the ground beneath the cross the theology of ignacio ellacur

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The Ground Beneath The Cross

Author : Kevin F. Burke, SJ
ISBN : 1589014472
Genre : Religion
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This book is the first comprehensive analysis of the thought of Ignacio Ellacuría, the Jesuit philosopher-theologian martyred for his work on behalf of Latin America's oppressed peoples. While serving as president of the Jesuit-run University of Central America in the midst of El Salvador's brutal civil war, Ellacuría was also a prolific writer. His advocacy on behalf of the country's persecuted majority provoked the enmity of the Salvadoran political establishment. On November 16, 1989, members of the Salvadoran military entered the university's campus and murdered Ellacuría, along with five other Jesuit priests and two women. Kevin F. Burke, SJ, shows why Ellacuría is significant not only as a martyr but also as a theologian. Ellacuría effectively integrated philosophy, history, anthropology, and sociopolitical analysis into his theological reflections on salvation, spirituality, and the church to create an original contribution to liberation theology. Ellacuría's writings directly address one of the most vexing issues in theology today: can theologians account for the demands arising from both the particularity of their various social-historical situations and also the universal claims of Christian revelation? Burke explains how Ellacuría bases theology in a philosophy of historical reality—the "ground beneath the cross"—and interprets the suffering of "the crucified peoples" in the light of Jesus' crucifixion. Ellacuría thus inserts the theological realities of salvation and transcendence squarely within the course of human events, and he connects these to the Christian mandate to "take the crucified peoples down from their crosses." Placing Ellacuría's thought in the context of historical trends within the Roman Catholic Church, particularly Vatican II and the rise of liberation theology in Latin America, Burke argues that Ellacuría makes a distinctive contribution to contemporary Catholic theology.

Love That Produces Hope

Author : María Pilar Aquino
ISBN : 0814652174
Genre : Religion
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Father Ignacio Ellacura, S.J., president of the University of Central America, leading Latin American philosopher, and liberation theologian, was assassinated with five Jesuit companions and two women on November 16, 1989. Love That Produces Hope brings together leading authorities on key aspects of Ellacura?s thought. The book introduces readers to the groundbreaking life and thought of Ignacio Ellacura. His biography and writings embody late twentieth-century transformations and tensions that reshaped the life of the Catholic Church among the ?crucified peoples? of Central America. Love That Produces Hope evaluates the significance of Ellacura?s work, particularly his impact on theology, philosophy, and education. Ellacura found hope in his faith that God?s grace sustains the tenacious struggle of millions of men, women, and children to nurture those they love in the face of poverty and an uncertain future.?This is a rich collection of essays . . . Each author brings his or her valuable insights to the discussion of Ignacio Ellacura?s philosophical and theological work.? Signs of the Times in the Americas?This significant work serves as an initial introduction for the English-speaking world to liberation theology?s early martyr. Comprehensive, balanced and challenging. The editors, Lasalle-Klein and Burke complete the title by appending an exhaustive bibliography of Ellacura?s publications. This title is recommended for theological collections.? Catholic Library World?As the inaugural holder of the Ignadcio Ellacura Chair in Catholic Social Thought, I am thrilled to read Love That Produces Hope. At long last, the Jesuit martyr of El Salvador's philosophical and theological thought is now available to English-speaking readers. Robert Lassalle-Klein and Kevin Burke are to be congratulated for having assembled the best interpreters to help us understand Ellacura's life, work, and thought. Their essays on the sources and reception of Ellacura's thought are uniformly informative, insightful, and challenging. The bibliography is an indispensable resource for future studies. I strongly recommend the book for any course on Latin American liberation theology." Dr. Peter C. Phan Georgetown University Washington, D.C.

Deterring Democracy

Author : Noam Chomsky
ISBN : 9781466801530
Genre : Political Science
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From World War II until the 1980s, the United States reigned supreme as both the economic and the military leader of the world. The major shifts in global politics that came about with the dismantling of the Eastern bloc have left the United States unchallenged as the preeminent military power, but American economic might has declined drastically in the face of competition, first from Germany and Japan ad more recently from newly prosperous countries elsewhere. In Deterring Democracy, the impassioned dissident intellectual Noam Chomsky points to the potentially catastrophic consequences of this new imbalance. Chomsky reveals a world in which the United States exploits its advantage ruthlessly to enforce its national interests--and in the process destroys weaker nations. The new world order (in which the New World give the orders) has arrived.

