the alchemy of combat transforming trauma in combat veterans

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The Alchemy Of Combat

Author : Larry R. Decker
ISBN : 1941810063
Genre : Psychology
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The Alchemy of Combat is a process of breakdown and renewal, and from that breakdown can come the transformational discovery of meaning and purpose, of a higher awareness with an expanded and inspired worldview, and uplifting happiness for the soul. Larry R. Decker Ph.D. provides a guide through this process for therapists as well as family, friends, loved ones, colleagues and others caring for combat veterans who are seeking to move through Posttraumatic Stress Disorder into a renewal of life through Posttraumatic Growth.

Waking Up From War

Author : Joseph Bobrow
ISBN : 9781634310345
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 35. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Voices and stories of veterans, their families, and their care providers, reveal what is necessary for postwar healing This book argues that the elements that contribute to healing war trauma—including safety, connection, community, dialogue, mutual respect, diversity, and compassion—can help build a stronger nation. But this message comes with a warning and a challenge not just for caregivers, veterans service organizations, governmental departments, Congress, and the White House, but for all Americans. War creates incalculable suffering—not only among those on the front lines, but also among those left behind. For every soldier killed or injured on the battlefield, countless others are affected—particularly relatives and friends—often in isolation and silence. As a nation, the U.S. must do everything it can to repair the injuries caused by war, whether physical, emotional, or moral, both for those who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, and for the country itself. Only after the nation provides the top-quality care our veterans deserve will we be able to begin to end our reliance on war and truly build a durable peace.

Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga

Author : David Emerson
ISBN : 9781583945339
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 29. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Survivors of trauma—whether abuse, accidents, or war—can end up profoundly wounded, betrayed by their bodies that failed to get them to safety and that are a source of pain. In order to fully heal from trauma, a connection must be made with oneself, including one’s body. The trauma-sensitive yoga described in this book moves beyond traditional talk therapies that focus on the mind, by bringing the body actively into the healing process. This allows trauma survivors to cultivate a more positive relationship to their body through gentle breath, mindfulness, and movement practices. Overcoming Trauma through Yoga is a book for survivors, clinicians, and yoga instructors who are interested in mind/body healing. It introduces trauma-sensitive yoga, a modified approach to yoga developed in collaboration between yoga teachers and clinicians at the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute, led by yoga teacher David Emerson, along with medical doctor Bessel van der Kolk. The book begins with an in-depth description of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including a description of how trauma is held in the body and the need for body-based treatment. It offers a brief history of yoga, describes various styles of yoga commonly found in Western practice, and identifies four key themes of trauma-sensitive yoga. Chair-based exercises are described that can be incorporated into individual or group therapy, targeting specific treatment goals, and modifications are offered for mat-based yoga classes. Each exercise includes trauma-sensitive language to introduce the practice, as well as photographs to illustrate the poses. The practices have been offered to a wide range of individuals and groups, including men and women, teens, returning veterans, and others. Rounded out by valuable quotes and case stories, the book presents mindfulness, breathing, and yoga exercises that can be used by home practitioners, yoga teachers, and therapists as a way to cultivate awareness, tolerance, and an increased acceptance of the self. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Warrior S Return

Author : Edward Tick
ISBN : 9781622032242
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 24. 81 MB
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War touches us all—leaving visible and invisible wounds on the warriors who fight, disrupting their families and communities, and leaving lasting imprints on our national psyche. In spite of billions spent on psychological care and reintegration programs, we face an epidemic of combat-related conditions such as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). With Warrior’s Return, Dr. Edward Tick presents a powerful case for changing the way we welcome our veterans back from service—a vision and a path for transforming the wounds of war into sources of wisdom, honor, and growth. After more than 35 years of working with veterans, Dr. Tick has learned that our conventional ways of addressing the trauma and woundings of war fall far short, usually focusing only on symptoms and temporary relief. Drawing on lessons from cross-cultural wisdom, mythical archetypes, and proven methods from psychology, he offers this book as a valuable resource to help families, caregivers, and returning veterans understand and cope with the life-changing effects of combat, including: Re-examining PTSD—why we must expand our understanding of the full psychological and spiritual impact of war’s invisible wounds Archetype of the warrior—service in combat as a “journey to the underworld,” and why the return home is the most crucial stage The warrior’s path—timeless wisdom from tradition, classical philosophy, great leaders, and religious and mythological sources How cultures around the world have welcomed home their returning warriors for centuries—and what we can learn from them The warrior’s initiation—how the old self dies on the battlefield and a new, more mature self evolves in its place Restoration—methods for overcoming disillusionment and soul-fatigue to restore the warrior’s sense of purpose, motivation, and connection Coming home—specific steps for reintegrating our warriors back into our families and communities Honor—how a warrior can retain personal integrity and self-respect even when they have participated in a war they don’t believe in Forgiveness, reconciliation, and atonement—ways for warriors to close the circle and begin healing what was destroyed “This is not a hopeless situation,” states Dr. Tick. “Lifelong suffering after war is not inevitable if we understand war’s impact on the heart and soul, both for ourselves and our culture.” For veterans and those who wish to support them, Warrior’s Return offers step-by-step guidance for initiating our transformed warriors into valued members of our community—with an essential map for the hero’s journey home. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Soldier’s Heart. Visit

