research on the physics of cancer a global perspective

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Research On The Physics Of Cancer

Author : Bernard S Gerstman
ISBN : 9789814730273
Genre : Science
File Size : 52. 69 MB
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There is something special about cancer compared to other diseases. It is a horrific disease that has defied attempts to find a reliable cure. Life spans after diagnosis have increased, but the mortality rate has remained about the same even after 40 years of extensive research. Cancer provides a major scientific challenge. Tumors evolve and spread in response to internal and external factors that involve feed-back mechanisms and non-linear behavior. In recent years, physicists have become involved in studying cancer, with the ultimate aim of finding a cure. Physicists approach a problem with unique experimental, theoretical, and computational skills and perspectives. This book will be comprised of chapters written by physicists from all over the world who perform research on cancer. They will describe their research and summarize their results. Contents: Multiscale Modelling of Cancer Progression and Treatment Control: The Role of Intracellular Heterogeneities in Chemotherapy Treatment (M A J Chaplain and G G Powathil)Physical View on the Interactions Between Cancer Cells and the Endothelial Cell Lining During Cancer Cell Transmigration and Invasion (C T Mierke)Advances in Computational Radiation Biophysics for Cancer Therapy: Simulating Nano-Scale Damage by Low-Energy Electrons (Z Kuncic)Continuous Time Random Walk and Migration–Proliferation Dichotomy of Brain Cancer (A Iomin)Using Physics to Diagnose Cancer (V J James)From Single-Cell Dynamics to Scaling Laws in Oncology (R Chignola, M Sega, S Stella, V Vyshemirsky and E Milotti)Adhesion-Mediated Signalling in Cancer: Recent Advances and Mathematical Modelling (O Crociani, A Becchetti, D Fanelli and A Arcangeli)Common and Diverging Integrin Signals Downstream of Adhesion and Mechanical Stimuli and Their Interplay with Reactive Oxygen Species (K S Zeller and S Johansson)Can Mathematical Models Predict the Outcomes of Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing Intermittent Androgen Deprivation Therapy? (R A Everett, A M Packer and Y Kuang)The Age Specific Incidence Anomaly Suggests that Cancers Originate During Development (J P Brody)Cancer — Pathological Breakdown of Coherent Energy States (J Pokorný, J Pokorný, J Kobilková, A Jandová, J Vrba and J Vrba Jr)Potential Mechanisms of Cancer Prevention by Weight Control (Y Jiang and W Wang) Readership: Researchers and academics interested in biophysics and the newest findings in the field of cancer. Keywords:Cancer;Physics;Modelling;Multiscale;Transmigration;Invasion;Computational;Biophysics;Proliferation;Brain;Scaling;Oncology;Signaling;Mechanical;Mathematical Models;Prostate;Age Specific;Energy States;Pathological

Global Perspectives On Cancer Incidence Care And Experience 2 Volumes

Author : Kenneth D. Miller M.D.
ISBN : 9781440828584
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 73. 49 MB
Format : PDF
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Two leading oncologists, along with experts spanning several medical disciplines, shed light on the global pandemic of cancer, particularly the difference in diagnosis, treatment, and care between global communities. • Includes a comprehensive and up-to-date review of the global epidemiology of the disease • Offers perspectives from contributors in fields of oncology, radiation, surgery, pharmacy, and public health • Reveals the 5 leading behavioral and dietary risks that contribute to 30 percent of all cancers worldwide • Examines how the HIV/AIDS and HPV epidemics have helped—and hurt—the fight against cancer globally

Physics Of Cancer

Author : Claudia Mierke
ISBN : 0750311355
Genre :
File Size : 69. 53 MB
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'Physics of Cancer' emphasizes a novel biophysical-based view on cancer disease and metastasis highlighting the functional role of mechanical properties of cells while describing the biological state of cancer. Originating in part from the author's own courses on tumor biology and cellular biophysics, this book is suitable for students and researchers in this dynamic interdisciplinary field, be they from a physical, biological or medical sciences background.

The Physics Of Cancer

Author : Caterina A. M. La Porta
ISBN : 9781107109599
Genre : Science
File Size : 69. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An introduction to the emerging field of cancer physics, integrating cancer biology with approaches from theoretical and applied physics.

Integrative Oncology

Author : Donald I. Abrams
ISBN : 9780199329748
Genre : Medical
File Size : 84. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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More and more people living with and beyond cancer seek integrative interventions to complement their conventional cancer care. This second edition of the highly successful Integrative Oncology provides the reader with the most updated information available with new chapters on Music and Expressive Arts Therapies, Naturopathic Oncology, and an integrative approach to Lung Cancer. Integrative medicine is defined as healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) as well as all aspects of lifestyle; it emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative. This series grows out of a need to organize and make accessible to clinicians the basic principles of integrative medicine in practical application to common health conditions. Each volume focuses on a particular specialty and features well-recognized and authoritative editors and chapter authors. The text is presented in an easy-to-read format featuring case histories, clinical pearls, and useful tables, with all key information highlighted. Series editor Andrew Weil, MD, is Professor and Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. Dr. Weil's program was the first such academic program in the U.S., and its stated goal is "to combine the best ideas and practices of conventional and alternative medicine into cost effective treatments without embracing alternative practices uncritically."

