symbolic misery volume 1 the hyperindustrial epoch

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Symbolic Misery Volume 1

Author : Bernard Stiegler
ISBN : 0745652654
Genre : Social Science
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In this important new book, the leading cultural theorist and philosopher Bernard Stiegler re-examines the relationship between politics and aesthetics in our contemporary hyperindustrial age. Stiegler argues that our epoch is characterized by the seizure of the symbolic by industrial technology, where aesthetics has become both theatre and weapon in an economic war. This has resulted in a ‘symbolic misery’ where conditioning substitutes for experience. In today’s control societies, aesthetic weapons play an essential role: audiovisual and digital technologies have become a means of controlling the conscious and unconscious rhythms of bodies and souls, of modulating the rhythms of consciousness and life. The notion of an aesthetic engagement, capable of founding a new communal sensibility and a genuine aesthetic community, has largely collapsed today. This is because the overwhelming majority of the population is now totally subjected to the aesthetic conditioning of marketing and therefore estranged from any experience of aesthetic inquiry. That part of the population that continues to experiment aesthetically has turned its back on those who live in the misery of this conditioning. Stiegler appeals to the art world to develop a political understanding of its role. In this volume he pays particular attention to cinema which occupies a unique position in the temporal war that is the cause of symbolic misery: at once industrial technology and art, cinema is the aesthetic experience that can combat conditioning on its own territory. This highly original work - the first in Stiegler’s Symbolic Misery series - will be of particular interest to students in film studies, media and cultural studies, literature and philosophy and will consolidate Stiegler’s reputation as one of the most original cultural theorists of our time.

Pluralisation And Social Change

Author : Lars Charbonnier
ISBN : 9783110569810
Genre : Religion
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How can one describe the pluralisation of the religious realm, which is of such significance for processes of social change? How can it be done from an international perspective? The book sharpens the idea of religious pluralisation by elucidating it against the backdrop of specific religious phenomena and practices. Concepts and interpretations of religious praxis are correlated here in a way that has proven most fruitful in the field of Practical Theology. We take a closer look at twelve highly relevant topics that are formative for the practical-theological discourses in South Africa and Germany: poverty and wealth, education, transitional rites and passages, health, religious community formation and the future of the Church, beginning and end of life, transformation of the media, migration and interculturality, populism and radicalisation in religion and knowledge, processing of the past, communal living. Each topic will be introduced by one scholar from a certain country and commented on by another. The conversational procedure contributes to a contextual theology that understands theology essentially as dialogue. In all contributions pluralisation is the overarching topic. It shall be developed as a conception and theory respectively, both of which are not self-evident their theoretical implications must be explicitly unfolded.

The Thought Of Bernard Stiegler

Author : Dr Ross Abbinnett
ISBN : 9781351810999
Genre :
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This book provides a comprehensive account of the work of Bernard Stiegler, one of the most influential living social and political philosophers of the twenty-first century. Focusing on Stiegler's thought on hyperindustrial society and the development of technological systems through which the social, economic and political life of human beings has been transformed, the author examines Stiegler's claim that the human species is 'originally technological' and that to understand the evolution of human society, we must first understand the interface between human beings and technology. A study of the reciprocal development of technical instruments and human faculties, that offers a chapter-by-chapter account of how this relationship is played out in the digital, informatic and biotechnological programmes of hyperindustrial society, The Thought of Bernard Stiegler develops Stiegler's idea of technology as a pharmakon: a network of systems that provoke both existential despair and unprecedented modes of aesthetic, literary and philosophical creativity that can potentially revitalize the political culture of human beings. As such, it will appeal to social and political theorists and philosophers concerned with our postmodern inheritance.

Psychoanalysis Philosophy And Myth In Contemporary Culture

Author : Angie Voela
ISBN : 9781137483478
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 39. 79 MB
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This book examines the use of myth in contemporary popular and high culture, and proposes that the aporetic subject, the individual that ‘does not know’, is the ideal contemporary subject. Using several contemporary novels, films and theatrical plays that illustrate aporia – such as Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Riordan, 2007), Tron Legacy (Koninski, 2010), Welcome to Thebes (Buffini, 2010), The Photographers (Koundouros, 1998), Prometheus (2012) and Prometheus Retrogressing (Sfikas, 1998) – Angie Voela introduces common ground between Lacanian psychoanalysis and some of Freud’s most ardent critics, Michel Foucault and Jean Baudrillard, as well as the cultural philosopher Bernard Stiegler. These unprecedented systematic comparisons broaden the scope and impact of Lacanian psychoanalysis in inter-disciplinary debates of philosophy and culture and Voela argues that apart from dealing with the past, psychoanalysis must also deal more explicitly with the present and the future. She presents a unique inquiry into modern subjectivity that will be of great interest to scholars of psychoanalysis, philosophy, film, literature and contemporary culture.

