the big switch rewiring the world from edison to google

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The Big Switch Rewiring The World From Edison To Google

Author : Nicholas Carr
ISBN : 0393067874
Genre : Computers
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“Magisterial. . . . Draws an elegant and illuminating parallel between the late-19th-century electrification of America and today’s computing world.”—Salon Hailed as “the most influential book so far on the cloud computing movement” (Christian Science Monitor), The Big Switch makes a simple and profound statement: Computing is turning into a utility, and the effects of this transition will ultimately change society as completely as the advent of cheap electricity did. In a new chapter for this edition that brings the story up-to-date, Nicholas Carr revisits the dramatic new world being conjured from the circuits of the “World Wide Computer.”

The Glass Cage

Author : Nicholas Carr
ISBN : 9781473511088
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 27. 18 MB
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In The Glass Cage, Pulitzer Prize nominee and bestselling author Nicholas Carr shows how the most important decisions of our lives are now being made by machines and the radical effect this is having on our ability to learn and solve problems. In May 2009 an Airbus A330 passenger jet equipped with the latest ‘glass cockpit’ controls plummeted 30,000 feet into the Atlantic. The reason for the crash: the autopilot had routinely switched itself off. In fact, automation is everywhere – from the thermostat in our homes and the GPS in our phones to the algorithms of High Frequency Trading and self-driving cars. We now use it to diagnose patients, educate children, evaluate criminal evidence and fight wars. But psychological studies show that we perform best when fully involved in a task, while the principle of automation – that humans are inefficient – is self-fulfilling. The glass cockpit is becoming a glass cage. In this utterly engrossing exposé, bestselling writer Nicholas Carr reveals how automation is affecting our ability to solve problems, forge memories and acquire skills. Rather than rejecting technology, Carr argues that we must urgently rethink its role in our lives, using it to enhance rather than diminish the extraordinary abilities that make us human.

The Shallows

Author : Nicholas Carr
ISBN : 9781848878839
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 21. 73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this ground-breaking and compelling book, Nicholas Carr argues that not since Gutenberg invented printing has humanity been exposed to such a mind-altering technology. The Shallows draws on the latest research to show that the Net is literally re-wiring our brains inducing only superficial understanding. As a consequence there are profound changes in the way we live and communicate, remember and socialise - even in our very conception of ourselves. By moving from the depths of thought to the shallows of distraction, the web, it seems, is actually fostering ignorance. The Shallows is not a manifesto for luddites, nor does it seek to turn back the clock. Rather it is a revelatory reminder of how far the Internet has become enmeshed in our daily existence and is affecting the way we think. This landmark book compels us all to look anew at our dependence on this all-pervasive technology.

Obriga Es Empresariais

Author : Coordenador Fabio Luiz Gomes
ISBN : 9788502621190
Genre :
File Size : 27. 96 MB
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Digital Universe

Author : Peter B. Seel
ISBN : 9781444360844
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 88. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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For the student and general reader, a tour of the digital universe that offers critical observations and new perspectives on human communication and intelligence. Traces the development and diffusion of digital information and communication technologies, providing an analysis of trans-cultural effects among developed and developing nations Provides a balanced analysis of the pros and cons of the adoption and diffusion of digital technologies Explores privacy, censorship, the digital divide, online games, and virtual and augmented realities Follows a thematic structure, allowing readers to access the text at any point, based on their interests Accompanying resources provide a wealth of related online content Selected by Choice as a 2013 Outstanding Academic Title

Author : 郭红丽,袁道唯 著.
ISBN : 9787302215042
Genre : Customer relations
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同样是写商业历史,美国作者Nicholas Carr的The Big Switch: Rewiring the World – From Edison to Google,则完全是不同的境界。中文译本书名为 《IT 不再重要》,虽然文字不是上乘,但还是非常值得一读。原书书名和 副题虽显冗长,但更完整地表达了全书的中心思想和论证方法——从电力 和 IT 发展的对比研究中,提出对行业发展趋势的观点。当年以爱迪生公司 为代表的一代技术革新,通过架设遍及全国的中心电厂和电网系统,推动了工业革命在美国的终完成,使美国领导世界进入了以电力为基础的崭 新时代;今天,则是 Google 公司在引领着又一轮 IT 技术革新,通过大型 的数据中心和无远弗届的互联网络,将世界在一个更高的层次上重新连接, 完成信息工业革命,全面进入信息化社会。作者透过历史,分析技术革新 和商业变革的规律,详实地展现了我们当今所处的全球化 IT 时代的特征和 可能的发展趋势。 这正是我所说的值得一读的书所应该具有的特点:有鲜明的思想观点, 而且是独创性和前瞻性的。

