regulation of parasite populations

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Regulation Of Parasite Populations

Author : Gerald Esch
ISBN : 9780323158633
Genre : Science
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Regulation of Parasite Populations is composed of the proceedings of a symposium held at New Orleans, on November 10-14, 1975, and jointly sponsored by the American Microscopial Society and the American Society of Parasitologists. The symposium focuses on the literatures dealing with the regulation of parasite populations. It also introduces some concepts and notions regarding this field of interest. This book reports the five papers presented in the symposium, beginning with the concept of parasitism. It specifically explains the regulation of fish parasite populations and the role of arrested development in the regulation of nematode populations. Aside from the subject at hand, the complementary nature of laboratory work, field studies, and mathematical modeling are explained. This compilation corresponds to an effort to “bridge a gap between some of the ideas and thoughts in ecology and parasitology.


Author : Claude Combes
ISBN : 9780226114460
Genre : Medical
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In Parasitism, Claude Combes explores the fascinating adaptations parasites have developed through their intimate interactions with their hosts. He begins with the biology of parasites—their life cycles, habitats, and different types of associations with their hosts. Next he discusses genetic interactions between hosts and parasites, and he ends with a section on the community ecology of parasites and their role in the evolution of their hosts. Throughout the book Combes enlivens his discussion with a wealth of concrete examples of host-parasite interactions.

A Functional Biology Of Parasitism

Author : G.W. Esch
ISBN : 9789401123525
Genre : Science
File Size : 65. 74 MB
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Series Editor: Peter Calow, Department of Zoology, University of Sheffield, England The main aim of this series will be to illustrate and to explain the way organisms 'make a living' in nature. At the heart of this - their functional biology - is the way organisms acquire and then make use of resources in metabolism, movement, growth, reproduction, and so on. These processes will form the fundamental framework of all the books in the series. Each book will concentrate on a particular taxon (species, family, class or even phylum) and will bring together information on the form, physiology, ecology and evolutionary biology of the group. The aim will be not only to describe how organisms work, but also to consider why they have come to work in that way. By concentration on taxa which are well known, it is hoped that the series will not only illustrate the success of selection, but also show the constraints imposed upon it by the physiological, morphological and developmental limitations of the groups. Another important feature of the series will be its organismic orientation. Each book will emphasize the importance of functional integration in the day to-day lives and the evolution of organisms. This is crucial since, though it may be true that organisms can be considered as collections of gene determined traits, they nevertheless interact with their environment as integrated wholes and it is in this context that individual traits have been subjected to natural selection and have evolved.

Evolutionary Ecology Of Parasites

Author : Robert Poulin
ISBN : 1400840805
Genre : Science
File Size : 34. 94 MB
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Parasites have evolved independently in numerous animal lineages, and they now make up a considerable proportion of the biodiversity of life. Not only do they impact humans and other animals in fundamental ways, but in recent years they have become a powerful model system for the study of ecology and evolution, with practical applications in disease prevention. Here, in a thoroughly revised and updated edition of his influential earlier work, Robert Poulin provides an evolutionary ecologist's view of the biology of parasites. He sets forth a comprehensive synthesis of parasite evolutionary ecology, integrating information across scales from the features of individual parasites to the dynamics of parasite populations and the structuring of parasite communities. Evolutionary Ecology of Parasites presents an evolutionary framework for the study of parasite biology, combining theory with empirical examples for a broader understanding of why parasites are as they are and do what they do. An up-to-date synthesis of the field, the book is an ideal teaching tool for advanced courses on the subject. Pointing toward promising directions and setting a research agenda, it will also be an invaluable reference for researchers who seek to extend our knowledge of parasite ecology and evolution.

