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Sonocrystallization Of Fats

Author : Silvana Martini
ISBN : 9781461476931
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Sonocrystallization of Fats will summarize the latest research efforts and discoveries in the relatively new area of sonocrystallization of edible lipids. Ultrasound has been used extensively in the past to induce the crystallization of molecules. Until recently, however, very little work has been done using power ultrasound to induce the crystallization of edible lipids and understand how the phenomena applies in these systems. Power ultrasound is used in fats to induce their crystallization and to generate small crystals, which ultimately result in a harder material. Since the elimination of trans-fats from food products, novel processing technologies have been sought to improve the functional properties of low saturated, no-trans lipids. Power ultrasound can be used as a new processing condition to modify the crystallization of fats and tailor their functional properties to specific food uses. This Springer Brief will describe recent research performed in the area of sonocrystallization of fats and the possible application in the food industry. An overview of ultrasound theories will be presented at the beginning of the book followed by a brief description of the uses of power ultrasound in the food industry. Description of recent research in the area of fat sonocrystallization and detailed information regarding the experimental conditions used, such as type of equipment and ultrasound settings, will be presented. The book will end with a description of the future trends in sonocrystallization of fats in the food industry. ​

Food Lipids

Author : Casimir C. Akoh
ISBN : 9781498744874
Genre : Medical
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Maintaining the high standards that made the previous editions such well-respected and widely used references, Food Lipids: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Biotechnology, Fourth Edition provides a new look at lipid oxidation and highlights recent findings and research. Always representative of the current state of lipid science, this edition provides 16 new chapters and 21 updated chapters, written by leading international experts, that reflect the latest advances in technology and studies of food lipids. New chapters Analysis of Fatty Acid Positional Distribution in Triacylglycerol Physical Characterization of Fats and Oils Processing and Modification Technologies for Edible Oils and Fats Crystallization Behavior of Fats: Effect of Processing Conditions Enzymatic Purification and Enrichment and Purification of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid Isomers Microbial Lipid Production Food Applications of Lipids Encapsulation Technologies for Lipids Rethinking Lipid Oxidation Digestion, Absorption and Metabolism of Lipids Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Health Brain Lipids in Health and Disease Biotechnologically Enriched Cereals with PUFAs in Ruminant and Chicken Nutrition Enzyme-Catalyzed Production of Lipid Based Esters for the Food Industry: Emerging Process and Technology Production of Edible Oils Through Metabolic Engineering Genetically Engineered Cereals for Production of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids The most comprehensive and relevant treatment of food lipids available, this book highlights the role of dietary fats in foods, human health, and disease. Divided into five parts, it begins with the chemistry and properties of food lipids covering nomenclature and classification, extraction and analysis, and chemistry and function. Part II addresses processing and food applications including modification technologies, microbial production of lipids, crystallization behavior, chemical interesterification, purification, and encapsulation technologies. The third part covers oxidation, measurements, and antioxidants. Part IV explores the myriad interactions of lipids in nutrition and health with information on heart disease, obesity, and cancer, with a new chapter dedicated to brain lipids. Part V continues with contributions on biotechnology and biochemistry including a chapter on the metabolic engineering of edible oils.

Ultrasound In Food Processing

Author : Mar Villamiel
ISBN : 9781118964170
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Part I: Fundamentals of ultrasound This part will cover the main basic principles of ultrasound generation and propagation and those phenomena related to low and high intensity ultrasound applications. The mechanisms involved in food analysis and process monitoring and in food process intensification will be shown. Part II: Low intensity ultrasound applications Low intensity ultrasound applications have been used for non-destructive food analysis as well as for process monitoring. Ultrasonic techniques, based on velocity, attenuation or frequency spectrum analysis, may be considered as rapid, simple, portable and suitable for on-line measurements. Although industrial applications of low-intensity ultrasound, such as meat carcass evaluation, have been used in the food industry for decades, this section will cover the most novel applications, which could be considered as highly relevant for future application in the food industry. Chapters addressing this issue will be divided into three subsections: (1) food control, (2) process monitoring, (3) new trends. Part III: High intensity ultrasound applications High intensity ultrasound application constitutes a way to intensify many food processes. However, the efficient generation and application of ultrasound is essential to achieving a successful effect. This part of the book will begin with a chapter dealing with the importance of the design of efficient ultrasonic application systems. The medium is essential to achieve efficient transmission, and for that reason the particular challenges of applying ultrasound in different media will be addressed. The next part of this section constitutes an up-to-date vision of the use of high intensity ultrasound in food processes. The chapters will be divided into four sections, according to the medium in which the ultrasound vibration is transmitted from the transducers to the product being treated. Thus, solid, liquid, supercritical and gas media have been used for ultrasound propagation. Previous books addressing ultrasonic applications in food processing have been based on the process itself, so chapters have been divided in mass and heat transport, microbial inactivation, etc. This new book will propose a revolutionary overview of ultrasonic applications based on (in the authors’ opinion) the most relevant factor affecting the efficiency of ultrasound applications: the medium in which ultrasound is propagated. Depending on the medium, ultrasonic phenomena can be completely different, but it also affects the complexity of the ultrasonic generation, propagation and application. In addition, the effect of high intensity ultrasound on major components of food, such as proteins, carbohydrates and lipids will be also covered, since this type of information has not been deeply studied in previous books. Other aspects related to the challenges of food industry to incorporate ultrasound devices will be also considered. This point is also very important since, in the last few years, researchers have made huge efforts to integrate fully automated and efficient ultrasound systems to the food production lines but, in some cases, it was not satisfactory. In this sense, it is necessary to identify and review the main related problems to efficiently produce and transmit ultrasound, scale-up, reduce cost, save energy and guarantee the production of safe, healthy and high added value foods.

