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The Afghan Central Asia Borderland

Author : Suzanne Levi-Sanchez
ISBN : 9781317430940
Genre : Political Science
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Based on extensive, long-term fieldwork in the borderlands of Afghan and Tajik Badakhshan, this book explores the importance of local leaders and local identity groups for the stability of a state’s borders, and ultimately for the stability of the state itself. It shows how the implantation of formal institutional structures at the border, a process supported by United Nations and other international bodies, can be counterproductive in that it may marginalise local leaders and alienate the local population, thereby increasing overall instability. The study considers how, in this particular borderland where trafficking of illegal drugs, weapons and people is rampant, corrupt customs and border personnel, and imperfect new institutional arrangements, contributed to a complex mix of oppression, hidden protest and subtle resistance, which benefitted illicit traders and hindered much needed humanitarian work. The book relates developments in this region to borderlands elsewhere, especially new borders in the former Soviet bloc, and argues that local leaders and organisations should be given semi-autonomy in co-ordination with state border forces in order to increase stability and the acceptance of the state.

Legal Pluralism In Central Asia

Author : Mahabat Sadyrbek
ISBN : 9781351375481
Genre : Social Science
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Legal Pluralism in Central Asia reports on historical, anthropological and legal research which examines customary legal practices in Kyrgyzstan and relates them to wider societal developments in Central Asia and further afield. Using the term legal pluralism, the book demonstrates that there is a spectrum of approaches, available avenues, forms of local law and indigenous popular justice in Kyrgyzstan’s predominantly rural communities, which can be labelled living law. Based on her extensive original research, Mahabat Sadyrbek shows how contemporary peoples systematically address challenging problems, such as disputes, violence, accidents, crime and other difficulties, and thereby seek justice, redress, punishment, compensation, readjustment of relations or closure. She demonstrates that local law, expressed through ritually structured communicative exchange, through dictums and proverbs with binding characters and different legal practices or processes undertaken in specific ways, deem the solutions appropriate and acceptable. The reader is thereby enabled to see the law in people’s deepest assumptions and beliefs, in codes of shame and honour, in local mores and ethics as well as in religious terms. In this way, the book reveals the dynamic, changing and living character of law in a specific context and in a region hitherto insufficiently researched within legal anthropology.

Identity History And Trans Nationality In Central Asia

Author : Dagikhudo Dagiev
ISBN : 9781351124249
Genre : Social Science
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Pamiris, or Badakhshanis in popular discourse, form a small group of Iranic peoples who inhabit the mountainous region of Pamir-Hindu Kush, being the historical region of Badakhshan. Pamiri communities are located in the territories of four current nation-states: Tajikistan, Afghanistan, China and Pakistan. This book provides insights in the identity process of a group of mountain communities whose vigorous cultures, languages and complex political history have continued to shape a strategic part of the world. Its various chapters capture what being a Pamiri may entail and critically explore the impact of both trans-regionalism and the globalisation processes on activating, engaging and linking the dispersed communities. The book presents a variety of lines of argument pertaining to Pamiri identity and identification processes. Structured in three parts, the book first addresses themes relevant to the region’s geography and the recent history of Pamiri communities. The second section critically explores the rich philosophical, religious and cultural Pamiri heritage through the writings of prominent historical figures. The final section addresses issues pertaining to the contemporary diffusion of traditions, peace-building, interconnectivity and what it means to be a Pamiri for the youth of the region. Contributions by experts in their field offer fresh insights into the Ismaili communities in the region while successfully updating the historical and ethnographic legacy of Soviet times with present-day scholarship. As the first collection of scholarly contributions in English entirely focusing on the Pamiri people, this book will be of interest to academics in the fields of the history, anthropology, religious studies, sociology, linguistics, education and geography of Central Asia and/or East Asia as well as of Islam, Islamic thought, minority-majority relations, population movements and the processes of defining and affirming identity among minority groups.

