the architectonics of hope violence apocalyptic and the transformation of political theology theopolitical visions

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The Architectonics Of Hope

Author : Kyle Gingerich Hiebert
ISBN : 9781498209410
Genre : Religion
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The Architectonics of Hope provides a critical excavation and reconstruction of the Schmittian seductions that continue to bedevil contemporary political theology. Despite a veritable explosion of interest in the work of Carl Schmitt, which increasingly recognizes his contemporary relevance and prescience, there nevertheless remains a curious and troubling reticence within the discipline of theology to substantively engage the German jurist and sometime Nazi apologist. By offering a genealogical reconstruction of the manner and extent to which recognizably Schmittian gestures are unwittingly repeated in subsequent debates that often only implicitly assume they have escaped the violent aporetics that characterize Schmitt’s thought, this volume illuminates hidden resonances between ostensibly opposed political theologies. Using the complex relationship between violence and apocalyptic as a guide, the genealogy traces the transformation of political theology through the work of a surprising collection of figures, including Johann Baptist Metz, John Milbank, David Bentley Hart, and John Howard Yoder.

The Politics Of Practical Reason

Author : Mark Ryan
ISBN : 9781608994663
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57. 96 MB
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Ought we conceive of theological ethics as an activity that draws from a community's vision of human goodness and that has implications for the kind of person each of us is to be? Or, can students of the discipline map the ethical implications of what Christians confess about God, themselves, and the world while remaining indifferent to these claims? Habituated by modern moral theories such as consequentialism and deontology, Mark Ryan argues, we too often assume that Christian ethics makes no claim on the character of its students and teachers. It is rather like yet another department store within the shopping mall of ideas and ideologies to which advanced education provides access. By arguing that theological ethics is an activity by nature "political," the author endeavors to show us that to do Christian ethics is to be habituated into ways of talking and seeing that put us on a path toward the good. The author thus affirms the claim that theological ethics is a life-changing practice. But why is it so? This book endeavors to display a philosophical basis for this claim, by articulating the political character of practical reason. Through rigorous conversation with G. E. M. Anscombe, Charles Taylor, Stanley Hauerwas, Alasdair MacIntyre, and Jeffrey Stout, Ryan provides an account of practical reasoning that enables us to rightly conceive theological ethics as a discipline that ought to change our lives.

Seek The Peace Of The City

Author : Richard Bourne
ISBN : 9781621890416
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35. 46 MB
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Includes bibliography (p. 297-324) and index.

Between Babel And Beast

Author : Peter J. Leithart
ISBN : 9781608998173
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34. 45 MB
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The United States is one of history's great Christian nations, but our unique history, success, and global impact have seduced us into believing we are something more--God's New Israel, the new order of the ages, the last best hope of mankind, a redeemer nation. Using the subtle categories that arise from biblical narrative, Between Babel and Beast analyzes how the heresy of Americanism inspired America's rise to hegemony while blinding American Christians to our failures and abuses of power. The book demonstrates that the church best serves the genuine good of the United States by training witnesses--martyr-citizens of God's Abrahamic empire.

Paul Philosophy And The Theopolitical Vision

Author : Douglas Harink
ISBN : 9781606086629
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45. 27 MB
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The apostle Paul was a man of many journeys. We are usually familiar with the geographical ones he made in his own time. This volume traces others--Paul's journeys in our time, as he is co-opted or invited to travel (sometimes as abused slave, sometimes as trusted guide) with modern and recent Continental philosophers and political theorists. Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Benjamin; Taubes, Badiou, Zizek, and Agamben--Paul journeys here among the philosophers. In these essays you are invited to travel with them into the regions of philosophy, hermeneutics, political theory, and theology. You will certainly hear the philosophers speak. But Paul will not remain silent. Above the sounds of the journey his voice comes through, loud and clear.