Industrial Tomography

Author : Mi Wang
ISBN : 9781782421238
Genre : Computers
File Size : 90. 93 MB
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Industrial Tomography: Systems and Applications thoroughly explores the important tomographic techniques of industrial tomography, also discussing image reconstruction, systems, and applications. The text presents complex processes, including the way three-dimensional imaging is used to create multiple cross-sections, and how computer software helps monitor flows, filtering, mixing, drying processes, and chemical reactions inside vessels and pipelines. Readers will find a comprehensive discussion on the ways tomography systems can be used to optimize the performance of a wide variety of industrial processes. Provides a comprehensive discussion on the different formats of tomography Includes an excellent overview of image reconstruction using a wide range of applications Presents a comprehensive discussion of tomography systems and their application in a wide variety of industrial processes

Signale Prozesse Systeme

Author : Ulrich Karrenberg
ISBN : 9783540273479
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Buch und CD-ROM bilden ein Lernsystem, welches selbst erforschendes Lernen und die Visualisierung komplexer Vorgänge möglich macht. Das zugrunde liegende didaktische Konzept setzt auf die Visualisierung von Signalen und Prozessen sowie auf die grafische Programmierung signaltechnischer Systeme.

Chemische Untersuchungen Ber Die Vegetation

Author : Théodore Laussure
ISBN : UCAL:B3313899
Genre : Botanical chemistry
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Als Ich Vom Himmel Fiel

Author : Juliane Koepcke
ISBN : 9783492952828
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 72. 59 MB
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»Für mich war der Dschungel nie eine grüne Hölle, sondern der Ort, der mich am Leben hielt.« Es sollte der Beginn der Weihnachtsferien sein – und endete für 91 Menschen mit dem Tod: Flug 508, der am 24. Dezember 1971 über dem peruanischen Regenwald abstürzte. Nur die damals 17-jährige Juliane, die neben ihrer Mutter in der Maschine saß, überlebte. Zwei Jahre hatte Juliane mit ihren Eltern im Dschungel gelebt und alles über den Urwald gelernt. Mitreißend erzählt sie jetzt erstmals ihre eigene Geschichte: von dem Paradies ihrer Kindheit unter lauter Tieren. Davon, wie der tropische Regenwald für sie zur Schule des Überlebens wurde. Und wie sie heute als Biologin und engagierte Umweltschützerin hilft, dieses Wildreservat zu bewahren.


Author : Horst Baumann
ISBN : 9783899495096
Genre : Law
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Band 9 der 9. Auflage des Bruck/Moller befasst sich mit der privaten Unfallversicherung. Diese hat sowohl in wirtschaftlicher als auch rechtlicher Hinsicht eine enorme praktische Bedeutung bekommen. Sie hat zum einen eine weite Verbreitung mit einem gewichtigen Beitragsvolumen gefunden; dies nicht zuletzt deshalb, weil die gesetzliche Unfallversicherung Unfalle im privaten Bereich nicht abdeckt und deshalb durch Eigenvorsorge erganzt werden muss. Hinzu kommt, dass die finanzielle Absicherung nach Eintritt eines Unfalls auch mit hohen Versicherungssummen zu bezahlbaren Pramien erfolgen kann. Zum anderen wird die Bedeutung der privaten Unfallversicherung in der Rechtspraxis durch die Vielzahl an Gerichtsentscheidungen belegt, die Jahr fur Jahr zu verzeichnen sind. Der umfassenden Erlauterung der gesetzlichen Vorschriften ( 178 bis 191 VVG) folgt die ebenso tiefgehende Darstellung der AUB 2008 unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Unterschiede zu den AUB 99, 94, 88 und 61. Damit liefert der Band die umfassendste Kommentierung der Unfallversicherung nach der VVG-Reform und neuer AUB."

Z Libat In Der Fr Hen Kirche

Author : Stefan Heid
ISBN : 3506739263
Genre : Celibacy
File Size : 59. 88 MB
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Ach Die Fakten

Author : Rolf Arnold
ISBN : 384970226X
Genre :
File Size : 33. 90 MB
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