social pedagogy and working with children and young people where care and education meet

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Social Pedagogy And Working With Children And Young People

Author : Peter Moss
ISBN : 0857002325
Genre : Social Science
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Social pedagogy is an innovative discipline that supports children's upbringing and overall development by focusing on the child as a whole person. It has been described as where education and care meet or as 'education in its broadest sense'. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the theory, principles and practice of social pedagogy and the profession of social pedagogue. With chapters from leading international contributors, it outlines the roots of social pedagogy and its development in Europe, and its role in relation to individuals, groups, communities and societies. Also covered is how it applies in practice to working with children and young people in a variety of settings, including children in care and in need of family support, and its potential future applications. This seminal book on an increasingly important topic will be essential reading for all academics, researchers and practitioners working with children.

Communication Skills For Working With Children And Young People

Author : Pat Petrie
ISBN : 0857003313
Genre : Education
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For those working with children, effective communication is a crucial part of building relationships and encouraging children's emotional and intellectual development. This practical guide identifies the child and their relationship with the adult as the basis upon which real communication can be made. Topics covered include non-verbal communication, attentive listening, empathy, the part played by questions, working constructively with conflict and criticism, and communicating in groups. It also draws on the innovative ideas found in social pedagogic theory and practice, such as communicating with your head, hands and heart and how to differentiate between the personal, the professional and the private in your interactions. The book contains exercises, topics for personal reflection or group discussion, and suggestions for observations. This will be an excellent source of advice and ideas for all those in the children's workforce including early years professionals, teachers, social workers, counsellors and practitioners working with children in care, including foster carers.

Practical Social Pedagogy

Author : Jan Storø
ISBN : 9781447305385
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 51. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Practical Social Pedagogy, Jan Stor� shows the reader how the theories and practices of social pedagogy work together. He combines social pedagogy theories, psychology, sociology, and social work with a social constructionist perspective to help practitioners guide children and young people to cope better with the challenges they face as they grow up. Using many practical examples, he emphasizes the crucial meeting between practitioner and client as the space where the actualities of practice are determined.

Social Pedagogy

Author : Paul Stephens
ISBN : 9783867418300
Genre :
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Social pedagogy, whose ancestral home is nineteenth century Germany, and which is widely practised in many parts of Continental Europe, has recently arrived in the English-speaking world. As practice, social pedagogy has been around for a long time, but as many roses by other names. These "roses" include: "care of the poor," "child welfare," and, more recently, "social work." But today, social pedagogy, has entered the English language, and is here to stay. It has not made inroads into the vernacular yet, but is commonly used in the social professions and also, increasingly, in academic and policy circles. Moreover, in the UK, for example, social pedagogy courses (bachelor and master) have appeared in several universities, including the University of Aberdeen and the University of London. Notwithstanding, from what can be seen, there is as yet no textbook of social pedagogy in English. SOCIAL PEDAGOGY: Heart and Head, seeks to fill that gap. As things are, students have to trawl a multitude of sources in order to find English texts on social pedagogy. Some of the sources are excellent; others dubious. The intention of a concise textbook is to present and explore the relationship between social pedagogic theory and practice in an introductory text, and to do so in easy-to-understand, but not trivialising, language. Given that social pedagogy is (or should be) based on compassionate values, the Heart, as a metaphor for human kindness, is a moral compass. It reminds the Head, which is the site of rational action, that best practice is not just about effectiveness but also concerns social justice. The emancipatory goal of social pedagogy is to enable, through educational means, perceived efficacy so that people can change their lives and society for the better. The author has italicised their lives in order to make an important point. Social pedagogic practice is not a doing to the other, but rather a doing for and doing with the other. For this reason, respectful dialog

Exploring Education At Postgraduate Level

Author : Anne O'Grady
ISBN : 9781317602293
Genre : Education
File Size : 45. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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There is a growing demand for educational professionals to develop a more critical understanding of the key and emerging debates in education so that they can better meet the challenges and demands placed upon them. Exploring Education at Postgraduate Level represents a range of perspectives from educational experts to academic researchers, and highlights the key issues surrounding contemporary education. Organised into three parts and drawing on key issues in education theory, policy and practice, the book considers areas such as SEN, evaluating learning, ESOL and gender. Featuring reflective questions, case studies and summaries of core ideas, the chapters include: Troublesome learning journey; Applying educational thinkers to contemporary educational practice; Values production through social and emotional learning; Policy research: In defence ad hocery?; We are all critically reflective now: The politics of critical reflection in higher education and in the work place; Developing critical thought about SEN; The refuge of relativism. Aimed at supporting students on Masters-level courses, this acessible but critically provocative text is an essential resource for those wishing to develop a more critical understanding of the role, purpose and function of educational systems and practices.

