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Size Effects In Thin Films

Author : C.R. Tellier
ISBN : 9781483289762
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Format : PDF
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A complete and comprehensive study of transport phenomena in thin continuous metal films, this book reviews work carried out on external-surface and grain-boundary electron scattering and proposes new theoretical equations for transport properties of these films. It presents a complete theoretical view of the field, and considers imperfection and impurity effects.

Thin Films By Chemical Vapour Deposition

Author : C.E. Morosanu
ISBN : 9781483291734
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 25. 18 MB
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The explosive growth in the semiconductor industry has caused a rapid evolution of thin film materials that lend themselves to the fabrication of state-of-the-art semiconductor devices. Early in the 1960s an old research technique named chemical vapour phase deposition (CVD), which has several unique advantages, developed into the most widely used technique for thin film preparation in electronics technology. In the last 25 years, tremendous advances have been made in the science and technology of thin films prepared by means of CVD. This book presents in a single volume, an up-to-date overview of the important field of CVD processes which has never been completely reviewed previously.

Science And Technology Of Electroceramic Thin Films

Author : O. Auciello
ISBN : 0792333322
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 86. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Electroceramic thin films hold out the promise of applications in entirely new generations of advanced microdevices that may revolutionise technology, creating multibillion dollar markets in the process. Less glamorous than the high-temperature superconductors, but probably just as important, are electrically conductive, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, pyroelectric, electro-optic, and magnetic films. The list of potential applications of films having these properties is virtually endless, but there are still some issues to be resolved before fully functioning devices reach the market. All these issues and more are discussed in Science and Technology of Electroceramic Thin Films, which provides one of the best, most up to date summaries of the field currently available.

Grain Size Effects In Nanoscaled Electrolyte And Cathode Thin Films For Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Sofc

Author : Christoph Peters
ISBN : 9783866443365
Genre :
File Size : 20. 32 MB
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The Physical Properties Of Thin Metal Films

Author : G.P. Zhigal'skii
ISBN : 1420024078
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 79. 84 MB
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Thin films of conducting materials, such as metals, alloys and semiconductors are currently in use in many areas of science and technology, particularly in modern integrated circuit microelectronics that require high quality thin films for the manufacture of connection layers, resistors and ohmic contacts. These conducting films are also important for fundamental investigations in physics, radio-physics and physical chemistry. Physical Properties of Thin Metal Films provides a clear presentation of the complex physical properties particular to thin conducting films and includes the necessary theory, confirming experiments and applications. The volume will be an invaluable reference for graduates, engineers and scientists working in the electronics industry and fields of pure and applied science.

Science And Technology Of Integrated Ferroelectrics

Author : Carlos Pazde-Araujo
ISBN : 9056997041
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 22. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The aim of this book is to present in one volume some of the most significant developments that have taken place in the field of integrated ferroelectrics during the last decade of the twentieth century. The book begins with a comprehensive introduction to integrated ferroelectrics and follows with fifty-three papers selected by Carlos Paz de Araujo, Orlando Auciello, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, and George W. Taylor. These fifty-three papers were selected from more than one thousand papers published over the last eleven years in the proceedings of the International Symposia on Integrated Ferroelectrics (ISIF). These papers were chosen on the basis that they (a) give a broad view of the advances that have been made and (b) indicate the future direction of research and technological development. Readers who wish for a more in-depth treatment of the subject are encouraged to refer to volumes 1 to 27 of Integrated Ferroelectrics, the main publication vehicle for papers in this field.

Science And Technology Of Thin Film Superconductors

Author : R.D. McConnell
ISBN : 9781468456585
Genre : Science
File Size : 52. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Conference on the Science and Technology of Thin Film Superconductors was conceived in the early part of 1988 as a forum for the specialist in thin film superconductivity. The conference was held on November 14-18, 1988, in Co lorado Springs, Co lorado. Al though many excellent superconductivity conferences had been convened in the wake of the 1986-1987 discoveries in high temperature superconductivity, thin film topics were often dispersed among the sessions of a more general conference agenda. The response to the Conference on the Science and Technology of Thin Film Superconductors confirmed the need for an extended conference devoted to thin film superconductors. These proceedings are a major contribution to the technnology of thin film superconductivity because of the breadth and quality of the articles provided by leaders in the field. The proceedings are divided into articles on laser deposition, sputtering, evaporation, metal organic chemical vapor deposition, thick film, substrate studies, characterization, patterning and applications, and general properties. Most of the articles discuss scientific issues for high temperature thin film superconductors, although the conference was to be a forum for technology and scientific questions for both low and high temperature superconductivity. For the first day of the 5 day conference, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory had organized an excellent set of short courses in superconduc t ing thin film devices.

