the day she cried

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She Cried In The Dark

ISBN : 9781304546395
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Author : Jeffrey Von Glahn
ISBN : 9781468944761
Genre : Psychology
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Jessica had always been haunted by the fear that the unthinkable had happened when she had been “made-up.” For as far back as she could remember, she had no sense of a Self. Her mother thought of her as the “perfect infant” because “she never wanted anything and she never needed anything.” As a child, just thinking of saying “I need” or “I want” left her feeling like an empty shell and that her mind was about to spin out of control. Terrified of who––or what––she was, she lived in constant dread over being found guilty of impersonating a human being. Jeffrey Von Glahn, Ph.D., an experienced therapist with an unshakable belief in the healing powers of the human spirit, and Jessica blaze a trail into this unexplored territory. As if she has, in fact, become an infant again, Jessica remembers in extraordinary detail events from the earliest days of her life––events that threatened to twist her embryonic humanness from its natural course of development. Her recollections are like listening to an infant who could talk describe every psychologically dramatic moment of its life as it was happening. When Dr. Von Glahn met Jessica, she was 23. Everyone regarded her as a responsible, caring person – except that she never drove and she stayed at her mother’s when her husband worked nights. For many months, Jessica’s therapy was stuck in an impasse. Dr. Von Glahn had absolutely no idea that she was so terrified over simply talking about herself. In hopes of breakthrough, she boldly asked for four hours of therapy a day, for three days a week, for six weeks. The mystery that was Jessica cracked open in dramatic fashion, and in a way that Dr. Von Glahn could never have imagined. Then she asked for four days a week – and for however long it took. In the following months, her electrifying journey into her mystifying past brought her ever closer to a final confrontation with the events that had threatened to forever strip her of her basic humanness.

Post And Beam Storycuts

Author : Alice Munro
ISBN : 9781448128471
Genre : Fiction
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Lorna finds herself strangely attracted to Lionel, a former maths prodigy and student of her husband's. When family affairs call him away and his absence coincides with the unwelcome visit of her cousin, she grows ill at ease. Part of the Storycuts series, this short story was previously published in the collection Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage.

The Works

Author : Jonathan Edwards
ISBN : BCUL:1099125920
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Author : Marilynne Robinson
ISBN : 9786180306729
Genre : Fiction
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Η αμερικανίδα Μέριλιν Ρόμπινσον, μία από τις σημαντικότερες συγγραφείς της εποχής μας, μας χαρίζει την αξέχαστη ιστορία ενηλικίωσης ενός κοριτσιού που μεγαλώνει στο περιθώριο της κοινωνίας μες στον φόβο και το δέος, τα χρόνια της μεγάλης ύφεσης της αμερικανικής οικονομίας τη δεκαετία του 1920. Η Λάιλα, άστεγη και μόνη, αφού έχει περιπλανηθεί επί χρόνια στην ύπαιθρο, μπαίνει στην εκκλησία μιας μικρής πόλης της Αϊόβα για να βρει καταφύγιο από τη βροχή. Αυτή θα είναι η αφορμή για να γεννηθούν ένας έρωτας και μια αναζήτηση που θα της αλλάξουν τη ζωή. Αφού παντρευτεί τον ιερέα της εκκλησίας και βρεθεί σε ασφαλές και προστατευμένο περιβάλλον, θα ξεκινήσει να αναζητά το νόημα των δύσκολων χρόνων της ύπαρξής της.

Living Fulfilled

Author : Karlena Lee
ISBN : 9780595363742
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 20. 68 MB
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Have you taken a moment recently, to sit down and listen to your innermost thoughts and feelings; doing so, can give you unspeakable insight if you would only listen. When I refer to listening, I'm not describing that of a normal sense. I'm talking about listening that requires a focused, yet relaxed mind; a pulsating, yet peaceful heart; a vibrant, yet gentle soul. In essence, I'm talking about getting yourself in a place of agreement with the providence that's sketched out for you.Living Fulfilled will serve as inspiration for those who have found themselves immersed by professional and personal confinements, which invades our potential and prosperity. It's more than finding adequate employment, gaining prestige, or the recognition of others--rather it's significant to understand who you are and learn to live out your destiny. It's about exploring yourself beyond what you see today, unveiling your strength and courage to capture your purpose.Through each short story, article and business success story become captivated by every tale. Persevere to live your dream! Dream to fulfill your passion!

The Book Of Harold

Author : Owen Egerton
ISBN : 9781593764838
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52. 58 MB
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The Book of Harold is as profound and deeply respectful a novel as it is irreverent in its wild, often hilarious take on a modern messianic movement in suburbia. The titular and sometimes exasperating hero of this masterful satire is Harold Peeks, a middle-aged suburbanite living a lonely if typical modern life in the outskirts of Houston, Texas. His world feels bland and pointless until one evening at a mundane office party he announces to his stunned co-workers that he is the Second Coming of Christ. Oddly enough, people start to believe him. Blake Waterson, Harold's closest friend and narrator of the novel, is as skeptical as anyone of this disheveled and disconcertingly bawdy Savior and yet this would-be Judas is compelled to follow Harold on his two-hundred mile walking journey to Austin with a mismatched group of equally puzzled disciples. On the road, this motley crew of witnesses to the holy get to experience misguided converts, violent possums, and the ungrateful recipients of off-kilter healings. They also discover the inherent paradoxes, absurdities, and dangers of spirituality, as they learn that saviors may not have all the answers, and humanity is just as bizarre and beautiful as the beliefs we hold.

How To Beat Your Husband

Author : Dr. Steve Ogan
ISBN : 9781481795135
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 79. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Crucial issues are discussed here which will improve and save any marriage. Issues such as: understanding spiritual foundations in marriage, what a wife must do to win back an unfaithful husband, what a wife must do to rekindle the love of a husband who treats her with contempt.

The Cross

Author : Richard Kema
ISBN : 9781482803525
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 88. 62 MB
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In this book, The Cross, you will discover that the cross of Jesus Christ is everything to man. As an indispensable part of our Christian life, there cant be any child of God that ought to glory in anything save in the cross; thus, it is the hallmark of the church and the crux of the Gospel. This inspirational and expository study shows how the cross was in the mind of God long before man invented it. The cross is the reason God sent his one and only Son into the world to save mankind from sin and death. In Christianity, the cross became not only a symbol of the shameful death of Jesus Christ as a criminal but also of his subsequent resurrection to eternal life and of his promise of salvation to Christian believers. There is a crossless Christianity which hinders a deeper dimension of consecration . . . responsible for the carnality we see in the church today . . . Richard Kema, in this book, helps us to appreciate the power of the cross as the only way to salvation, deliverance, and restoration. Dr. Steve Ogan

The Unforgettable Struggle

Author : Rita D'Alessio
ISBN : 9781611023237
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 89. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In 1926, Maria came to America an innocent immigrant from Palermo, Sicily. She was fifteen when she first set foot in America. When Maria met Michael, she thought her dream of marriage and a family would soon be answered. After much rejection from her father, she saw Michael on the sneak. Eventually they married. After some time, their relationship started to take a turn for the worse. Maria is beaten to a pulp many times—black eyes, bloody nose, missing teeth. He blames his drinking problems on everyone but himself. Why does she keep hiding his faults and protecting him? Michael is finally gone from her life after one night when she is alone in the house there is a banging on her door. He breaks in and they struggle. This fictional story based on facts tells of a truly amazing woman, fighting to break the cycle of violence.

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