the old religion in a new world

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The Old Religion In A New World

Author : Mark A. Noll
ISBN : 0802849482
Genre : History
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Format : PDF, Docs
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A foremost historian of religion chronicles the arrival of Christianity in the New World, tracing the turning points in the development of the immigrant church which have led to today's distinctly American faith.

The Old Religion In The Brave New World

Author : Sidney Earl Mead
ISBN : 0520033221
Genre : Religion
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Women And Religion In Old And New Worlds

Author : Debra Meyers
ISBN : 9781317721604
Genre : History
File Size : 38. 3 MB
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This innovative collection brings together essays on women's religious experiences in both Europe and the Americas during the colonial era.

New World Faiths

Author : Jon Butler
ISBN : 9780195333107
Genre : History
File Size : 77. 5 MB
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Jon Butler begins by describing the state of religious affairs in both the Old and New Worlds on the eve of colonization--and traces the progress of religion in the colonies through the time of the American Revolution. It covers all the religious groups in the colonies: Protestants, Jews, Catholics, as well as the unique religious experiences of Native Americans and African Americans. Sidebars containing primary source documents complement the narrative text

Modern Medicine The New World Religion

Author : Olivier Clerc
ISBN : 1932181148
Genre : Medical
File Size : 55. 74 MB
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Put forth in this book is the assertion that medicine is actually ruled by a set of beliefs, myths, and rites of Christianity it has never freed itself from. Supporting this claim are discussions about the ways in which physicians have taken the place of priests, vaccination plays the same role as baptism, the search for health has replaced the quest for salvation, and the hope of physical immortality (cloning and genetic engineering) takes priority over eternal life. This book argues that the medical establishment has become the government's ally, as the Catholic Church has in the past. "Charlatans" are prosecuted today, as "heretics" were in the past, and dogmatism rules out promising medical theories. It contends that only by becoming aware of how religious beliefs and primitive fears unconsciously influence one's relationships with medicine can people start walking on the path of freedom, personal responsibility, and individual sovereignty.

Religion In American Life

Author : Jon Butler
ISBN : 9780199913299
Genre : Religion
File Size : 22. 39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Quite ambitious, tracing religion in the United States from European colonization up to the 21st century.... The writing is strong throughout."--Publishers Weekly (starred review) "One can hardly do better than Religion in American Life.... A good read, especially for the uninitiated. The initiated might also read it for its felicity of narrative and the moments of illumination that fine scholars can inject even into stories we have all heard before. Read it."--Church History This new edition of Religion in American Life, written by three of the country's most eminent historians of religion, offers a superb overview that spans four centuries, illuminating the rich spiritual heritage central to nearly every event in our nation's history. Beginning with the state of religious affairs in both the Old and New Worlds on the eve of colonization and continuing through to the present, the book covers all the major American religious groups, from Protestants, Jews, and Catholics to Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, Buddhists, and New Age believers. Revised and updated, the book includes expanded treatment of religion during the Great Depression, of the religious influences on the civil rights movement, and of utopian groups in the 19th century, and it now covers the role of religion during the 2008 presidential election, observing how completely religion has entered American politics.

Merlin And The Discovery Of Avalon In The New World

Author : Graham Phillips
ISBN : 9781591439011
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The first book to present the true identity of the mythic figure Merlin • Uncovers historical evidence that the legend of Merlin was based on the life of a real man • Reveals that Avalon, Merlin’s final resting place, was an island in the United States The legendary figure Merlin is known throughout the world as the wizard of Camelot who was counselor to King Arthur and helped that monarch create the Round Table. Through the course of a 20-year investigation Graham Phillips has uncovered evidence that this famous story was based on the life of an actual historical figure: the son of a Roman consul who became the last of the Romans to rule Britain in the fifth century A.D. Furthermore, the evidence reveals that he died and was buried in what is now the United States. According to legend, Merlin ended his life on the mystical island of Avalon. A 1500-year-old saga tells how Merlin left Britain on a boat bound for a mysterious island to the west. The places described in Merlin’s voyage, Phillips argues, would only have been seen by someone who had journeyed to the New World. For example, the island where boiling fountains bubble from the ground could be the geysers of Iceland, and the island with rivers of ice, the glaciers of Greenland. During his research Phillips discovered that a site believed to be Merlin’s grave was found by the first British settlers in North America: a secret location said to have been preserved in the works of William Shakespeare and the coded writings of the Freemasons. Phillips follows a trail of historical clues that leads ultimately to a mysterious New England tomb. Here a final encrypted message not only reveals the whereabouts of Merlin’s grave but contains evidence that Merlin’s descendants still survive and, through a merger with the Spencer family of Princess Diana, may once again ascend the British throne.

Old Wisdom In The New World

Author : Paul David Numrich
ISBN : 1572330635
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31. 31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Focusing on two well-established institutions--one in Chicago, the other in Los Angeles--Old Wisdom in the New World is the first systematic examination of the growing presence of Theravada Buddhist temples in the United States. Paul David Numrich's socio-historical analysis highlights a number of classic Americanization themes of establishment, growth, and adaptation. These have surfaced, the author shows, in debates over the retention of Old World culture and language, the "problem" of the second generation, and the role of the laity in religious institutions. Going beyond such familiar themes, Numrich also uncovers the intriguing phenomenon of ethnically defined "parallel congregations" in these temples, as he reveals the ways in which Asian-immigrant Buddhists and American converts pursue substantively different expressions of the Theravada tradition under the direction of a shared clerical leadership, the resident monks. In the author's view, these Theravada case studies underline the complexity of the present Americanization process. By examining the intersection of two important trends--the steady growth of Asian immigration and an increasing indigenous interest in new religious movements, especially those of Asian origin--this book points to some fascinating new directions for the study of religious and cultural diversity in the United States. The Author: Paul David Numrich is a research associate in the Religion in Urban America Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Church And State In Old And New Worlds

Author : Hilary M. Carey
ISBN : 9789004192003
Genre : Religion
File Size : 30. 91 MB
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Drawing on a diverse range of case studies in both the Old World of Europe and the New World of the European settler societies in the United States, Australia and New Zealand this volume offers an original perspective on the conduct of church-state relations and how these have been reshaped by translation from the Old to the New Worlds.

Ix Chel Maya Queen Of Heaven In The New World

Author : Douglas T. Peck
ISBN : 9781456850418
Genre : History
File Size : 82. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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And in this book Colonel Peck reveals the current view of Maya religion is also appallingly inaccurate. The sophisticated Maya religion, which closely followed the pattern of contemporary Eurasian religions, originated in ancient times with a matriarchal “Goddess of Creation” and evolved into a patriarchal “First Father” concept in the Classic period preceding Spanish conquest. Current historians have failed to recognize that fact because of the naïve belief that the writings of colonial period folklore, which picture Maya religious concepts as crude, primitive, and often grotesque fables, represented Maya religion rather than the true, sophisticated, and realistic religious concepts expressed in their prehistoric writing and art as documented in this book.

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