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Seasonality Rural Livelihoods And Development

Author : Stephen Devereux
ISBN : 9781136494390
Genre : Business & Economics
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Seasonality is a severe constraint to sustainable rural livelihoods and a driver of poverty and hunger, particularly in the tropics. Many poor people in developing countries are ill equipped to cope with seasonal variations which can lead to drought or flood and consequences for agriculture, employment, food supply and the spread of disease. The subject has assumed increasing importance as climate change and other forms of development disrupt established seasonal patterns and variations. This book is the first systematic study of seasonality for over twenty years, and it aims to revive academic interest and policy awareness of this crucial but neglected issue. Thematic chapters explore recent shifts with profound implications for seasonality, including climate change, HIV/AIDS, and social protection. Case study chapters explore seasonal dimensions of livelihoods in Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi), Asia (Bangladesh, China, India), and Latin America (Peru). Others assess policy responses to adverse seasonality, for example through irrigation, migration and seasonally-sensitive education. The book also includes innovative tools for monitoring seasonality, which should enable more appropriate responses.

Does Market Access Mitigate The Impact Of Seasonality On Child Growth

Author : Abay, Kibrewossen
Genre :
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Seasonality in agricultural production continues to shape intra-annual food availability and prices in low-income countries. Using high-frequency panel data from northern Ethiopia, this study attempts to quantify seasonal fluctuations in children's weights. In line with earlier studies, we document considerable seasonality in children’s age and height adjusted weights. While children located closer to local food markets are better nourished compared to their counterparts residing in more remote areas, their weights are also subject to considerable seasonality. Further analysis provides evidence that children located closer to food markets consume more diverse diets than those located farther away. However, the content of these diets varies across seasons: children are less likely to consume animal source foods during the lean season.

Pathways To Prosperity In Rural Malawi

Author : Andrew Dabalen
ISBN : 9781464809989
Genre : Education
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By most accounts, rural Malawi has lacked dynamism in the past decade. Growth has been mostly volatile, in large part due to unstable macroeconomic fundamentals evidenced by high inflation, fiscal deficits, and interest rates. When rapid economic growth has materialized, the gains have not always reached the poorest. Poverty remains high and the rural poor face significant challenges in consistently securing enough food. Several factors contribute to stubbornly high rural poverty. They include a low-productivity and non-diversified agriculture, macroeconomic and recurrent climatic shocks, limited non-farm opportunities and low returns to such activities, especially for the poor, and poor performance from some of the prominent safety net programs. The Report proposes complementary policy actions that offer a possible path for a more dynamic and prosperous rural economy. The key pillars of this comprise macroeconomic stability, increased productivity in agriculture, faster urbanization, better functioning safety nets, and more inclusive financial markets. Some recommendations call for a reorientation of existing programs such as the Malawi Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) and the Malawi Social Action Fund Public Works Program (MASAF-PWP). Others identify promising new areas of intervention, such as the introduction of digital IDs and biometric technologies to enhance the reach of mobile banking and deepen financial inclusion. Finally, and importantly, the report recommends the scaling up of investments on girls’ secondary education to curb early child marriage and early child bearing among adolescents. This will empower women at home and work and bend the trajectory of fertility rates in rural areas in order to boost human development and reduce poverty.

Food Security Food Prices And Climate Variability

Author : Molly E. Brown
ISBN : 9781135096342
Genre : Business & Economics
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The agriculture system is under pressure to increase production every year as global population expands and more people move from a diet mostly made up of grains, to one with more meat, dairy and processed foods. This book uses a decade of primary research to examine how weather and climate, as measured by variations in the growing season using satellite remote sensing, has affected agricultural production, food prices and access to food in food-insecure regions of the world. The author reviews environmental, economics and multidisciplinary research to describe the connection between global environmental change, changing weather conditions and local staple food price variability. The context of the analysis is the humanitarian aid community, using the guidance of the USAID Famine Early Warning Systems Network and the United Nation’s World Food Program in their response to food security crises. These organizations have worked over the past three decades to provide baseline information on food production through satellite remote sensing data and agricultural yield models, as well as assessments of food access through a food price database. These datasets are used to describe the connection, and to demonstrate the importance of these metrics in overall outcomes in food-insecure communities.

