the principle of excellence a framework for social ethics

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The Principle Of Excellence

Author : Nimi Wariboko
ISBN : 9780739136409
Genre : Philosophy
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This book disturbs the 'normal' and depoliticized meaning of virtue through a genealogical reading of the debates, conceptual struggles, and ambiguities that were cleansed by virtue ethicists to produce today's conception of excellence. This approach provides the narrative raw material to craft a new meaning of excellence as a creative actualization of the potentials for human prosperity. The fundamental question asked and addressed about excellence is how communities can use excellence as the organizing principle for political and economic development. The author explores how large-scale modern societies can be better administered in environments characterized by contingency and possibilities. At the very least, excellence in societal governance practice should involve the creation of possibilities for community and participation by all its members so that their potentialities can be drawn out for the common good. The book also explores the connection between excellence and creativity. If excellence is the drive toward actualization of potentialities for all human beings, it follows that human creativity is an adequate form for that movement. The author not only attempts to trace and clarify the mystique of the creative functions of persons and social groups, but also shows how the creative functions of human life can express the unconditional eros of divine creativity. In the process of doing all this, the author offers a fresh and provocative perspective of philosophy and theology's oldest concerns: the good, truth, beauty, justice, love, hope, and the eschatological New Creation.

The Pentecostal Principle

Author : Nimi Wariboko
ISBN : 9780802866974
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40. 28 MB
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This book formulates the Pentecostal principle -- the capacity of social existence to begin something new -- and applies it specifically to the field of ethical methodology. Nimi Wariboko engages contemporary philosophers, from Hannah Arendt to Giorgia Agamben and others working in the Tillichian tradition, as he develops an understanding of how Pentecostal thought sheds new light on the nature, task, and project of social ethics. With an eye for both the intrinsic playfulness of Pentecostal practice and the realities of global pluralism, Wariboko contributes a distinctively Pentecostal voice to ongoing conversations in political theology, social ethics, public theology, and philosophy.--From publisher's description.

Ethics And Time

Author : Nimi Wariboko, PhD
ISBN : 9780739150306
Genre : Religion
File Size : 83. 45 MB
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Ethics and Time investigates how temporal orientation influence social-ethics. Re-conceptualizing temporal orientation as the production of new temporalities that allow humans to manifest their potentialities and creatively resist obstacles that impede their flourishing, it shows how a social group's orientation to time frames, informs, and drives its politics and religion. It uses an African culture as a practical case study to concretely illustrate the form and dynamics of the interconnections.


Author : Michael W. Martin
ISBN : 0739132164
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 68. 8 MB
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Creativity explores the moral dimensions of creativity in science in a systematic and comprehensive way. A work of applied philosophy, professional ethics, and philosophy of science, the book argues that scientific creativity often constitutes moral creativity_the production of new and morally variable outcomes. At the same time, creative ambitions have a dark side that can lead to professional misconduct and harmful effects on society and the environment. In this work, creativity is generally defined as the development of new and valuable outcomes such as significant truths, illuminating explanations, or useful technological products. Virtue and accompanying ideals are emphasized as a moral framework. Intellectual virtues, such as love of truth, intellectual honesty, and intellectual courage, are themselves moral virtues. Further moral topics concerning scientific creativity are explored: serendipity and its connection with moral luck, the paradoxes of moral motivation, scientific misconduct arising from unbalanced creative ambitions, forbidden knowledge, creative teaching and leadership in science, and the role of scientific creativity in good lives.

A Theory Of Virtue

Author : Robert Merrihew Adams
ISBN : 9780191564499
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 88. 26 MB
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The distinguished philosopher Robert M. Adams presents a major work on virtue, which is once again a central topic in ethical thought. A Theory of Virtue is a systematic, comprehensive framework for thinking about the moral evaluation of character. Many recent attempts to stake out a place in moral philosophy for this concern define virtue in terms of its benefits for the virtuous person or for human society more generally. In Part One of this book Adams presents and defends a conception of virtue as intrinsic excellence of character, worth prizing for its own sake and not only for its benefits. In the other two parts he addresses two challenges to the ancient idea of excellence of character. One challenge arises from the importance of altruism in modern ethical thought, and the question of what altruism has to do with intrinsic excellence. Part Two argues that altruistic benevolence does indeed have a crucial place in excellence of character, but that moral virtue should also be expected to involve excellence in being for other goods besides the well-being (and the rights) of other persons. It explores relations among cultural goods, personal relationships, one's own good, and the good of others, as objects of excellent motives. The other challenge, the subject of Part Three of the book, is typified by doubts about the reality of moral virtue, arising from experiments and conclusions in social psychology. Adams explores in detail the prospects for an empirically realistic conception of excellence of character as an object of moral aspiration, endeavor, and education. He argues that such a conception will involve renunciation of the ancient thesis of the unity or mutual implication of all virtues, and acknowledgment of sufficient 'moral luck' in the development of any individual's character to make virtue very largely a gift, rather than an individual achievement, though nonetheless excellent and admirable for that.

