the essential nectar meditations on the buddhist path

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The Essential Nectar

Author : Rabten
ISBN : 9780861718467
Genre : Religion
File Size : 80. 50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Exploring crucial points on the path to enlightenment, “Stages of the Path” literature continues to hold its place as one of the great treasures of Buddhist thought. In this volume, Geshe Rabten presents a structured explanation of the popular and practical text, The Essential Nectar of Holy Doctrine, by the 18th century scholar Yeshe Tsöndrü. Geshe Rabten’s teachings reveal how we may see life’s great value and, by taking up the profound practice described herein, make the most of its abundant opportunity. In a voice both sweet and potent, The Essential Nectar reveals the essence of the path to enlightenment.

Practicing The Path

Author : Yangsi
ISBN : 9780861717477
Genre : Religion
File Size : 79. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Lamrim Chenmo, or Great Treatise on the Steps of the Path, by Je Tsongkhapa is a comprehensive overview of the process of individual enlightenment. Meditation on these steps has been a core practice of Tibetan Buddhists for centuries. The Lamrim Chenmo presents the Buddha's teachings along a continuum of three spiritual attitudes: the person who worries about rebirth, the person who wants to escape rebirth, and finally the person who strives for buddhahood in order to relieve the suffering of all beings--this is the supreme aspiration of the bodhisattva. Given over two months to a group of Western Students in Dharamsala, India, Yangsi Rinpoche's commentary revitalizes our understanding of Tsongkhapa's work, giving readers renewed inspiration.

Liberation In The Palm Of Your Hand

Author : Pha-boṅ-kha-pa Byams-pa-bstan-ʼdzin-ʼphrin-las-rgya-mtsho
ISBN : 9780861715008
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 72. 68 MB
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Pabongka Rinpoche was one the twentieth century's most charismatic and revered Tibetan lamas, and in Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand we can see why. In this famous twenty-four-day teaching on the lamrim, or stages of the path, Pabongka Rinpoche weaves together lively stories and quotations with frank observations and practical advice to move readers step by step along the journey to buddhahood. When his student Trijang Rinpoche first edited and published these teachings in Tibetan, an instant classic was born. The flavor and immediacy of the original Tibetan are preserved in Michael Richards' fluid and lively translation, which is now substantially revised in this new edition.

Ocean Of Nectar

Author : Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
ISBN : 8120817303
Genre : Compassion
File Size : 20. 74 MB
Format : PDF
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Ocean of Nectar is first complete commentary in English to Chandrakirti`s classic Guide to the Middle Way, one of the most important scriptures in Mahayan Buddhism and regsrded to this day as the principal text on emptiness, the ultimate nature of reality. In this long-awaited major work Geshe kelsang provides an entirely new translation of Chandrakirti`s verse masterpiece and explains with outstanding clarity the philosophical reasoning establishing Budda`s most profound view of the middle way.

Everlasting Rain Of Nectar

Author : Jampa Gyatso (Geshe)
ISBN : UVA:X002760203
Genre : Religion
File Size : 81. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In Everlasting Rain of Nectar, Geshe Jampa Gyatso, a highly respected contemporary teacher, explains the popular and effective daily purification practice, The Bodhisattva's Confession of Downfalls - a potent and essential method for both beginners and advanced practitioners to gain higher spiritual attainments. In his delightfully conversational manner, Geshe-la teaches us the details of the law of cause and effect, the powerful use of the four opponent powers, and the proper manner and movements of prostrating, and provides clear descriptions off each of the thirty-five confession buddhas.

Song Of The Profound View

Author : Geshe Rabten
ISBN : 086171086X
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 31. 88 MB
Format : PDF
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The extraordinary, deeply personal writing of one of Tibet's great modern masters.

Wisdom Nectar

Author : Ron Garry
ISBN : 1559399511
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69. 34 MB
Format : PDF
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Dudjom Rinpoche was one of the seminal figures in Tibetan Buddhism in the twentieth century, yet very few of his religious writings have been translated into English. This volume contains a generous selection of his inspiring teachings and writings, the core of which is a lengthy discussion of the entire path of Dzogchen, including key instructions on view, meditation, and conduct, along with direct advice on how to bring one's experiences onto the path. Also included in this book in their entirety are the oral instructions, tantric songs, and songs of realization from His Holiness's Collected Works, along with a generous selection of the aspiration and supplication prayers.

Advice From A Spiritual Friend

Author : Rabten
ISBN : 9780861719198
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72. 21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Do not wish for gratitude. Never strike at the heart. Now if you die, you will have no regrets." —The Seven-Point Thought Transformation Like wise old friends, two Tibetan masters offer down-to-earth advice for cultivating compassion, wisdom, and happiness in every situation. Based on practical Buddhist verses on "thought training" (lojong), Advice from a Spiritual Friend teaches how to develop the inner skills that lead to contentment by responding to everyday difficulties with patience and joy. Following Stephen Batchelor's introduction to the Kadamapa tradition that gave rise to these earthy, pithy instructions, Part One is a commentary by Geshe Dhargyey to Atisha's (982-1054) Jewel Rosary of a Bodhisattva. Part Two includes a commentary by Geshe Rabten to the famous Seven-Point Thought Transformation. First published in 1977, Advice from a Spiritual Friend is a Wisdom classic that has enriched readers in many editions over the years. As Batchelor says in his introduction, "These teachings are as applicable today as they were when Atisha first introduced them to Tibet."

Heart Jewel

Author : Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
ISBN : 8120818709
Genre : Bkaʼ-gdams-pa (Sect)
File Size : 90. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In Heart Jewel Geshe Kelsang presents two essential practices of Kadampa Buddhism, the popular Mahayana Buddhist tradition that derives from the renowned Tibetan teacher Je Tsongkhapa. The first practice is relying upon a Spiritual Guide, which lays the foundation for gaining all the blessings and realizations of the paths to liberation and enlightenment. The second practice is relying upon and enlightened Dharma Protector, whereby we can swiftly overcome all obstacles to our spiritual practice and create favourable conditions for developing and increasing pure Dharma realizations. An invaluable introduction to the profound and dynamic tradition of Kadampa buddhism.

Guide To Dakini Land

Author : Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
ISBN : 8120817257
Genre : Tantric Buddhism
File Size : 53. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Guide to Dakini Land is the first complete explanation in English to the Tantric practice of Vajrayogini, the female Buddha of wisdom. The book provides detailed instructions on the eleven yogas of generation stage, which are special methods for transforming all our daily activities into the spiritual path. It also explains with perfect clarity the essential completion stage practices of Vajrayogini. It includes all the sadhanas of Vajrayogini and advice on how to do a Tantric retreat, and a wealth of additional material that will be indispensable to anyone wishing to rely upon Buddha Vajrayogini.

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