stereoselective polymerization with single site catalysts

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Stereoselective Polymerization With Single Site Catalysts

Author : Lisa S. Baugh
ISBN : 142001708X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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New synthetic techniques allow chemists to modify polymer microstructures more precisely than ever, making it possible to design materials that meet increasingly demanding performance requirements. Written and edited by experts in the field, Stereoselective Polymerization with Single-Site Catalysts reviews how the relative stereochemistry of polymer chains affects polymer properties and presents the latest strategies for developing tactic polymers using single-site catalysis. This unified volume explains the mechanistic basics of tactic polymerizations, beginning with an extensive survey of the most important classes of metallocene and post-metallocene catalysts used to make polypropylenes. It also focuses on tactic stereoblock and ethylene/propylene copolymers and catalyst active site models, followed by chapters discussing the structure of more stereochemically complex polymers and polymerizations that proceed via non-vinyl-addition mechanisms. Individual chapters thoroughly describe tactic polymerizations of α-olefins, styrene, dienes, acetylenes, lactides, epoxides, acrylates, and cyclic monomers, as well as cyclopolymerizations and ditactic structures, olefin/CO polymers, and metathesis polyalkenamers. An ideal reference and supplementary text, Stereoselective Polymerization with Single-Site Catalysts enables both new and experienced chemists to better understand tactic polymers and select appropriate catalyst systems for their preparation.

Young Talents In Polymer Science

Author : Alexander Böker
ISBN : 9783038424581
Genre : Science
File Size : 49. 88 MB
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Young Talents in Polymer Science" that was published in Polymers

Science Of Synthesis Stereoselective Synthesis Vol 3

Author :
ISBN : 9783131789716
Genre : Science
File Size : 32. 87 MB
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In the three volumes of "Science of Synthesis: Stereoselective Synthesis" expert authors present the best and most reliable methods currently available for the preparation of chiral nonracemic compounds. These methods may be stoichiometric or catalytic, and the latter may include metal, organic, or enzyme catalysis. "Stereoselective Synthesis 3" covers stereoselective pericyclic reactions, cross coupling, and C-H and C-X activation, where the emphasis is on enantioselective reactions using asymmetric catalysts. Examples from the total synthesis of various natural and unnatural targets validate the utility of the various synthetic methods. Specific topics discussed include cycloaddition, cycloisomerization and sigmatropic rearrangement reactions, allylic and -carbonyl functionalization reactions, metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions, desymmetrization, fluorination, polymerization and sulfide oxidation reactions. // The content of this e-book was originally published in April 2011.

Metallocenes In Regio And Stereoselective Synthesis

Author : Tamotsu Takahashi
ISBN : 3540016066
Genre : Science
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Metallocene is a well known sandwich complex with two cyclopentadienyl ligands such as ferrocene. Recently, such metallocene compounds have been found to be very characteristic and they have become very important, not only in the area of organic synthesis, but also in polymerization in industry. Metal complexes with one cyclopentadienyl ligand have also become popular as half sandwich complexes. The number of researchers in the field of metallocenes has increased rapidly. However, the origin of the characteristic reactivity of metallocenes is not fully understood. In this volume, the chemistry of metal complexes with at least one cyclopentadienyl ligand is comprehensively covered by leading experts. Reactions discussed here are (i) natural product synthesis, (ii) catalytic asymmetric synthesis, (iii) cyclization reactions, (iv)catalytic reactions, (iv) polymerization reactions and (v) carbon-carbon bond cleavage reactions. The reader will have access to useful information about the current state of metallocene chemistry.

Handbook Of Engineering And Specialty Thermoplastics Polyolefins And Styrenics

Author : Johannes Karl Fink
ISBN : 1118029283
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 78. 27 MB
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Utilizes an encyclopedic approach to cover the developments in polyolefins and styrenics during the last decade This book focuses on common types of polymers belonging to the class of polyolefins and styrenics. The text is arranged according to the chemical constitution of polymers and reviews the developments that have taken place in the last decade. A brief introduction to the polymer type is given and previous monographs and reviews dealing with the topic are listed for quick reference. The text continues with monomers, polymerization, fabrication techniques, properties, application, as well as safety issues. Providing a rather encyclopedic approach to polyolefins and styrenics, The Handbook of Engineering and Specialty Thermoplastics: Presents a listing of suppliers and commercial grades Reviews current patent literature, essential for the engineer developing new products Contains as extensive tradenames index with information that is fairly unique Concludes with an index of acronyms The Handbook of Engineering and Specialty Thermoplastics: Polyolefins and Styrenics provides a comprehensive reference for chemical engineers and offers advanced students with a textbook for use in courses on chemically biased plastics technology and polymer science.