Lyotard And The Inhuman Condition

Author : Ashley Woodward
ISBN : 9781474404914
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 86. 41 MB
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Ashley Woodward demonstrates what a new generation of scholars are just discovering: that Lyotard's incisive work is essential for current debates in the humanities. Lyotard's ideas about the arts and the confrontations between humanist traditions and cutting-edge sciences and technologies are today known as 'posthumanism'. Woodward presents a series of studies to explain Lyotard's specific interventions in information theory, new media arts and the changing nature of the human. He assesses their relevance and impact in relation to a number of important contemporary thinkers including Bernard Stiegler, Luciano Floridi, Quentin Meillassoux and Paul Virilio.

Jenseits Von Gegenwart

Author : Armen Avanessian
ISBN : 3883963801
Genre :
File Size : 20. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Symbolic Misery Volume 2

Author : Bernard Stiegler
ISBN : 0745652662
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 31. 56 MB
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In this important new book, leading cultural theorist and philosopher Bernard Stiegler re-examines the relationship between politics and art in the contemporary world. Our hyper-industrial epoch represents what Stiegler terms a ï¿1⁄2katastroph of the sensibleï¿1⁄2. This katastroph is not an apocalypse or the end of everything, but the denouement of a drama; it is the final act in the process of psychic and collective individuation known as the ï¿1⁄2Westï¿1⁄2. Hyper-industrialization has brought about the loss of symbolic participation and the destruction of primordial narcissism, the very condition for individuation. It is in this context that artists have a unique role to play. When not subsumed in the capitalist economy, they are able to resist its synchronizing tendency, offering the possibility of reimagining the contemporary model of aesthetic participation. This highly original work - the second in Stieglerï¿1⁄2s Symbolic Misery series - will be of particular interest to students in philosophy, media and cultural studies, contemporary art and sociology, and will consolidate Stieglerï¿1⁄2s reputation as one of the most original cultural theorists of our time.

L Vi Strauss

Author : Emmanuelle Loyer
ISBN : 9783518737774
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 76. 32 MB
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Wissenschaftler, Schriftsteller, Melancholiker, Ästhet – Claude Lévi-Strauss (1908-2009) hat nicht nur Wissenschaftsgeschichte geschrieben, sondern auch unseren Blick auf uns selbst und auf die Welt verändert. In ihrer preisgekrönten Biographie durchmisst die Historikerin Emmanuelle Loyer das Leben und den intellektuellen Werdegang des weltberühmten Anthropologen. Auf Basis bisher unveröffentlichter Quellen schildert Loyer fesselnd die Persönlichkeit und die Entwicklung von Lévi-Strauss: seine Kindheit im jüdisch assimilierten Elternhaus, seine vielversprechende Jugend- und Studienzeit sowie seine ersten politischen und intellektuellen Suchbewegungen. Es folgen die inzwischen legendäre Expedition ins Innerste Brasiliens, das Exil in Amerika, die Begründung des Strukturalismus. Nach dem Krieg und der Rückkehr nach Frankreich beginnt die Zeit des Schreibens, des Ruhms und der Ehrungen. Die Traurigen Tropen erscheinen und werden ein Welterfolg. Lévi-Strauss avanciert zu einem französischen Nationalhelden. Doch in seinen vielfältigen öffentlichen und politischen Interventionen bewahrt er sich stets den »Blick aus der Ferne«. Loyers Biographie erzählt von einem Leben als intellektuellem Abenteuer – einem Abenteuer, das fortwirkt.

Zweites Manifest F R Die Philosophie

Author : Alain Badiou
ISBN : 3851325702
Genre :
File Size : 65. 58 MB
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Author : Gerald Raunig
ISBN : 3950176284
Genre :
File Size : 82. 40 MB
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