structural and functional relationships in prokaryotes

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Structural And Functional Relationships In Prokaryotes

Author : Larry Barton
ISBN : 0387271252
Genre : Science
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For several decades, bacteria have served as model systems to describe the life p- cesses of growth and metabolism. In addition, it is well recognized that prokaryotes have contributed greatly to the many advances in the areas of ecology, evolution, and biotechnology. This understanding of microorganisms is based on studies of members from both theBacteria andArchaea domains. With each issue of the various scienti?c publications, new characteristics of prokaryotic cells are being reported and it is - portant to place these insights in the context of the appropriate physiological processes. Structural and Functional Relationships in Prokaryotes describes the fundamental physiological processes for members of the Archaea and Bacteria domains. The - ganization of the book re?ects the emphasis that I have used in my 30 years of teaching a course of bacterial physiology. The philosophy used in the preparation of this book is to focus on the fundamental features of prokaryotic physiology and to use these features as the basis for comparative physiology. Even though diverse phenotypes have evolved from myriad genetic possibilities, these prokaryotes display considerable functional similarity and support the premise that there is a unity of physiology in the prokaryotes. The variations observed in the chemical structures and biochemical p- cesses are important in contributing to the persistence of microbial strains in a speci?c environment.

Prokaryotic Structure And Function

Author : Society for General Microbiology. Symposium
ISBN : 0521415705
Genre : Prokaryotes
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The Prokaryotes

Author : M.P. Starr
ISBN : 9783662131879
Genre : Science
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The purpose ofthis brief Foreword is to make you, the reader, hungry for the scientific feast that follows. These two volumes on the prokary otes offer a truly unique scientific menu-a comprehensive assembly of articles, exhibiting the biochemical depth and remarkable physiological and morphological diversity of prokaryote life. The size of the volumes might initially discourage the unprepared mind from being attracted to the study of prokaryote life, for this landmark assemblage thoroughly documents the wealth of present knowledge. But in confronting the reader with the state of the art, the Handbook also defines where new work needs to be done on well-studied bacteria as well as on unusual or poorly studied organisms. There are basically two ways of doing research with microbes. A classical approach is first to define the phenomenon to be studied and then to select the organism accordingly. Another way is to choose a specific organism and go where it leads. The pursuit of an unusual microbe brings out the latent hunter in all of us. The intellectual chal lenges of the chase frequently test our ingenuity to the limit. Sometimes the quarry repeatedly escapes, but the final capture is indeed a wonder ful experience. For many of us, these simple rewards are sufficiently gratifying so that we have chosen to spend our scientific lives studying these unusual creatures.

Relations Between Structure And Function In The Prokaryotic Cell

Author : Roger Y. Stanier
ISBN : 0521219094
Genre : Science
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The structure of the bacterial ribosome. Structure and function of the translation machinery. Structure-function relationships pf the gram-negative bacterial cell envelope. Structure and growth of the walls of gram-positive bacteria. Structure and immunostimulant properties of mycobacterial cell walls. Structure and function of bacterial plasma membranes. the purple membrane of halobacteria. Phospholipoproteins in enzyme excretion by bacteria. The reversion of bacterial protoplasts and L-forms. Structure and function of bacterial flagella. Leptospiral motility. Spore specific structures and their function. The gas vesicles of aquatic prokaryotes.

Biology Of The Prokaryotes

Author : J. Lengeler
ISBN : 9781444313307
Genre : Science
File Size : 71. 52 MB
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Designed as an upper-level textbook and a reference for researchers, this important book concentrates on central concepts of the bacterial lifestyle. Taking a refreshingly new approach, it present an integrated view of the prokaryotic cell as an organism and as a member of an interacting population. Beginning with a description of cellular structures, the text proceeds through metabolic pathways and metabolic reactions to the genes and regulatory mechanisms. At a higher level of complexity, a discussion of cell differentiation processes is followed by a description of the diversity of prokaryotes and their role in the biosphere. A closing section deals with man and microbes (ie, applied microbiology). The first text to adopt an integrated view of the prokaryotic cell as an organism and as a member of a population. Vividly illustrates the diversity of the prokaryotic world - nearly all the metabolic diversity in living organisms is found in microbes. New developments in applied microbiology highlighted. Extensive linking between related topics allows easy navigation through the book. Essential definitions and conclusions highlighted. Supplementary information in boxes.

