the routledge atlas of classical history from 1700 bc to ad 565 routledge historical atlases

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The Routledge Atlas Of Classical History

Author : Michael Grant
ISBN : 9781134949298
Genre : History
File Size : 45. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Covering an enormous range of topics in 97 clear and detailed maps,this Routledge Historical Atlas includes: Politics: from ancient Egypt and the growth of the Greek city-states, to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire Religion: from the spread of Judaism and Christianity to the persecution of the Christians Military History: from Salamis and Alexander the Great to the Second Punic War and the barbarian invasions of the fifth century AD Economics: from the agricultural products of Greece to the mints of the later Roman Empire. With an extensive index to make the atlas even more accessible, The Routledge Atlas of Classical History is an indispensable guide to the ancient world.

Atlas Of Classical History

Author : Richard J.A. Talbert
ISBN : 9781134966530
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From the Bronze Age to the reign of Constantine, the Atlas of Classical History provides a comprehensive series of maps, diagrams, and commentary designed to meet the needs of classical scholars, as well as general readers. Over 135 maps of the Greek and Roman worlds clearly mark the political affiliations of the cities and states, major military events, trade routes, artistic, cultural and industrial centers, and colonization and exploration.

Mapping Women Making Politics

Author : Lynn Staeheli
ISBN : 9781135952501
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 25. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Mapping Women, Making Politics demonstrates the multiple ways in which gender influences political processes and the politics of space. The book begins by addressing feminism's theoretical and conceptual challenges to traditional political geography and than applies these perspectives to a range of settings and topics including nationalism, migration, development, international relations, elections, social movements, governance and the environment in the Global North and South.

The Routledge Atlas Of Jewish History

Author : Martin Gilbert
ISBN : 9781135108168
Genre : History
File Size : 70. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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'An unusual and compelling insight into Jewish history... sheer detail and breadth of scale' BBC History Magazine This newly revised and updated edition of Martin Gilbert’s Atlas of Jewish History spans over four thousand years of history in 154 maps, presenting a vivid picture of a fascinating people and the trials and tribulations which have haunted their story. The themes covered include: Prejudice and Violence- from the destruction of Jewish independence between 722 and 586 BC to the flight from German persecution in the 1930s. Also covers the incidence of anti-semitic attacks in the Americas and Europe. Migrations and Movements- from the entry into the promised land to Jewish migration in the twenty- first century, including new maps on recent emigration to Israel from Europe and worldwide. Society, Trade and Culture- from Jewish trade routes between 800 and 900 to the situation of world Jewry in the opening years of the twenty- first century. Politics, Government and War- from the Court Jews of the fifteenth century to the founding and growth of the modern State of Israel. This new edition is also updated to include maps showing Jewish museums in the United States and Canada, and Europe, as well as American conservation efforts abroad. Other topics covered in this revised edition include Jewish educational outreach projects in various parts of the world, and Jews living under Muslim rule. Forty years on from its first publication, this book is still an indispensible guide to Jewish history.

Methods In World History

Author : Arne Jarrick
ISBN : 9789188168498
Genre : History
File Size : 47. 60 MB
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Methods in World History is the first international volume that systematically addresses a number of methodological problems specific to the field of world history. Prompted by a lack of applicable works, the authors advocate a considerable sharpening of the tools used within the field of study. Theories constructed on poor foundations run an obvious risk of reinforcing flawed assumptions, and of propping up other, more ideological, constructions. The dedicated critical approach outlined in this volume helps to mitigate such risks. Each author addresses a particular issue of method – for source criticism, archaeological evidence or estimates of economies for example – discussing the problems, giving practical examples, and offering solutions and ways of overcoming the difficulties involved. The perspectives are varied, the criticism focussed, and a common theme of coalescence is maintained throughout. This unique anthology will be of great use to advanced scholars of world history, and to students entering the field for the first time.

The Routledge Atlas Of American History

Author : Martin Gilbert
ISBN : 9781135108090
Genre : History
File Size : 33. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Routledge Atlas of American History presents a series of 163 clear and detailed maps, accompanied by informative captions, facts and figures. The complete history of America is unravelled through vivid representations of all the significant landmarks, including: Politics – from the struggle against slavery and the battle for black voting rights to the present day, including the results of the 2008 Presidential election Military Events – from the War of Independence to the conflicts in Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf, including additional new maps covering the war in Iraq and the American campaign in Afghanistan. Social History – including the fate of the American Indians, the growth of female emancipation, and recent population movements and immigration Transport – from nineteenth-century railroads and canals to the growth of air travel and recent ventures into space Economics – from early farming and industry to urbanisation and the ecological struggles of the present day This revised edition is fully updated to cover the 2008 presidential election, and also addresses President Obama’s healthcare policy and first overseas travels. New maps have been drawn which detail the problem of pollution, as well as the most recent developments in US relations with Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Routledge Atlas Of The First World War

Author : Martin Gilbert
ISBN : 9781135108373
Genre : History
File Size : 25. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From its origins to its terrible legacy, the tortuous course of the Great War is vividly set out in a series of 174 fascinating maps. Together the maps form a comprehensive and compelling picture of the war that shattered Europe, and illustrate its military, social, political and economic aspects. Beginning with the tensions that already existed, the atlas covers: the early months of the war: from the fall of Belgium to the fierce fighting at Ypres and Tannenberg: the developing war in Europe: from Gallipoli to the horrors of the Somme and Verdun life at the front: from living underground, the trench system and the mud of Passchendaele to the war graves technology and the new horrors: from phosgene gas attacks to submarines, tanks and mines the home fronts: from German food riots to the air defence of Britain, the Russian Revolution and the collapse of Austria-Hungary the aftermath: from war debts and war deaths to the new map of Europe. This third edition contains an entirely new section depicting the visual remembrance of the war; a fascinating visitors' guide to the memorials that commemorate the tragedy of the Somme.