Divine Revolution

Author : Dean Brackley
ISBN : 9781592447107
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45. 75 MB
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A compelling exploration of one of the central issues - if not 'the' central issue - facing theology in our time: the relation between transcendent salvation and temporal liberation. What does the salvation that the church proclaims mean for the poor of the world? In 'Divine Revolution', Dean Brackley presents in a comprehensive yet manageable way what Catholic theology has to say about this complex and urgent topic. He addresses the historical as well as the systematic dimensions of the question, providing insights that point toward an understanding of the issues that challenge conservative and liberal interpretations alike. In a work of great daring and clarity, Brackley surveys the confusion surrounding the social-historical dimension of salvation in Catholic thought. He shows the irony of the fact that, after 2,000 years, what salvation means for the poor in relationship to their concrete plight remains a 'quaestio disputata' for official, Magisterial teaching. Going deeply into the relationship of salvation and liberation, Brackley explores the thought of Maritain, Rahner, and Gutierrez to demonstrate how the 'synbolon' of the Reign of God that Jesus announces transcends the tired theological distinctions of all sides in the debate. Drawing from developments in feminist and Protestant theology, as well as contemporary social theory, 'Divine Revolution' offers a fresh understanding of what it means to participate in God's revolutionary reign. Catholic tradition, Brackley argues, has great potential to articulate a hope which responds to the suffering of the poor in our time. When conventional wisdom says compassion-fatigued Americans are tired of hearing about the poor, Brackley responds, The poor are far more tired of being poor. They, too, would like to move on to other things, but they cannot.

The Megarhetorics Of Global Development

Author : Rebecca Ann Dingo
ISBN : 9780822977414
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 21. 39 MB
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After World War II, an unprecedented age of global development began. The formation of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund allowed war torn and poverty stricken nations to become willing debtors in their desire to entice Western investment and trade. New capital, it was foretold, would pave the way to political and economic stability, and the benefits would “trickle down” to even the poorest citizens. The hyperbole of this neocolonialism, however, has left many of these countries with nothing but compounded debt and unfulfilled promises. The Megarhetorics of Global Development examines rhetorical strategies used by multinational corporations, NGOs, governments, banks, and others to further their own economic, political, or technological agendas. These wide-ranging case studies employ rhetorical theory, globalization scholarship, and analysis of cultural and historical dynamics to offer in-depth critiques of development practices and their material effects. By deconstructing megarhetorics, at both the local and global level, and following their paths of mobilization and diffusion, the concepts of “progress” and “growth” can be reevaluated, with the end goal of encouraging self-sustaining and ethical outcomes.

Death Foretold

Author : Martha Doggett
ISBN : STANFORD:36105004459546
Genre : Political Science
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Death Foretold is the tenth report prepared by the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights on the Jsuit case. In this report, the Lawyers Committee seeks to summarize the crime and evaluate efforts to investigate and prosecute its perpetrators.

Tactics Of Hope

Author : Paula Mathieu
ISBN : 0867095784
Genre : Education
File Size : 53. 28 MB
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Institutions of higher learning seem traditionally isolated from the realities of the neighborhoods around them. But increasingly, colleges and universities have thrown open their gates and made a public turn toward school-community partnerships, bringing literacy activities to the streets and service-learning opportunities to faculty, staff, and student volunteers. Paula Mathieu is one such faculty volunteer, and in Tactics of Hope she examines the workings behind the public turn in composition studies at several institutions. Recounting various types of initiatives, she describes how these ideas for outreach were received by both local residents and members of the campus, and she outlines how each side worked together to relieve town-gown tensions. More important, Mathieu examines why a tactical, not strategic, approach to outreach provides the most flexibility for all involved and creates the best opportunities for real learning and deeper interaction between volunteers and their community. Outside the dormitories, the classrooms, and the gates of every university live people who can benefit from public-academic partnerships. And on the inside of those very same structures are people who can benefit equally. Read Tactics of Hope and discover ideas and tactics for tapping the transformative power of learning on and from the streets.

Introducing Liberation Theology

Author : Leonardo Boff
ISBN : 9780883445501
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Introducing Black Theology Of Liberation

Author : Hopkins, Dwight N.
ISBN : 9781608334575
Genre : Religion
File Size : 23. 38 MB
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A book that reviews the principles of modern Black Theology, its roots and contributions to the Christian world. It also discusses what challenges Black theologians face in their minister and their religious communities.


Author : Leonardo Boff
ISBN : 9781608330997
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62. 58 MB
Format : PDF
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Examines whether Catholicism should be adapted to suit an individual country's culture and analyzes the structure of the Catholic Church

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