structural damping applications in seismic response modification advances in earthquake engineering

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Structural Damping

Author : Zach Liang
ISBN : 9781439815830
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Rapid advances have been made during the past few decades in earthquake response modification technologies for structures, most notably in base isolation and energy dissipation systems. Many practical applications of various dampers can be found worldwide and, in the United States, damper design has been included in building codes. The current design process is simple and useful for adding supplemental damping up to a reasonable level—but it is not as useful with higher levels of damping. Taking a different approach, Structural Damping: Applications in Seismic Response Modification considers the dynamic responses of structures with added damping devices as systems governed by the combined effect of the static stiffness, period, and damping—or "dynamic stiffness"—of the structure-device system. This formulation supplies additional information for higher-level supplemental damping design that current provisions may not adequately cover. The authors also propose a more comprehensive consideration of the core issues in structural damping, which provides a useful foundation for continued research and development in seismic response modification technologies for performance-based engineering. The book includes design examples, based on the authors’ research and practical experience, to illustrate approaches that include higher-level supplemental damping to complement the use of the current NEHRP/ASCE-7 provisions. A self-contained resource on damping design principles, this book helps earthquake engineers select the most effective type of damper and determine the amount and configuration of damping under given working conditions.

Structural Dynamic Analysis With Generalized Damping Models

Author : Sondipon Adhikari
ISBN : 9781118863022
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Since Lord Rayleigh introduced the idea of viscous damping in hisclassic work "The Theory of Sound" in 1877, it has become standardpractice to use this approach in dynamics, covering a wide range ofapplications from aerospace to civil engineering. However, in themajority of practical cases this approach is adopted more formathematical convenience than for modeling the physics of vibrationdamping. Over the past decade, extensive research has been undertaken onmore general “non-viscous” damping models and vibrationof non-viscously damped systems. This book, along with a relatedbook Structural Dynamic Analysis with Generalized Damping Models:Analysis, is the first comprehensive study to cover vibrationproblems with general non-viscous damping. The author draws on hisconsiderable research experience to produce a text covering:parametric senistivity of damped systems; identification of viscousdamping; identification of non-viscous damping; and some tools forthe quanitification of damping. The book is written from avibration theory standpoint, with numerous worked examples whichare relevant across a wide range of mechanical, aerospace andstructural engineering applications. Contents 1. Parametric Sensitivity of Damped Systems. 2. Identification of Viscous Damping. 3. Identification of Non-viscous Damping. 4. Quantification of Damping. About the Authors Sondipon Adhikari is Chair Professor of Aerospace Engineering atSwansea University, Wales. His wide-ranging and multi-disciplinaryresearch interests include uncertainty quantification incomputational mechanics, bio- and nanomechanics, dynamics ofcomplex systems, inverse problems for linear and nonlineardynamics, and renewable energy. He is a technical reviewer of 97international journals, 18 conferences and 13 funding bodies.He haswritten over 180 refereed journal papers, 120 refereed conferencepapers and has authored or co-authored 15 book chapters.