Nanostructured Thin Films And Coatings

Author : Sam Zhang
ISBN : 9781420093971
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 77. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Authored by leading experts from around the world, the three-volume Handbook of Nanostructured Thin Films and Coatings gives scientific researchers and product engineers a resource as dynamic and flexible as the field itself. The first two volumes cover the latest research and application of the mechanical and functional properties of thin films and coatings, while the third volume explores the cutting-edge organic nanostructured devices used to produce clean energy. This second volume, Nanostructured Thin Films and Coatings: Functional Properties, focuses on functional properties (i.e., optical, electronic, and electrical) and related devices and applications. It also addresses topics such as: Large-scale fabrication of functional thin films using nanoarchitecture via chemical routes Fabrication and characterization of SiC nanostructured/nanocomposite films Low-dimensional nanocomposite fabrication and its applications Optical and optoelectronic properties of silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 matrix Electrical properties of silicon nanocrystals embedded in amorphous SiO2 matrix Optical aspects of properties and applications of sol-gel-derived nanostructured thin films Controllably micro/nanostructured films and devices Thin-film shape memory alloy for microsystem applications A complete resource, this handbook provides the detailed explanations that newcomers need, as well as the latest cutting-edge research and data for experts. Covering a wide range of mechanical and functional technologies, including those used in clean energy, these books also feature figures, tables, and images that will aid research and help professionals acquire and maintain a solid grasp of this burgeoning field. The Handbook of Nanostructured Thin Films and Coatings is composed of this volume and two others: Nanostructured Thin Films and Coatings: Mechanical Properties Organic Nanostructured Thin Film Devices and Coatings for Clean Energy

Nanoscale Phenomena In Ferroelectric Thin Films

Author : Seungbum Hong
ISBN : 9781441990440
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 43. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book presents the recent advances in the field of nanoscale science and engineering of ferroelectric thin films. It comprises two main parts, i.e. electrical characterization in nanoscale ferroelectric capacitor, and nano domain manipulation and visualization in ferroelectric materials. Well known le'adingexperts both in relevant academia and industry over the world (U.S., Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Korea) were invited to contribute to each chapter. The first part under the title of electrical characterization in nanoscale ferroelectric capacitors starts with Chapter 1, "Testing and characterization of ferroelectric thin film capacitors," written by Dr. I. K. Yoo. The author provides a comprehensive review on basic concepts and terminologies of ferroelectric properties and their testing methods. This chapter also covers reliability issues in FeRAMs that are crucial for commercialization of high density memory products. In Chapter 2, "Size effects in ferroelectric film capacitors: role ofthe film thickness and capacitor size," Dr. I. Stolichnov discusses the size effects both in in-plane and out-of-plane dimensions of the ferroelectric thin film. The author successfully relates the electric performance and domain dynamics with proposed models of charge injection and stress induced phase transition. The author's findings present both a challenging problem and the clue to its solution of reliably predicting the switching properties for ultra-thin ferroelectric capacitors. In Chapter 3, "Ferroelectric thin films for memory applications: nanoscale characterization by scanning force microscopy," Prof. A.

Thin Film Metal Oxides

Author : Shriram Ramanathan
ISBN : 1441906649
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 37. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Thin Film Metal-Oxides provides a representative account of the fundamental structure-property relations in oxide thin films. Functional properties of thin film oxides are discussed in the context of applications in emerging electronics and renewable energy technologies. Readers will find a detailed description of deposition and characterization of metal oxide thin films, theoretical treatment of select properties and their functional performance in solid state devices, from leading researchers. Scientists and engineers involved with oxide semiconductors, electronic materials and alternative energy will find Thin Film Metal-Oxides a useful reference.

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