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Red Rising Tag Der Entscheidung

Author : Pierce Brown
ISBN : 9783641147433
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Das fulminante Finale der New York Times-Bestsellertrilogie Um eine unmenschliche und grausame Gesellschaft zu stürzen, ist der Minenarbeiter Darrow selbst zum Goldenen, zum Mitglied der verhassten Oberschicht, geworden. Doch jetzt wurde sein Geheimnis entdeckt und er schwebt in tödlicher Gefahr. Wenn er sein Ziel erreichen will, muss er alles riskieren.

The Dothan Chronicles The Complete Trilogy

Author : Charissa Dufour
ISBN : 9780463175323
Genre :
File Size : 40. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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*This is a completed series* King Wolfric Eberhand battles the last nation to stand against his raging armies. With help from the deadly knight, Sir Erin Caldry, he hopes to conquer the land of Dothan once and for all. Using his wealth and power, he has formulated the perfect plan to finally take their rich land. What he doesn't realize, is the youngest Dothan princess is currently a slave within his very own castle walls. While out visiting the remote estate of a relative, Princess Bethany Kavadh is kidnapped by slavers. Bedraggled and weary, she finds herself sold into slavery. To her horror, she soon discovers that her new owner is none other than her family’s worst enemy, King Wolfric. To fight her rising despair and to keep what little sanity she possess, Princess Bethany begins to fight back, sabotaging the efficient running of the House and function of their Armies. But what happens when they realize her true identity? Will they ransom her for the wealth of her nation? Will they keep her as a slave? Or will they inflict an even crueler punishment? The only things for certain are: The war between two nations will escalate, and one young princess's life shall forever be TORN. King Wolfric Eberhand is enraged. His secret weapon—the one that will win him this war once and for all—has escaped, nearly killing his eldest son in the process. Now he must find a new way to destroy the Dothans. Princess Bethan Kavadh, youngest daughter of the royal family of Dothan, is finally free. After spending months as a slave in King Wolfric’s home, and then later as his son’s fiancé, Bethany has escaped. Now, with the help of her rescuer Sir Erin Caldry, all she has to do is cross the great peninsula to return to the safety of her family. Sir Erin Caldry has spent his life groveling to King Wolfric in the hopes of saving his sister, but when he learns that she doesn’t want to be saved, he finds himself without a purpose. Through a series of unfortunate events, Sir Caldry finds himself on the chopping block. Rather than be executed, Sir Caldry escapes, taking the captured princess with him. Little did they realize, their journey to Dothan will be fraught with danger. Will Bethany find her way home? Will Sir Caldry find a new purpose? Or will they both become forever Lost? King Wolfric is at a loss. His secret weapon has fled, and reunited with her family, and his eldest son is pining for his lost love. If he doesn’t act soon, his entire nation will begin to work against him. He must plan the final, and ultimate attack on the Dothans. Princess Bethany Kavadh, youngest daughter to Wolfric’s enemy, is no longer within his grasp. After more than a year away from home—living as a slave and fighting her way back to freedom—Princess Bethany is finally home. The only thing is, she is no longer content with home life. It’s not that her home has changed, but that she has changed. As Bethany settles into home life again, a sickness descends upon her family and her betrothal to a nearby lord is announced. She and her brother, the king, disagree on everything from care for the sick to the duties of a princess. Princess Bethany Kavadh will have to act fast to save her nation from the illness and Wolfric alike. The only thing is, she cannot do it Alone.

Breathless Verhei Ungsvolle Sehnsucht

Author : Maya Banks
ISBN : 9783802591570
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 27. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Das fulminante Finale der fesselnden Breathless-Trilogie - erotisch, romantisch und provokant! Ash McIntyre hatte schon immer unkonventionelle Ansichten über Sex. Er ist dominant und bevorzugt unterwürfige Frauen - die er bislang stets mit seinem besten Freund Jace teilte. Doch seit Jace die Liebe seines Lebens gefunden hat, fühlt Ash sich als Außenseiter. Da trifft er auf die wunderschöne Josie, die ihn augenblicklich fasziniert. Sie ist alles, was Ash sich von einer Frau erträumt - doch kann er ihr das geben, was sie sich von ihm wünscht?

Breathless Geheime Lust

Author : Maya Banks
ISBN : 9783802591563
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 78. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Noch sinnlicher, noch romantischer, noch fesselnder: der zweite Band der Breathless-Trilogie um die erfolgreichen Geschäftsmänner Gabe, Jace und Ash! Jace Crestwell und Ash McIntyre teilen alles - auch ihre Frauen. Doch als Jace auf Bethany trifft, wird er von dem Bedürfnis überwältigt, die junge Frau für sich alleine zu besitzen. In Jace' und Beth' Beziehung ist kein Platz für Ash, und obwohl diese ungewohnte Situation droht, ihre langjährige Freundschaft zu zerstören, kann Jace sich nicht von Beth lösen ...

