the police k 9 unit the comprehensive manual to developing your k 9 unit

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K9 Officer S Manual

Author : Robert S. Eden
ISBN : 9781550590616
Genre : Pets
File Size : 72. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Inside this book you will find comprehensive information on every aspect of the K9 unit, from administration to officer safety on the job. With two decades of experience, R. S. Eden presents expert training exercises and deployment procedures. Action photos back up his points. In addition, the author examines the attitudes of law enforcement officers from both within and outside the K9 team and analyzes how this affects officer performance and morale.

K9 Explosive Detection

Author : Ron Mistafa
ISBN : 9781550591613
Genre : Pets
File Size : 51. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Conduct efficient, effective and safe searches in any setting K9 Explosive Detection is for detector dog trainers and police departments looking for alternative training ideas or for ways to set up their own course training standards. Ron Mistafa examines some of the major training systems in use by police departments across North America, and he offers a system that combines the most effective elements of each one. This manual focuses on the how-to aspects of explosive detector dog (EDD) training. A gradual build-up of learning experiences and ongoing problem solving techniques produce more confident EDD teams. Ron also examines US and Canadian laws governing possession of explosive materials and devices, provides tips on working with other police specialty units, and explains how to involve non-police personnel at airports in EDD training.

K9 Behavior Basics

Author : Resi Gerritsen
ISBN : 9781550594515
Genre : Pets
File Size : 51. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Understand dog behavior to work with, not against, your K9’s instincts. Learn how to: Recognize and interpret your K9’s expressions, gestures and signals. Use operant conditioning to efficiently and humanely train K9s. Plan and execute effective K9 training programs for search and detection, patrol, remote guided camera, attack, and more. The art and science of training police, military and other service dogs continue to evolve as we learn more about dog behavior. In this revised edition of K9 Behavior Basics, expert dog trainers Dr. Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak and Simon Prins share the essentials every trainer needs to know about these advances in K9 training. You’ll learn how to successfully implement or improve your dogs’ training programs using operant conditioning. The authors outline key concepts in dog behavior and communication and provide practical approaches to operant conditioning. They share proven techniques and solid advice from their more than thirty years of specialized K9 experience. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro staying up-to-date, K9 Behavior Basics has something for you. Get a free ebook through the Shelfie app with the purchase of a print copy.

Police Dog Tactics

Author : Sandy Bryson
ISBN : 1550591975
Genre : Pets
File Size : 50. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Communities need police K-9 more than ever in the 21st Century. We are living through a technological revolution in crime that outpaces our ability to keep current in intelligence or to keep up on the street. Gangs, drugs, advanced communications, rapid air and ground mobility across both state and international borders -- it is impossible to field enough police officers. At the most basic level offenders know when there is no police dog on duty in their neighborhood. That is when they run. That is when they go to ground with the officer. That is when they challenge officers with weapons. The Friendly Force -- the police dog -- protects handlers and covers officers. Most officer murders occur at night. Officers are attacked suddenly, often before they realize the suspect is present or observing them. Fifty percent are ambushes. Where officers are weak, the dog is strong. At night the K-9 sees clearly. His senses alert him to the armed suspect nobody realizes is there. In dangerous searches, foot pursuits, assaults, and fights, the dog gives officers the edge, apprehending suspects quickly and safely. Topics included in this comprehensive guide include building a successful police dog program, street patrols, high-risk searches, prison patrols, drug searches, search and rescue, and bomb dogs.

K9 Officer S Legal Handbook

Author : Ken Wallentine
ISBN : 1641300310
Genre :
File Size : 57. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Trident K9 Warriors

Author : Mike Ritland
ISBN : 9781250024985
Genre : Pets
File Size : 90. 26 MB
Format : PDF
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As Seen on "60 Minutes"! As a Navy SEAL during a combat deployment in Iraq, Mike Ritland saw a military working dog in action and instantly knew he'd found his true calling. Ritland started his own company training and supplying dogs for the SEAL teams, U.S. Government, and Department of Defense. He knew that fewer than 1 percent of all working dogs had what it takes to contribute to the success of our nation's elite combat units, and began searching the globe for animals who fit this specific profile. These specialized canines had to pass rigorous selection tests before their serious training could begin. The results were a revelation: highly trained working dogs capable of handling both detection and apprehension work in the most extreme environments and the tensest of battlefield conditions. Though fiercely aggressive and athletic, these dogs develop a close bond with the handlers they work side by side with and the other team members. Truly integrating themselves into their units, these K9 warriors are much like their human counterparts—unwavering in their devotion to duty, strong enough and tough enough to take it to the enemy through pain, injury, or fear. For the first time ever, Trident K9 Warriors gives readers an inside look at these elite canines—who they are, how they are trained, and the extreme missions they undertake saving countless lives, asking for little in the way of reward. From detecting explosives to eliminating the bad guys, these powerful dogs are also some of the smartest and most highly skilled working animals on the planet.

