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Saving Globalization

Author : Mike Moore
ISBN : 9781118179314
Genre : Political Science
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Globalization is not new, nor is it a policy, it’s a processthat has existed as long as man looked over the horizon, travelledand traded. It can’t be stopped but it can beslowed. It came to a grinding halt in August 1914 and theMarxist detour cost millions of lives and lost three generationstheir opportunity and hope in many countries. More wealth hasbeen created in the past 60 years than in all of history. After the most successful decade of sustained economic growth inhistory, this progress is threatened. Extreme inequality, corruption and environmental degradationthreaten the stability and legitimacy of many developingcountries’ regimes. Anti-globalization andanti-capitalist campaigners’ confidence has been emboldeneddue to the present economic crisis. Protectionist rhetoric isgrowing as are the arguments to control and regulate markets. Leaders are meeting to discuss how to face these problems andcreate a new international architecture. How did we get tothis position? What should we do? What is it that determineswhy some contemporary states are successful while others havefailed? Saving Globalization departs from its analysis ofthe globalised economy in the twenty-first century to answer thesequestion by tracing the development of what Moore considers to be‘the big ideas of history’: democracy, independentcourts, the separation of church and state, property rights,independent courts, a professional civil service, and civilsociety. Democratic capitalism has worked for most people. Why? It is a remarkable story, from the Greeks to the Geeks,encompassing technological progress and the corrections andcontradictions between liberty and equality, technology, growth andthe environment. In defence of the many virtues andopportunities that globalisation offers, Mike Moore makes the casefor a fresh and new approach to our international Institutions andfor domestic policies that promote equity and fairness. The book controversially attacks the new enemies of reason andevidence. The threats now come from all sides, especiallyworkers in developed countries who fear for their jobs. MikeMoore is a political practitioner turned theoretician.

Globalization And The Poor

Author : Jay R. Mandle
ISBN : 0521893526
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 33. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This goes beyond a simple viewpoint to describe policies needed to make globalization fair.

Saving Humanity

Author : Jiaqi Hu
ISBN : 9781525531743
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 81. 14 MB
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Our world faces threats on many fronts—terrorism, environmental and natural disasters, and pandemics, to name just a few. In light of these growing dangers, we must ask: Is the total annihilation of the human race inevitable, or can we be saved? With a breadth and depth of knowledge that serves as a foundation to his proposals, along with almost forty years of research, Saving Humanity addresses these questions and assures readers that hope for human survival and happiness still exists, but only if we unite under a common purpose. Chinese scholar and scientist Jiaqi Hu proposes that humanity won’t be wiped out by war or nuclear weapons, famine, or climate change. Instead, the chief culprit raging against our survival is technology. If technology continues to grow and develop, human beings could vanish from the earth in less than two or three hundred years. Hu’s solution to this problem will challenge and inspire readers as they realize that the future of humanity rests in our hands— now. Devoting all of his time to his mission of spreading this message of hope and urgency, Jiaqi Hu is reaching out to leaders and people of influence who can be the giants to lead the charge of saving humanity. Please read and share, spreading the word and raising up giants.

The Evidence And Impact Of Financial Globalization

Author :
ISBN : 9780124058996
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88. 79 MB
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The sharp realities of financial globalization become clear during crises, when winners and losers emerge. Crises usher in short- and long-term changes to the status quo, and everyone agrees that learning from crises is a top priority. The Evidence and Impact of Financial Globalization devotes separate articles to specific crises, the conditions that cause them, and the longstanding arrangements devised to address them. While other books and journal articles treat these subjects in isolation, this volume presents a wide-ranging, consistent, yet varied specificity. Substantial, authoritative, and useful, these articles provide material unavailable elsewhere. Substantial articles by top scholars sets this volume apart from other information sources Rapidly developing subjects will interest readers well into the future Reader demand and lack of competitors underline the high value of these reference works

