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Religion And Power

Author : David Martin
ISBN : 9781317067863
Genre : Religion
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There are few more contentious issues than the relation of faith to power or the suggestion that religion is irrational compared with politics and peculiarly prone to violence. The former claim is associated with Juergen Habermas and the latter with Richard Dawkins. In this book David Martin argues, against Habermas, that religion and politics share a common mythic basis and that it is misleading to contrast the rationality of politics with the irrationality of religion. In contrast to Richard Dawkins (and New Atheists generally), Martin argues that the approach taken is brazenly unscientific and that the proclivity to violence is a shared feature of religion, nationalism and political ideology alike rooted in the demands of power and social solidarity. The book concludes by considering the changing ecology of faith and power at both centre and periphery in monuments, places and spaces.

David Martin Religion And Power No Logos Without Mythos

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1053719385
Genre :
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Religion And The Public Sphere

Author : James Walters
ISBN : 9781351609289
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53. 86 MB
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Religion and the Public Sphere: New Conversations explores the changing contribution of religion to public life today. Bringing together a diverse group of preeminent scholars on religion, each chapter explores an aspect of religion in the public realm, from law, liberalism, the environment and security to the public participation of religious minorities and immigration. This book engages with religion in new ways, going beyond religious literacy or debates around radicalisation, to look at how religion can contribute to public discourse. Religion, this book will show, can help inform the most important debates of our time.

Religion In Britain

Author : Grace Davie
ISBN : 9781119004318
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35. 69 MB
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Religion in Britain evaluates and sheds light on thereligious situation in twenty-first century Britain; it exploresthe country’s increasing secularity alongsidereligion’s growing presence in public debate, and the impactof this paradox on Britain’s society. Describes and explains the religious situation in twenty-firstcentury Britain Based on the highly successful Religion in Britain Since1945 (Blackwell, 1994) but extensively revised with themajority of the text re-written to reflect the currentsituation Investigates the paradox of why Britain has become increasinglysecular and how religion is increasingly present in public debatecompared with 20 years ago Explores the impact this paradox has on churches, faithcommunities, the law, politics, education, and welfare

Thinking Of Questions

Author : Peter Limm
ISBN : 9781514463192
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 36. 89 MB
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This is not a conventional book. It is designed to stimulate and challenge all people who are curious to find out about the world they inhabit and their place within it. It does this by suggesting questions and lines of questioning on a wide range of topics. The book does not provide answers or model arguments but prompts people to create their own questions and a reading log or journal. To this end, almost all questions have a list of books or articles to provide a starter for stimulating further reading. Once you start, you will be hooked! Never stop questioning.

Earth And Gods

Author : V. Vycinas
ISBN : 9789401033596
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 86. 37 MB
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Earth and Gods is an attempt to introduce the reader to Heidegger's fully developed philosophy. The title Earth and Gods gives an im pression of not being a general study of Heidegger's philosophy. However, this is not true - the earth and the gods are fundamental ontological symbols of his fully developed philosophy, namely, his third and final phase of thought. This phase repeats the problems of both preceding phases in a fuller and more developed manner; hence, it implies them. The two preceding phases are the phase of Dasein and the phase of Being. These two phases are a natural flow of fundamental problems which reach their final formation and development in the phase of earth and gods. Dasein (the first phase) leads to Being, and Being (the second phase) bursts into fundamental ontological powers of Being (Seinsmiichte) which are earth and sky, gods and mortals (the third phase). Since earth is unthinkable without sky and since gods are gods in the world of mortals - of men, the title Earth and Gods is an abbreviation of these four fundamental powers of Being. Hence, an investigation of earth and gods is an attempt to present Heidegger's philosophy as a whole. Such a presentation provides the reader with the background necessary for a more adequate and efficient understanding of the writings of Heidegger himself. Thus, Earth and Gods may rightly be considered an introduction to Hei degger's philosophy.

In Defense Of Religious Moderation

Author : William Egginton
ISBN : 9780231520966
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77. 28 MB
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In his latest book, William Egginton laments the current debate over religion in America, in which religious fundamentalists have set the tone of political discourse—no one can get elected without advertising a personal relation to God, for example—and prominent atheists treat religious belief as the root of all evil. Neither of these positions, Egginton argues, adequately represents the attitudes of a majority of Americans who, while identifying as Christians, Jews, and Muslims, do not find fault with those who support different faiths and philosophies. In fact, Egginton goes so far as to question whether fundamentalists and atheists truly oppose each other, united as they are in their commitment to a "code of codes." In his view, being a religious fundamentalist does not require adhering to a particular religious creed. Fundamentalists—and stringent atheists—unconsciously believe that the methods we use to understand the world are all versions of an underlying master code. This code of codes represents an ultimate truth, explaining everything. Surprisingly, perhaps the most effective weapon against such thinking is religious moderation, a way of believing that questions the very possibility of a code of codes as the source of all human knowledge. The moderately religious, with their inherent skepticism toward a master code, are best suited to protect science, politics, and other diverse strains of knowledge from fundamentalist attack, and to promote a worldview based on the compatibility between religious faith and scientific method.

Death Studies

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B4938849
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Moses Und Der Mythos

Author : René Bloch
ISBN : 9789004165014
Genre : Religion
File Size : 74. 53 MB
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Jewish-Hellenistic authors rejected Greek myth, but they were also aware of its importance as a symbol of power and identity. This book offers a comprehensive reading of how Jews dealt with Greek mythology in the Hellenistic period. Jüdisch-hellenistische Autoren verwarfen die griechische Mythologie, aber sie waren sich auch der Wichtigkeit der Mythen als eines Symbols von Befugnis und Identität bewusst. Dieses Buch ist die erste weitgespannte Untersuchung über den Umgang jüdisch-hellenistischer Autoren mit der griechischen Mythologie.

Mythos And Logos

Author : Albert A. Anderson
ISBN : 9042010207
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 35. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book contains fifteen essays all seeking to regain the original meaning of philosophy as the love of wisdom. "Mythos" and "Logos" are two essential aspects of a quest that began with the ancient Greeks. As concepts fundamental to human experience, "Mythos" and "Logos" continue to guide the search for truth in the twenty-first century.

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