the analysis of irregular shaped structures diaphragms and shear walls

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The Analysis Of Irregular Shaped Structures Diaphragms And Shear Walls

Author : Terry R. Malone
ISBN : 9780071763844
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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A Complete Guide to Solving Lateral Load Path Problems The Analysis of Irregular Shaped Structures: Diaphragms and Shear Walls explains how to calculate the forces to be transferred across multiple discontinuities and reflect the design requirements on construction documents. Step-by-step examples offer progressive coverage, from basic to very advanced illustrations of load paths in complicated structures. The book is based on the 2009 International Building Code, ASCE/SEI 7-05, the 2005 Edition of the National Design Specification for Wood Construction, and the 2008 Edition of the Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic (SDPWS-08). COVERAGE INCLUDES: Code sections and analysis Diaphragm basics Diaphragms with end horizontal offsets Diaphragms with intermediate offsets Diaphragms with openings Open front and cantilever diaphragms Diaphragms with vertical offsets Complex diaphragms with combined openings and offsets Standard shear walls Shear walls with openings Discontinous shear walls Horizontally offset shear walls The portal frame Rigid moment-resisting frame walls--the frame method of analysis

Berechnung Von Fl Chen Und Raumtragwerken Nach Der Methode Der Finiten Elemente

Author : Vladimír Kolář
ISBN : WISC:89038839189
Genre : Finite element method
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Erdbebensicherung Von Bauwerken

Author : Hugo Bachmann
ISBN : 9783034881432
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 87. 88 MB
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Die fachgerechte Erbebensicherung von Bauwerken ist heute nicht mehr eine Frage der Erkenntnisse, sondern eine Frage der Ausbildung von Bauingenieuren und Architekten und somit der Umsetzung vorhandenen Wissens in die Praxis. Durch wenige gezielte Massnahmen konzeptioneller und konstruktiver Art sowie durch eine problemgerechte Berechnung und Bemessung kann das Schadenrisiko drastisch vermindert und ein hoher Schutzgrad gegen Einsturz erreicht werden. Das Buch ist auf die Bedürfnisse des praktisch tätigen Bauingenieurs ausgerichtet; mit seiner starken Gewichtung des erbebengerechten Entwurfs hilft es, konzeptionelle Fehler und Mängel zu vermeiden, da diese auch durch eine noch so ausgeklügelte ingenieurmässige Berechnung und Bemessung nicht kompensiert werden können. Das Buch gibt aber auch zahlreiche Hinweise zu aktuellen Forschungsthemen.

A Visual Dictionary Of Architecture

Author : Francis D. K. Ching
ISBN : 9780470648858
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 37. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Over 66 basic aspects of architecture are comprehensively covered with over 5,000 words in a visual context, to help visual thinkers clarify meanings. Comprehensive index permits the reader to locate any important word in the text. Oversized pages help present complicated material in easy-to-comprehend spreads. - Written by one of the most famous architectural authors --Frank Ching's name alone is a key selling feature for this book--he has earned the respect and trust of designers, design educators, and students around the world"--

Din 1052 Praxishandbuch Holzbau

Author :
ISBN : 3827713498
Genre :
File Size : 43. 93 MB
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A Visual Dictionary Of Architecture Francis Dk Ching

