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The Associated Press Stylebook 2016

Author : The Associated Press,
ISBN : 9780465093380
Genre : Reference
File Size : 83. 91 MB
Format : PDF
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The 2016 edition of The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law includes nearly 250 new or revised entries – including lowercasing internet and web. The AP Stylebook is widely used as a writing and editing reference in newsrooms, classrooms and corporate offices worldwide. Updated regularly since its initial publication in 1953, the AP Stylebook provides fundamental guidelines for spelling, language, punctuation, usage and journalistic style. It is the definitive resource for journalists. Changes in the 2016 Stylebook include: • 50 new and updated technology terms, including emoji, emoticon and metadata • 36 new and updated entries in the food chapter, from arctic char to whisky/whiskey, and eight new and updated entries in the fashion chapter, including normcore and Uniqlo • New entries discouraging the use of child prostitute and mistress; restricting spree to shopping or revelry, not killing; and using the number of firefighters or quantity of equipment sent to a fire, not the number of alarms • DJ is now allowed on first reference, and spokesperson is recognized, in addition to spokesman and spokeswoman • New guidance on the terms marijuana, cannabis and pot; cross dresser and transvestite; accident and crash; notorious and notoriety • A new entry on data journalism With invaluable additional sections on the unique guidelines for business and sports reporting and on how you can guard against libel and copyright infringement, The AP Stylebook is the one reference that all writers, editors and students cannot afford to be without.

The Associated Press Stylebook 2017

Author : The Associated Press
ISBN : 9780465093052
Genre : Reference
File Size : 76. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The style of the Associated Press is the gold standard for news writing. With The AP Stylebook in hand, you can learn how to write and edit with the clarity and professionalism for which they are famous. Fully revised and updated, this new edition contains more than 3,000 A to Z entries—including more than 200 new ones—detailing the AP's rules on grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviation, and word and numeral usage. You'll find answers to such wide-ranging questions as: · When should the names of government bodies be spelled out and when should they be abbreviated? · What are the general definitions of the major religious movements? · Which companies do the big media conglomerates own? · Who are all the members of the British Commonwealth? · How should box scores for baseball games be filed? · What constitutes “fair use”? · What exactly does the Freedom of Information Act cover? With invaluable additional sections on the unique guidelines for business and sports reporting and on how you can guard against libel and copyright infringement, The AP Stylebook is the one reference that all writers, editors, and students cannot afford to be without.

New Directions In Diversity

Author : George Padgett
ISBN : 9781933338040
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 84. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Helps journalists and students learn how to report on the issues important to diverse communities. Beginning with a discussion on what diversity means and why it is important, this book provides a roadmap for teaching and learning about diverse communities and suggestions for beginning what is often a difficult community conversation.

Crisis Management And Emergency Planning

Author : Michael J. Fagel
ISBN : 9781466555051
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 76. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Emergency managers and officials have seen a tremendous increase in the planning responsibilities placed on their shoulders over the last decade. Crisis Management and Emergency Planning: Preparing for Today's Challenges supplies time-tested insights to help communities and organizations become better prepared to cope with natural and manmade disasters and their impacts on the areas they serve. Author and editor Michael J. Fagel, PhD, CEM has more than three decades of experience in emergency management and emergency operations. He has been an on-site responder to such disaster events as the Oklahoma City Bombing and the site of the World Trade Center in the aftermath of 9/11. He is an experienced professor, trainer, professional, and consultant and has pretty much seen it all. The book delves into this experience to present advanced emergency management and response concepts to disasters not often covered in other publications. It includes coverage of planning and preparedness, public health considerations, vulnerability and impact assessments, hospital management and planning, sporting venue emergency planning, and community preparedness including volunteer management. Contributions from leading professionals in the field focus on broad responses across the spectrum of public health, emergency management, and mass casualty situations. The book provides detailed, must-read planning and response instruction on a variety of events, identifying long-term solutions for situations where a community or organization must operate outside its normal daily operational windows. This book has been selected as the 2014 ASIS Book of the Year.

Author : توماس بين
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 35. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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لعل الاراء الواردة فى الصفحات التالية لت تؤلف " بعد " بما يكفى لتحوز تأييدا عاما : فاعتياد عد اعتبار شئ ما " خاطئاً" وقتا طويلا يعطيه مظهرا زائفا من " الصحة " ويثير فى بداية الامر احتجاجا شديدا دفاعا عن الاعاف والعادات . ولكن سرعات ما تهدأ الجبلة اذ الوقت كفيل بأن يهدى الى الصواب اناسا اكثر ممن يهديهم العقل .

Author : ستيفن بنكر
Genre :
File Size : 29. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Fathering Within And Beyond The Failures Of The State With Imagination Work And Love

Author : Marta Sánchez
ISBN : 9789463008334
Genre : Education
File Size : 78. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When Emilio López made his way to Atlanta, Georgia from México’s third most populated city, where he had grown up, worked, married and had two daughters, he was in pain. He had hurt his back in a work-related accident and was still recovering. “Es algo que no se lo deseo a nadie” [It’s something I don’t wish upon anyone], he began. Eventually he would come to talk about another kind of pain that previously had been too raw to share, one provoked by having to leave his school-aged daughters, wife, and country in search of a job ‘para ver por mi familia’ [to look after my family]. Emilio, and others in this study, father at a distance from their children once they cross the México-U.S. border. They tell a story about globalization and neoliberalism that reveals the dystopias families traverse when parents cross borders as a way to ‘look after their family.’ The narratives challenge policies, laws and economic arrangements that separate families. The fathers also remind us that while Mexican immigrants support the Mexican economy to the tune of 24 billion dollars a year through remittances, and help fuel the U.S. economy through their underpaid labor, the fathers see themselves as much more than workers and providers. Their identities are informed by an expansive definition of fathering. Although the fathers’ sense of disillusionment grows as they experience only modest gains for their families and live in precarious circumstances themselves, they nonetheless create radical and bold models of affection, care, love and fathering that help them overcome borders and the failures of the state to stay connected as a family.

Lapsing Into A Comma

Author : Bill Walsh
ISBN : 007138992X
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 47. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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No writer's or editor's desk is complete without a battered, page-bent copy of the AP Stylebook. However, this not-so-easy-to-use reference of journalistic style is often not up-to-date and leaves reporters and copyeditors unsatisfied. Bill Walsh, copy chief for the Washington Post's business desk, addresses these shortcomings in Lapsing into a Comma. In an opinionated, humorous, and yes, curmudgeonly way, he shows how to apply the basic rules to unique, modern grammar issues. Walsh explains how to deal with perplexing situations such as trendy words, foreign terms, and web speak.

Not A Scientist How Politicians Mistake Misrepresent And Utterly Mangle Science

Author : Dave Levitan
ISBN : 9780393353334
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 34 MB
Format : PDF
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An eye-opening tour of the political tricks that subvert scientific progress. The Butter-Up and Undercut. The Certain Uncertainty. The Straight-Up Fabrication. Dave Levitan dismantles all of these deceptive arguments, and many more, in this probing and hilarious examination of the ways our elected officials attack scientific findings that conflict with their political agendas. The next time you hear a politician say, "Well, I’m not a scientist, but…," you’ll be ready.

Associated Press Stylebook

Author : Norm Goldstein
ISBN : 0917360214
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 47. 56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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