self world and art metaphysical topics in kant and hegel

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Self World And Art

Author : Dina Emundts
ISBN : 9783110290813
Genre : Philosophy
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Is self-consciousness a condition of possibility for knowledge? Does Kant’s theory of self-consciousness commit us to transcendental idealism? How convincing is Kant’s theory of self-consciousness? How should we understand transcendental idealism? What is Hegel’s alternative? How do Kant and Hegel conceive of the beautiful? How do their conceptions of beauty relate to their metaphysics? In this volume, some of the world’s most renowned Kant and Hegel scholars seek to provide answers.

Bewusstsein Consciousness

Author :
ISBN : 9783110451214
Genre : Philosophy
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Band 11 des Internationalen Jahrbuchs des Deutschen Idealismus widmet sich dem Thema Bewusstsein. Die Beiträge erörtern das Verständnis von Bewusstsein, Selbstbewusstsein und dem Verhältnis beider zueinander aus Sicht der Vertreter des Deutschen Idealismus und von deren Zeitgenossen. Während diese Themen schon lange mit dem Deutschen Idealismus verbunden sind, erfreuen sie sich in der Philosophie seit einigen Jahren insgesamt wieder eines großen Interesses. Der Band nimmt dies zum Anlass, um sich intensiv mit Fragen zur Möglichkeit, Bedeutung und Rolle von Bewusstsein und Selbstbewusstsein auseinanderzusetzen.

Does History Make Sense

Author : Terry Pinkard
ISBN : 9780674971776
Genre : History
File Size : 49. 41 MB
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Hegel’s philosophy of history—which most critics view as a theory of inevitable progress toward modern European civilization—is widely regarded as a failure today. Terry Pinkard’s spirited defense of the Hegelian view, based on a subtle understanding of human subjectivity, will play a central role in contemporary reevaluations of Hegel’s work.

Hegel S Political Philosophy

Author : Thom Brooks
ISBN : 9780198778165
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 87. 28 MB
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Hegel famously argues that his speculative method is a foundation for claims about socio-political reality within a wider philosophical system. This systematic approach is thought a superior alternative to all other ways of philosophical thinking. Hegel's method and system have normative significance for understanding everything from ethics to the state. Hegel's approach has attracted much debate among scholars about key philosophical questions - and controversy about his proposed answers to them. Is his method and system open to the charge of dogmatism? Are his claims about the rationality of monarchy, unequal gender relations, an unelected second parliamentary chamber and a corporation-based economy beyond revision? This ground-breaking collection of new essays by leading interpreters of Hegel's philosophy is dedicated to the questions that surround Hegel's philosophical method and its relationship to the conclusions of his political philosophy. It contributes to the on-going debate about the importance of a systematic context for political philosophy, the relationship between theoretical and practical philosophy, and engages with contemporary discussions about the shape of a rational social order.

The Oxford Handbook Of Hegel

Author : Dean Moyar
ISBN : 9780199355235
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 69. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Oxford Handbook of Hegel is a comprehensive guide to Hegel's philosophy, from his first published writings to his final lectures. There are six chapters each on the Phenomenology of Spirit and The Science of Logic, in depth analyses of the Encyclopedia and essays on the major parts of the Philosophy of Right. Several chapters cover the many newly edited lecture series from the 1820s, bringing new clarity to Hegel's conception of aesthetics, the philosophy of religion, and the history of philosophy. The concluding part focuses on Hegel's legacy, from his role in the formation of Marx's philosophy to his importance for contemporary liberal political philosophy. The Handbook includes many essays from younger scholars who have brought new perspectives and rigor to the study of Hegel's thought. The essays are marked by close engagement with Hegel's difficult texts and by a concern to highlight the ongoing systematic importance of Hegel's philosophy.

Logik Logic

Author : Dina Emundts
ISBN : 9783110521047
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 69. 59 MB
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Band 12 des Internationalen Jahrbuchs des Deutschen Idealismus widmet sich dem Thema Logik. Der Band beginnt mit Beiträgen zu Kant. Kant kennt verschiedene Arten von Logik und die Abgrenzung der transzendentalen Logik von anderen Logikauffassungen ist wichtig für sein philosophisches Programm. Diese verschiedenen Logikauffassungen sowie deren Änderungen im Laufe der kritischen Philosophie werden in den Beiträgen von E. Carson, T. Rosenkoetter, C. Tolley und G. Zöller untersucht. Auch mit Blick auf Hegels Philosophie ist das Verständnis und die Rolle der Logik zentral und eine Auseinandersetzung über Ziel, Aufbau und Inhalt von Hegels Logik gehört zu den wichtigsten Interpretationsaufgaben. Dem gehen die Autoren S. Houlgate, L. Illetterati, R.B. Pippin und P. Redding in ihren Beiträgen nach. Bei Fichte und Schelling ist die Rolle der Logik weniger offensichtlich. Die Beiträge von C. Asmuth, A. Nuzzo und S. Schwenzfeuer widmen sich daher vor allem der Frage, welchen Platz die Logik in den jeweiligen Konzeptionen inne haben kann und soll. Das Thema Logik bietet sich auch für eine vergleichende Untersuchung innerhalb des Deutschen Idealismus an. Diese führen A.F. Koch und P. Schwab durch.

The Normativity Of Nature

Author : Hannah Ginsborg
ISBN : 9780191030796
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 66. 77 MB
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Most philosophers have taken the importance of Kant's Critique of Judgement to lie primarily in its contributions to aesthetics and to the philosophy of biology. Hannah Ginsborg, however, sees the Critique of Judgement as representing a central contribution to the understanding of human cognition more generally. The fourteen essays collected here advance a common interpretive project: that of bringing out the philosophical significance of the notion of judgement which figures in the third Critique and showing its importance both to Kant's own theoretical philosophy and to contemporary views of human thought and cognition. To possess the capacity of judgment, on the interpretation presented here, is to respond to the world in a way which involves the recognition of one's responses as normatively appropriate to the objects which cause them. It is through this capacity that we are able not merely to respond discriminatively to objects, as animals do, but to bring them under concepts and so to make claims about them which can be true or false. The Critique of Judgement, on this reading, rejects the traditional dichotomy between the natural and the normative, taking nature itself both human nature and nature outside us to be comprehensible only in normative terms. The essays in this book develop this reading in its own right, and draw on it to address interpretive debates in Kant's aesthetics, theory of knowledge, and philosophy of biology. They also bring out its relevance to contemporary debates about concept-acquisition, the content of perception, and skepticism about rule-following and meaning.

Art As The Absolute

Author : Paul Gordon
ISBN : 9781501308024
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 58. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Art as the Absolute is a literary and philosophical investigation into the meaning of art and its claims to truth. Exploring in particular the writings of Kant and those who followed after, including Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche, Paul Gordon contends that art solves the problem of how one can "knowÂ?? the absolute in non-conceptual, non-discursive terms. The idea of art's inherent relation to the absolute, first explicitly rendered by Kant, is examined in major works from 1790 to 1823. The first and last chapters, on Plato and Nietzsche respectively, deal with precursors and "post-cursorsÂ?? of this idea. Gordon shows and seeks to reddress the lack of attention to this idea after Hegel, as well as in contemporary reassessments of this period. Art as the Absolute will be of interest to students and scholars studying aesthetics from both a literary and philosophical perspective.

Vorlesungen Ber Die Aesthetik

Author : Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
ISBN : MINN:31951001994964E
Genre : Aesthetics
File Size : 37. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Kant Ber Selbstbewusstsein

Author : Dieter Sturma
ISBN : STANFORD:36105040405396
Genre : Self (Philosophy)
File Size : 80. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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