Author : Francis DK Ching
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 22. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Architecture Is an art for.h to learn pecause all are concerned with It. -John Ruskin • Architecture depenas on Order. Arrangement. Eurythmy. Symmetry. Propriety. ana Economy. All of these must l:>e pullt with due reference to duraplhty. convenience. and Peauty. Duraplhty wllll>e assured when four.datlons are c.rrled down to the solid ground and materials wisely and liberally selected: COfwenlence. when the arrangement of the apartments Is faultless and presents no hindrance to use. and when each class of building Is assigned to Its sultableand a pproprl3te exposure: and beauty. when the appearance of the wort Is pleasing artd In good taste, and when Its meml:>ers are In due proportion according to correct principles of symmetry. -VItruvlus • Archtucture is the masterly. correct and m~ ntflcent play of masses !7rought together In light. -leCorilusler • Arryone entering an the study of archlUcture must und~rstand that even though a plan mdy have abstract beauty on paper. the four f3C3deS may seem wel~ balanced and the total volume well proportioned. the pulldlng Itself may tum out to l:>e poor a rchttecture.1 rrtemalspace. that space which cannot \;Ie completely represented In'any form. which c.n De grasped ana felt only through direct experience. Is the protagonist of architecture. r o grasp space. to know how to see It. Is the key to the understanding ofpulldlng. -Bruno levi • Architecture. painting. and sculptureareC3l!edtheflne arts. They ap'peal to the eye as music does to the ear. But architecture Is not judged byvisuaf appeal alone. Buildings affect.1I of the hult13n senses - sound. smeR. touch. taste .• ndvlslon. -Forrest WIlson • It b¢::ame apparent to us thatarchructure Isgenerally3S5umedto~ a highly speclal1:zed system with a set of prescribed technical goals ratherth3n a sensual sccl3lart responsive to real human deslres.nd f~ngs. This hmltatlon Is mastfrlghtenlngly It13nlfested In the reliance on two-dlmenslonaldl3granns that lay mare stress on the quantlful Die features of Irollding organization run on the polychromatlc and three-dimensional quahtlesofthe whole architectural.experience. -Kent Bloomer&Charles Moore • The only wayyoucan pulld. theonfy way you can get th~ buUdlng Into being. Is through the rneasural7le. You must follow the laws of natu~ ana use quantftlesof Prick. methods of construction. and engineering. But In the e:'1d. when the Dulldl"9 ~mes p3rtof living. tt ~ unmeasura!11e qualltles. and the spirit of Its existence takes or'er. -louis Kahn • Built environments hlYe various p1Jrposes: to peaple ana their 0ICt1v1tles and possesslor.s from the elements. from human and animal enemies. and from supematural powers; to estaDllsh place; to cr~ ;; humantzed. s3fe area In a profane and potenttillfy dangerous world; to stress social k:lentlty and Indlc.te statJJs; and soan. Thus the arlglnsof ardIlUcture a~ \;lest un.derstood If one t31:~ a wlde~ view.nd considers sociocultural factors. In the In-oaQest sense. to !;Ie rr.ore Important th3n climate. technolcgy. materials. and economy. In arry stt.u a tIon. It Is the Interplay of all these f.Jctors that l>est ~lalns thefonn of buildings. No single explanatlon willsufflc.e. M:3use Dulldlng.s - even apparerrtly huml:>le dwelhngs - art rno~than material 09jectsorstructu~s. They.rt Instttutk:>ns. pasJc cultural phenomena. People think envil'O!'lmerTts !lefore they l7ultd them. Thought orders space. tlme. actMty. status. roles. and Pdl3V1or. But gMng physical expression to Ideas Is va 1U3 Die. Encoding ideas ma~s them usefu I mnemanlcs; Ideas help behavlarby reminding people of how to act. how to ~ave. and what Is expected of them. It Is 1m porta nt to stress that aD built environ ments -i:lulldings. settlements. and landscapes - are one way of ordering the world I:Iy making ordering systems vIsIi:lle. The essentbl step. therefort.1s the ordering or organizing of the envlronment.-Arnos Rapaport • Ruskin sald:'~ nations write their .uto!1lographles In three manuscripts. the l7ookofthelraeeas. the 0001.: af their words and the Pock of their .rt. Not one of these Pocks C3n pe understood unless we read the two others. Put of the th~ the only trustworthy one Is the last.' On the whale I think this Is true. If I had to say which was telling the truth about society. a speech by a minister of housing ortheactual bUildings put up In his time. I should Pellev~ the I7ultdlngs. -Kenneth Clart • We requlr~ of any building. chat It act well. and do the things It was IntertJed to do In the Pest way: that It speak well. and say the thl~gs It waslnte1'lded to say In the best words; that It lool: well. and please us I1y Its presence. wnatevu It has to do or say. -John Ruskin' Architecture also exists without r.ue5sary assistance from an architect; and architects sometimes cre-a~ buildings which are nat architecture. -Norval White' Architecture Is produced by ordinary people. for ordinary people: therefore It should be easily comprehensible to all. -Steen Eller R3smussen

Bauteile Und Verbindungen

Author : Maarten Meijs
ISBN : 9783034610629
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 70. 86 MB
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Jedes Gebäude besteht aus Teilen, die vielfältig organisiert werden können. Wände etwa lassen sich auf unterschiedliche Weise anordnen, um ihre Hauptfunktionen – Tragen, Trennen und Schützen – optimal wahrzunehmen. Das Buch stellt die gängigen Tragsysteme wie Scheiben-, Massiv- oder Skelettbauweise vor und zeigt deren Auswirkung auf das Gesamtgefüge. Es erklärt, wie Räume vertikal oder horizontal verbunden und zu einem Ganzen zusammengesetzt werden können. Die einzelnen Elemente wie Geschossdecken, Dächer, Öffnungen oder Fundamente werden in ihren Funktionen und mit ihren Verbindungsmöglichkeiten dargestellt. Das Buch zeigt hinter der Fülle der möglichen Details die Prinzipien der Detaillierung. Zahlreiche, eigens angefertigte Zeichnungen erklären die Prinzipien der Bauteile und verdeutlichen diese dann an realisierten Projekten.

Building Construction Illustrated

Author : Francis D. K. Ching
ISBN : 9781118044902
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 76. 61 MB
Format : PDF
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Building Structures Illustrated

Author : Francis D. K. Ching
ISBN : 9781118458358
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 27. 15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A new edition of Francis D.K. Ching's illustrated guide to structural design Structures are an essential element of the building process, yet one of the most difficult concepts for architects to grasp. While structural engineers do the detailed consulting work for a project, architects should have enough knowledge of structural theory and analysis to design a building. Building Structures Illustrated takes a new approach to structural design, showing how structural systems of a building—such as an integrated assembly of elements with pattern, proportions, and scale—are related to the fundamental aspects of architectural design. The book features a one-stop guide to structural design in practice, a thorough treatment of structural design as part of the entire building process, and an overview of the historical development of architectural materails and structure. Illustrated throughout with Ching's signature line drawings, this new Second Edition is an ideal guide to structures for designers, builders, and students. Updated to include new information on building code compliance, additional learning resources, and a new glossary of terms Offers thorough coverage of formal and spatial composition, program fit, coordination with other building systems, code compliance, and much more Beautifully illustrated by the renowned Francis D.K. Ching Building Structures Illustrated, Second Edition is the ideal resource for students and professionals who want to make informed decisions on architectural design.

Die Kunst Der Architekturgestaltung Als Zusammenklang Von Form Raum Und Ordnung

Author : Frank Ching
ISBN : 3804304796
Genre :
File Size : 30. 54 MB
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