Genre :
File Size : 44. 46 MB
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Strategic Copy Editing

Author : John Russial
ISBN : 1572309261
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 82. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This pragmatic text helps students master the craft of copy editing--including both the editing skills and the "people skills" essential to professional success. Experienced newspaper copy editor and professor John Russial covers the fundamentals and more: how to edit for grammar, punctuation, usage, and style; attend to broader issues of fairness and focus; develop strong headlines and other display elements; and work collaboratively with reporters, other editors, and designers. Special attention is given to the copy editor's role as critical thinker and coach as well as resident wordsmith. Throughout, proven editing strategies are explained and numerous concrete examples and practical tips offered.

All The Year Round

Author : Charles Dickens
ISBN : OXFORD:503681666
Genre :
File Size : 62. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Business Communication

Author : Dr.Ramesh R Kulkarni, Mr. Rangappa Yaraddi
ISBN : 9781948230353
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 54. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book which is an introduction to Business communication covers the theoretical aspects of undergraduate and postgraduate students of different universities. It covers all the aspects in a simple manner with the practical case studies. It covers various topics such as organizational communication, types of communication, external and internal business corresponds along with case studies and activities. This text clearly explains how to do communication in present business scenario in a step wise manner. A sufficient care is taken to keep the book simple. Any reader can clearly understand the concepts without many difficulties. Some error might have been there and the publisher or author is not liable for the damage caused if any. In some concepts, the case studies and activities are imaginary in nature and do not mimic any real time entities. This book is very useful for management and commerce students of both undergraduate and postgraduate level. A sample paper has been solved to help the students to understand the concepts better and present them effectively in their writing. We are always open for your suggestion and comments for further improvements of this book.

Author : Steven D. Levitt
ISBN : 9789960543932
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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أيهما أشد خطراً، المسدس أم حوض السباحة؟ ما هي الأشياء المشتركة بين معلمي المدارس ومصارعي السومو؟ لماذا ما يزال تجار المخدرات يعيشون مع أمهاتهم؟ ما هو مقدار اهتمام الوالدين حقاً؟ ما هو تأثير قضية «رو» و«ويد» في جرائم العنف؟ قد لا تبدو هذه الأسئلة مثل الأسئلة النمطية التي يسألها الاقتصادي، لكن ستيفن د. ليفيت ليس اقتصادياً نمطياً؛ إنه عالم شجاع أكثر من أي شيء آخر، يدرس المادة والأحاجي في الحياة اليومية ــ من الغش والجريمة إلى الرياضة وتربية الأطفال ــ وتقوم استنتاجاته عادة على قلب الحكمة التقليدية رأساً على عقب. وغالباً ما يبدأ بتل كبير من المعطيات وبسؤال بسيط لم يطرح من قبل. إنه يهتم ببعض هذه الأسئلة مثل قضايا الحياة والموت، وبعضها الآخر ذو ميزات استثنائية دون شك. وهكذا يحتوي هذا الكتاب على حقل جديد من الدراسة، وهو (الاقتصاد العجيب). ومن خلال سرده للقصص الآسرة ومن النظرة العميقة غير المباشرة، يبين ليفيت وزميله ستيفن ج. دوبنر أن الاقتصاد -في جذوره- دراسة للحوافز ـــ كيف يحصل الناس على ما يريدون أو يحتاجون، لاسيما عندما يريد الناس الآخرون الشيء ذاته أو يحتاجونه. في كتابهما (الاقتصاد العجيب)، يشرع المؤلفان في استكشاف الجانب الخفي ـــ من كل شيء؛ الأعمال الداخلية لعصابة مخدرات، وحقيقة الوسطاء العقاريين، وأساطير تمويل الحملات. وقصص الغش لدى معلمي المدارس. وأسرار جمعية كوكلوكس كلان (العرقية). ومن هنا فإذا كانت الأخلاق تمثل كيف نريد للعالم أن يسير، فإن الاقتصاد يمثل كيف يعمل العالم فعلاً. صحيح إن قراء هذا الكتاب سيتسلحون بقصص وأحاجٍ تكفي لتروى في آلاف الحفلات، لكن كتاب (الاقتصاد العجيب) يستطيع أن يقدم أكثر من ذلك، إنه يعيد تعريف الطريقة التي ننظر بها إلى العالم الحديث تعريفاً حرفياً. العبيكان للنشر


Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015086690099
Genre : American wit and humor
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The Daltons A Day S Ride

Author : Charles James Lever
ISBN : UVA:X030569572
Genre : English fiction
File Size : 31. 88 MB
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The Works Of Charles Lever

Author : Charles Lever
ISBN : UCI:31970028340534
Genre : English fiction
File Size : 66. 85 MB
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