Inequality Consumer Credit And The Saving Puzzle

Author : Christopher Brown
ISBN : 9781848443808
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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. . . provides an excellent example of economic analysis using atypical analytical approaches. . . the book is very accessible, especially to readers with some grounding in economics. Mathematical models and empirical evidence are appropriately used and the writing is superb. Advanced undergraduates and graduate students should be able to follow the analysis and will benefit from seeing the alternative analytics at work. Of course economists of all stripes will find something useful in this book as will anyone with a strong interest in understanding the current economic crisis. Richard V. Adkisson, The Social Science Journal For those who do not mind a stimulating read, the book by Christopher Brown, Inequality, Consumer Credit and the Saving Puzzle, is recommended. . . the book is exciting, tracing the causes for the uncommonly low savings rate in American households. . . this book is written in nearly colloquial language and easily understood. It is divided into eight chapters, each of which addresses one theme group, respectively. The author evaluates in detail literary sources, and also examines alternative approaches, but always returns to his line of thought. Relationships that he perceives as important are exemplified through small models. In addition to that, he always attempts to support the central thesis with statistics. In particular, to read those statistics is very exciting. Conclusion: a book definitely worth reading. Friedrich Thießen, Bankhistorisches Archiv Brown makes an important contribution to the field of consumer credit by presenting a broad view of the issues and problems associated with growing consumer credit habits, culture, and institutions. . . This book effectively uses a heterodox methodology, which will appeal to a wide audience of social scientists. Highly recommended. R.H. Scott, Choice Providing much needed context for current events like the sub-prime mortgage crisis, this timely book presents a vision of an economy evolved to greater dependence on consumer credit and analyzes the trade-offs and risks associated with it. While synthesizing the Keynesian theory of consumption with the Institutional theory of habit selection (brought up to date with new knowledge from evolutionary biology and neuroscience), this book represents an in-depth treatment of the macroeconomic dimensions of consumer credit and implications of recent financial innovations from a non-traditional economic approach. Some of the effects of consumer credit dependence include the potential for illiquidity in markets for debt-collateralized securities, sub-prime contagion, or the possibility of a Minsky-type debt deflation episode. The author also argues that a sharp increase in borrowing by US households over the past 20 years, aided by financial innovations such as the securitization of consumer loans and sub-prime lending, have lessened the harmful consequences of income inequality, and that the collapse of personal saving after 1993 is actually a gradual trend of consumer habits conforming to the imperatives of corporatism. The book s primary audience will be academic economists in sympathy with heterodox and pluralist approaches. It sets forth an institutional or top-down theory of household spending behavior that should be of interest to readers in fields such as sociology, consumer or family studies, psychology, or anthropology. Much of the book is technically accessible for non-economists and students.

Making Sense Of Globalization

Author : François Bourguignon
ISBN : 1898128677
Genre : Globalization
File Size : 49. 20 MB
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Globalization is, in some respects, a centuries-old phenomenon. Only now, however, are we examining which aspects of the current wave are old and which are new and the effects of these on poverty and inequality in the world. Furthermore, it is difficult to be sure whether the poor economic performance of some countries (notably in sub-Saharan Africa) is due to their having been insufficiently open to the world economy, or whether they lacked the institutions and capacities (such as in human capital) that would have enabled them to benefit from such opportunities and embrace globalization successfully. CEPR's new Policy Paper analyses how various institutions, including corporations, national governments and the many institutions of civil society, have responded or potentially could respond to these developments.

Free Trade And Faithful Globalization

Author : Amy Reynolds
ISBN : 9781107078246
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 59. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Through an analysis of Christian communities in the United States, Canada, and Costa Rica, this book analyzes how religious groups talk about the politics surrounding economic life. Amy Reynolds examines how these Christian organizations speak about trade and the economy as moral and value-laden spaces, deserving ethical reflection and requiring political action. She reveals the ways in which religious communities have asked people to engage in new approaches to thinking about the market and how they have worked to create alternative networks and policies governing economic and social life.

Globalization Of Water

Author : Arjen Y. Hoekstra
ISBN : 9781444360196
Genre : Science
File Size : 25. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Globalization of Water is a first-of-its-kind review of the critical relationship between globalization and sustainable water management. It explores the impact of international trade on local water depletion and pollution and identifies “water dependent” nations. Examines the critical link between water management and international trade, considering how local water depletion and pollution are often closely tied to the structure of the global economy Offers a consumer-based indicator of each nation’s water use: the water footprint Questions whether trade can enhance global water use efficiency, or whether it simply shifts the environmental burden to a distant location Highlights the hidden link between national consumption and the use of water resources across the globe, identifying the threats facing ‘water dependent’ countries worldwide Provides a state-of-the-art review and in-depth data source for a new field of knowledge


Author : Zygmunt Bauman
ISBN : 9780231508858
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 72. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From the streets of Seattle to corporate boardrooms to new factories in third-world nations, globalization is subject to very different and often explosively divergent interpretations. Where some see globalization as driving poor countries into further poverty, others see it as the path to economic salvation and democratic rule. With original contributions from ten eminent economists, Globalization: What's New cuts through the confusion and rhetoric to offer straightforward, incisive analysis of globalization and its future. Coming from some of globalization's most prominent supporters (David Dollar), its most vocal critics (Joseph Stiglitz), and those in-between, this collection presents diverse and original perspectives on globalization's immense reach that dig to the core of many debates. The contributors analyze recent trends in trade, immigration, and capital flows; why some poor countries have grown while others have stagnated during the past two decades; future opportunities for low-wage workers; globalization's impact on jobs and wages in poor countries and in the United States; the surprising environmental benefits of globalization; the degree to which foreign aid helps developing countries; the failures of international institutions in governing the global economy and supporting democracy; and how foreign loans and investments can wreak havoc on a nation's economy.

Latin American Responses To Globalization In The 21st Century

Author : M. Nilsson
ISBN : 9781137003126
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 39. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Written by a diverse group of scholars and practitioners from Latin America, the US and Europe and taking into consideration the recent global financial crisis,the book offers a multifaceted insight into the expectations as well as the possible threats related to Latin America's incorporation into the sphere of global interconnectedness.

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