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Research Assessment In The Humanities

Author : Michael Ochsner
ISBN : 9783319290164
Genre : Education
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This book analyses and discusses the recent developments for assessing research quality in the humanities and related fields in the social sciences. Research assessments in the humanities are highly controversial and the evaluation of humanities research is delicate. While citation-based research performance indicators are widely used in the natural and life sciences, quantitative measures for research performance meet strong opposition in the humanities. This volume combines the presentation of state-of-the-art projects on research assessments in the humanities by humanities scholars themselves with a description of the evaluation of humanities research in practice presented by research funders. Bibliometric issues concerning humanities research complete the exhaustive analysis of humanities research assessment. The selection of authors is well-balanced between humanities scholars, research funders, and researchers on higher education. Hence, the edited volume succeeds in painting a comprehensive picture of research evaluation in the humanities. This book is valuable to university and science policy makers, university administrators, research evaluators, bibliometricians as well as humanities scholars who seek expert knowledge in research evaluation in the humanities.

The Evaluation Of Research In Social Sciences And Humanities

Author : Andrea Bonaccorsi
ISBN : 9783319685540
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 66. 34 MB
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This book examines very important issues in research evaluation in the Social Sciences and Humanities. It is based on recent experiences carried out in Italy (2011-2015) in the fields of research assessment, peer review, journal classification, and construction of indicators, and presents a systematic review of theoretical issues influencing the evaluation of Social Sciences and Humanities. Several chapters analyse original data made available through research assessment exercises. Other chapters are the result of dedicated and independent research carried out in 2014-2015 aimed at addressing some of the debated and open issues, for example in the evaluation of books, the use of Library Catalog Analysis or Google Scholar, the definition of research quality criteria on internationalization, as well as opening the way to innovative indicators. The book is therefore a timely and important contribution to the international debate.

An Assessment Of Research Doctorate Programs In The United States

Author : Lyle V. Jones
ISBN : NAP:00062
Genre : Education
File Size : 54. 81 MB
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U.S. research-doctorate programs in the humanities were assessed by a committee of the Conference Board of Associated Research Councils. Attention was focused on 522 programs in nine disciplines in the humanities that award research doctorates. The effectiveness of these programs in preparing students for research careers was assessed. Indices that might be relevant to program quality were examined, and information was provided to evaluators on the names of faculty members involved with each program to be rated and the number of research doctorates awarded in the last 5 years. After describing the background to the study and the research methodology, survey results are presented for the following humanities programs: art history; classics; English language and literature; French, Spanish, and German language and literature; linguistics; music; and philosophy. In addition to extensive statistical findings and analyses, appendices include the Survey of Earned Doctorates, the instrument used in the reputational survey, the survey used with institutional coordinators, and lists of planning committee members and participants of the Conference on the Assessment of Quality of Graduate Education Programs. (SW)

Social Science Research In India And The World

Author : R. K. Mishra
ISBN : 9781317408918
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 43. 1 MB
Format : PDF
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A unique and comprehensive study on social science research, this book highlights the status, issues, roadblocks and challenges of the field in India and certain select nations of the world. It conducts key cross-comparisons with existing literature in the area, and discusses aid policies and decisions, funding dynamics and quality of research as well as assessment systems in social science research.

Perspectives On Research Assessment In Architecture Music And The Arts

Author : Fredrik Nilsson
ISBN : 9781315526638
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 21. 85 MB
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Research in the creative fields of architecture, design, music and the arts has experienced dynamic development for over two decades. The research in these practice- and arts-based fields has become increasingly mature but has also led to various discussions on what constitutes doctoral proficiency in these fields. The term ‘doctorateness’ is often used when referring to the assessment of the production of doctoral research and the research competence of research students, but in architecture and the arts, the concept of doctorateness has not yet attained a clearly articulated definition. The assessment of quality has been practiced by way of supervising, mentoring and the evaluation of dissertations but much less discussed. This book offers perspectives on how to qualify and assess research in architecture, music and the arts. It creates a broader arena for discussion on doctorateness by establishing a framework for its application to creative fields. The book is grouped into three sections and includes contributions from international experts in the various fields working in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK. The first section offers general frameworks for further conceptualising doctorateness in the fields in question. It is followed by a section that describes and discusses various experiences, concerns and visions on the production and assessment of doctoral research reporting from doctoral programmes in different stages of development. The third section includes future-oriented perspectives on knowledge-building processes, and asks how the ongoing, profound changes in academia could influence the concept of quality in both doctoral process and product. The book presents different perspectives on research assessment practices and developments of relevant criteria in the practice-based and creative fields of architecture and the arts. The contributions propose ways of framing this issue conceptually, show the need for awareness of the specific context and tradition programmes develop and give proposals for various potential trajectories for the future.