Message Not Received

Author : Phil Simon
ISBN : 9781119017035
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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George Bernard Shaw once famously said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Although he died in 1950, Shaw’s words live on, especially in the business world. Far too many executives, salespeople, consultants, and even rank-and-file employees suck at communicating. Some think that they’re speaking and writing effectively when they drop ostensibly sophisticated terms like paradigm shift, synergy, net-net, form factor, and optics. Others think that they’re being clever. No doubt that you know the type. (Maybe you’re even one of them and don’t realize it.) These are the folks who regularly rely upon obscure acronyms, technobabble, jargon, and buzzwords when plain English would suffice just fine. They constantly invent new tech-laden words, bastardize others, and turn nouns into verbs. They ignore their audiences, oblivious to the context of their words. In other words, they talk without speaking. If bad business communication is a disease, then the prevalence of hackneyed and utterly meaningless terms is just one of its major symptoms. Aside from using confusing language, many corporate folks depend almost exclusively on a single communications vehicle: e-mail. In the process, they actively resist new, powerful, and truly collaborative tools specifically designed to make people work and communicate better. What’s the net effect of this near-pervasive failure to effectively communicate while at work? The precise monetary figure is impossible to accurately quantify. At the same time, though, it cannot be overstated. At a minimum, communication breakdowns are directly responsible for myriad inefficiencies, duplicate efforts, ineffectual campaigns, project failures, largely avoidable gaffes, internal political squabbles, and forgone business opportunities. If that seems a bit lofty and abstract, think about how many misunderstandings could have been averted at your organization if two colleagues had simply engaged in a five-minute in-person conversation or videoconference over Skype. Ask yourself how many technical problems could have been solved with a quick phone call and a simple screen-sharing session. Fortunately, business communication need not suffer from antiquated tools and a commensurate mind-set. In Message Not Received, award-winning author Phil Simon demonstrates how intelligent professionals and organizations are embracing simpler language and new technologies to communicate in a much more straightforward and effective manner. No theoretical text, Simon takes us on a journey, stopping at progressive companies like Klick Health, Sidecar, and PR 20/20 along the way. Message Not Received examines how we communicate, use, and often misuse language and technology at work. It’s high time to reexamine not only what we say while we’re on the clock, but how we say it.

Exin Cloud Computing Foundation Workbook

Author : Martine van der Steeg
ISBN : 9789087538163
Genre : Education
File Size : 39. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Fully prepare yourself for the EXIN Cloud Computing exam and certification Benefits of the EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certification are: - Focus on non-technical aspects such as: management, structure, people and processes - Gain knowledge and practical guidance in the concepts and definitions - Focus on risks, security, infrastructure, governance and compliance - Gain control over the supply chain - Helps you to develop a business case for moving services to the cloud

Reinventing Management

Author : Julian Birkinshaw
ISBN : 9780470662311
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 50. 11 MB
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The recent economic crisis was not just caused by a failure of regulation or economic policy; it was a story of the failure of management in a fundamental sense—a deeply flawed approach to management that encouraged bankers to pursue opportunities without regard for their long-term consequences, and to put their own interests ahead of those of their employers and their shareholders. And looking more widely, there is a creeping disenchantment with management as a profession: surveys show that managers generate less respect than lawyers and bankers in the eyes of the general public, and there are few if any positive role models for management. "Change isn't just for the rank-and-file anymore; it's coming for you. Instant access to information and global resources have changed the world we live and work in. Julian Birkinshaw shows that 19th century industrial management won't work in a 21st century fluid workplace. Read this, or prepare to be 'game-changed' by someone who has." —Jack Hughes, CEO, TopCoder "Technological and social changes are having an enormous impact on the world of business, and on the way companies are managed. In this book, Julian Birkinshaw provides a roadmap for making sense of how the world of management is changing, and he provides useful advice for companies who want to harness the potential that Web 2.0 has to offer." —PV Kannan, CEO, 24/7 Customer "Julian Birkinshaw helps us look beyond our legacy management practices, and imagine bold new ways of leading, managing and organizing. Filled with mind-expanding examples, Reinventing Management is a must read for managers who want to build an organization that's truly fit for the future." —Gary Hamel, bestselling author of The Future of Management

Business Week

Author :
ISBN : UCSC:32106019233821
Genre : Business
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