the globalization of corporate governance

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The Globalization Of Corporate Governance

Author : Alan Dignam
ISBN : 9781317030072
Genre : Law
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The process of economic globalization, as product and capital markets have become increasingly integrated since WWII, has placed huge, and it is argued by some, irresistible pressures on the world's 'insider' stakeholder oriented corporate governance systems. Insider corporate governance systems in countries such as Germany, so the argument goes, should converge or be transformed by global product and capital market pressures to the 'superior' shareholder oriented 'outsider' corporate governance model prevalent in the UK and the US. What these pressures from globalization are, how they manifest themselves, whether they are likely to cause such a convergence/transformation and whether these pressures will continue, lie at the heart of the exploration in this volume. The Globalization of Corporate Governance provides a detailed analysis of the evolution of the key corporate governance systems in the UK, the US and Germany from the perspective of the development of economic globalization. As such it is a valuable resource for those interested in how economic and legal reforms interact to produce change within corporate governance systems.

Corporate Governance And Globalization

Author : Stephen S. Cohen
ISBN : 1781959579
Genre : Business & Economics
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"The book links studies of corporate governance with surveys of efficiencies and failures in international financial markets, as well as examining aspects of corporate governance systems that have special significance for the management of economic policies as globalization continues. The contributors advocate increased international cooperation to promote more structural complementarities in the world economy."--BOOK JACKET.

Globalization And Corporate Governance In Developing Countries

Author : Boniface Ahunwan
ISBN : 1571051813
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63. 71 MB
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Globalization and Corporate Governance in Developing Countries provides a clear-eyed analysis of the effects of the global economy on developing countries, which often face an up-hill battle when they opt to compete in a global market. Listing on a foreign exchange alone can be daunting, because it means following the home rules as well as a different set of stringent rules and elevated cost required by the listing exchange. Within this context, the question of cost-effectiveness, the desirability of possible changes to the company and tangible benefits are raised. The effects of globalization clearly travel a two-way street. Is harmonization possible and sensible? This book weighs options and poses questions within a balanced assessment of new economic reality. This volume is in the International Law and Development Series edited by Professor Raj Bhala.Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.

The Globalisation Of Corporate Governance

Author : Adrian Davies
ISBN : 0566088932
Genre : Business & Economics
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The structure of corporate governance has made significant progress in OECD countries but it remains imperfectly linked to the activities of many businesses. Its advance on the global stage will be hesitant and slow until its practice in OECD countries is more consistent and convincing. The Globalisation of Corporate Governance explores the challenges of adapting it to different cultural norms and making corporate governance effective for all participants in a global economy.

Globalization And Corporate Governance Convergence

Author : Tarun Khanna
ISBN : OCLC:48816345
Genre :
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Some scholars have argued that globalization should pressure firms to adopt a common set of the most efficient corporate governance practices, while others maintain that such convergence will not occur because of a variety of forms of path-dependence. With hitherto unused data from 24 developing countries and 13 European countries, we search for evidence that globalization is correlated with convergence of corporate governance. We distinguish "convergence in form" from "convergence in function," and de jure from de facto convergence. We find robust evidence of de jure convergence inform at the country level. Interestingly, this is not driven by convergence to U.S. standards. Rather pairs of economically interdependent countries appear to adopt common corporate governance standards. In contrast to the de jure results, we find virtually no evidence of de facto convergence in corporate governance in form or function in a battery of estimations at the country, industry and firm levels.

Corporate Governance After The Financial Crisis

Author : P. M. Vasudev
ISBN : 9780857931535
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 38. 44 MB
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'Judging by the academic post-mortems, the 2008 economic collapse was triggered by a financial sector gone wild. But the collapse was also made possible by defects in corporate governance. At last, this volume offers a serious investigation into the role corporate governance played in getting the world into that mess and can play in getting it out. Offering diverse perspectives from some of the world's preeminent corporate scholars, the volume deserves a place on the desk of anyone seeking to understand the collapse and how to avoid the next one.' Kent Greenfield, Boston College Law School, US 'This excellent collection from a highly distinguished group of scholars focuses on three intertwined and overlapping "aftermaths", the pressing concerns of corporate governance reform arising out of the financial crisis since 2008, the state of corporate governance reform since the spectacular failures of Enron, Worldcom and others, and, finally, the prospects of what since the early 1980s has been a global debate over the convergence and divergence of corporate law debates. Drawing on numerous country studies, this book greatly advances our understanding of where corporate governance reform is headed.' Peer Zumbansen, York University, Canada 'This volume addresses a range of important issues that were relevant before the global financial crisis and have, in many ways, become more so since the crisis. The book contains the work of a number of renowned commentators who have given the issues considered in the book much thought over an appreciable period of time. This volume is one that all scholars interested in corporate governance, no matter what their academic discipline is, would be interested in reading. I am eagerly awaiting its publication.' Andrew Keay, University of Leeds, UK 'The governance needle now swings to and fro like a windscreen wiper, no longer fast upon the goal of shareholder primacy and wealth maximization. "The aim of this volume is to introduce the new ideas animating. . . governance in the post-financial crisis world". This book does a superb job of accomplishing that objective. Probing discussions of sustainability, stakeholder models, globalization, ethical behavior, soft law, independent directors, and family capitalism coalesce around the antipode toward which the windscreen wiper increasingly swings, and not which "may be" but will be "the shape of things to come".' Douglas M. Branson, University of Pittsburgh, US The financial crisis of 200809 raises questions about the assumptions that underpin corporate governance. Shareholder value and private ordering may not in fact be the best means of promoting efficiency and corporate responsibility and the mechanisms used to ensure management accountability may not be effective. In this fascinating study, experts from around the world draw on the experience of the financial crisis to explore topical issues ranging from shareholder primacy and the corporate objective to the stakeholder principle, business ethics, and globalization of corporate governance principles. The chapters are provocative, acknowledging that our understanding of fundamental questions of corporate governance is still developing and demonstrating that the corporate governance debate is far from over. This informative book will appeal to researchers in corporate governance and corporate law including graduate students, policymakers, lawyers, accountants, and management consultants. Chambers of commerce and trade associations will also find much to interest them in this book.