Business Ethics In Action

Author : Domènec Melé
ISBN : 9781137074683
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41. 77 MB
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It is argued that, without neglecting efficiency or profits, human well-being should be the first priority of every business. Business Ethics in Action defends the need to orient business to people. Drawing on the author's extensive experience in teaching business ethics at one of Europe's leading business schools, this textbook overcomes common approaches in which business ethics is presented exclusively as a tool for solving ethical dilemmas by applying principled theories. Business Ethics focuses on both principles and virtues, although emphasizing virtues as the key for human flourishing. Through illustrative case studies and interesting pedagogy, this book will be accessible and practical, aiding students in applying the foundations and principles of business ethics to real world situations.

Ethics For Digital Journalists

Author : Lawrie Zion
ISBN : 9781135114237
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 37. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The rapid growth of online media has led to new complications in journalism ethics and practice. While traditional ethical principles may not fundamentally change when information is disseminated online, applying them across platforms has become more challenging as new kinds of interactions develop between journalists and audiences. In Ethics for Digital Journalists, Lawrie Zion and David Craig draw together the international expertise and experience of journalists and scholars who have all been part of the process of shaping best practices in digital journalism. Drawing on contemporary events and controversies like the Boston Marathon bombing and the Arab Spring, the authors examine emerging best practices in everything from transparency and verification to aggregation, collaboration, live blogging, tweeting and the challenges of digital narratives. At a time when questions of ethics and practice are challenged and subject to intense debate, this book is designed to provide students and practitioners with the insights and skills to realize their potential as professionals.

Code Of Ethics For Nurses With Interpretive Statements

Author : American Nurses Association
ISBN : 9781558101760
Genre : Medical
File Size : 28. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Pamphlet is a succinct statement of the ethical obligations and duties of individuals who enter the nursing profession, the profession's nonnegotiable ethical standard, and an expression of nursing's own understanding of its commitment to society. Provides a framework for nurses to use in ethical analysis and decision-making.

The Ethics Of Identity

Author : Kwame Anthony Appiah
ISBN : 9781400826193
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 31. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality: in the past couple of decades, a great deal of attention has been paid to such collective identities. They clamor for recognition and respect, sometimes at the expense of other things we value. But to what extent do "identities" constrain our freedom, our ability to make an individual life, and to what extent do they enable our individuality? In this beautifully written work, renowned philosopher and African Studies scholar Kwame Anthony Appiah draws on thinkers through the ages and across the globe to explore such questions. The Ethics of Identity takes seriously both the claims of individuality--the task of making a life---and the claims of identity, these large and often abstract social categories through which we define ourselves. What sort of life one should lead is a subject that has preoccupied moral and political thinkers from Aristotle to Mill. Here, Appiah develops an account of ethics, in just this venerable sense--but an account that connects moral obligations with collective allegiances, our individuality with our identities. As he observes, the question who we are has always been linked to the question what we are. Adopting a broadly interdisciplinary perspective, Appiah takes aim at the clichés and received ideas amid which talk of identity so often founders. Is "culture" a good? For that matter, does the concept of culture really explain anything? Is diversity of value in itself? Are moral obligations the only kind there are? Has the rhetoric of "human rights" been overstretched? In the end, Appiah's arguments make it harder to think of the world as divided between the West and the Rest; between locals and cosmopolitans; between Us and Them. The result is a new vision of liberal humanism--one that can accommodate the vagaries and variety that make us human.

Finite And Infinite Goods

Author : Robert Merrihew Adams
ISBN : 0198029470
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 67. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Renowned scholar Robert Adams explores the relation between religion and ethics through a comprehensive philosophical account of a theistically-based framework for ethics. Adams' framework begins with the good rather than the right, and with excellence rather than usefulness. He argues that loving the excellent, of which adoring God is a clear example, is the most fundamental aspect of a life well lived. Developing his original and detailed theory, Adams contends that devotion, the sacred, grace, martyrdom, worship, vocation, faith, and other concepts drawn from religious ethics have been sorely overlooked in moral philosophy and can enrich the texture of ethical thought.

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