K9 Scent Training

Author : Resi Gerritsen
ISBN : 9781550595840
Genre : Pets
File Size : 23. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Whether you’re searching for drugs or a missing person, K9 Scent Training will improve your K9 team’s capabilities in the field. Use proven techniques to train your dog for: Scent identification line-ups to indicate a scent connection between crime-scene evidence and a suspect. Tracking along a wide variety of track types, including the cold track, the broken-off track and tracks that run over or under cross-tracks. Detection work for searches in buildings, vehicles, open terrain and more. In this must-have guide for SAR teams and police K9 trainers and handlers, Dr. Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak present everything you need to know to build or improve a scent training program. Scent training involves high-stakes work, and in the case of a search for a missing person, the right training for your K9 can mean the difference between life and death. Beginning with the science behind odors and how dogs perceive them, Resi and Ruud show you how to harness that knowledge to eliminate training problems and maximize your dog’s potential. You’ll learn how to start scent training for young dogs using simple exercises before building up to more complex training. Finally, using techniques they’ve perfected over decades, Resi and Ruud share their specialized, step-by-step programs for advanced scent identification training and tracking. Get a free ebook through the Shelfie app with the purchase of a print copy.

Ten Natural Steps To Training The Family Dog

Author : Matthew P. Duffy
ISBN : 1456526308
Genre : Pets
File Size : 61. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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If you are an average dog owner looking for answers to your dog-training needs, then it's time to take the Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog. Whether you've finally taken the plunge and adopted a puppy or dog, but have no idea how to train it or make it a member of your family, or whether you have a dog that has been unruly for months or years, this is the book for you! Thousands of people just like you have gone to Matthew Duffy, a 30-year veteran dog trainer, for help. And just as they were able to take control of their dog using Matthew's techniques in Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog, you will too! This straightforward book, which is centered around positive reinforcement, teaches you the techniques and step-by-step instruction you need to effectively and quickly train your dog. The training techniques outlined in the book apply equally well to all breed types and ages. In Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog, Matthew teaches you: •how to transform a rambunctious dog into a composed family member without the use of negative emotion; •how to develop self-control in your dog without the use of formal commands; •how to manage your dog's behavior when challenged by distractions; •how to teach the five basic formal commands, step by step; •how to better understand the way your dog thinks; and •the basic principles of shaping your dogs behavior. A Message from Matthew “The head of the average family I deal with often falls short on enough time to comfortably manage all the aspects of pack living: too little time for the kids and spouse, even less time for himself or herself, and next to no time for the dog. In our amped-up American lifestyle, we have so much on our daily plate that there is little room left for any additional challenge, like owning a dog. How sad it would be to miss out on such a rewarding and ancient relationship. This has been my job over the past three decades: helping families minimize the challenge of dog ownership so that it fits on their daily plate. Honestly, with a few environmental controls and the right kind of relationship development, anyone can enjoy a canine companion as the first breeders intended: an animal uniquely developed to live among people.”

K9 Drug Detection

Author : Resi Gerritsen
ISBN : 9781550596816
Genre : Pets
File Size : 47. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A comprehensive guide to training and deploying your drug-detection dog. Learn how to: Select the right dog for drug detection work. Train your K9 using the latest techniques with proven results. Plan and execute searches of individuals and in a variety of settings, including open air locations, warehouses and other buildings, airplanes, automobiles, and ships. In the fight against illegal drugs, a well-trained K9 can be your most important asset. K9 Drug Detection gives trainers and handlers the tools and knowledge they need to properly train and deploy a highly effective K9 drug detection team. Expert trainers Dr. Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak provide the key principles for successful training, as well as step-by-step training schedules for both active and passive responses. They describe the many factors that affect a K9’s work in the field, including the influence of air currents and various weather conditions. They teach you how to protect your K9 from dangerous substances and what to do if your dog is accidentally exposed. They also provide background information every K9 drug detection handler should know, such as the basics of drug laws in North America and Europe and essential facts about the appearance, effects, risks, and use of the most common illegal drugs.

U S Military Working Dog Training Handbook

Author : Department of Defense
ISBN : 9781461747154
Genre : Reference
File Size : 26. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Learn how to train your dog exactly as the U.S. military trains its canine soldiers. This manual is the Department of Defense’s principle source of information on care, conditioning, and training of our nation’s Military Working Dogs – such as “Cairo,” the canine who served in the raid that killed Bin Laden. From basics, such as “HEEL” and “STAY” to negotiating obstacle courses, to tracking, searching, and even attacking . . . this manual shows readers how our military trains their dogs to be the best trained canines in the world. Contents include: * Veterinary Training Priorities * Principles of Conditioning and Behavior Modification * Patrol Dog Training * Clear Signals Training Method * Deferred Final Response * Detector Dog Training Validation * The Military Working Dog (WMD Program) * Facilities and Equipment * And more…

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