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Author : Samuel H. Herbert
ISBN : 9780752477275
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 21. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Avenue stretched from Elswick Road to Scotswood Road, and almost every house in it was tenemented. There were four courtyards and a conglomeration of passages. Situated at one end of each of these courtyards was a row of toilets, and we watched as queues formed outside each of them. We were soon to become accustomed to this distressing necessity. It would be almost impossible to describe every aspect of this dirty lane, but this much can be said—even in those days of housing shortages and woeful sanitary facilities, the conditions that prevailed in The Avenue were almost beyond belief. This is a hard-hitting account of growing up in Newcastle's West End during the uncertain years of the First World War and the Depression. Samuel Herbert had to grow up fast when his mother moved the family to a cockroach-infested tenement in Elswick while his Dad—a miner—was away fighting on the front line. Along with the shared "netties" and the terrible living conditions, Samuel learned how to deal with the bullies and the gangs until he grew as tough as they were. His fight to get out of this poverty-stricken existence was always hindered by something and he continuously ended up back in that same sorrowful place called The Avenue. Along with the tragedy, however, came lots of laughs, and Samuel’s unique account demonstrates the humor, courage, and indomitable spirit of the local population. Prepare to be amused and entertained, surprised and moved by these stories, which vividly capture the heart and heritage of this former mining community.

Voices Of Stanley

Author : Jo Bath
ISBN : 9780750953702
Genre : History
File Size : 48. 78 MB
Format : PDF
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Voices of Stanley is a remarkable compilation of extracts drawn from the extensive Beamish Museum Oral History collection, recalling life in the area between 1880 and 1950. Vivid memories are recounted, including childhood and schooldays, work and play, sport and leisure, as well as the war years. It covers the harrowing search for bodies following the Stanley pit disaster of 1909 and lost sheep in the snows of 1947, as well as local traditions of possing, jarping, and candymen. Richly illustrated with over seventy pictures from the museum archive, many previously unpublished, this volume paints a revealing picture of life in Stanley in years gone by. Anyone who knows the town will enjoy this nostalgic look at the unique history of the area through the eyes of its residents.

The Note From Heaven

Author : Githa Ben-David
ISBN : 9781780289205
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 69. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Note from Heaven is a sacred and simple healing tool for liberating your true voice and reconnecting you to your higher Self. This liberation has a major healing effect, helping to release traumas from this life and previous lives. 'An enriching East-West guide to the voice as a spiritual practice ... rooted in a range of essential vocal practices, The Note from Heaven deepens self-inquiry, and awakens your heart's ears through a joyous process of creative intention, self-discipline and expression.' Chloe Goodchild singer, voice pioneer, founder of The Naked Voice website and author of The Naked Voice Githa Ben-David presents a method for liberating the natural voice using regressive cell singing - one of the most direct ways to get in contact with the subconscious mind. This liberation has a healing effect on body and soul and can be experienced by every speaking person. With inspiration from India, Githa has put together a program for self-study, along with a practice instruction program that can be downloaded. Utilising this method you will 'sing yourself free from traumas that have their origin in this life, the womb or previous lifetimes. In regressive cell singing, The Note from Heaven is used as a tuning fork to retune cells to their former harmony. Any notes, sounds or outbursts that genuinely express The Note from Heaven can release blocked energy imprisoned in the Singer?s body as trauma. The process starts a cell-dance, which reorganizes the body back to it's original balanced matrix. Transform your life through the power of sound. In the beginning there was sound. With sound everything was created. You are sound.

A Lang Way To The Pawnshop

Author : Thomas Callaghan
ISBN : 1903506018
Genre : England, Northern
File Size : 24. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The book is an autobiographical account; of growing up in the North of England, in a family of ten, with two bedrooms and no wage earner, in the 1930's. The book covers the author's childhood to leaving school and starting work. Written in an amusing and light style, A Lang Way To The Pawnshop provides the reader with an insight into the difficulties people faced seventy years ago. It is remarkable that the book is about a period of history which is still in living memory, but so different to contemporary life. The book is of interest to a cross-section of readers from the young of a similar age to Tom in the book, to more mature readers who can remember aspects of life featured in the book.

