religion and society in roman palestine old questions new approaches

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Religion And Society In Roman Palestine

Author : Douglas R. Edwards
ISBN : 9781134402885
Genre : History
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This collection of papers combines important archaeological and textual evidence to examine diverse aspects of religion and society in Roman Palestine. A range of international experts provide an unprecedented look at issues of acculturation, assimilation and the preservation of difference in the multicultural climate of Palestine in the Roman period. Key themes include: * the nature of ethnicity and ritual * the character of public and private space in Jewish society * the role of gender and space * the role of peasants * the impact of Roman rule * ritual and the regional framework of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Religion and Society in Roman Palestine will be relevant to ancient historians, interpreters of the historical Jesus and subsequent Jesus movements, and those interested in the development of Judaism from Qu'ran to the rabbis.

Religion Ethnicity And Identity In Ancient Galilee

Author : Jürgen Zangenberg
ISBN : 3161490444
Genre : Religion
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What is a Galilean? What were the criteria of defining a person as a Galilean - archaeologically or with respect to literary sources such as Josephus or the rabbis? What role did religion play in the process of identity formation? Twenty-two articles based on papers read at conferences at Cambridge, Wuppertal and Yale by experts from 7 countries shed light on a complex region, the pivotal geographic and cultural context of both earliest Christianity and rabbinic Judaism. In these papers, ancient Galilee emerges as a dynamic region of continuous change, in which religion, 'ethnicity', and 'identity' were not static monoliths but had to be negotiated in the context of a multiform environment subject to different influences.

Herod Antipas In Galilee

Author : Morten Hørning Jensen
ISBN : 3161503627
Genre : History
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The quest for the secrets of first-century Galilee has become an issue of intense interest in recent research. In particular, a growing interest can be traced in Herod [email protected] impact on the [email protected] socio-economic stability. Was he good or bad news for the ordinary rural peasant population, and did his urbanization programme have a crucial impact on the Historical Jesus? Morten Hørning Jensen seeks to survey the literary and archaeological sources on the reign of Antipas with a view to determining its socio-economic impact on the region. He argues that [email protected] impact on early first-century Galilee was probably more moderate than Historical Jesus scholars have generally assumed until now.

Time Of Troubles

Author : Roland Boer
ISBN : 9781506406329
Genre : Religion
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Economic realities have been increasingly at the center of discussion of the New Testament and early church. Studies have tended to be either apologetic in tone, or haphazard with regard to economic theory, or both‒‒either imagining the ancients as involved in “primitive” economic relationships, or else projecting the modern capitalist preoccupation with markets and the enterprising individual back onto first-century realities. Roland Boer and Christina Petterson blaze a new trail, relying on the expansive work on the Roman economy of G. E. M. de Ste. Croix (who was relatively uninterested in the New Testament, however) and on the theoretical framework of the Regulation school. Theoretically flexible and responsive to historical data, Regulation theory gives appropriate regard to the centrality of agriculture in the ancient world and finds economic instability to be the norm, except for brief episodes of imposed stability. Boer and Petterson find the Roman world in crisis as slavery expands, transforming the agricultural economy so that slave estates could supply the needs of the polis. Successive chapters describe aspects of the economic crisis in the first century and turn at last to understand the ideological role played by nascent Christianity.

The Archaeology Of Difference

Author : Douglas R. Edwards
ISBN : UOM:39015064978318
Genre : Social Science
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What distinguishes an individual or a group in ancient society? How do issues of gender, ethnicity, social stratification and the view of the 'other' impact individuals, groups, and societal attitudes? Foucault in his classic work, The Archaeology of Knowledge, observes that layers of information embedded in language and society often elucidate the unspoken assumptions that individuals, groups or societies hold most dear. What is perceived to distinguish one group can carry such symbolic power that whole societies structure their laws, gender roles, ethnic identities, and views toward the other in the light of perceived differences. The ancient world was dominated by such differences. Clothing, hair, costume, housing, gender, religion, set apart one from the other. Ascertaining the rules governing difference in antiquity is challenging. Such rules were generally assumed, not clearly delineated. To determine the archaeology of difference the studies in this volume draw on textual and material culture. How does archaeological data illuminate gender or ethnicity or interactions and views of the other? role in society or Jewish perspectives on the Gentiles or attitudes toward the dead? What in texts illuminates the other especially as it relates to the writer's or narrator's perception?

American Book Publishing Record

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015066043210
Genre : American literature
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Jewish Literacy In Roman Palestine

Author : Catherine Hezser
ISBN : 3161475461
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86. 63 MB
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Since Judaism has always been seen as the quintessential 'religion of the book', a high literacy rate amongst ancient Jews has usually been taken for granted. Catherine Hezser presents the first critical analysis of the various aspects of ancient Jewish literacy on the basis of all of the literary, epigraphic, and papyrological material published so far. Thereby she takes into consideration the analogies in Graeco-Roman culture and models and theories developed in the social sciences. Rather than trying to determine the exact literacy rate amongst ancient Jews, she examines the various types, social contexts, and functions of writing and the relationship between writing and oral forms of discourse. Following recent social-anthropological approaches to literacy, the guiding question is: who used what type of writing for which purpose? First Catherine Hezser examines the conditions which would enable or prevent the spread of literacy, such as education and schools, the availability and costs of writing materials, religious interest in writing and books, the existence of archives and libraries, and the question of multilingualism. Afterwards she looks at the different types of writing, such as letters, documents, miscellaneous notes, inscriptions and graffiti, and literary and magical texts until she finally draws conclusions about the ways in which the various sectors of the populace were able to participate in a literate society.

The Sculptural Environment Of The Roman Near East

Author : Yaron Z. Eliav
ISBN : UOM:39015082758288
Genre : Art
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Public sculptures were the "mass media" of the Roman world. They populated urban centers throughout the empire, serving as a "plastic language" that communicated political, religious, and social messages. This book brings together twenty-eight experts who otherwise rarely convene: text-based scholars of the Greco-Roman, Jewish, and Christian realms from the fields of classics, history, and religion and specialists in the artistic traditions of Greece and Rome as well as art historians and archaeologists. Utilizing the full spectrum of ancient sources, the book examines the multiple, at times even contradictory, meanings and functions that statues served within the complex world of the Roman Near East. Moreover, it situates the discussion of sculpture in the broader context of antiquity in order to reevaluate long-held scholarly consensuses on such ideas as the essence of Hellenism (the culture that emerged from the encounter of Greco-Romans with the Near East) and the everlasting "conflict" among paganism, Christianity, and Judaism.

Follow The Wise

Author : Lee I. Levine
ISBN : IND:30000127730277
Genre : History
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"Published for the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem."

Excavations At Ancient Nabratein

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000124570338
Genre : Religion
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