Walking The Medicine Wheel

Author : David Kopacz
ISBN : 1937462323
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 81. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Psychiatrist and holistic & integrative physician, David Kopacz, and Native American Visionary, Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), create a healing path to help our veterans suffering trauma and PTSD to come home. Even when out of the war zone, combat-readiness persists in the veterans' nervous system. This book uses the circular pathway of the medicine wheel to re-train that nervous system. Rather than viewing trauma, obstacles and disappointments as negatives, the medicine wheel offers a way of transforming these events into an initiation into the new role of warrior-citizen. Walking the medicine wheel is walking a spiritual path - integrating body-emotion-mind-spirit, within the circle of the four directions. The book provides practical exercises of guided imagery and ceremony to help returning veterans feel they have a purpose and have something, not only of value, but, of critical importance to give to their families and their communities.

America On The Couch

Author : Pythia Peay
ISBN : 9781590564486
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 43. 57 MB
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What lies behind America’s historic romance with the gun? Why does it have such a troubled relationship with alcohol and drugs? Why is it so wedded to consumerism and so resistant to the evidence of climate change? What are its enduring myths about individuality, freedom, and independence, and how might we re-imagine our vision of the United States as the “Promised Land” and “The City on the Hill” to reflect a multiculturalism that offers “the last, best hope” for the world? In a two-decades long journey through the American psyche, depth journalist Pythia Peay has asked these and many more questions of no fewer than thirty-six of the world’s leading psychologists and psychoanalysts. From Robert Jay Lifton to Marion Woodman, A. Thomas McLellan to Judith V. Jordan, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi to June Singer, and James Hillman to Mary Pipher, the thinkers in America on the Couch discuss violence, addiction, the environment, capitalism and consumerism, politics and power, and the soul of America. The result is a uniquely comprehensive, wide-ranging, and compelling kaleidoscope of insights into the psychodynamics of a hegemon in peace and at war, as it confronts the shadows of the American century and charts its way into an uncertain, multi-polar future. Featuring Stephen Aizenstat, John Beebe , Bonnie Bright, Gary S. Bobroff , Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Philip Cushman, Larry Decker, Raymond De Young, Edward Edinger, Michael Eigen, Stephen J. Foster, Charles Grob, Bud Harris, A. Chris Heath, James Hillman, Judith V. Jordan, Donald Kalsched, Robert J. Langs, Linda Schierse Leonard, Harriet Lerner, Robert Jay Lifton, A. Thomas McLellan, Thomas Moore, Ginette Paris, Mary Pipher, Ernest Rossi, Andrew Samuels, Erel Shalit, June Singer, Thomas Singer, Lawrence Staples, Murray Stein, Charles B. Strozier, Paul Wachtel, Karen B. Walant, Marion Woodman, and Luigi Zoja.


Author : Mark Miller
ISBN : 9781682615027
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 32. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The death of a child. Life-threatening illness. Plane crashes. Terror attacks. Natural disasters. Some of us never fully recover from unimaginable traumas like these, but some not only survive—they bounce back to thrive and grow. Jolt tells the stories of people transformed by trauma, and the new paths that they pursue. • Molly McDonald was an affluent suburban Detroit mom who faced financial ruin following a diagnosis of breast cancer. She started The Pink Project, which provides transitional financial assistance to low-income breast cancer patients. • Liz and Steve Alderman lost their son in the World Trade Center on 9/11. As a tribute to him, they launched a foundation that builds and operates mental health clinics in post-conflict countries. More than ten years later, the foundation is going strong. • John Gallina and Dale Beatty, both veterans of the Iraq War, suffered traumatic injuries. When they came home, they started Purple Heart Homes, a nonprofit that provides housing solutions for homeless and low-income veterans. • Lucy McBath suffered the horrifying murder of her teenage son in a high-profile white-on-black shooting. Lucy quit her job as a flight attendant and has become a nationally known advocate for gun control. Jolt: Stories of Trauma and Transformation tells the compelling stories of people who have moved beyond trauma to ask, “How can I make my life—and the lives of others—better?”

