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The New Acropolis Museum

Author : Dēmētrios Pantermalēs
ISBN : UCSD:31822036365922
Genre : Architecture
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A comprehensive look at the eagerly anticipated New Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece, and the celebrated collection it houses. Marking the opening of the New Acropolis Museum, this book examines both its architecture and the archaeological treasures it was built to house. The building addresses the dramatic complexities of the collection and the site with minimalist simplicity by using three main materials—glass, stainless steel, and concrete. "There’s no way at the beginning of the twenty-first century you can try to imitate even superficially the art of 2,500 years ago," Tschumi says. The "precision of the concept was really what counted." The book provides an in-depth look at the creation of the building, set only 280 meters from the Parthenon, as well as the restoration, preservation, and housing of its exhibits through over 200 photographs, drawings, and texts.

The Acropolis

Author : Panos Valavanis
ISBN : 9606878600
Genre : Art
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The Acropolis through its Museum is not simply a guidebook to the Acropolis Museum. By presenting the works of art exhibited in the museum, it endeavours to resynthesize the history of the Sacred Rock as part of the cultural and the wider historical process of Athens. The book follows the visitor's tour of the museum, so that the reader can study and learn more about the antiquities he sees before him. However, it is written is such a way that through independent inquiry the reader is able to approach the subjects more deeply and to understand the preconditions - political, social, economic, ideological, artistic and technological - that led to the creation of the unique monuments on the Acropolis. The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs, as well as numerous plans and reconstruction drawings, which enable the reader to understand each of the fragmentarily preserved works in its context. It also answers many of the questions raised in the discerning reader's mind, such as what was the size and the population of ancient Athens, what is the meaning of the beasts represented on the large Archaic pediments, what do the Korai statues represent, why did the Erechtheion become so complex and what was the role of the Karyatids, why was the temple of Athena Nike built in the Ionic order, what led Pericles and his advisers to opt for the specific building programme and how were the major public works financed, why was it decided to place an Ionic frieze on the Doric Parthenon, what political messages were transmitted to Sparta through the sculptural decoration of the Parthenon, and so on. Authored by a university professor who has been involved with studying and teaching the Acropolis for over thirty years, the publication is of the impeccable artistic quality distinctive of books produced by KAPON Editions.

The New Acropolis Museum In Athens Greece

Author : Theofanis C. Giotis
ISBN : OCLC:690087516
Genre : Acropolis (Athens, Greece)
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Acropolis means "city on the edge" and in Greek it means "Highest City." Acropolis is associated primarily with these Greek cities: Athens, Argos, Thebes, and Corinth. The most famous example is the Acropolis of Athens with its most famous building being the Parthenon. This paper explores the building of the Acropolis Museum, which was envisioned in 1976 by Constantinos Karamanlis, Greek Prime Minister (1974-1977). This project cost €130 million (about US$175 million) and covered 250,000 square feet total area. The paper discusses the design of the museum, identifies the materials used, and highlights the project schedule. It also explores the contents of the five collections. The project was successfully completed in eight years.

Author : Δημήτριος Παντερμαλής
ISBN : 6188007860
Genre : Acropolis (Athens, Greece)
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The Acropolis

Author : Katerina Servi
ISBN : 9602134526
Genre : History
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One of the most important monuments of human civilisation and the new architectural jewel of Athens are both presented through informative, easy to read texts in a fully illustrated edition with colour representations and detailed site plans. This brand new book begins with a look at the history of Athens and the Acropolis. Starting at prehistoric times, this historical overview describes the town's development, from a quite modest Mycenaean settlement to one of the most powerful city-states of the classical era, the one that gave birth to democracy and theatre, and then its downfall to a small, provincial fortified town of the Byzantine Empire. At the same time, the reader can follow the historical steps of the Acropolis itself, originally a fort, which was transformed to the most glamorous shrine of the city, only to become a fort again, after the end of the ancient world. Then, there is a short account of the Athenian myths, especially the ones concerning the town's patron deity, Athena. After discovering the exciting past of the town and the sacred rock, the reader will get to know the temples, buildings in general, that were constructed at the top of the Acropolis during the archaic and classical era of Greece. Parthenon, the masterpiece of Pheidias, Iktinos and Kallikratis is, of course, the highlight, but there were other important and architecturally innovative structures there, such as the Propylaea and the Erechtheion. This part of the book gives a very good idea of how the ancient hill looked, with all its buildings and its uncountable offerings: statues that ancient Athenians were bringing to their goddess Athena as a present. Then, the reader will have the chance to learn everything about the very important south slope of the Acropolis, with the famous theatre of Dionysus, and enjoy an imaginary walk at the north and east slopes of the ancient rock. The second part of the book is devoted to the admittedly impressive new Acropolis Museum. The reader can "navigate" through the different levels of the museum exhibition, using the book as a guide which gives interesting information and highlights the most important exhibits. "Moschoforos", the Kore of the Acropolis, the Caryatids, Parthenon's frieze are only a few of the ancient pieces of art that this book presents, through captivating pictures and texts. In conclusion, The Acropolis, the New Acropolis Museum is a valuable reading for all those who want to explore and understand one of the major archaeological sites of the world and it's brand new Museum. Katerina Servi was born in Athens and studied archaeology at the National University of Athens. After graduating, she worked for the Greek Ministry of Culture and then in international advertising agencies in the creative department. She is now is a freelance copywriter and translator and also writes children's and archaeological books.

Acropolis Museum Athens

Author : Bernard Tschumi
ISBN : 8434312344
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 56. 69 MB
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Located in Athens’ historic area of Makryianni, the New Acropolis Museum stands less than 1,000 feet southeast of the Parthenon, at the entrance of a network of pedestrian walkways that link the key archaeological sites and monuments of the Acropolis.This location was carefully selected to enable a dialogue between the museum’s exhibition spaces and the Acropolis buildings. Tschumi won the commission in 2001 as the result of a design competition. “The design was chosen for its simple, clear, and beautiful solution that is in accord with the beauty and classical simplicity of the museum’s unique exhibits and that ensures a museological and architectural experience that is relevant today and for the foreseeable future,” stated Professor Dimitrios Pandermalis, President of the Organization for the Construction of the New Acropolis Museum and author of the foreword to this volume.

Archaeological Promenades Around The Acropolis Museum Of The Ancient Agora Of Athens

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X030131159
Genre : Acropolis (Athens, Greece)
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Old Acropolis Museum

Author : Jesse Russell
ISBN : 5512407899
Genre :
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Old Acropolis Museum was an archaeological museum located in Athens, Greece on the archeological site of Acropolis. It is built in a niche at the eastern edge of the rock and most of it lies beneath the level of the hilltop, making it largely invisible. It was considered one of the major archaeological museums in Athens. Due to its limited size, the Greek Government decided in the late 1980s to build a new museum. The New Acropolis Museum is now built at the foot of the Acropolis. In June 2007 the old museum closed its doors so that its antiquities could be moved to their new home, which opened on 20 June 2009.

New Acropolis Museum Athens Greece

Author : Annaliese Cole
ISBN : OCLC:765471964
Genre : Athens (Greece)
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The Acropolis Museum

Author : Lyn A. Sirota
ISBN : 1489632492
Genre : Art
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Every day, thousands of people visit the Acropolis Museum in Athens to experience life in 5th-century Greece. The museum integrates art, architecture, and history to create the story of the ancient Greeks. In doing so, it provides the people of Greece today with an important link to their past. Discover more about this incredible museum and its collections in The Acropolis Museum, a Museums of the World book.

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