the road to maxwell s demon conceptual foundations of statistical mechanics

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The Road To Maxwell S Demon

Author : Meir Hemmo
ISBN : 9781139576871
Genre : Science
File Size : 60. 39 MB
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Time asymmetric phenomena are successfully predicted by statistical mechanics. Yet the foundations of this theory are surprisingly shaky. Its explanation for the ease of mixing milk with coffee is incomplete, and even implies that un-mixing them should be just as easy. In this book the authors develop a new conceptual foundation for statistical mechanics that addresses this difficulty. Explaining the notions of macrostates, probability, measurement, memory, and the arrow of time in statistical mechanics, they reach the startling conclusion that Maxwell's Demon, the famous perpetuum mobile, is consistent with the fundamental physical laws. Mathematical treatments are avoided where possible, and instead the authors use novel diagrams to illustrate the text. This is a fascinating book for graduate students and researchers interested in the foundations and philosophy of physics.

Making It Formally Explicit

Author : Gábor Hofer-Szabó
ISBN : 9783319554860
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 57. 61 MB
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This book collects research papers on the philosophical foundations of probability, causality, spacetime and quantum theory. The papers are related to talks presented in six subsequent workshops organized by The Budapest-Kraków Research Group on Probability, Causality and Determinism. Coverage consists of three parts. Part I focuses on the notion of probability from a general philosophical and formal epistemological perspective. Part II applies probabilistic considerations to address causal questions in the foundations of quantum mechanics. Part III investigates the question of indeterminism in spacetime theories. It also explores some related questions, such as decidability and observation. The contributing authors are all philosophers of science with a strong background in mathematics or physics. They believe that paying attention to the finer formal details often helps avoiding pitfalls that exacerbate the philosophical problems that are in the center of focus of contemporary research. The papers presented here help make explicit the mathematical-structural assumptions that underlie key philosophical argumentations. This formally rigorous and conceptually precise approach will appeal to researchers and philosophers as well as mathematicians and statisticians.

Intelligence And Spirit

Author : Reza Negarestani
ISBN : 9780997567403
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 76. 67 MB
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A critique of both classical humanism and dominant trends in posthumanism that formulates the ultimate form of intelligence as a theoretical and practical thought unfettered by the temporal order of things. In Intelligence and Spirit Reza Negarestani formulates the ultimate form of intelligence as a theoretical and practical thought unfettered by the temporal order of things, a real movement capable of overcoming any state of affairs that, from the perspective of the present, may appear to be the complete totality of history. Intelligence pierces through what seems to be the totality or the inevitable outcome of its history, be it the manifest portrait of the human or technocapitalism as the alleged pilot of history. Building on Hegel's account of Geist as a multiagent conception of mind and on Kant's transcendental psychology as a functional analysis of the conditions of possibility of mind, Negarestani provides a critique of both classical humanism and dominant trends in posthumanism. The assumptions of the former are exposed by way of a critique of the transcendental structure of experience as a tissue of subjective or psychological dogmas; the claims of the latter regarding the ubiquity of mind or the inevitable advent of an unconstrained superintelligence are challenged as no more than ideological fixations which do not stand the test of systematic scrutiny. This remarkable fusion of continental philosophy in the form of a renewal of the speculative ambitions of German Idealism and analytic philosophy in the form of extended thought-experiments and a philosophy of artificial languages opens up new perspectives on the meaning of human intelligence and explores the real potential of posthuman intelligence and what it means for us to live in its prehistory.

Mathematical Reviews

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015057109889
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 48. 47 MB
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The Nature And Growth Of Modern Mathematics

Author : Edna Ernestine Kramer
ISBN : 0691023727
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 31. 32 MB
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Now available in a one-volume paperback, this book traces the development of the most important mathematical concepts, giving special attention to the lives and thoughts of such mathematical innovators as Pythagoras, Newton, Poincare, and Godel. Beginning with a Sumerian short story--ultimately linked to modern digital computers--the author clearly introduces concepts of binary operations; point-set topology; the nature of post-relativity geometries; optimization and decision processes; ergodic theorems; epsilon-delta arithmetization; integral equations; the beautiful "ideals" of Dedekind and Emmy Noether; and the importance of "purifying" mathematics. Organizing her material in a conceptual rather than a chronological manner, she integrates the traditional with the modern, enlivening her discussions with historical and biographical detail.

The Physics Of Time Asymmetry

Author : P. C. W. Davies
ISBN : UCAL:B3763656
Genre : Space and time
File Size : 79. 7 MB
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Archive For History Of Exact Sciences

Author : Clifford Truesdell
ISBN : UOM:39076000044680
Genre : Science
File Size : 63. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Meeting The Entropy Challenge

Author : Gian Paolo Beretta
ISBN : 0735405573
Genre : Science
File Size : 83. 32 MB
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All papers have been peer-reviewed. World renowned experts gathered in symposium style to explore the role of the second law and entropy in quantum theory, cosmology, biology, nonequilibrium, and energy. Their exciting discussions about recent advances and open fundamental challenges, paint an excellent state of the art of frontier research about thermodynamics in science and engineering.

Statistical Theory Of Heat

Author : Wilhelm Brenig
ISBN : UOM:39015021586097
Genre : Science
File Size : 76. 44 MB
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This book provides an integrated presentation of nonequilibrium statistical physics based on the methods of correlation functions and memory kernels. The relation between this approach and other, earlier methods such as kinetic equations, transport equations and Onsager's approach is discussed in detail. Classical results of kinetic and transport theory are treated thoroughly, together with more recent results on hydrodynamic long time tails, dynamical scaling laws for critical phenomena and electron localization in random potentials. The growing interest in nonlinear phenomena is catered for by several chapters on related problems: a general microscopic nonlinear response theory is presented; phenomenological nonlinear equations are discussed with respect to their relations with microscopic theory and their applications in chemical reactions, hydrodynamics and "chaos"; microscopic nonlinear theory is used to calculate kinetic coefficients of nonlinear phenomenological theories such as transport theory and chemical reactions.

Materials And Society

Author :
ISBN : UIUC:30112007190108
Genre : Conservation of natural resources
File Size : 80. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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