testimony to christ and a witness for freedom who is carl mcintire

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Fighting Fundamentalist

Author : Markku Ruotsila
ISBN : 9780199373000
Genre : Religion
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For most of his sixty-year career, the Reverend Carl McIntire was at the center of controversy. The best-known and most influential of the fundamentalist radio broadcasters and anticommunists of the Cold War era, his many enemies depicted him as a dangerous far rightist, a racist, or a "McCarthyite" opportunist engaged in red-baiting for personal profit. Despised and hounded by liberals, revered by fundamentalists, and distrusted by the center, he became a lightning rod in the early days of America's culture wars. Markku Ruotsila's Fighting Fundamentalist, the first scholarly biography of McIntire, peels off the accumulated layers of caricature and makes a case for restoring McIntire to his place as one of the most consequential religious leaders in the twentieth-century United States. Ruotsila traces McIntire's life from his early twentieth-century childhood in Oklahoma to his death in 2002. From his discipleship under J. Gresham Machen during the fundamentalist-modernist controversy, through his fifty-year pastorate in Collingswood, New Jersey, and his presidency of the International Council of Christian Churches, McIntire, Ruotsila shows, stands out as the most important fundamentalist of his time. Drawing on exhaustive research in fifty-two archival collections-including the recently opened collection of the Carl McIntire papers and never-before-seen FBI files-Ruotsila looks beyond the McIntire of legend to discover a serious theological, political, and economic combatant, a tireless organizer who pioneered the public theologies, inter-faith alliances, and political methods that would give birth to the Christian Right. The moral values agenda of the 1970s and after would not have existed, Ruotsila shows, without the anti-communist and anti-New Deal activism that McIntire inaugurated. Indeed, twentieth-century American religious and political history were profoundly shaped by forces McIntire set in motion. Fighting Fundamentalist tells the overlooked story of McIntire and the movement he inspired.

The Second Coming Of Paisley

Author : Richard Jordan
ISBN : 9780815652090
Genre : Christianity and politics
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"The Second Coming of Paisley" examines the relationship between Rev. Ian Paisley and the leaders of the militant wing of evangelical fundamentalism in the United State in the period immediately preceding the outbreak of the Northern Ireland "Troubles" in the late 1960's. The author convincingly demonstrates that it was exposure to the ideas and principles of leaders of the Christian right such as Carl McIntire and Billy James Hargis that enables Paisley to develop a militant brand of politicized religious fundamentalism which he used with remarkable success to block the advance of civil rights for N. Ireland's Catholic population. The author provides a full analysis of this background and sets it up as a framework for understanding the extraordinary force with which the Rev. Paisley used a religious culture imported from the U.S. to affect a radical shakeup of religion and politics in Northern Ireland.

Black Freedom White Resistance And Red Menace

Author : Yasuhiro Katagiri
ISBN : 9780807153147
Genre : History
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In Black Freedom, White Resistance, and Red Menace, Yasuhiro Katagiri offers the first scholarly work to illuminate an important but largely unstudied aspect of U.S. civil rights history -- the collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship between professional anti-Communists in the North and segregationist politicians in the South. In 1954, the Supreme Court outlawed racial segregation in public schools with the Brown v. Board of Education ruling. Soon after -- while the political demise of U.S. senator Joseph R. McCarthy unfolded -- northern anti-Communists looked to the South as a promising new territory in which they could expand their support base and continue their cause. Southern segregationists embraced the assistance, and the methods, of these Yankee collaborators, and utilized the "northern messiahs" in executing a massive resistance to the Supreme Court's desegregation decrees and the civil rights movement in general. Southern white leadership framed black southerners' crusades for social justice and human dignity as a foreign scheme directed by nefarious outside agitators, "race-mixers," and, worse, outright subversives and card-carrying Communists. Based on years of extensive archival research, Black Freedom, White Resistance, and Red Menace explains how a southern version of McCarthyism became part of the opposition to the civil rights movement in the South, an analysis that leads us to a deeper understanding and appreciation for what the freedom movement -- and those who struggled for equality -- fought to overcome.

Harry Bonaro Overstreet

Author : The Strange Tactics of Extremism
Genre :
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Author : Gladys Titzck Rhoads
ISBN : 9781619962323
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"No one embodied American fundamentalism more fully - its militancy, its separatism, its insistence on doctrinal precision - than Carl McIntire. Add to that his puckish humor and his inventive knack for publicity and you have one of the most riveting figures in all of American religious history." Randall Balmer, Barnard College, Columbia University "I shall never forget his prayers - to me it was as if we were lifted into the presence of God. When he read Scripture, it was almost to have the Bible explain itself, interpret itself. He read it in such a way that its meaning unfolded to your understanding. I once saw a movie of a flower opening by slow motion photography. The petals of the flower opened right before your eyes. When Dr. McIntire preached, it was like that. The meaning of the passage blossomed before your eyes. You understood what the Bible was saying; you loved what it was saying. When he preached, the clock lost its hands. He preached with passion, with power, with love and reverence for the Scripture, he preached with clarity.... It was as if his lips had been touched with a coal of fire off the altar." Rev. Robert Anderson, who served for 38 years as pastor of the Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church CARL McINTIRE led the 20th Century Reformation Movement in defense of the historic Christian faith and freedom. He was best known for his radio program, the 20th Century Reformation Hour; his battle against the Fairness Doctrine of the Federal Communications Commission; his newspaper, the Christian Beacon; his Bible conferences in Cape May, NJ, and Cape Canaveral, FL; for preserving The Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions; his presidency of the International Council of Christian Churches for over 50 years; his pastorate of the Bible Presbyterian Church of Collingswood, NJ, for 65 years; and for his lifelong work of alerting the American people to the dangers of Communism and false religion in the churches and of compromise among Bible believers.

Twentieth Century Reformation Dynamischer Fundamentalismus Nach Geschichte Und Erscheinung

Author : Jutta Reich
ISBN : UOM:39015005713030
Genre : Fundamentalism
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Cis Annual

Author :
ISBN : OSU:32437000617346
Genre : Government publications
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The Death Of A Church

Author : Carl McIntire
ISBN : UOM:39015008640362
Genre : Presbyterian Church
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Federal Communications Commission Reports

Author : United States. Federal Communications Commission
ISBN : MSU:31293012269266
Genre : Communication policy
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Annuaire Des Organisations Internationales

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951D01726439L
Genre : International agencies
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Edition for 1983/84- published in 3 vols.: vol. 1, Organization descriptions and index; vol. 2, International organization participation; vol. 3, Global action networks.

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