Citation Analysis In Research Evaluation

Author : Henk F. Moed
ISBN : 9781402037146
Genre : Science
File Size : 72. 42 MB
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This book is written for members of the scholarly research community, and for persons involved in research evaluation and research policy. More specifically, it is directed towards the following four main groups of readers: – All scientists and scholars who have been or will be subjected to a quantitative assessment of research performance using citation analysis. – Research policy makers and managers who wish to become conversant with the basic features of citation analysis, and about its potentialities and limitations. – Members of peer review committees and other evaluators, who consider the use of citation analysis as a tool in their assessments. – Practitioners and students in the field of quantitative science and technology studies, informetrics, and library and information science. Citation analysis involves the construction and application of a series of indicators of the ‘impact’, ‘influence’ or ‘quality’ of scholarly work, derived from citation data, i.e. data on references cited in footnotes or bibliographies of scholarly research publications. Such indicators are applied both in the study of scholarly communication and in the assessment of research performance. The term ‘scholarly’ comprises all domains of science and scholarship, including not only those fields that are normally denoted as science – the natural and life sciences, mathematical and technical sciences – but also social sciences and humanities.

The Impact And Future Of Arts And Humanities Research

Author : Paul Benneworth
ISBN : 9781137408990
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 85. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Drawing on original international research by a cross-European social science team, this book makes an important contribution to the discussion about the future of arts and humanities research. It explores the responses of these fields to the growing range of questions being asked about the value, impact and benefit of publicly-funded research. The objective is to better understand what really matters rather than what is easily measured. The book increases our understanding of the contribution which university-based arts and humanities research makes to society and the economy by exploring how it is defined, appreciated and accounted for by researchers, policymakers and civil society. It identifies appropriate practices and methodologies to assess and demonstrate quality and value beyond the academy. The book will be essential reading for researchers and policymakers, as well as research organisations and anyone interested in the arts and humanities.

World Social Science Report 2010

Author : United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
ISBN : 9789231041310
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 53. 43 MB
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Social science from Western countries continues to have the greatest global influence, but the field is expanding rapidly in Asia and Latin America, particularly in China and Brazil. In sub-Saharan Africa, social scientists from South Africa, Nigeria andKenya produce 75% of academic publications. In South Asia, barring some centres of excellence in India, social sciences as a whole have low priority. These are a few of the findings from World Social Science Report, 2010: Knowledge divides. Produced by the International Social Science Council (ISSC) and co-published with UNESCO, the Report is the first comprehensive overview of the field in over a decade. Hundreds of social scientists from around the world contributed their expertise to the publication. Gudmund Hernes, President of the ISSC, Adebayo Olukoshi, Director of the United Nations African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP), Hebe Vessuri, Director, Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC), and François Héran, Director of Research, National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED), France, are among the experts who presented the Report during its official launch at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 25 June 2010.

Assessing Quality In European Educational Research

Author : Ingrid Gogolin
ISBN : 9783658059699
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 24. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Competition-based models for research policy and management have an increasing influence throughout the research process, from attracting funding to publishing results. The introduction of quality control methods utilizing various forms of performance indicators is part of this development. The authors presented in this volume deal with the following questions: What counts as ‘quality’ and how can this be assessed? What are the possible side effects of current quality control systems on research conducted in the European Research Area, especially in the social sciences and the humanities?

Humanities Dimension Of Medicine And Physiotherapy

Author : Andrearczyk-Wozniakowska Agnieszka
ISBN : 9781470995102
Genre :
File Size : 81. 9 MB
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