the 12 essentials of godly success biblical steps to a life well lived

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The 12 Essentials Of Godly Success

Author : Tommy Nelson
ISBN : 0805440712
Genre : Religion
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Tommy Nelson shows readers areas of their lives where they must succeed -- areas that stress who you are rather than what you attain.

Lead Like Jesus Revisited

Author : Ken Blanchard
ISBN : 9780718084974
Genre : Religion
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"The more I read the Bible, the more evident it becomes that everything I have ever taught or written about effective leadership over the past 25 years, Jesus did to perfection. He is simply the greatest leadership role model of all time." -Ken Blanchard Effective leadership—whether on the job, in the community, at church or in the home—starts on the inside. Before you can hope to lead anyone else, you have to know who you are. Every leader must answer two critical questions: Whose are you going to be? Who are you going to be? One deals with your relationship to Christ. The other with your life purpose. In this newly revised classic, renowned leadership expert Ken Blanchard along guides readers through the process of discovering how to lead like Jesus. It really could be described as the process of aligning two internal domains-the heart and the head; and two external domains—the hands and the habits. These four dimensions of leadership form the outline for this very practical and transformational book. With simple yet profound principles from the life of Jesus, and dozens of stories and leadership examples from his own life, Ken Blanchard will once again show us the way effective leaders lead.

Better Love Now

Author : Tommy Nelson
ISBN : 9781433675324
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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“Something is wrong with our culture’s understanding of marriage,” says best-selling author and Bible teacher Tommy Nelson (The Book of Romance). In Better Love Now!, Nelson mends that understanding, comparing the essential but too often ignored elements of matrimony to fence posts. With wisdom, humor, and frankness, he clearly expounds on the areas that keep a marriage standing strong: Priorities; Communication; Your Life Together; Family Life; Respect; and Sex. Best of all, Tommy mixes scientific and psychological insight with biblical assuredness, exciting readers about the improving state of their sacred union.“ Build your marriage on God’s revelation and it will never fail.”

Walking On Water When You Feel Like You Re Drowning

Author : Tommy Nelson
ISBN : 1604826797
Genre : Religion
File Size : 38. 40 MB
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Today more people than ever are suffering from emotional distress. Whether they are dealing with depression, anxiety, obsessiveness, fear, worry, or stress, their lives are limited and compromised by the ill-effects. People who suffer from emotional distress often feel isolated and unloved, either by God or by others, and often believe that there is no hope and no way out. There is good news, however! A truly biblical approach to healing emotional distress focuses on a holistic cure that integrates the mind, body, and spirit. Even when we feel truly alone, God is holding us in His hand. Even when we feel truly hopeless, God offers comfort and purpose. And even when we feel like we will never escape the pit of emotional distress, God sets our feet on firm ground and promises to never let us go. No matter what we have been through or what we are going through now, God can bring critically needed healing and transformation into our lives when we adjust what the authors refer to as “stinkin’ thinkin’.”

A Life Well Lived

Author : Tommy Nelson
ISBN : 9780805463910
Genre : Religion
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In the desire and quest to make sense of the world and our existence, three great sirens have lured men and women into a lull with the empty promise to make their lives meaningful. The great king of Israel, Solomon, though the wisest man, was not immune to their song. But at the end of his life, Solomon, in all of his God-given wisdom, stopped to contemplate on all that competed for his attention. He wrote his conclusions in the Book of Ecclesiastes.Tommy Nelson continues his study of Solomon's writings by taking an in-depth look at Ecclesiastes. In a world such as ours, where the search for meaning and purpose propels mankind to try everything under the sun, Solomon's conclusions ring louder than ever for a people who need answers more than ever.

The 25 Biblical Laws Of Success

Author : William Douglas
ISBN : 9781493406418
Genre : Religion
File Size : 90. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Bible provides ancient wisdom and values that can lead to a life of great success today. After years of biblical study and personal experience, William Douglas and Rubens Teixeira have identified twenty-five key principles that are of central importance to the pursuit of a successful career and life. In this practical and powerful book, readers will learn - twenty-five biblical laws of success - cures for seven sins that block success - what Solomon teaches in Proverbs about professional accomplishments - the mindset that encourages personal development - ten personal virtues coveted by the market - how to have money and success with harmony and balance in life Anyone who wants to succeed in a career or business will benefit from The 25 Biblical Laws of Success.

