the physics of baseball 3rd edition

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The Physics Of Baseball

Author : Robert K. Adair
ISBN : 9780062407825
Genre : Science
File Size : 34. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Blending scientific fact and sports trivia, Robert Adair examines what a baseball or player in motion does-and why. How fast can a batted ball go? What effect do stitch patterns have on wind resistance? How far does a curve ball break? Who reaches first base faster after a bunt, a right- or left-handed batter? The answers are often surprising—and always illuminating. This newly revised third edition considers recent developments in the science of sport such as the neurophysiology of batting, bat vibration, and the character of the "sweet spot." Faster pitchers, longer hitters, and enclosed stadiums also get a good, hard scientific look to determine their effects on the game. Filled with anecdotes about famous players and incidents, The Physics of Baseball provides fans with fascinating insights into America's favorite pastime.

The Physics Of Basketball

Author : John J. Fontanella
ISBN : 0801889529
Genre : Science
File Size : 44. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Reddick do naturally the things that Isaac Newton says they should.


Author : Benjamin G. Rader
ISBN : 9780252075506
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 53. 93 MB
Format : PDF
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A succinct history of baseball, newly revised and updated

Die Sportlerschulter

Author : Casper Grim
ISBN : 9783794530526
Genre :
File Size : 45. 6 MB
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Sportorthopädische Probleme gezielt schultern Die Funktionseinheit „Schulter“ ist komplex gebaut, enorm beweglich und sehr empfindlich. Insbesondere Sportarten mit schnellen Bewegungen und hoher Krafteinwirkung bedingen Verletzungen, Fehlbelastungs- und Überlastungsschäden des Schultergelenks und Schultergürtels. Diese können – unzulänglich behandelt – sogar die Sportlerkarriere bedrohen. Frakturen, Luxationen, Band- und Kapselverletzungen – eine exakte Diagnosestellung und das Finden einer adäquaten Behandlungsstrategie können durchaus schwierig sein. Erfahrene Spezialisten geben einen aktuellen Einblick in die medizinische Sportlerbetreuung: von den Besonderheiten in der Diagnostik der Sportlerschulter über mögliche Therapieansätze bis hin zu Rehabilitations- und Präventionsmaßnahmen. Ob Überkopf-, Ball-, Schläger- oder Kampfsportarten: Unter Beachtung biomechanischer Aspekte sowie spezifischer Anforderungs- und Belastungsprofile ermöglichen Sie Ihren Schulter-Patienten eine individuelle Behandlung und ein erfolgreiches „Return to Play“. Ein wertvoller Fundus und praktischer Leitfaden für konservativ und operativ tätige Orthopäden, Unfallchirurgen, Sportärzte, Traumatologen, Rehabilitationsmediziner und Physiotherapeuten. Keywords: Schulter, Schultergelenk, Sport, Sportorthopädie, Sporttraumatologie, Chirurgie, Schulterverletzung, Arthroskopie, PASTA, SLAP, Scapula, ACG, Rotatorenmanschette, Luxation, Claviculafraktur, Tendinitis calcarea

The Science Of Baseball

Author : A. Terry Bahill
ISBN : 9783030030322
Genre :
File Size : 60. 21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Ultimate Baseball Road Trip

Author : Josh Pahigian
ISBN : 9780762784196
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 88. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The most entertaining and comprehensive guide to every baseball fan’s dream road trip—including every new ballpark since the 2004 edition—revised and completely updated!

Dunkle Materie Und Dinosaurier

Author : Lisa Randall
ISBN : 9783104030258
Genre : Science
File Size : 75. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Die Natur der Dunklen Materie gehört zu den spannendsten Fragen der Kosmologie. Die Bestseller-Autorin und Harvard-Professorin Lisa Randall nimmt uns in ihrem neuen Buch ›Dunkle Materie und Dinosaurier. Die erstaunlichen Zusammenhänge des Universums‹ mit auf eine Reise in die Welt der Physik und hilft uns zu verstehen, welche Rolle die Dunkle Materie bei der Entstehung unserer Galaxie, unseres Sonnensystems und sogar des Lebens selbst gespielt hat. Eindrucksvoll zeigt sie, wie die Wissenschaft neue Konzepte und Erklärungen für dieses weithin unbekannte Phänomen entwickelt und verwebt geschickt die Geschichte des Kosmos mit unserer eigenen. Ein Buch, das ein völlig neues Licht auf die tiefen Verbindungen wirft, die unsere Welt so maßgeblich mitgeprägt haben, und uns die außerordentliche Schönheit zeigt, die selbst den alltäglichsten Dingen innewohnt.

The Physics And Technology Of Tennis

Author : Howard Brody
ISBN : UVA:X004766750
Genre : Science
File Size : 25. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Helping coaches and players streamline their learning systems, improve their performance, and further their understanding and enjoyment of the game, this book provides an entertaining and enlightening look at the physics behind how to use a racquet to change the speed and direction of a tennis ball. Distinguishing the science from the folklore and myth, it makes the physics of tennis understandable to players of all skill levels. Important issues such as the role of string tension, the meaning of power, the importance of swing weight, and the relevance of the various sweet spots are addressed. Athletes are shown how to play better tennis by obeying the laws of the universe, optimizing equipment for ultimate performance, and understanding the dynamics of tennis events. From speed-to-spin ratios and shock vibration scales to choosing string on a moist day, this guide covers it all.

Scientific Computing With Matlab And Octave

Author : Alfio Quarteroni
ISBN : 9783642453670
Genre : Computers
File Size : 23. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This textbook is an introduction to Scientific Computing, in which several numerical methods for the computer-based solution of certain classes of mathematical problems are illustrated. The authors show how to compute the zeros, the extrema, and the integrals of continuous functions, solve linear systems, approximate functions using polynomials and construct accurate approximations for the solution of ordinary and partial differential equations. To make the format concrete and appealing, the programming environments Matlab and Octave are adopted as faithful companions. The book contains the solutions to several problems posed in exercises and examples, often originating from important applications. At the end of each chapter, a specific section is devoted to subjects which were not addressed in the book and contains bibliographical references for a more comprehensive treatment of the material. From the review: ".... This carefully written textbook, the third English edition, contains substantial new developments on the numerical solution of differential equations. It is typeset in a two-color design and is written in a style suited for readers who have mathematics, natural sciences, computer sciences or economics as a background and who are interested in a well-organized introduction to the subject." Roberto Plato (Siegen), Zentralblatt MATH 1205.65002.

Doing Physics With Scientific Notebook

Author : Joseph Gallant
ISBN : 9781119941941
Genre : Science
File Size : 67. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The goal of this book is to teach undergraduate students how to use Scientific Notebook (SNB) to solve physics problems. SNB software combines word processing and mathematics in standard notation with the power of symbolic computation. As its name implies, SNB can be used as a notebook in which students set up a math or science problem, write and solve equations, and analyze and discuss their results. Written by a physics teacher with over 20 years experience, this text includes topics that have educational value, fit within the typical physics curriculum, and show the benefits of using SNB. This easy-to-read text: Provides step-by-step instructions for using Scientific Notebook (SNB) to solve physics problems Features examples in almost every section to enhance the reader's understanding of the relevant physics and to provide detailed instructions on using SNB Follows the traditional physics curriculum, so it can be used to supplement teaching at all levels of undergraduate physics Includes many problems taken from the author’s class notes and research Aimed at undergraduate physics and engineering students, this text teaches readers how to use SNB to solve some everyday physics problems.

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