Annual Plant Reviews Plant Polysaccharides

Author : Peter Ulvskov
ISBN : 1444391003
Genre : Science
File Size : 29. 53 MB
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Plant Polysaccharides, an exceptional new volume in Wiley-Blackwell’s successful Annual Plant Reviews series, covers the polysaccharides and proteins that form the fundamental architecture of the plant cell wall, and the genes that encode the cellular machinery that synthesizes them. The volume focuses on the evolution of the many families of genes whose products are required to make a particular kind of polysaccharide, bringing attention to the specific biochemical properties of the proteins to the level of kinds of sugar linkages they make. Beautifully illustrated in full colour throughout, this exceptional new volume provides cutting edge up-to-date information on such important topics as cell wall biology, composition and biosynthesis, glycosyltransferases, hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins, enzymatic modification of plant cell wall polysaccharides, glycan engineering in transgenic plants, and polysaccharide nanobiotechnology. Drawing together some of the world’s leading experts in these areas, the editor, Peter Ulvskov, has provided a landmark volume that is essential reading for plant and crop scientists, biochemists, molecular biologists and geneticists. All libraries in universities and research establishments where plant sciences, agriculture, biological, biochemical and molecular sciences are studied and taught should have copies of this important volume.

Histidine Kinases In Signal Transduction

Author : Masayori Inouye
ISBN : 9780080534015
Genre : Science
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Living cells are constantly sensing environmental changes, and their abilities to sense these changes and adapt to them are essential for their survival. In bacteria, histidine kinases are the major sensors for these environmental stresses, enabling cells to adapt to new growth conditions. Written by leading experts in the field, this book provides an up-to-date and comprehensive review on the structure and function of histidine kinases. It also provides extensive information on the physiological roles of histidine kinases in bacteria and eukaryotes. An an essential reference for cell biologists, microbiologists, molecular biologists, and biochemists interested in signal transduction. Experimental biologists and pharmacologists studying signal transduction systems in living organisms will also find it a valuable research tool. The first comprehensive book on the roles of histidine kinases in cells 23 in-depth chapters written by leading experts in the field Describes the most recent advances in the field of signal transduction

Fundamentals Of Food Biotechnology

Author : Byong H. Lee
ISBN : 9781118384916
Genre : Science
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Food biotechnology is the application of modern biotechnological techniques to the manufacture and processing of food, for example through fermentation of food (which is the oldest biotechnological process) and food additives, as well as plant and animal cell cultures. New developments in fermentation and enzyme technological processes, molecular thermodynamics, genetic engineering, protein engineering, metabolic engineering, bioengineering, and processes involving monoclonal antibodies, nanobiotechnology and quorum sensing have introduced exciting new dimensions to food biotechnology, a burgeoning field that transcends many scientific disciplines. Fundamentals of Food Biotechnology, 2nd edition is based on the author’s 25 years of experience teaching on a food biotechnology course at McGill University in Canada. The book will appeal to professional food scientists as well as graduate and advanced undergraduate students by addressing the latest exciting food biotechnology research in areas such as genetically modified foods (GMOs), bioenergy, bioplastics, functional foods/nutraceuticals, nanobiotechnology, quorum sensing and quenching. In addition, cloning techniques for bacterial and yeast enzymes are included in a “New Trends and Tools” section and selected references, questions and answers appear at the end of each chapter. This new edition has been comprehensively rewritten and restructured to reflect the new technologies, products and trends that have emerged since the original book. Many new aspects highlight the short and longer term commercial potential of food biotechnology.

Moonlighting Proteins

Author : Brian Henderson
ISBN : 9781118951132
Genre : Science
File Size : 57. 10 MB
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Moonlighting Proteins: Novel Virulence Factors in Bacterial Infections is a complete examination of the ways in which proteins with more than one unique biological action are able to serve as virulence factors in different bacteria. The book explores the pathogenicity of bacterial moonlighting proteins, demonstrating the plasticity of protein evolution as it relates to protein function and to bacterial communication. Highlighting the latest discoveries in the field, it details the approximately 70 known bacterial proteins with a moonlighting function related to a virulence phenomenon. Chapters describe the ways in which each moonlighting protein can function as such for a variety of bacterial pathogens and how individual bacteria can use more than one moonlighting protein as a virulence factor. The cutting-edge research contained here offers important insights into many topics, from bacterial colonization, virulence, and antibiotic resistance, to protein structure and the therapeutic potential of moonlighting proteins. Moonlighting Proteins: Novel Virulence Factors in Bacterial Infections will be of interest to researchers and graduate students in microbiology (specifically bacteriology), immunology, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, pathology, and protein science. About the Editor Brian Henderson, Division of Infection and Immunity, University College London, London, UK

Prokaryotic Gene Expression

Author : S. Baumberg
ISBN : 0199636044
Genre : Science
File Size : 90. 37 MB
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Although prokaryotes (which include bacteria) lack a nucleus, they have genomic DNA and the study of their genes is an important area of research, with implications for developmental biology, the study of cancer, and the development of antibiotics. This book, written for graduates and researchers but accessible to advanced undergraduates as well, provides a broad review of current research.

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