rousseau law and the sovereignty of the people

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Der Gesellschaftsvertrag

Author : Jean-Jacques Rousseau
ISBN : NWU:35556042006221
Genre : Political science
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Rousseau Law And The Sovereignty Of The People

Author : Ethan Putterman
ISBN : 9781139486781
Genre : Political Science
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Together with Plato's Republic, Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Social Contract is regarded as one of the most original examples of utopian political engineering in the history of ideas. Similar to the Republic, Rousseau's masterwork is better known today for its author's idiosyncratic view of political justice than its lessons on lawmaking or governance in any concrete sense. Challenging this common view, Rousseau, Law and the Sovereignty of the People examines the Genevan's contributions as a legislator and builder of institutions, relating his major ideas to issues and debates in twenty-first century political science. Ethan Putterman explores how Rousseau's just state would actually operate, investigating how laws would be drafted, ratified and executed, arguing that the theory of the Social Contract is more pragmatic and populist than many scholars assume today.

Against Rousseau

Author : Joseph de Maistre
ISBN : 0773514155
Genre : History
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A fierce opponent of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Joseph de Maistre was a widely read critic of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Against Rousseau provides the English-speaking reader with a rare first-hand view of the intellectual world of the early counter-revolution.

History Of The Theory Of Sovereignty Since Rousseau

Author : Charles Edward Merriam
ISBN : 9781886363762
Genre : Law
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Merriam, C.E., Jr. History of the Theory of Sovereignty Since Rousseau. New York: Columbia University Press, [1900]. x, [11]-233 pp. Reprinted 1999 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. LCCN 98-32385. ISBN 1-886363-76-5. Cloth. $65. * Reprint of the Columbia University Press edition of 1900, from the Studies in History, Economics and Public Law series published by Columbia University. "... a full and useful account of the chief doctrines put forward on the subject, not stating a theory of his own, but adding pertinent criticisms on the views which he summarizes." Marke, A Catalogue of the Law Collection of New York University (1953) 948. Chapters include The Kantian Theory, The Patrimonial Theory, Sovereignty and the American Union, Federalism and Continental Theory, Popular and State Sovereignty. With bibliographical notes. Catalogue of the Library of the Law School of Harvard University (1909) II:105.


Author : Raia Prokhovnik
ISBN : 9781845404765
Genre : Political Science
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This innovative research monograph on sovereignty argues that the historical examination of the concept and the conceptual analysis of sovereignty are interdependent. The book engages with and makes a significant contribution to the literatures on sovereignty from the history of political thought and political theory. It offers a clear survey and evaluation of interlinked debates within these literatures, and provides lively and scholarly interpretations of thinkers including Bodin, Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke, Rousseau, Kant, Hegel, Foucault and Schmitt. This book will be of interest to historians of political thought, political theorists, political philosophers, IR theorists, and legal theorists.

Law And Evil

Author : Ari Hirvonen
ISBN : 9781135268183
Genre : Law
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Law and Evil opens, expands and deepens our understanding of the phenomenon of evil by addressing the theoretical relationship between this phenomenon and law. Hannah Arendt said 'the problem of evil will be the fundamental question of post-war intellectual life in Europe'. This statement is, unfortunately, more than valid in the contemporary world: not only in the events of war, crimes against humanity, terror, repression, criminality, violence, torture, human trafficking, and so on; but also as evil is used rhetorically to condemn these acts, to categorise their perpetrators, and to justify forcible measures, both in international and domestic politics and law. But what is evil? Evil as a concept is too often taken as something that is self-evident, something that is always already defined. Taking Kant’s concept of radical evil as a starting point, this volume counters such a tendency. Bringing together philosophical, political, and psychoanalytical perspectives, in analysing both the concept and the phenomenon of evil, the contributors to this volume offer a rich and thoroughgoing analysis of the multifaceted phenomenon of evil and its relationship to law.

Die Urspr Nge Der Totalit Ren Demokratie

Author : Yaʻaqov Lêb Ṭalmôn
ISBN : 9783663070528
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Das vorliegende Buch versucht zu zeigen, daß sich im achtzehnten Jahrhunder- gleichzeitig mit dem liberalen Typ der Demokratie und aus denselben Prämissen heraus - eine Tendenz in Richtung auf das anbahnte, was wir als totalitären Typ der Demokratie bezeichnen möchten. Beide Strömungen haben seit dieser Zeit ohne Unterbrechung nebeneinander bestanden. Die Spannung zwischen ihnen bildet ein wichtiges Kapitel in der neue ren Geschichte und ist zur entscheidenden Kernfrage unserer Zeit geworden. Es würde natürlich zu weit gehen, wenn man die ganze Epoche von damals bis heute im Lichte dieses Konfliktes auslegen wollte, und doch war er stets vorhanden, wenn auch gewöhnlich überlagert und verdunkelt durch andere Fragen, die zwar den Zeitgenossen klarer erschienen sein mögen, die aber unter dem Blickwinkel unserer heutigen Zeit zufällig oder sogar belanglos anmuten. Von uns aus gesehen - von einem Beobachtungspunkt in der Mitte dieses zwanzigsten Jahrhundert- erscheint in der Tat die Geschichte der letzten hundertfünfzig Jahre als die syste matische Vorbereitung auf den schroffen Zusammenprall zwischen empirischer und liberaler Demokratie einerseits und totalitärer messianischer Demokratie anderer seits - und das ist die Weltkrise von heute.

The Social Contract

Author : Jean-Jacques Rousseau
ISBN : 1853267813
Genre : Fiction
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In this translated classic, Rousseau argues for the preservation of individual freedom in political society. He says that we can only be free under the law by voluntarily embracing that law as our own. Hence, being free in society requires each of us to subjugate all our desires to the collective good, the general will.

Rousseau And Hobbes

Author : Robin Douglass
ISBN : 9780191038037
Genre : Philosophy
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Robin Douglass presents the first comprehensive study of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's engagement with Thomas Hobbes. He reconstructs the intellectual context of this engagement to reveal the deeply polemical character of Rousseau's critique of Hobbes and to show how Rousseau sought to expose that much modern natural law and doux commerce theory was, despite its protestations to the contrary, indebted to a Hobbesian account of human nature and the origins of society. Throughout the book Douglass explores the reasons why Rousseau both followed and departed from Hobbes in different places, while resisting the temptation to present him as either a straightforwardly Hobbesian or anti-Hobbesian thinker. On the one hand, Douglass reveals the extent to which Rousseau was occupied with problems of a fundamentally Hobbesian nature and the importance, to both thinkers, of appealing to the citizens' passions in order to secure political unity. On the other hand, Douglass argues that certain ideas at the heart of Rousseau's philosophy—free will and the natural goodness of man—were set out to distance him from positions associated with Hobbes. Douglass advances an original interpretation of Rousseau's political philosophy, emerging from this encounter with Hobbesian ideas, which focuses on the interrelated themes of nature, free will, and the passions. Douglass distances his interpretation from those who have read Rousseau as a proto-Kantian and instead argues that his vision of a well-ordered republic was based on cultivating man's naturally good passions to render the life of the virtuous citizen in accordance with nature.

Rousseau The Social Contract And Other Later Political Writings

Author : Jean-Jacques Rousseau
ISBN : 0521424461
Genre : History
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Volume II contains the later writings such as the Social Contract. The Social Contract was publicly condemned on publication causing Rousseau to flee. In exile he wrote both autobiographical and political works.

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