the coming of the king watchers book 1

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The Watchers Omnibus Includes The Coming Of The King The Battle For The Throne And Culloden

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The Watchers Omnibus Includes The Coming Of The King The Battle For The Throne And Culloden

Author : William Meikle
ISBN : 0979988160
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The Watchers Omnibus brings together three sword-swinging adventure novels in one volume by acclaimed Scottish author William Meikle. Volume includes: Book I: The Coming of the King, Book II: The Battle for the Throne, Book III: Culloden! Three books in one!

God S Court And Courtiers In The Book Of The Watchers

Author : Philip F. Esler
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First Enoch is an ancient Judean work that inaugurated the genre of apocalypse. Chapters 1–36 tell the story of the descent of angels called “Watchers” from heaven to earth to marry human women before the time of the flood, the chaos that ensued, and God’s response. They also relate the journeying of the righteous scribe Enoch through the cosmos, guided by angels. Heaven, including the place and those who dwell there (God, the angels, and Enoch), plays a central role in the narrative. But how should heaven be understood? Existing scholarship, which presupposes “Judaism” as the appropriate framework, views the Enochic heaven as reflecting the temple in Jerusalem, with God’s house replicating its architecture and the angels and Enoch functioning like priests. Yet recent research shows the Judeans constituted an ethnic group, and this view encourages a fresh examination of 1 Enoch 1–36. The actual model for heaven proves to be a king in his court surrounded by his courtiers. The major textual features are explicable in this perspective, whereas the temple-and-priests model is unconvincing. The author was a member of a nontemple, scribal group in Judea that possessed distinctive astronomical knowledge, promoted Enoch as its exemplar, and was involved in the wider sociopolitical world of their time.

Der Outsider

Author : Stephen King
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Im Stadtpark von Flint City wird die geschändete Leiche eines elfjährigen Jungen gefunden. Augenzeugenberichte und Tatortspuren deuten unmissverständlich auf einen unbescholtenen Bürger: Terry Maitland, ein allseits beliebter Englischlehrer, zudem Coach der Jugendbaseballmannschaft, verheiratet, zwei kleine Töchter. Detective Ralph Anderson, dessen Sohn von Maitland trainiert wurde, ordnet eine sofortige Festnahme an, die in aller Öffentlichkeit stattfindet. Der Verdächtige kann zwar ein Alibi vorweisen, aber Anderson und der Staatsanwalt verfügen nach der Obduktion über eindeutige DNA-Beweise für das Verbrechen – ein wasserdichter Fall also? Bei den andauernden Ermittlungen kommen weitere schreckliche Einzelheiten zutage, aber auch immer mehr Ungereimtheiten. Hat der nette Maitland wirklich zwei Gesichter und ist zu solch unmenschlichen Schandtaten fähig? Wie erklärt es sich, dass er an zwei Orten zugleich war? Mit der wahren, schrecklichen Antwort rechnet schließlich niemand.

Eden The Knowledge Of Good And Evil 666 Volume 1

Author : Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh
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Jesus Monotheism

Author : Crispin Fletcher-Louis
ISBN : 9781620328897
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This is the first of a four-volume groundbreaking study of Christological origins. The fruit of twenty years research, Jesus Monotheism lays out a new paradigm that goes beyond the now widely held view that Paul and others held to an unprecedented "Christological monotheism." There was already, in Second Temple Judaism and in the Bible, a kind of "christological monotheism." But it is first with Jesus and his followers that a human figure is included in the identity of the one God as a fully divine person. Volume 1 lays out the arguments of an emerging consensus, championed by Larry Hurtado and Richard Bauckham, that from its Jewish beginnings the Christian community had a high Christology and worshipped Jesus as a divine figure. New data is adduced to support that case. But there are weaknesses in the emerging consensus. For example, it underplays the incarnation and does not convincingly explain what caused the earliest Christology. The recent study of Adam traditions, the findings of Enoch literature specialists, and of those who have explored a Jewish and Christian debt to Greco-Roman Ruler Cult traditions, all point towards a fresh approach to both the origins and shape of the earliest divine Christology.

Hell And Back Watchers Book 3

Author : N. Martin
ISBN : 1519652267
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After being captured in Hell by my own mother-who works for the king of Hell-I am finally released from my nightmarish prison in the dreaded Depths, the deepest, darkest part of Hell.Soon after though, I end up working for the king (tell me about it) and it isn't long before I discover that Hell is vastly more twisted and complicated than I first thought. That's especially true when you have to work alongside your own mother as an enforcer and intelligence gatherer...for your father!I'm left walking a dangerous line between being a loyal servant to the king, and continuing to plot my escape from Hell. Oh, and along the way, I have to try and convince my reluctant and damaged mother to help me get out of Hell, plus reign in my inner demon who wants to take control of me.In short, I'm on my most dangerous and complicated mission yet. If I fail, nothing less than eternal suffering awaits me in the depths of Hell.The Watchers Series#1 Hell Is Coming (FREE BOOK)#2 Hell Is Here#3 Hell And Back#4 Hell Breaks Loose (Coming Soon)Watchers Companion NovelsBad GraceLucas: Origins Of A Demon

Das Buch Henoch

Author : Johannes Flemming
ISBN : 9783110299076
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Hell And Back The Watchers Series Book 3

Author : Neal Martin
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Minecraft Die Insel

Author : Max Brooks
ISBN : 9783505140792
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Du wirst nie glauben, was ich erlebt habe. Aber wenn du das liest, steckst du längst mittendrin. Vielleicht stolperst du schon seit einer Weile über diese verrückte Insel. Vielleicht bist du auch gerade erst hier gestrandet. Du bist verwirrt, fühlst dich total verloren und hast eine Scheißangst – das Gefühl kenne ich nur zu gut. Wenn du nicht aufpasst, wird dich die Insel verschlingen und in Einzelteilen wieder ausspucken. Für dich habe ich dieses Buch hier zurückgelassen. Lies es. Du wirst jede Hilfe brauchen, die du kriegen kannst ... Der erste offizielle Minecraft-Roman: Hochspannung von Bestsellerautor Max Brooks

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