The Road Back Home

Author : Sid Waddell
ISBN : 9781407030562
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 65. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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'I had not lived in the former pit village of Lynemouth since 1961 but the winding road north from Newcastle will always be the same nostalgic highway, each twist charged with vivid memories and powerful emotions...' So begins a story full of wonderful humour, emotional candour and hardy tales of tough times - a quietly epic family saga set amid the pit villages of the North East . It stretches from the 1920s, before Sid's parents had even met, to the final closing of the mine and his mother's death in 1999. Sid paints a picture of a colourful, tight knit community full of good times and hard work, god-fearing women and hard-drinking men. Always dominating the skyline is Auld Betty, the pit head that took the men away each day and, with a prayer, brought them back each evening. Amongst the unforgettable cast of his extended family and friends, we follow the Waddells' attempts to stay afloat and provide a better future and possible escape for youngsters like Sid.

Down Our Streets

Author : Jack Leslie
ISBN : 1857951913
Genre : Newcastle upon Tyne (England)
File Size : 63. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Story Of The Tyne

Author : Ken Smith
ISBN : 1857952227
Genre : Newcastle upon Tyne (England)
File Size : 49. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Fourth Lad

Author : Sydney Carr
ISBN : 1507700091
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 27. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A Geordie Lad, the memoirs of his first twenty years provide an insight into North-East Post-War life in hilarious and painful detail. Born at the end of the World War 2, the Fourth Lad of eleven children with a chauvinistic father and a self-obsessed, vindictive mother, he was raised initially in Pont Street, considered at the time to be one of the toughest but friendliest streets in Ashington. Badly burnt, almost drowned, battered and bruised, he has to learn quickly how to survive his environment and parents. After seven eventful years, the family move to the Fifth Row – another wild but friendly street where his growing pains continue…. 'It is a fast moving, funny, sad and occasionally harrowing tale of a young boy growing up in a large and at times dysfunctional family, his struggle to survive and ultimately escape his restrictive and disparaging environment – Ideal, if you want to learn about the social climate of that time and place, or if you lived there and then and wish to reminisce...but also a read if you come from neither that time or place and want a book that is laugh-out-loud funny, heartwarming, shocking and uplifting all at the same time.' 'A witty story with well observed and amusing descriptions of place, characters and events... readers will find themselves laughing even when they know they really shouldn't, as the author approaches every struggle, disaster and wickedness with humour that should make readers urge the young lad on through the awkwardness and agonies of growing up in an environment that is ready to attack if you let your guard down.' From his selfish, fag-smoking, pinny-wearing, swearing, rabbit skinning mother who installs terror as a first response in all her offspring...his wild, impervious to signs of danger, brothers who somehow manage to survive the many diabolical situations they find themselves in with a few scars for proof...the highly immaculate suited, fedora wearing, handlebar mustachioed, completely out of place Uncle Alex who pops in and never leaves... the pig in the pram, to his encounter with a dead man and stint in hell as a young pit lad followed by his misdemeanours and misadventures as a naïve soldier and the many varied and colourful characters between – he uses them all in an effort to exasperate, make you gasp in shock, move you to tears or burst into unexpected fits of laughter! Will he ever meet the little blue-eyed girl who filled his dreams for 14 years? Hopefully my memoirs are, insightful, hilarious, painful and sad but ultimately uplifting.

Fagin S Children

Author : Jeannie Duckworth
ISBN : 9780826444523
Genre : History
File Size : 74. 57 MB
Format : PDF
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Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist, with Fagin, Sykes, the Artful Dodger, and children trained as pickpockets and sent out as burglar's accomplices, provides an unforgettable fictional image of the Victorian underworld. Fagin's Children is an account of the reality of child crime in 19th-century Britain and the reaction of the authorities to it. It reveals both the poverty and misery of many children's lives in the growing industrial cities of Britain and of changing attitudes toward the problem. Inevitably most is known about children who were arrested. While few children were hanged after 1800, their treatment ranged from whipping to imprisonment, sometimes in the hulks, and transportation. Increasingly, elements of training and reclamation came into a system principally aimed at punishment. Fagin's Children is an original and important contribution both to the history of Victorian crime and to the history of childhood.

A Memoir Of Thomas Bewick Written By Himself

Author : Thomas Bewick
ISBN : OXFORD:600024274
Genre :
File Size : 64. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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