Random Vibration

Author : Zach Liang
ISBN : 9781498702379
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 75. 21 MB
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Focuses on the Basic Methodologies Needed to Handle Random Processes After determining that most textbooks on random vibrations are mathematically intensive and often too difficult for students to fully digest in a single course, the authors of Random Vibration: Mechanical, Structural, and Earthquake Engineering Applications decided to revise the current standard. This text incorporates more than 20 years of research on formulating bridge design limit states. Utilizing the authors’ experience in formulating real-world failure probability-based engineering design criteria, and their discovery of relevant examples using the basic ideas and principles of random processes, the text effectively helps students readily grasp the essential concepts. It eliminates the rigorous math-intensive logic training applied in the past, greatly reduces the random process aspect, and works to change a knowledge-based course approach into a methodology-based course approach. This approach underlies the book throughout, and students are taught the fundamental methodologies of accounting for random data and random processes as well as how to apply them in engineering practice. Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Randomness in Sequences Presented in four sections, the material discusses the scope of random processes, provides an overview of random processes, highlights random vibrations, and details the application of the methodology. Relevant engineering examples, included throughout the text, equip readers with the ability to make measurements and observations, understand basic steps, validate the accuracy of dynamic analyses, and master and apply newly developed knowledge in random vibrations and corresponding system reliabilities. Comprising 11 Chapters, this text: Reviews the theory of probability and applies it from an engineering perspective Introduces basic concepts and formulas to prepare for discussions of random processes Emphasizes the essence of probability as the chance of occurrence in sample space Covers two important issues in engineering practice, the uncertainty of data and the probability of failure Explores the random processes in the time domain Explains the nature of time-varying variables by joint PDF through the Kolmogorov extension Examines random processes in the frequency domain Discusses several basic and useful models of random processes Presents a new set of statistics for random processes Employs an approach to present important processes within the context of practical engineering problems Includes the generality of dealing with randomness and the difference between random variables and processes Focuses on the topic of vibration problems Addresses the basic parameters of linear single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) systems Stresses a new method of random process referred to as time series Details linear multi-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) systems Describes the statistical analyses of direct approach based on model decoupling of proportionally and nonproportionally-damped systems Provides materials on the applications of random processes and vibration Discusses statistical studies on random data and model identifications Describes the nonlinear phenomena and the general approach of linearization Highlights a special method of Monte Carlo simulation, and more Random Vibration: Mechanical, Structural, and Earthquake Engineering Applications effectively integrates the basic ideas, concepts, principles, and theories of random processes. This enables students to understand the basic methodology and establish their own logic to systematically handle the issues facing the theory and application of random vibrations.

Performance Based Seismic Design Of Concrete Structures And Infrastructures

Author : Plevris, Vagelis
ISBN : 9781522520900
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 76. 3 MB
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Solid design and craftsmanship are a necessity for structures and infrastructures that must stand up to natural disasters on a regular basis. Continuous research developments in the engineering field are imperative for sustaining buildings against the threat of earthquakes and other natural disasters. Performance-Based Seismic Design of Concrete Structures and Infrastructures is an informative reference source on all the latest trends and emerging data associated with structural design. Highlighting key topics such as seismic assessments, shear wall structures, and infrastructure resilience, this is an ideal resource for all academicians, students, professionals, and researchers that are seeking new knowledge on the best methods and techniques for designing solid structural designs.

Geotechnical Applications For Earthquake Engineering Research Advancements

Author : Sitharam, T.G.
ISBN : 9781466609167
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 89. 61 MB
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Disaster preparedness and response management is a burgeoning field of technological research, and staying abreast of the latest developments within the field is a difficult task. Geotechnical Applications for Earthquake Engineering: Research Advancements has collected chapters from experts from around the world in a variety of applications, frameworks, and methodologies, and prepared them in a form that serves as a handy reference and research guide to practitioners and academics alike. By protecting society with earthquake engineering, the latest research can make the world a safer place.

Bridge Engineering

Author : W.F. Chen
ISBN : 9781420039788
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 81. 17 MB
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Mitigating the effects of earthquakes is crucial to bridge design. With chapters culled from the best-selling Bridge Engineering Handbook, this volume sets forth the principles and applications of seismic design, from the necessary geotechnical and dynamic analysis background to seismic isolation and energy dissipation, active control, and retrofit technology. In-depth discussions contributed by bridge and earthquake engineers from around the world cover the types and effects of earthquake damage and structural performance criteria. The book also includes an overview of seismic design practices in Japan, including a study of the damage to highway bridges caused by the Hyogo-ken Nanbu earthquake and the changes in retrofit practices precipitated by that earthquake.

Advances In Building Technology

Author : M. Anson
ISBN : UOM:39015055814415
Genre : Building
File Size : 37. 56 MB
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Third International Conference On Recent Advances In Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering And Soil Dynamics Proceedings

Author : University of Missouri--Rolla
ISBN : 1887009000
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 64. 57 MB
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Assessing And Managing Earthquake Risk

Author : Carlos Sousa Oliveira
ISBN : 1402036086
Genre : Science
File Size : 70. 38 MB
Format : PDF
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* Multidisciplinary approach of risk assessment and management, which can provide more efficient earthquake mitigation. * Transfer of Geo-scientific and engineering knowledge to Civil Protection and insurance agents * Approaches and common practices directly related to the preparation of earthquake emergency plans * Illustrated examples of actual applications, including web sites * Case-studies and information on relevant international projects

Author :
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