statistical mechanics of nonequilibrium liquids

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Statistical Mechanics Of Nonequilibrium Liquids

Author : Denis J. Evans
ISBN : 9781483260457
Genre : Science
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Statistical Mechanics of Nonequilibrium Liquids deals with theoretical rheology. The book discusses nonlinear response of systems and outlines the statistical mechanical theory. In discussing the framework of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, the book explains the derivation of a nonequilibrium analogue of the Gibbsian basis for equilibrium statistical mechanics. The book reviews the linear irreversible thermodynamics, the Liouville equation, and the Irving-Kirkwood procedure. The text then explains the Green-Kubo relations used in linear transport coefficients, the linear response theory, the isothermal linear response theory, as well as the equivalence of thermostatted linear responses. The book also describes how thermostatted linear mechanical response of many-body systems can be related to equilibrium fluctuations. The text explains the procedure for calculating the linear Navier-Stokes transport coefficients through computer simulation algorithms. The book also discusses the van Kampen objection to linear response theory, the steady-state fluctuations, and the thermodynamics of steady states. The text will prove valuable for researchers in molecular chemistry, scientists, and academicians involved in advanced physics.

Statistical Mechanics Of Nonequilibrium Liquids

Author : Gerain Coleman
ISBN : 1680953133
Genre : Liquids
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In recent years the interaction between dynamical systems theory and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics has been enormous. The discovery of fluctuation theorems as a fundamental structure common to almost all non-equilibrium systems, and the connections with the free energy calculation methods have excited both theorists and experimentalists. Mechanics provides a complete microscopic description of the state of a sytem. When the equations of motion are combined with initial conditions and boundary conditions, the subsequent time evolution of a classical system can be predicted. The book "Statistical Mechanics of Nonequilibrium Liquids" is divided into six chapters. The purpose of first chapter is to establish a time-reversal symmetry relation valid out of equilibrium for the fluctuating Boltzmann equation. The Hamiltonian dynamics, Nanosystems, and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics have described in second chapter. Third chapter reviews the advantages which stem from using methods of optional control theory and variational calculus in non-equilibrium thermodynamics rather on typical phenomenological descriptions. The theory of nanoequilibrium liquid-vapor interface has been described in fourth chapter. The equations of motion in nanoequilibrium statistical mechanics for nanoextensive systems have been presented in fifth chapter. In last chapter, we describe a method of constructing exact solutions of the equations of molecular dynamics in non-equilibrium settings.

Statistical Mechanics Of Nonequilbrium Liquids

Author : Gary P. Morriss
ISBN : OCLC:1014393051
Genre : Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics
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During the 1980's there were many developments regarding the nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of dense classical atomic fluids. These developments have had a major impact on the computer simulation methods used to model nonequilibrium fluids. The present volume is, in part, an attempt to provide a pedagogical discussion of the statistical mechanical justification of these algorithms. There is a symbiotic relationship between theoretical nonequilibrium statistical mechanics on the one hand and the theory and practice of computer simulation on the other. Sometimes, the initiative for progress has been with the pragmatic requirements of computer simulation and at other times, the initiative has been with the fundamental theory of nonequilibrium processes. This book summarises progress in this field up to 1990.

Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics

Author : Hans Christian Öttinger
ISBN : 9780471727910
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 58. 41 MB
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Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics fills a niche in the market by providing a comprehensive introduction to a new, emerging topic in the field. The importance of non-equilibrium thermodynamics is addressed in order to fully understand how a system works, whether it is in a biological system like the brain or a system that develops plastic. In order to fully grasp the subject, the book clearly explains the physical concepts and mathematics involved, as well as presenting problems and solutions; over 200 exercises and answers are included. Engineers, scientists, and applied mathematicians can all use the book to address their problems in modelling, calculating, and understanding dynamic responses of materials.