Western Long Boxing

Author : Gurjot K. Singh
ISBN : 1539777111
Genre :
File Size : 23. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is a book of mental, physical and emotional empowerment through martial energetics. It is based on a simple postulate: Change the individual and change the world. This book provides a process to do this through ten stages of Vedic and Taoist, Stilling and Moving Meditation. Nine stages get you there and the tenth is when modal behavior transforms into modal reality. In such a state of being you can affect things most can not and you are not affected by things that others can not avoid.Western Long Boxing's Ten Gated Change process is the expansion of the "martial energetic" principles of the author's first book: Art of Western Tai Chi Chuan. That book emphasized the combat sport training that produced over 30 Pro/Am (IKF, USAABA, NAGA, EFC MMA Promotions, Carolina MMA Fight Promotions, Gameness MMA Promotions) Combat Sports Champions and Contenders. But this book is for the seasoned Martial Artist wanting to continue to improve mental, physical and emotional performance. It is also for the injured Combat Sport competitor, enthusiast or person with PTSD issues. It delves deeply into the martial energetics of restorative meditation and armed/unarmed combatives. Improvement in these areas can be done well into their 50's, 60's and beyond. The specifics of this book presents internal and external processes that (measurably and demonstrably) allow the adept to achieve greater longevity and vitality through martial energetics. Martial energetics is the warriors method of improving modal behavior through the martial application stilling and moving meditation. This is how to have longevity and vitality beyond your peer group as you approach your 50's, 60's and beyond. As such it raises questions for the combat sports enthusiast who wishes to improve cognitive, kinetic and affect behavior: How can a man near 60 years old have the strength, stamina, speed and suppleness to spar in the ring, on the mat and in the cage with skilled opponents 20 and 30 years younger? How can he overcome kidney failure, high blood-pressure and never get a cold or the flu? How can his martial energetic skill get effective enough to actually recover from 9 three min rounds of striking and 8 five min rounds of grappling several times a week... coming back stronger... never taking more than 72 hours to recover from combat sports injures? Read this book and find out. For those with autotelic personalities (competing against themselves and not others) and a desire to transcend their limitations, in a scientific process, this book is for you. There is scholarship. There is bone and flesh pounding regimens. There is eating bitter and investing in loss. But there is also a wisdom brought to you from 1000's of hours of video recorded, training processes and notes taken over seven years of applied research. This book teaches people to learn how to alter consciousness through Vedic and Taoist, Stilling and Moving Meditation. Western Long Boxing is a martial energetic system of integrative disciplines found in Abdibharma and Phenomenological Psychology. These pedagogues have been combined to produce a curriculum that integrates these cultural perspectives on consciousness enhancement. The goal is to expand the methodologies of Taoist and Vedic internal alchemy. The specifics of these methodologies derive from Tibetan Buddhism practices of samatha and vispayana theory and Sport Psychology principles originating from Practical Set and Flow Theory. The latter theories were introduced by Professor's Dorthy Yates and Mih�ly Cs�kszentmih�lyi, and customized for the Martial and Medical adept by the author.The result is a Pugilistic Internal Alchemy formula called the Tao of the Ten Gated Changes. This formula is a tool to master the skills necessary to alter consciousness by raising the baseline levels of modal behavior function for the Western practitioner of internal alchemy. This is the purpose of developing Western Long Boxing.

The Long Way Home

Author : David Laskin
ISBN : 9780061233340
Genre : History
File Size : 69. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In The Long Way Home, award-winning writer David Laskin traces the lives of a dozen men who left their childhood homes in Europe, journeyed through Ellis Island, and started over in a strange land–only to cross the Atlantic again in uniform when their adopted country entered the Great War. Though they had known little of America outside of tight-knit ghettos and backbreaking labor, these foreign-born conscripts were rapidly transformed into soldiers, American soldiers, in the ordeal of war. Two of the men in this book won the Medal of Honor. Three died in combat. Those who survived were profoundly altered–and their heroic service reshaped their families and ultimately the nation itself. Epic, inspiring, and masterfully written, this book is an unforgettable true story of the Great War, the world it remade, and the humble, loyal men who became Americans by fighting for America.

From One Leader To Another

Author : Joe B. Parson
ISBN : 098558792X
Genre : Command of troops
File Size : 85. 48 MB
Format : PDF
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