Polyolefins 50 Years After Ziegler And Natta Ii

Author : Walter Kaminsky
ISBN : 9783642408052
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 35. 15 MB
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Advances in Polymer Science enjoys a longstanding tradition and good reputation in its community. Each volume is dedicated to a current topic, and each review critically surveys one aspect of that topic, to place it within the context of the volume. The volumes typically summarize the significant developments of the last 5 to 10 years and discuss them critically, presenting selected examples, explaining and illustrating the important principles, and bringing together many important references of primary literature. On that basis, future research directions in the area can be discussed. Advances in Polymer Science volumes thus are important references for every polymer scientist, as well as for other scientists interested in polymer science - as an introduction to a neighboring field, or as a compilation of detailed information for the specialist.

Alkene Polymerization Reactions With Transition Metal Catalysts

Author : Yury Kissin
ISBN : 0080557996
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 54. 37 MB
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During the past 30 years, the field of alkene polymerization over transition metal catalysts underwent several major changes: 1. The list of commercial heterogeneous Ziegler-Natta catalysts for the synthesis of polyethylene and stereoregular polyolefins was completely renewed affording an unprecedented degree of control over the polymer structure. 2. Research devoted to metallocene and other soluble transition-metal catalysis has vastly expanded and has shifted toward complexes of transition metals with multidentate ligands. 3. Recent developments in gel permeation chromatography, temperature-rising fractionation, and crystallization fractionation provided the first reliable information about differences between various active centers in transition-metal catalysts. 4. A rapid development of high-resolution 13C NMR spectroscopy resulted in greatly expanded understanding of the chemical and steric features of polyolefins and alkene copolymers. These developments require a new review of all aspects of alkene polymerization reactions with transition-metal catalysts. The first chapter in the book is an introductory text for researchers who are entering the field. It describes the basic principles of polymerization reactions with transition-metal catalysts, the types of catalysts, and commercially manufactured polyolefins. The next chapter addresses the principal issue of alkene polymerization catalysis: the existence of catalyst systems with single and multiple types of active centers. The subsequent chapters are devoted to chemistry and stereochemistry of elemental reaction steps, structures of catalyst precursors and reactions leading to the formation of active centers, kinetics of polymerization reactions, and their mechanisms. The book describes the latest commercial polymerization catalysts for the synthesis of polyethylenes and polypropylene The book provides a detailed description of the multi-center nature of commercial Ziegler-Natta catalysts. The book devotes specialized chapters to the most important aspects of transition metal polymerization catalysts: the reactions leading to the formation of active centers, the chemistry and stereochemistry of elemental polymerization steps, reaction kinetics, and the polymerization mechanism. The book contains an introductory chapter for researchers who are entering the field of polymerization catalysis. It describes the basic principles of polymerization reactions with transition-metal catalysts and the types of commercially manufactured polyolefins and copolymers The book contains over 2000 references, the most recent up to end of 2006.

Science And Technology In Catalysis 2006

Author : Koichi Eguchi
ISBN : 0444532021
Genre : Science
File Size : 57. 99 MB
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Unsteady-state operations of catalytic reactors provide plentiful opportunities for research and commercial realization of efficient heterogeneous catalytic processes. Forced unsteady state conditions generate unique distributions of process parameters and catalyst states often unattainable with traditional, steady-state operation. The unsteady-states can be created by periodic changes in input flow parameters, such as changes in inlet temperature and composition, catalyst circulation through reaction and regeneration zones, or periodic flow reversals through fixed catalyst bed. This can result in increased productivity, selectivity, capital savings and operating cost reduction (higher energy efficiency). Efficient environmental technologies for treatment of toxic emissions, acid rain and greenhouse gas emissions can also be developed using the unsteady-state concept. The Proceedings communicate recent progress in these areas of research and promote future development. The aims are to establish relations between academia, industry, engineers and scientists from all over the world, to stimulate new catalytic technologies as well as fundamental research, and to create new concepts for the development of effective catalytic systems. It presents the most up-to-date research in catalysis. - contains the most recent developments in catalytic research - includes research finding as well as their application to industry - a thorough source of information on the latest developments of industrial catalysis in Japan

Metalorganic Catalysts For Synthesis And Polymerization

Author : Walter Kaminsky
ISBN : 9783642601781
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 89. 71 MB
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45 years after the discovery of transition metals and organometallics as cocatalysts for the polymerization of olefins and for organic synthesis, these compounds have not lost their fascination. The birthday of Karl Ziegler, the great pioneer in this metalorganic catalysis, is now 100 years ago. Polyolefins and polydienes produced by Ziegler-Natta catalysis are the most important plastics and elastomers. New impulses for the polymerization of olefins have been brought about by highly active metallocenes and other single site catalysts. Just by changing the ligands of the organometallic compounds, the structure of the polymers produced can be tailored in a wide manner. In invited lectures and posters, relevant aspects of the metalorganic catalysts for synthesis and polymerization are discussed in this book. This includes mechanism and kinetics, stereochemistry, material properties, and industrial applications.

C3 Symmetric Single Site Metal Alkoxides For The Ring Opening Polymerization Of Lactides

Author : Suri Saranathan Iyer
ISBN : IND:30000067774947
Genre :
File Size : 47. 60 MB
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