East Of The Jordan

Author : Burton MacDonald
ISBN : 0897570316
Genre : History
File Size : 74. 27 MB
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Annotation Archaeologist McDonald presents the history of the identification of an array of biblical sites and offers his own suggestions for site locations based of information from the biblical texts, extra-biblical literary information, toponymic considerations, and archaeology. Some of the specific sites examined in this book include the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah; the Exodus itineraries; the territories and sites of the Israelite tribes, such as Reuben and Gad; as well as Ammon, Moab, Edom, and Gilead. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Maps And Coins Vs History

Author : Anatoly Fomenko
ISBN : 1977934048
Genre :
File Size : 24. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Maps & coins point to the Empire of Eurasia The accumulation of geographical knowledge as reflected in cartography is a gradual and irreversible process. Therefore the more details are contained in a map the more recent it is. Most of allegedly 'ancient' maps were produced in XVI-XVIII centuries because they contain the details unknown at the moment of their presumed composition. Their age is 'alleged' too. Moreover, all maps with the irrefutable date of the composition prior to XIII century show the picture in complete contradiction with consensual history. Before the advent of engraving and printing, any map was more a unique work of art than a reliable geographical instrument for land or maritime orientation. It is assumed that in some cases certain archaeological findings can be dated with the aid of the ancient coinage found on the site. However, one should be aware that the so-called numismatic dating as used today is wholly dependent on consensual chronology elaborated by Kabbalist Scaliger and perfected by Jesuit Petavius. The ancient coins were distributed along the time axis - for instance, coins bearing the legend "Nero" were dated to the first Scaligerian century a.d., the ones saying "Justinian," to the sixth Scaligerian century a.d., etc., since those are the centuries where Scaligerian chronology locates the Roman emperors Nero and Justinian. After that, all of the coins found in the XVII-XX th century have either been dated by the same "method," or compared to the ones that have already received datings, and placed on the time axis accordingly. It is perfectly obvious that in the case of any alteration of the Scaligerian chronology this "method" is based upon, it shall automatically alter the "numismatic datings" as well. Furthermore, an independent comparison of different coins that isn't based on external chronological considerations, cannot even tell us anything about the relative chronology of the coins under comparison, let alone their absolute chronology. Comparing actual coins as metallic objects bearing graphical designs of some sort cannot give us exact knowledge of which coin is older and which is newer. The analysis of the metal that the actual coin is made of can point at its geographical point of origin in some cases. However, the calculation of the date - absolute or relative - sadly remains an impossibility. Who, Why and When invented Antiquity and Dark Ages in Europe? The consensual world history was manufactured in Europe in XVI-XIX centuries on political agenda of powers of that period on the basis of erroneous clerical chronology elaborated by Jesuits Joseph Justus Scaliger and Dionysius Petavius. - By the middle of XVI th century the prime political agenda of Europe that reached superiority in Sciences and Technologies, but was still inferior militarily to the Evil Empire of Eurasia, was to free Europe. - The concerted effort of European aristocracy, black and white Catholic clergy, Protestants, humanists and scientists in XV - XVII th centuries in creation and dissemination of fictional Ancient World served this agenda. - The fictional Ancient World was created by representing events of XI-XVI centuries as ones that happened thousands of years before according to the ancient sources they wrote by authorities they invented. - The European aristocracy, a considerable part of which were fugitives from Byzantine and/or the inheritors of Eurasian warlords, supported the myth of Ancient World to justify its claims to countries they ruled. - The black and white Catholic clergy, Protestants developed and supported the myth of Ancient World to justify their claims of being more ancient and to separate themselves from Eurasian orthodoxy in the countries ruled by European aristocracy. - The scientists supported the myth of Ancient World as safe cover for their heretic research that produced results contrarian to the tenets of Christianity.

The Routledge Atlas Of The Second World War

Author : Martin Gilbert
ISBN : 9781317725923
Genre : History
File Size : 76. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In The Routledge Atlas of the Second World War, Martin Gilbert graphically charts the war’s political, military, economic and social history through 247 maps. Each map has been specially drawn for this atlas, many of them covering topics that have not previously been mapped. The atlas covers all the major events from the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 to the defeat of Japan in August 1945, including the Blitz, the Fall of France, Pearl Harbor, the naval Battles of the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, Dieppe, Stalingrad, Midway, the Normandy Landings, the bombing of Warsaw, London, Coventry, Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Burma Railway, concentration camps and slave labour camps, and prisoner-of-war camps in Europe, the Americas and the Far East. Focusing on the human - and inhuman - aspects of the war, The Routledge Atlas of the Second World War includes examination of: Military, naval and air campaigns on all the war fronts The war on land, at sea and in the air The economic and social aspects of the war The global nature of the war, in armed combat and in suffering The impact of the war on civilians, both under occupation, and as deportees and refugees The aftermath of the war: the post-war political and national boundaries; war graves, and the human cost of the war on every continent.

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