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Static Mixers For Coagulation And Disinfection

Author : A. Amirtharajah
ISBN : 9781583211113
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Static mixers are an attractive alternative for the mixing of chemicals in water treatment plants. The attraction comes from the fact that static mixers do not require an external input of energy and do not have moving parts. Static mixers consist of mixing elements fixed on the inside of a pipe of channel. The elements do not move. Chemicals, added just upstream of the mixers, mix with the bulk fluid because of the complex, three-dimensional fluid motion generated by the elements. The goal of this project is to explore the use of static mixers in two of the key processes in drinking water treatment: for the mixing of coagulants for destabilization and the mixing of disinfectants for the inactivation of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts in disinfection. The role of mixing in both of these processes is not well understood. But for each process experimental and theoretical evidence suggests that, at least in some circumstances, the mixing environment provided when chemicals are introduced into the flow will affect the resulting destabilization or inactivation.

Mechanical Behavior Of Engineering Materials

Author : Y.M. Haddad
ISBN : 079236354X
Genre : Science
File Size : 88. 82 MB
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This monograph consists of two volumes and provides a unified, comprehensive presentation of the important topics pertaining to the understanding and determination of the mechanical behaviour of engineering materials under different regimes of loading. The large subject area is separated into eighteen chapters and four appendices, all self-contained, which give a complete picture and allow a thorough understanding of the current status and future direction of individual topics. Volume I contains eight chapters and three appendices, and concerns itself with the basic concepts pertaining to the entire monograph, together with the response behaviour of engineering materials under static and quasi-static loading. Thus, Volume I is dedicated to the introduction, the basic concepts and principles of the mechanical response of engineering materials, together with the relevant analysis of elastic, elastic-plastic, and viscoelastic behaviour. Volume II consists of ten chapters and one appendix, and concerns itself with the mechanical behaviour of various classes of materials under dynamic loading, together with the effects of local and microstructural phenomena on the response behaviour of the material. Volume II also contains selected topics concerning intelligent material systems, and pattern recognition and classification methodology for the characterization of material response states. The monograph contains a large number of illustrations, numerical examples and solved problems. The majority of chapters also contain a large number of review problems to challenge the reader. The monograph can be used as a textbook in science and engineering, for third and fourth undergraduate levels, as well as for the graduate levels. It is also a definitive reference work for scientists and engineers involved in the production, processing and applications of engineering materials, as well as for other professionals who are involved in the engineering design process.

Efficient C

Author : Dov Bulka
ISBN : 0201379503
Genre : Computers
File Size : 52. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Far too many programmers and software designers consider efficient C++ to be an oxymoron. They regard C++ as inherently slow and inappropriate for performance-critical applications. Consequently, C++ has had little success penetrating domains such as networking, operating system kernels, device drivers, and others. "Efficient C++" explodes that myth. Written by two authors with first-hand experience wringing the last ounce of performance from commercial C++ applications, this book demonstrates the potential of C++ to produce highly efficient programs. The book reveals practical, everyday object-oriented design principles and C++ coding techniques that can yield large performance improvements. It points out common pitfalls in both design and code that generate hidden operating costs. This book focuses on combining C++'s power and flexibility with high performance and scalability, resulting in the best of both worlds. Specific topics include temporary objects, memory management, templates, inheritance, virtual functions, inlining, reference-counting, STL, and much more. With this book, you will have a valuable compendium of the best performance techniques at your fingertips. 0201379503B04062001

Mechanical Measurements

Author : R. S. Sirohi
ISBN : 8122403832
Genre : Measurement
File Size : 36. 52 MB
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Methods And Techniques Of Measurements Are Becoming Increasingly Important In Engineering In Recent Years Laboratory Programmes Have Been Modernized, Sophisticated Electronic Instrumentation Has Been Incorporated Into The Programme And Newer Techniques Have Been Developed. This Book Dwells On The Physical Aspects Of Measurement Techniques. For The Measurement To Be Meaningful, The Nature And Magnitude Of Error Should Be Known. The Book, Thus Begins With Error Analysis And Applications Of Statistical Principles To Attain A Measurement Value As Near The True Value As Possible. The Methods Of Measuring Mechanical Quantities Are Discussed Subsequently, Overing Both The Basic And Derived Quantities. Effort Has Been Made To Present The Subject In S.I. Units. Some Of The Recent Developments Such As Laser-Doppler Techniques, Holography, Have Also Been Included. The Coverage Is Such That The Book Will Be Useful Both Of Graduate And Post-Graduate Students And Will Also Serve As A Constant Reference For Researchers.

Exercise Physiology For Health Fitness And Performance

Author : Sharon Plowman
ISBN : 0781784069
Genre : Medical
File Size : 75. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This textbook integrates basic exercise physiology with research studies to stimulate learning, allowing readers to apply principles in the widest variety of exercise and sport science careers. It combines basic exercise physiology with special applications and contains flexible organisation of independent units.

