reproductive biology of the great apes comparative and biomedical perspectives

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Reproductive Biology Of The Great Apes

Author : Charles Graham
ISBN : 9780323149716
Genre : Nature
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Reproductive Biology of the Great Apes: Comparative and Biomedical Perspectives discusses the great ape reproduction. The book opens with the menstrual cycle of apes as a good foundation for the subject areas that follow. Accordingly, Chapter 2 focuses on the endocrine changes during the stage of pregnancy among apes, specifically the hormonal changes in chimpanzee. Chapter 3 deals mainly on the condition postpartum amenorrhea. In Chapter 4, the reproductive and endocrine development – from fetal development, infancy, juvenile, to puberty – is discussed. Chapters 5 and 6 thoroughly discuss the female and male ape’s genital tract and their secretions. The sole topic of Chapter 7 deals mainly with the comparative aspects of ape steroid hormone metabolism. Meanwhile, Chapter 8 tackles laboratory research on apes’ sexual behavior. The succeeding chapters talk about the chimpanzee, gorilla, and orangutan reproduction in the wild. Chapters 12 and 13 basically look upon the behaviors of the great apes, specifically intermale competition and sexual selection. The next chapters (14 and 15) look at the necessity of breeding and managing apes in captivity to ensure their continued survival. Lastly, Chapter 16 highlights the significance and great value of apes as models and comparative study in human reproduction. This book will be of great use to human physiologists, comparative anatomists and zoologists, primatologists, ape breeders, and biomedical scientists.

Sperm Competition And The Evolution Of Animal Mating Systems

Author : Robert L. Smith
ISBN : 9780323143134
Genre : Science
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Sperm Competition and the Evolution of Animal Mating Systems describes the role of sperm competition in selection on a range of attributes from gamete morphology to species mating systems. This book is organized into 19 chapters and begins with the conceptualization of sperm competition as a subset of sexual selection and its implications for the insects. The following chapter describes the relationship between multiple mating and female fitness, with an emphasis on determining the conditions under which selection on females is likely to counteract selection on males for avoiding sperm competition. Other chapters consider the female perspective on sperm competition; the evolutionary causation at the level of the individual male gamete; and the correlation of high paternal investment and sperm precedence in the insects. The remaining chapters are arranged phylogenetically and explore the sperm competition in diverse animal taxa, such as the Drosophila, Lepidoptera, spiders, amphibians, and reptiles. These chapters also cover the evolution of direct versus indirect sperm transfer among the arachnids or the problem for kinship theory presented by multiple mating and sperm competition in the Hymenoptera. This book further discusses the remarkable potential for sperm competition among certain temperate bat species whose females store sperm through winter hibernation and the mixed strategies and male-caused female genital trauma as possible sperm competition adaptations in poeciliid fishes. The concluding chapter examines the predictions concerning testes size and mating systems in the primates and the possible role of sperm competition in human selection. This book is of great value to reproductive biologists and researchers.

Orang Utan Biology

Author : Jeffrey H. Schwartz
ISBN : 0195043715
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Orang-utans are a particularly important and interesting primate group because of their close evolutionary proximity to humans. Yet there is no comprehensive, single reference source covering the anatomy and morphology of these animals, their biology, or their evolution. In this unique volume, a group of internationally recognized experts and researchers review the literature and present new data on the skeletal anatomy, reproductive physiology and anatomy, neuroanatomy, behavior, evolutionary genetics, and paleontology of orangutans. It is the most thorough and comprehensive reference available on the biology and evolution of this fascinating primate group.

Sperm Competition In Humans

Author : Todd K. Shackelford
ISBN : 9780387280394
Genre : Science
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In species with internal fertilization, sperm competition occurs when the sperm of two or more males simultaneously occupy the reproductive tract of a female and compete to fertilize an egg (Parker, 1970). A large body of empirical research has demonstrated that, as predicted by sperm competition theory, males and females in many species possess anatomical, behavioral, and physiological adaptations that have evolved to deal with the adaptive challenges associated with sperm competition. Moreover, in recent years, evolutionary biologists and psychologists have begun to examine the extent to which sperm competition may have been an important selective pressure during human evolution. Some research has suggested that male humans, like males of many bird, insect, and rodent species, might be able to adjust the number of sperm they inseminate according to the risk of sperm competition. Other research has examined whether such responses might be accompanied by psychological changes that motivate human males to pursue copulations when the risk of sperm competition is high. Furthermore, there is research suggesting that aspects of human penile anatomy might function to enhance success in sperm competition. Much of this work has been controversial; some of the findings have been disputed and others have been greeted with skepticism. However, the idea that some aspects of human psychology and behavior might best be understood as adaptations to sperm competition remains intriguing and, in certain cases, very persuasive.

Human Sexual Aggression

Author : R. A. Prentky
ISBN : 0897664523
Genre : Medical
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Masculinity Femininity

Author : June Machover Reinisch
ISBN : UOM:39015012059427
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 49. 67 MB
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Of all the simple dichotomies we use to define ourselves and the world we inhabit, perhaps none is so basic and sometimes destructive in its effects as the distinction between males and females. But what exactly do we mean by "masculinity" and "femininity"? Even if researchers can agree on the meaning of these terms, how do they determine whether the behavior they observe arises from intrinsic differences between males and females or from the context in which it occurs? What is the balance between biologically and environmentally influenced sex differences? In this volume a group of internationally renowned authorities on sexual differentiation consider these and other key questions from seven distinct but interrelated perspectives: psychobiologic, neuroscientific, evolutionary, behavior genetic, developmental, psychosocial, and cultural. Specific topics range from sex differences in the rodent brain to the psychological constructions of masculinity and femininity. The contributors' findings indicate that the characteristics of each gender are determined by a much more intricate interaction between biology and the environment than has been accepted in the past, and they relate these findings within a framework of critical issues in methodology and definition. Psychologists, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and social scientists will welcome this fresh and authoritative contribution to the study of sexual differentiation.

Comparative Reproduction In Mammals And Man

Author : R. M. Eley
ISBN : WISC:89033343005
Genre : Human reproduction
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Primate Report

Author :
ISBN : UCSC:32106012800485
Genre : Primates
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New York Court Of Appeals Records And Briefs

Author : New York (State).
Genre : Law
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Understanding Behavior

Author : James Loy
ISBN : UOM:39015019397051
Genre : History
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Scientific studies of monkeys, apes, and other nonhuman primates began just over 50 years ago. Since then tens of thousands of hours of observation have been made on these animals in the wild and in captivity. The chief rationale for scientific primatology has always been the belief that mportant insights into human behavior and society could be gained through studies of our evolutionary kin. This book reviews what we have learned. Distinguished researchers outline primatological insights in six areas: sex, parenting, behavioral development, aggression/dominance, culture and kinship. The chapters show how primates have been used as simplified models of human behaviors and how they have contributed to scenarios of human evolution. Lay readers, students, and specialists alike will find this a readable and useful compendium of the findings of scientific primatology.

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