The Complete Novels Of Lucy Maud Montgomery 20 Titles In One Volume Including Anne Of Green Gables Series Emily Starr Trilogy The Blue Castle The Story Girl Pat Of Silver Bush Series

Author : Lucy Maud Montgomery
ISBN : 9788026865056
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Twist Me The Complete Trilogy

Author : Anna Zaires
ISBN : 9781631421181
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 67. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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All 3 books in the New York Times bestselling trilogy, available for the first time in one convenient, discounted bundle. Over 1000 pages of addictive, thrilling dark romance at 30% off the individual books’ prices. “Will you ever let me go?” “No, Nora,” he replies, and I can feel his smile in the darkness. “Never.” On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Nora Leston meets Julian Esguerra, and her life changes forever. Stolen away to a private island, she finds herself at the mercy of a powerful, dangerous man whose touch makes her burn. A man whose obsession with her knows no bounds. Her enigmatic captor is as cruel as he is beautiful, yet it’s his tenderness that devastates her most. Drawn into his violent world, Nora must find a way to adapt and survive—and find light within the darkness. Over 1000 5-star reviews across individual books. Here’s what readers are saying: · “So enthralling, gripping, raw, thrilling, breathtaking I could not put my Kindle down” · “Twists you into gut wrenching agony and fear and turns you into a writhing mass of need” · “I enjoyed this book with fear and arousal, amazed by the beauty in its darkness” · “This series will forever be burned into my heart. I loved it from the very first page and mourned the last page because I never wanted it to end.” · “This trilogy deserves 10 stars!” · “Utterly brilliant”

Weltenspringer 3 Angriff Der Schatten

Author : James Riley
ISBN : 9783522653657
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 55. 26 MB
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Magisch und abenteuerlich: Die erfolgreiche "Weltenspringer"-Saga geht weiter. Die Comic-Welt braucht die Hilfe der Bücherspringer Bethany und Owen! In Jupiter City gibt es nämlich keine mutigen Superhelden und fiesen Megaschurken mehr, denn eine dunkle Macht hat die Vorherrschaft übernommen. Es gibt nur einen einzigen, der das Gleichgewicht wiederherstellen kann: Doc Twilight! Um den legendären Helden zu finden, müssen Bethany und Owen ihren ganzen Mut zusammennehmen und in die Comic-Welt eintauchen!

The Tales Of Avonlea Complete Collection 16 Novels 27 Short Stories Including Anne Shirley Series Chronicles Of Prince Edward Island The Story Girl Emily Starr Trilogy

Author : Lucy Maud Montgomery
ISBN : 9788026865117
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 905
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Taking It All

Author : Maya Banks
ISBN : 9780698148185
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“MAYA BANKS…I’M READY FOR THE NEXT RIDE NOW!” SAID USA TODAY. AND NOW, MAYA BANKS IS READY TO DELIVER. FROM THE “MUST-READ AUTHOR” (ROMANCE JUNKIES) OF LETTING GO AND GIVING IN—THE NEW NOVEL IN HER SURRENDER TRILOGY. In her sensational Breathless Trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks tested the boundaries of desire. In her new trilogy, there’s only one thing left to do: cross them. And for a married couple taking steps to renew their marriage, the consequences of one single moment of inattention may come at a price the husband never expects… Chessy and Tate have been married for several years. In the beginning, their relationship was everything she wanted. Passionate. All-consuming. She offered her submission freely and Tate cherished her gift with a tenderness that made her feel safe. Content. Wanted. Loved beyond all measure. But as the years have gone by, Tate has become more immersed in making his business a success, and Chessy has taken a back seat to his business obligations. Growing unhappy with the status of their once blissful marriage, Chessy knows that something has to give, or they stand to lose it all. Tate loves his wife. Has always loved her. Providing for her has always been his number-one priority. But lately she’s seemed unhappy, and he’s worried. Worried enough that he arranges for a night together that he hopes will reignite the fire that once burned like an inferno between them. But a business call at the wrong time threatens everything. Chessy’s safety, his concentration, his wife’s faith in him as her husband—a man sworn to love and protect her above all else. Gutted with the realization that he’s going to lose her—has already lost her—he readies for the fight of his life. Whatever it takes, he’ll get her back, show her that nothing is more important than her love. And that if she’ll allow him to prove himself one more time, he’ll take it all. Everything. But he’ll give back far more: Himself. His undying love.

Bourbon Kings

Author : J. R. Ward
ISBN : 9783736303232
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Eine mächtige Dynastie: skrupellose Machtspiele und verbotene Gefühle Seit Generationen geben die Bradfords in Kentucky den Ton an. Der Handel mit Bourbon hat der Familiendynastie großen Reichtum und viel Anerkennung eingebracht. Doch hinter der glänzenden Fassade verbergen sich verbotene Liebschaften, skrupellose Machtspiele, Verrat, Intrigen und skandalöse Geheimnisse ... Die Spiegel-Bestsellerautorin - jetzt mit ihrer neuen Serie bei LYX

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