Loved And Sent

Author : Jeff Cloeter
ISBN : 1938840119
Genre :
File Size : 41. 90 MB
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"I've come to know who I am in two words. They guide everything that I believe, think, and do. I am loved by God in Jesus. I am sent by God into the world." -from the author. So many people are starving for identity and meaning today. Loved and Sent describes how God took extraordinary action to address those two fundamental human needs. The author walks through his own quest for identity and meaning, revisiting core Christian convictions in a narrative style and making sense of why they matter today. As Christians, we often stutter when someone asks, "Who are you? What do you believe? Why does it matter to you?" We get a unique chance to share our heart, and we say too much--or nothing at all. Discover in this thought-provoking book who you are and why you matter, and then you'll have something of greater value to share with someone else.

Becoming A Millionaire God S Way

Author : C. Thomas Anderson
ISBN : 9780446542852
Genre : Religion
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This newly revised and expanded edition decries the myth that Christians must be poor and gives readers the keys to financial prosperity. Dr. Anderson combines biblical principles with expert financial advice, equipping readers with the tools they need to attain the riches they deserve. An invaluable resource for current or would-be investors or entrepreneurs, this book not only inspires readers to become educated about finances but also spurs them on to action and compels them to move forward confidently to achieve their financial dreams. New content includes callouts and new chapters on how to invest safely in today's market and on understanding that Jesus wasn't poor.


Author : Tommy Nelson
ISBN : 1484808401
Genre :
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Christians have through the ages done some amazingly ignorant and errant things. Insaintities are 50 of the most obvious and destructive insane acts of the saints.The Insaintities IncludeThe BishopsThe Supremacy of the Roman Emperor as Head of Church and StateThe PriesthoodThe PopeThe Replacement of Israel with the ChurchInfant BaptismPurgatoryThe SacramentsThe Mass or TransubstantiationMaryolatry or Prayers to and Veneration of MaryPrayers to the SaintsCelibacyRelicsPrayers for the DeadIndulgencesMonks and MonasteriesThe Holy Roman EmpireThe CrusadesChristendomIntoleranceThe InquisitionScholasticismThe Counter-ReformationThe 30 Years WarState ChurchesThe Common Persecution of the AnabaptistsThe Catholic Expulsion of the Jews and Muslims from Spain in 1492Anti-SemitismSpain's Conquest of Mexico and South AmericaThe Salem Witch Trials - Death of the Puritan DreamThe Church's Response to the EnlightenmentHenry the VIII and AnglicanismArminianismTheological LiberalismThe Social GospelTheistic EvolutionThe Southern Response to SlaveryWesleyanism, the Holiness Movement, Pentecostalism, the Charismatic Movement and the Prosperity GospelThe Exaltation of Youth over AgeThe Privatization of SpiritualityThe Privatization of Ecclesiology or of the Local ChurchTonguesHealth and Wealth - The Prosperity GospelPapal InfallibilityLimited Inerrancy or Partial InspirationThe Capitalistic Mindset of ProtestantismThe Protestant Commitment to MediocrityHomosexual Christians & CongregationsWomen Pastors . . . EldersThe Seeker-Centered ChurchTommy Nelson has served at Denton Bible Church for thirty-five years. He is a pastor, speaker and writer with degrees from the University of North Texas and Dallas Theological Seminary.

The Book Of Romance

Author : Gib Martin
ISBN : 9781418587505
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 77. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Bible is well-known for its wisdom on spiritual concerns and righteous living. But did you know it can also guide you in matters of dating, courtship, and marriage? Wise and engaging, The Book of Romance digs deep into the Song of Solomon and what it says about the Bible's most passionate lovers. As you learn about their relationship, you'll discover how you, too, can experience the deep emotional, sexual, and spiritual satisfaction that God created to be enjoyed in marriage.

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