The Politics Of Yahweh

Author : John C. Nugent
ISBN : 9781608999149
Genre : Religion
File Size : 50. 5 MB
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John Howard Yoder is most famous for arguing in The Politics of Jesus that a sound reading of the New Testament demonstrates the abiding relevance of Jesus to social ethics. However, it is seldom acknowledged that Yoder makes essentially the same argument with regard to the Old Testament. Throughout his extensive writings, Yoder offers a provocative interpretation of the Old Testament that culminates in the way of Jesus and establishes the ethical, ecclesiological, and historiographical continuity of the entire biblical canon. In The Politics of Yahweh, presented as a prequel to The Politics of Jesus, John C. Nugent makes Yoder's complete Old Testament interpretation accessible in one place for the first time. Nugent does not view Yoder's interpretation as flawless. Rather, Nugent moves beyond summary to offer honest critique and substantial revision. His constructive proposal, which stands in fundamental continuity with the work of Yoder, is likely to provoke thought from theologians, biblical scholars, and ethicists. Even at points where readers disagree with some of his and Yoder's interpretations, they will be challenged to explore new perspectives and rethink common assumptions concerning the diverse and often confusing issues that arise from sustained reflection on the Old Testament.

The End Of Evangelicalism Discerning A New Faithfulness For Mission

Author : David E. Fitch
ISBN : 9781606086841
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Why are evangelicals perceived as arrogant, exclusivist, duplicitous, and dispasionate by the wider culture? Diagnosing its political-cultural presence via the ideological theory of Slavoj éZiézek, Fitch argues that evangelicalism appears to have lost the core of its politic : Jesus Christ. In so doing its politic has become "empty." Its witness has been rendered moot. The way back to a vibrant political presence is through the corporate participation in the triune God's ongoing work in the world as founded in the Incarnation.

Messianic Political Theology And Diaspora Ethics

Author : P. Travis Kroeker
ISBN : 9781532642746
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56. 91 MB
Format : PDF
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Political theology as a normative discourse has been controversial not only for secular political philosophers who are especially suspicious of messianic claims but also for Jewish and Christian thinkers who differ widely on its meaning. These essays mount an argument for a “Messianic Political Theology” rooted in an interpretation of biblical (especially Pauline), Augustinian, and Radical Reformation readings of messianism as a thoroughly political and theological vision that gives rise to what the author calls “Diaspora Ethics.” In conversation also with Platonic, Jewish, and Continental thinkers, Kroeker argues for an exilic practice of political ethics in which the secular is built up theologically “from below” in the form of public service that flows from messianic political worship. Such a “weak messianic power” practiced by the messianic body inhabits an apocalyptic political economy in which the mystery of love and the mystery of evil are agonistically unveiled together in the power of the cross—not as an instrument of domination but in the form of the servant. This is not simply a matter of “pacifism” but of a messianic posture rooted in the renunciation of possessive desire that pertains to all aspects of everyday human life in the household (oikos), the academy, and the polis.

Fanged Noumena

Author : Nick Land
ISBN : 095530878X
Genre : Existential psychology
File Size : 61. 32 MB
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God After Christendom

Author : Brian Haymes
ISBN : 9781532616631
Genre : Religion
File Size : 54. 79 MB
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In the face of what appears to be a widespread questioning of the practical usefulness of serious theological reflection on the nature and purposes of God, the authors of this intriguing book argue that a return to the sources of the Christian tradition represents nothing less than a rich trove of resources for Christian living. By revisiting the story of speech about God in scripture and in the living tradition of the church, the authors argue that we are thereby enabled to confront the contemporary temptations that too often unwittingly remake God in our own image. In this way the authors provocatively suggest that at least part of what Christian discipleship involves today is bound up with the task of unlearning some of the ways of speaking of God that have become so familiar to us. By learning to reread the texts of the Christian tradition, particularly in its most vital and creative moments, the authors suggest that we might become better equipped to faithfully read the signs of our own times.

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