Kyrgyzstan Regime Security And Foreign Policy

Author : Kemel Toktomushev
ISBN : 9781315533483
Genre : Social Science
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Kyrgyzstan is an interesting example of a relatively weak state, which for its brief period of independence has already ousted two presidents, experienced two revolutions, survived two interethnic conflicts and yet remained intact. This book explores this apparent paradox and argues that the schism between domestic and international dimensions of state and regime security is key to understanding the nature of Kyrgyz politics. The book shows how the foreign policy links to the Manas Air Base, used by the US military and essential for supplying their forces in Afghanistan, the economic arrangements necessary for sustaining the base, both inside and outside Kyrgyzstan, and the myriad of different actors involved in all this, combined to overshadow points of friction to ensure stable continuance of the status quo. Overall, the book shows how broad geopolitical forces and complex local factors together have a huge impact on the formation of Kyrgyz foreign policy.

The Interaction Between State And Tribe In Nineteenth Century Afghanistan

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:C3390386
Genre :
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The State In Eurasia Performance In Local And Global Arenas

Author : Ms Anita Sengupta
ISBN : 9789385714993
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Since the emergence of postSoviet states in the Eurasian space there has been considerable reflection on the role that the state has played in the local and global arenas. Transformation from being part of the ‘Soviet’ to independent existence has meant state involvement in the forging of new nations out of disparate identities based on the criteria of national languages, the reinterpretation of historical events, depiction of personalitycentric themes, the portrayal of illustrative careers and the rhetoric of development. This volume focuses on some of the aspects of this involvement through studies of the performative role of the Central Asian states in the arena of politics, diplomacy, culture, historical memory, and their interaction within the Eurasian space. It reflects on ways in which the state reacts to society and how discourses in the field of economy, society and culture dovetail with or diverge from the political discourse about statebuilding. Relations between formal institutions and informal structures; emerging conceptions of democracy in the context of the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan and the disruptive events in western Kazakhstan during the twentieth anniversary of the republic’s independence; the nature of bilateral and multilateral alignments among regional and interregional actors are some of the aspects through which the role of the state has been examined by the authors. The volume seeks to address the question of how the state acts as an agent of influence and control not just on performative traditions but also in the creation of a single community as the basis for a nation

Review Of International Studies

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B4928021
Genre :
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Journal Of The Central Asian Society

Author :
ISBN : PRNC:32101076205663
Genre : Asia, Central
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Die Legitimierung Der Mittelasiatischen Mangitendynastie In Den Werken Ihrer Historiker 18 19 Jahrhundert

Author : Anke von Kügelgen
ISBN : OSU:32435069616076
Genre : Bukhoro (Uzbekistan)
File Size : 20. 92 MB
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Originally presented as the author's thesis (habilitation-- Ruhr-Universiteat Bochum) under the title: Inszenierung einer Dynastie: Geschichtsschreibung unter den freuhen Mangiten Bucharas (1747-1826).

Eigennamen Im Deutschen Wortschatz

Author : Rudolf Köster
ISBN : 9783110896206
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 70. 83 MB
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Viele Wörter der deutschen Sprache enthalten Eigennamen oder gehen - oft kaum mehr erkennbar - vollständig auf Eigennamen zurück. Solche Wörter nennt man 'Eponyme'. Sie entstehen, wenn z. B. die Bekanntheit eines Namens zu einer Gattungsbezeichnung führt (z. B. Zeppelin), wenn ein Forscher oder Erfinder geehrt werden soll (z. B. Ampère), oder wenn eine Ware nach ihrem Herkunftsland benannt wird (z. B. Burgunder). Viele Personennamen bilden geographische Namen (z. B. Amerika, Bolivien), andere prägen Verben, wenn die bezeichneten Personen für eine Handlung oder ein Verfahren stehen (z. B. einwecken, röntgen, verballhornen). Auch Fügungen wie Büchse der Pandora oder Hinz und Kunz beziehen ihr semantisches Potenzial aus bestimmten Personennamen und den Geschichten 'hinter' diesen Namen. Rudolf Köster versammelt in seinem Wörterbuch die wichtigsten Eponyme des deutschen Wortschatzes. Zu jedem Lemma präsentiert er die Wortart, eine präzise Bedeutungserklärung und den Eigennamen, auf den das jeweilige Wort zurückgeht. Abgerundet wird das Wörterbuch durch eine ausführliche Einleitung sowie ein Literaturverzeichnis zum Phänomen der 'Namenwörter'. Eigennamen im deutschen Wortschatz ist somit nicht nur ein wissenschaftliches Wörterbuch für das schnelle Nachschlagen von Eponymen, sondern auch ein informatives 'Wörter-Lesebuch' für jeden Sprachinteressierten.

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