Comparative Corporate Governance

Author : Véronique Magnier
ISBN : 9781784713560
Genre :
File Size : 25. 69 MB
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Comparative Corporate Governance considers the effects of globalization on corporate governance issues and highlights how, despite these widespread consequences, predictions of legal convergence have not come true. By adopting a comparative legal approach, this book explores the disparity between convergence attempts and the persistence of local models of governance in the US, Europe and Asia.

Good Governance Democratic Societies And Globalization

Author : Surendra Munshi
ISBN : 9788132104063
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 71. 34 MB
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'This collection of essays by a number of scholars from India and Europe addresses economic, political and social issues of great contemporary significance. The most attractive feature of the volume is the comparative and inter-disciplinary approach which gives it its distinctive orientation. Munshi and Abraham have held diverse but important themes together in an exemplary manner' - Andre Beteille, Chairman, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata 'This is an outstanding book on an issue easier talked about than acted upon. The editors have brought together in this rich volume a wide variety of essays which focus on India and Europe and clarify that it is necessary to contextualise good governance. The comparative perspective has the additional advantage of extending the analysis beyond the realm of the nation-state' -Jan Breman, Emeritus Professor of Comparative Sociology, University of Amsterdam 'In the immense literature on governance this scholarly and reader-friendly work takes an exceptional place. It has a sharp focus on "good" governance based on democratic values, drawing mainly from two major democratic regions in the world, India and the European Union. It offers rich analyses and much needed conceptual clarifications and explicitly addresses the normative-ethical dimension of "good" governance'. -Georges Enderle, O'Neil Professor of International Business Ethics, University of Notre Dame; President, International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics (ISBEE) 'This book makes a distinct and very valuable contribution to the international debate on good governance and globalisation. The book's particular strength is that it combines perspectives on good governance from both the public and the corporate sectors, thereby highlighting the extent to which similar ideas have come to influence decision-makers in government and business' -Klaus H Goetz, Senior Lecturer, Department of Government, London School of Economics and Political Science; Editor, West European Politics 'This is a remarkable book in an area of common concern which will be read with profit by academics, policy makers as well as social activists. It highlights the diversity of development experiences and suggests that there cannot be a single path to progress in spite of globalisation' -Shantha Sinha, Professor of Political Science, University of Hyderabad; Winner of the 2003 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership This book discusses good governance in democratic societies in the context of globalisation from a cross-cultural perspective. India and the European Union - democratic unions representing old histories, rich cultures and new aspirations - are viewed comparatively in order to assess what they can learn from each other. Moving beyond disciplinary demarcations, this volume considers the issues involved from a broader perspective. The 18 original essays, supplemented by a detailed introduction, are presented in three parts: the societal context of governance, administrative reforms, and corporate governance. These three parts have an important bearing on each other since administrative reforms provide a mechanism for good governance at the macro level which is in turn related to good governance at the corporate level. Dealing with a theme of considerable importance from a unique perspective, this volume will be of interest to a wide readership: social scientists, administrators, business executives, management students, NGOs, as well as international organisations like the World Bank. It will also serve as a text for courses on governance in general, public administration and corporate governance.

Resource Security And Governance

Author : Xinting Jia
ISBN : 9781317190554
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 51. 82 MB
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China’s phenomenal economic growth in the past 30 years has witnessed the rise of its global natural resources companies. At the same time, the emerging of a middle class in China and their desire to improve living standards including better dwelling conditions, better health and nutrition, has driven strong demand in mineral resources, energy and quality food. The so called ‘socialist market economy’ in China has seen this growing demand being met partially by companies with ‘national significance’. In the resources sector, these companies are represented by companies listed in stock exchanges in China as well as globally such as in New York and London; at the same time, most of these companies are also controlled by the Chinese government. China’s resources companies have expanded overseas in search of new acquisition targets whilst seeking to extend their global reach with a focus on resource rich countries. The expansion of these companies internationally, and the unique ownership structure of these companies, has posed challenges for regulators, trading partners of these companies, investors and other interested parties seeking to understand how these companies are governed and the implications of government ownership for resource security globally. Resource Security and Governance: The Globalisation of China’s Natural Resources Companies contains case studies of the global expansion efforts of Chinese global natural resources companies; it reviews the governance structures of these companies and analyses how these have affected the inter-relationship between these companies and their trading partners, governments, regulators in targeted countries and investors globally. In addition, this book examines how the unique structure of these companies may affect resource security globally and touches on other related matters such as climate change, and air and water security in China.

Business Elites And Corporate Governance In France And The Uk

Author : M. Maclean
ISBN : 9780230511736
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 53. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Business Elites and Corporate Governance in France and the UK is a cross-national study of business elites and corporate governance in France and the UK. It examines corporate governance from a comparative standpoint and looks beneath the surface at the exercise of power and authority in two distinct national business systems. It explores key issues concerning business elites, their networks, recruitment and reproduction. It aims to shed light on the mechanisms that govern the stability and regeneration of business elites against the backdrop of an increasingly global economy.

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