Handbook For Practice Learning In Social Work And Social Care Third Edition

Author : Joyce Lishman
ISBN : 9781784500108
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 75. 53 MB
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This fully updated and expanded third edition of a classic text provides a comprehensive introduction to key theory, knowledge, research and evidence relating to practice learning in social work and social care. It outlines the theories that underpin social care practice, the main assessment models and interventions, and also offers guidance on the effective implementation of assessment across a range of professional contexts. Contributors from research, policy-making and practice backgrounds offer guidance on how to apply policy and research findings in everyday practice while ensuring that the complex needs of each individual service user are met. This third edition also features new chapters on group work, social pedagogy and personalisation. The Handbook for Practice Learning in Social Work and Social Care is an essential resource for ensuring effective evidence-based practice which will be valued by students, educators and practitioners alike.

Social Work In A Changing Scotland

Author : Viviene E. Cree
ISBN : 9781351587259
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 71. 95 MB
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Scotland has changed, politically and culturally, in recent years, with persistent demands for independence culminating in a referendum in 2014. On this fluid political landscape, social welfare can be co-opted towards a wider ‘nation-building’ project. As a result, social work in Scotland is increasingly divergent from the rest of the UK. This book offers a comprehensive, critical and timely account of the profession in these changing times, charting its historical development, current practice and future directions. Bringing together a range of academic and practice experts, it considers social work as it is currently but also as it might be. Divided into three parts, the first part sets a context, identifying historical, philosophical, policy and legal influences on current practice. The second part picks up on current themes in policy and practice, addressing key issues of professional identity in an increasingly integrated policy context. The final part contains chapters on current domains of practice, identifying key areas of legislation, policy and practice. Social Work in a Changing Scotland is essential reading for social work students, offering an accessible yet critical overview of the profession. It will also inform current practitioners to understand better the changing contexts within which they practise, while prompting further academic debate about Scottish social work.

Improving Access To Further And Higher Education For Young People In Public Care

Author : Sonia Jackson
ISBN : 9780857007414
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 56. 80 MB
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Across Europe young people in public care are around five times less likely to attend tertiary education than those who have not been in care. This book provides a comprehensive account of why this shocking discrepancy exists and outlines ways to address the imbalance. Drawing extensively on a substantial three-year long European Union funded research project led by the authors, this book examines the participation of young people in care in further and higher education in Europe. It provides a historical and legislative overview of the topic and in-depth national case studies look at the situation in England, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Hungary. The authors set out clearly what we can learn from these cross-national comparisons and how to create more equal opportunities for children and young people in care. This important book will be essential reading for researchers and policy makers working on child welfare or young people in care, including government and local authority policy-makers, managers of children's and education services, school governors, and academics working in the fields of education, sociology, psychology, social work and social policy.

Social Pedagogy In The Uk

Author : Kieron Hatton
ISBN : 1905541899
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 22. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This introductory text discusses the development of social pedagogy as an academic discipline and explores its influence on UK debates about welfare practice. The book provides the theoretical structure for understanding: the potential of social pedagogy in UK welfare practice * how key ideas from within social pedagogy can be linked to ideas of inclusion, creativity, and personalization * the impact of power relations on the social pedagogic relationship * the importance of creativity in building inclusive practice. Focusing on practice situations within which social pedagogy can be seen to be effective, the book provides a background to the introduction of social pedagogy in the UK. It investigates how European and UK services could benefit from a better mutual understanding of what each other does. It also discusses how social pedagogy can contribute to other areas of practice, including youth work, adult social care, and community development.

A Handbook Of Children And Young People S Participation

Author : Barry Percy-Smith
ISBN : 9781135267636
Genre : Education
File Size : 71. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A Handbook of Children and Young People's Participation brings together key thinkers and practitioners from diverse contexts across the globe to provide an authoritative overview of contemporary theory and practice around children’s participation. Promoting the participation of children and young people – in decision-making and policy development, and as active contributors to everyday family and community life – has become a central part of policy and programme initiatives in both majority and minority worlds. This book presents the most useful recent work in children’s participation as a resource for academics, students and practitioners in childhood studies, children’s rights and welfare, child and family social work, youth and community work, governance, aid and development programmes. The book introduces key concepts and debates, and presents a rich collection of accounts of the diverse ways in which children’s participation is understood and enacted around the world, interspersed with reflective commentaries from adults and young people. It concludes with a number of substantial theoretical contributions that aim to take forward our understanding of children’s participation. The emphasis throughout the text is on learning from the complexity of children’s participation in practice to improve our theoretical understanding, and on using those theoretical insights to challenge practice, with the aim of realising children’s rights and citizenship more fully.

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