Biomedical Physics In Radiotherapy For Cancer

Author : Barry Allen
ISBN : 9780643103313
Genre : Science
File Size : 84. 61 MB
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The scientific and clinical foundations of Radiation Therapy are cross-disciplinary. This book endeavours to bring together the physics, the radiobiology, the main clinical aspects as well as available clinical evidence behind Radiation Therapy, presenting mutual relationships between these disciplines and their role in the advancements of radiation oncology.

Physics Of The Future

Author : Michio Kaku
ISBN : 9780385530811
Genre : Science
File Size : 25. 39 MB
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Imagine, if you can, the world in the year 2100. In Physics of the Future, Michio Kaku—the New York Times bestselling author of Physics of the Impossible—gives us a stunning, provocative, and exhilarating vision of the coming century based on interviews with over three hundred of the world’s top scientists who are already inventing the future in their labs. The result is the most authoritative and scientifically accurate description of the revolutionary developments taking place in medicine, computers, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, energy production, and astronautics. In all likelihood, by 2100 we will control computers via tiny brain sensors and, like magicians, move objects around with the power of our minds. Artificial intelligence will be dispersed throughout the environment, and Internet-enabled contact lenses will allow us to access the world's information base or conjure up any image we desire in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, cars will drive themselves using GPS, and if room-temperature superconductors are discovered, vehicles will effortlessly fly on a cushion of air, coasting on powerful magnetic fields and ushering in the age of magnetism. Using molecular medicine, scientists will be able to grow almost every organ of the body and cure genetic diseases. Millions of tiny DNA sensors and nanoparticles patrolling our blood cells will silently scan our bodies for the first sign of illness, while rapid advances in genetic research will enable us to slow down or maybe even reverse the aging process, allowing human life spans to increase dramatically. In space, radically new ships—needle-sized vessels using laser propulsion—could replace the expensive chemical rockets of today and perhaps visit nearby stars. Advances in nanotechnology may lead to the fabled space elevator, which would propel humans hundreds of miles above the earth’s atmosphere at the push of a button. But these astonishing revelations are only the tip of the iceberg. Kaku also discusses emotional robots, antimatter rockets, X-ray vision, and the ability to create new life-forms, and he considers the development of the world economy. He addresses the key questions: Who are the winner and losers of the future? Who will have jobs, and which nations will prosper? All the while, Kaku illuminates the rigorous scientific principles, examining the rate at which certain technologies are likely to mature, how far they can advance, and what their ultimate limitations and hazards are. Synthesizing a vast amount of information to construct an exciting look at the years leading up to 2100, Physics of the Future is a thrilling, wondrous ride through the next 100 years of breathtaking scientific revolution. From the Hardcover edition.

God And The New Physics

Author : Paul Davies
ISBN : 9780671528065
Genre : Science
File Size : 77. 66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Argues that the discoveries of twentieth-century physics--relativity and the quantum theory--demand a radical reformulation of the fundamentals of reality and a way of thinking, that is closer to mysticism than materialism

Oxford Textbook Of Suicidology And Suicide Prevention

Author : Danuta Wasserman
ISBN : PSU:000066143260
Genre : Medical
File Size : 67. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Oxford Texbook of Suicidology is the most comprehensive textbook on suicidology and suicide prevention that has ever been published. It is written by world-leading specialists and describes all aspects of suicidal behaviour and suicide prevention, including psychological, cultural, biological, and sociological factors.

Global Perspectives On Complementary And Alternative Medicine

Author : Helen E. Sheehan
ISBN : STANFORD:36105112201954
Genre : Medical
File Size : 64. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Once labeling complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as quackery or fraud, the biomedical community is becoming increasingly complex as it struggles to cope with the explosion of alternative treatments seen in the United States. With the establishment of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine along with an increase in departments or courses on alternative medicine seen in major American medical schools, CAM has nudged its way into mainstream medicine. Now that it has gained a foothold in the biomedical community, several questions arise about its impact on our culture. This issue of the ANNALS sheds light on the political-economic role as well as socio-cultural influences of CAM over the past 20 years. This collection of articles also addressees the global and cross-cultural dimensions of CAM. With ever-changing messages in the media about CAM and biomedicine, the task of evaluating it is daunting. Yet the contributors to this issue - social scientists devote to researching the effects of Cam on our society - are able to provide insight and a thorough commentary on the meanings of health, illness and modes of healing.

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