Thermal Nonequilibrium Phenomena In Fluid Mixtures

Author : W. Köhler
ISBN : 9783540457916
Genre : Science
File Size : 34. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Thermodiffusion describes the coupling between a temperature gradient and a resulting mass flux. Traditionally, the focus has been on simple fluids, and it is now extending to more complex systems such as electrolytes, polymers, colloidal dispersions and magnetic fluids. This book widens the scope even further by including applications in ionic solids. Written as a set of tutorial reviews, it will be useful to experts, nonspecialist researchers and postgraduate students alike.

Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics

Author : Billy D. Todd
ISBN : 9781316982471
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 54. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Written by two specialists with over twenty-five years of experience in the field, this valuable text presents a wide range of topics within the growing field of nonequilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD). It introduces theories which are fundamental to the field - namely, nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and nonequilibrium thermodynamics - and provides state-of-the-art algorithms and advice for designing reliable NEMD code, as well as examining applications for both atomic and molecular fluids. It discusses homogenous and inhomogenous flows and pays considerable attention to highly confined fluids, such as nanofluidics. In addition to statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, the book covers the themes of temperature and thermodynamic fluxes and their computation, the theory and algorithms for homogenous shear and elongational flows, response theory and its applications, heat and mass transport algorithms, applications in molecular rheology, highly confined fluids (nanofluidics), the phenomenon of slip and how to compute it from basic microscopic principles, and generalized hydrodynamics.

The Principles Of Statistical Mechanics

Author : Richard Chace Tolman
ISBN : 0486638960
Genre : Science
File Size : 45. 80 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is the definitive treatise on the fundamentals of statistical mechanics. A concise exposition of classical statistical mechanics is followed by a thorough elucidation of quantum statistical mechanics: postulates, theorems, statistical ensembles, changes in quantum mechanical systems with time, and more. The final two chapters discuss applications of statistical mechanics to thermodynamic behavior. 1930 edition.

Computer Simulation Of Liquids

Author : M. P. Allen
ISBN : 0198556454
Genre : History
File Size : 83. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book describes how to use computers to simulate the properties of liquids. It provides an introduction and practical guide to the molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo methods. 'The book is comprehensive, thorough and readable' Chemistry in Britain

Equilibrium And Non Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics

Author : Carolyn M. Van Vliet
ISBN : 9789812704771
Genre : Science
File Size : 43. 97 MB
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This book encompasses our current understanding of the ensemble approach to many-body physics, phase transitions and other thermal phenomena, as well as the quantum foundations of linear response theory, kinetic equations and stochastic processes. It is destined to be a standard text for graduate students, but it will also serve the specialist-researcher in this fascinating field; some more elementary topics have been included in order to make the book self-contained.The historical methods of J Willard Gibbs and Ludwig Boltzmann, applied to the quantum description rather than phase space, are featured. The tools for computations in the microcanonical, canonical and grand-canonical ensembles are carefully developed and then applied to a variety of classical and standard quantum situations. After the language of second quantization has been introduced, strongly interacting systems, such as quantum liquids, superfluids and superconductivity, are treated in detail. For the connoisseur, there is a section on diagrammatic methods and applications.In the second part dealing with non-equilibrium processes, the emphasis is on the quantum foundations of Markovian behaviour and irreversibility via the Pauli-Van Hove master equation. Justifiable linear response expressions and the quantum-Boltzmann approach are discussed and applied to various condensed matter problems. From this basis the Onsager-Casimir relations are derived, together with the mesoscopic master equation, the Langevin equation and the Fokker-Planck truncation procedure. Brownian motion and modern stochastic problems such as fluctuations in optical signals and radiation fields briefly make the round.

Thermodynamics Of Fluids Under Flow

Author : D. Jou
ISBN : 9783662044148
Genre : Science
File Size : 56. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Based on the authors’ successful theory for extended irreversible thermodynamics, the book analyzes the thermodynamic aspects of several phenomena induced by the flow in fluid systems.

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