the origins of the cornbread mafia

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The Origins Of The Cornbread Mafia

Author : Joe Keith Bickett
ISBN : 153681444X
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On a September night in 1978, Muhammad Ali would attempt to reclaim his title from Leon Spinks in one of the greatest heavyweight matches of all-time. That same night, a crew of over twenty-five country boys from in and around central Kentucky, which would soon be known as "The Cornbread Mafia" would pull off one of their many outrageous exploits by attempting to reclaim a huge marijuana field that had been seized by local law enforcement. Although "The Cornbread Mafia" is legendary in Central Kentucky, most people do not know the true origins of the iconic group. Now comes the author's first-hand account of how this term was coined and the many escapades they encountered along the way. This author was actually there, living the events, and tells his unbelievable true story of how a group of small-town country boys began a pot growing operation in the early 1970s which would become the biggest home grown marijuana operation in U.S. history.

Cornbread Mafia The Outlaws Of Central Kentucky

Author : Joe Bickett
ISBN : 1725563630
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Cornbread Mafia, The Outlaws of Central Kentucky is author Joe Keith Bickett's sequel to his first book, The Origins of The Cornbread Mafia, A Memoir of Sorts. As the 1980s come onto the scene, the Cornbread Mafia is faced with new obstacles from the Federal Government in order to keep their marijuana business flourishing. President Ronald Regan declares his "War on Drugs" and with it comes the Comprehensive Crime Control Act and the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which significantly increase federal penalties and mandatory minimum sentences for those caught in the cultivation and distribution of marijuana. The stakes just got much higher for the Cornbread crew. Despite the looming threat from the Feds, along with the side-effects from the heavy use of cocaine by many of the members, the Cornbread Mafia expands their operations in the 80s into several Midwestern states and continues to smuggle, cultivate and distribute marijuana. In this memoir, Bickett reveals a Federal criminal justice system that, from his perspective, is willing to go far beyond the bounds of law and ethics to bust a bunch of pot farmers from Middle America. Joe Keith Bickett, along with Bobby Joe Shewmaker, Tommy Lee, Jimmy Bickett, Fred Hogg and several others who requested to remain anonymous, tell the unbelievable and sometimes humorous stories of their experiences in the marijuana business through the 1980s and how they all became a part of the largest marijuana cartel in US history. This collaboration of several participants of the Cornbread Mafia is the true story of The Cornbread Mafia, the Outlaws of Central Kentucky.

Author : هرمان ملفل
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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ذلك المعلم الشاحب مهمل الرداء والقلب والجسد واللب أذكره كأنني أراه كان دائماً ينفض الغبار عن معجماته وأجرومياته القديمة بمنديل عجيب الطراز مزخرف علي نحو ساخر بكل الإعلام البهيجة التي ترمز إلي جميع الأمم المعروفة في العالم

On The Origin Of Species Arabic Edition

Author : Charles Darwin
ISBN : 1519231261
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Moonshine Nation

Author : Mark Spivak
ISBN : 9781493012466
Genre : Cooking
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Moonshine is corn whiskey, traditionally made in improvised stills throughout the Appalachian South. While quality varied from one producer to another, the whiskey had one thing in common: It was illegal because the distiller refused to pay taxes to the US government. Many moonshiners were descendants of Scots-Irish immigrants who had fought in the original Whiskey Rebellion in the early 1790s. They brought their knowledge of distilling with them to America along with a profound sense of independence and a refusal to submit to government authority. Today many Southern states have relaxed their laws and now allow the legal production of moonshine—provided that taxes are paid. Yet many modern moonshiners retain deep links to their bootlegging heritage. Moonshine Nation is the story of moonshine’s history and origins alongside profiles of modern moonshiners—and a collection of drink recipes from each.

How Blue Are The Ridges

Author : Ken Ollis
ISBN : 9781475991543
Genre : Fiction
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During the Great Depression, Walter Stamey, a veteran of World War I, works his way into the moonshine business, and his operation grows quickly. But he is successful too soon and now he has to contend with the Chicago Mafia. Millard Watson grew up dirt-poor and jumps at the opportunity to build a new life in Walter's business, but is he truly willing to pay the price for his dreams?


Author :
ISBN : IND:30000117902712
Genre : New York (N.Y.)
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Mist In The Mountains

Author : J. H. Gason
ISBN : 150296936X
Genre :
File Size : 51. 10 MB
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In 1986 the largest criminal smuggling enterprise of the 20th century was exposed after the arrest of one small town sheriff for Trafficking. This event led to the largest incarceration of Law Enforcement Officials in the history America and would expose a southern based secret society who's origins predate the Civil War. A story based on true events set in the Appalachia Mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky. An intertwined tale of Marijuana, Moonshine and Cocaine where the players are none other than those who are sworn to be protecting us from such threat, the Police. Be there when several East Tennessee Sheriff's make deals with Pablo Escobar to land planes in their county for the purpose of transporting cocaine through out the United States to various Cartels and Mafia's. Murder, corruption, fast cars and faster women make up this Hillbilly tale of Cops, Judges, Bikers and Farmers. The telling of history in a manner which makes it enjoyable, sometimes down-right funny, from the position of one man who was there. Drama, Action, Humor, Humility, and Heritage all rolled into one book. You can almost smell the Cornbread baking while you read.

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