Rural India

Author : Madaswamy Moni
ISBN : 818069528X
Genre : Communication in rural development
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Papers presented at the Third International Conference on Rural India : achieving Millennium Development Goals and Grassroots Development, held at Hyderabad during 10-12 November 2005.

Informal And Formal Social Protection Systems In Sub Saharan Africa

Author : Melese Getu
ISBN : 9789970252411
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55. 62 MB
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In recent years, social protection issues have gained unprecedented momentum in Africa. This is reflected in the fact that most African countries have either introduced or are considering social protection measures, as witnessed by initiatives within the African Union (AU), African national governments and their development partners in the international donor community. The 2004 'Ouagadougou Declaration and Plan of Action', the 2006 'Livingstone and Yaounde Calls for Action', the 2008 'African Union Social Policy Framework for Africa' and the 2010 'Social Ministers' Khartoum Declaration on Social Policy Action Towards Social Inclusion' are key milestones towards an Africa-wide consensus on the need for social protection. Many national governments are also in the process of establishing social protection strategies and policies. Unfortunately, most of them give little attention to the role or potential of informal social protection systems. This is despite the fact that the rural population and those who are engaged in the informal economy, which together constitute the bulk of these countries' populations, depend on informal social protection systems. The possibility of building on existing informal social protection systems and creating complementary linkages between the formal and informal systems is rarely considered by policy-makers and donor agencies in Africa. Instead, most attention is given to formal safety net programmes. Addressing several themes in the social protection literature, this book makes an original and important contribution to the rapidly growing body of literature on social protection in sub-Saharan Africa. Some of the themes are relatively neglected or under-researched, while some others are not usually conceptualised as social protection. These themes are organised around the major issues: informal social protection, urban social protection, social protection and physical security, social protection in unstable contexts, climate change, pastoralism, and gender. In fact, the most significant challenge this book offers to current thinking and practice is in focusing attention on local or - indigenous' mutual support systems and institutions, sometimes characterised as 'informal' and 'semi-formal' social protection mechanisms, which are undervalued or even neglected in discourses of 'formal' social protection policy-making and programming. From the discussions presented by the different chapters, the book draws the conclusion that although the trend towards institutionalising social protection as a core government responsibility is welcome and should be encouraged, these formal social protection mechanisms could arguably be strengthened if they acknowledge and build on local experiences and cultural norms around reciprocity and mutual support.

Agricultural Input Subsidies

Author : Ephraim Chirwa
ISBN : 9780199683529
Genre : Business & Economics
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This books examines an increasingly popular but controversial set of agricultural development programmes promoting smallholder agriculture and food security in low income countries, particularly in Africa, Drawing on and developing theory on these programmes, and on a wider review of recent experience in Africa, the authors provide a detailed analysis of the historical, political and agro-economic roots and context of Malawi's agricultural programme from 2005 to2011, a large and controversial programme that has been the subject a very considerable but unfortunately little informed international debate. As well as a fascinating account of the history ofdevelopment and current constraints on smallholder farming in Malawi and of the implementation of a large scale national programme, this provides critical insights into the potential benefits and risks with such programmes, and on political and technical issues that are critical in success or failure.

Livelihood Diversification And Rural Urban Linkages In Vietnam S Red River Delta

Author :
ISBN : 9781843695462
Genre : Agriculture
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A Handbook On Using Participatory Monitoring And Learning Tools

Author : G. Jayanthi
ISBN : 8171886426
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 55. 84 MB
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Addressing the concepts behind participatory monitoring and learning (PM&L), such as collaborative review and problem solving through the generation and use of information on a regular basis, this reference focuses on how this system leads to corrective action and improvement within a project, based on shared decision making from a number of stakeholders. Offering field-tested techniques from an initiative that experimented with PM&L within three World Bank–assisted rural development areas, this resource provides facilitators with practical information on how to prepare and apply these tools, as well as how to present the results.

Global Management Local Resistances

Author : Ulrike Schuerkens
ISBN : 9781317906582
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book originates from a research project involving extensive collection and analysis of primary and secondary materials (scholarly literature, statistical data, and interviews with key actors) on global management and local resistances in all major world regions during the last years. It seeks to assess the overall management situation in the world, looking at the world as a social system where some countries act as winners of socioeconomic globalization, others as losers, and some as both. Offering analytical and comparative insights at the global level, this book will be useful for scholars, students, NGOs, and policy makers.

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