Mechanism And Machine Theory

Author : R V Dukkipati
ISBN : 812240426X
Genre : Mechanical engineering
File Size : 87. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This Book Evolved Itself Out Of 25 Years Of Teaching Experience In The Subject, Moulding Different Important Aspects Into A One Year Course Of Mechanism And Machine Theory. Basic Principles Of Analysis And Synthesis Of Mechanisms With Lower And Higher Pairs Are Both Included Considering Both Kinematic And Kinetic Aspects. A Chapter On Hydrodynamic Lubrication Is Included In The Book. Balancing Machines Are Introduced In The Chapter On Balancing Of Rotating Parts. Mechanisms Used In Control Namely, Governors And Gyroscopes Are Discussed In A Separate Chapter. The Book Also Contains A Chapter On Principles Of Theory Of Vibrations As Applied To Machines. A Solution Manual To Problems Given At The End Of Each Chapter Is Also Available. Principles Of Balancing Of Linkages Is Also Included. Thus The Book Takes Into Account All Aspects Of Mechanism And Machine Theory To The Reader Studying A First Course On This Subject.This Book Is Intended For Undergraduate Students Taking Basic Courses In Mechanism And Machine Theory. The Practice Of Machines Has Been Initially To Use Inventions And Establishment Of Basic Working Models And Then Generalising The Theory And Hence The Earlier Books Emphasises These Principles. With The Advancement Of Theory Particularly In The Last Two Decades, New Books Come Up With A Stress On Specific Topics.The Book Retains All The Aspects Of Mechanism And Machine Theory In A Unified Manner As Far As Possible For A Two Semester Course At Undergraduate Level Without Recourse To Following Several Text Books And Derive The Benefits Of Basic Principles Recently Advanced In Mechanism And Machine Theory.

Routing Tcp Ip

Author : Jeff Doyle
ISBN : 9781587052026
Genre : Computers
File Size : 31. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Praised in its first edition for its approachable style and wealth of information, this new edition provides an explanation of IP routing protocols, teaches how to implement these protocols using Cisco routers, and presents up-to-date protocol and implementation enhancements.

Static Headspace Gas Chromatography

Author : Bruno Kolb
ISBN : 9780471914563
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The only reference to provide both current and thorough coverage ofthis important analytical technique Static headspace-gas chromatography (HS-GC) is an indispensabletechnique for analyzing volatile organic compounds, enabling theanalyst to assay a variety of sample matrices while avoiding thecostly and time-consuming preparation involved with traditionalGC. Static Headspace-Gas Chromatography: Theory and Practice has longbeen the only reference to provide in-depth coverage of this methodof analysis. The Second Edition has been thoroughly updated toreflect the most recent developments and practices, and alsoincludes coverage of solid-phase microextraction (SPME) and thepurge-and-trap technique. Chapters cover: * Principles of static and dynamic headspace analysis, includingthe evolution of HS-GC methods and regulatory methods using staticHS-GC * Basic theory of headspace analysis-physicochemical relationships,sensitivity, and the principles of multiple headspaceextraction * HS-GC techniques-vials, cleaning, caps, sample volume,enrichment, and cryogenic techniques * Sample handling * Cryogenic HS-GC * Method development in HS-GC * Nonequilibrium static headspace analysis * Determination of physicochemical functions such as vaporpressures, activity coefficients, and more Comprehensive and focused, Static Headspace-Gas Chromatography,Second Edition provides an excellent resource to help the readerachieve optimal chromatographic results. Practical examples withoriginal data help readers to master determinations in a widevariety of areas, such as forensic, environmental, pharmaceutical,and industrial applications.

Principles Of Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Author : Joseph R. Lakowicz
ISBN : 0387463127
Genre : Science
File Size : 31. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The third edition of this established classic text reference builds upon the strengths of its very popular predecessors. Organized as a broadly useful textbook Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy, 3rd edition maintains its emphasis on basics, while updating the examples to include recent results from the scientific literature. The third edition includes new chapters on single molecule detection, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, novel probes and radiative decay engineering. Includes a link to Springer Extras to download files reproducing all book artwork, for easy use in lecture slides. This is an essential volume for students, researchers, and industry professionals in biophysics, biochemistry, biotechnology, bioengineering, biology and medicine.


Author : Edward Scott
ISBN : 9781468546316
Genre : Humor
File Size : 41. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Edward Scott continues to impress as a poet. Not missing a line, he picks up where he left off, a new book. His upgraded self-craft-style writing hasn't lightened up. Scott poetry just keeps rolling along. His writing isn't a form or style, certainly, nothing anyone has ever seen, but more or less an open conscience with an ego that demands print. In his latest book, STATIC, the poet unleashes a new collection of poems that embodies an intangible network of art in its own spectrum based on true authenticity, Scott's writing- a welcomed model to poetry.

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