Natural Regulation Of Animal Populations

Author : McLaren
ISBN : 0202367452
Genre : Science
File Size : 60. 94 MB
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Surveying an area dense with conflicting observations and ideas, this volume vividly depicts the current state of knowledge as well as the great diversity of opinion in the field of population ecology. Ten papers by outstanding authorities focus on three main issues-the effects of environment and population density on population dynamics, the influence of animal behavior on population growth, and the possibilities of genetic feedback or short-term evolutionary change in control of animal populations. An incisive introduction by the editor establishes a frame of reference and supplies succinct resolutions of some of the important controversies dealt with in these pages. Choosing from a vast literature that has been polemical, often confusing, and at times acrimonious, the book offers several classic arguments that clarify the functional, statistical, and evolutionary aspects of the relationship of population density to population growth. M. E. Solomon lays the groundwork for the ensuing debate by classifying the terms and relevant concepts of "density-dependence" as they apply to population dynamics. Other probing articles questions whether the density of animal populations is actually regulated by particular mechanisms or by random chance, provide counterexamples of the regulation of animal numbers, and explore effects of population density on the growth rates of various animal populations. Aside from the negative effects or responses of the environment, including haardous weather and food shortages, increasing evidence shows that a definite social or behavioral regulation may result from the interaction of individuals or groups within the animal population. This concept, ignored by some ecologists and considered universal by others, is discussed by several of the contributors. Perhaps the most noteworthy proponent of the idea that "social regulation" is for the "purpose" of preventing overpopulation and consequent destruction of resources is V. C. Wynne-Edwards. His paper outlines a theory that has stimulated wide discussion and caused reevaluation of many established views. Ian A. McLaren is Professor emeritus, department of Biology at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. His expertise is population and evolutionary biology of plankton, seals, and birds. Dr. McLaren has contributed numerous papers to books and scholarly journals in the fields of population and evolutionary ecology. Dr. McLaren is also a fellow of the Arctic Institute.

Sustainable Increase Of Marine Harvesting Fundamental Mechanisms And New Concepts

Author : Yngvar Olsen
ISBN : 1402011180
Genre : Nature
File Size : 70. 92 MB
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Proceedings of the 1st Maricult Conference held in Trondheim, Norway, 25-28 June 2000

Comparative Population Regulation Among Three Species Of Hymenoptera Parasitic On Dipterous Pupae

Author : John Thompson Hayes
ISBN : CORNELL:31924018246672
Genre : Nature
File Size : 79. 92 MB
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Ascaris The Neglected Parasite

Author : Celia Holland
ISBN : 9780123972859
Genre : Medical
File Size : 48. 34 MB
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This book tackles a number of different perspectives concerning the parasitic helminth Ascaris, both in animals and in humans and the disease known as ascariasis. It seeks to identify interesting, exciting and novel aspects, which will interest readers from a broad range of disciplines. Over a quarter of the world's population are infected with the human roundworm, and the equivalent in pigs is equally ubiquitous. Both contribute to insidious and chronic nutritional morbidity, and this has been quantified, in humans, as disability adjusted life years approximating 10.5 million. Ascaris larvae develop in host parenteral tissues, and the resultant pathology has been condemnation. Ascariasis, despite its staggering global prevalence and the sheer numbers of people it infects, remains a classic neglected disease. However, renewed interest in the consequences of early infection with worms from the perspective of immune modulation, co-infections and the development of allergy further enhances the relevance of these parasites. Brings together a wide range of topics and approaches and recent, comprehensive and progressive research concerning the neglected parasite Ascaris Provides a blueprint of how a single parasite entity can stimulate interest in basic biology, clinical science, veterinary science, public health and epidemiology Presents a wealth of new insights given that a book on this parasite has not been published for over 20 years 16 chapters from a range of top authors from around the world

Foodborne Parasites In The Food Supply Web

Author : Alvin A Gajadhar
ISBN : 9781782423508
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 83. 29 MB
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Foodborne Parasites in the Food Supply Web: Occurrence and Control provides an overview of the occurrence, transmission, and control of parasites in the food chain, including an introduction to the topic from the perspectives of various issues surrounding foodborne parasites. The text then explores the different types of foodborne parasites, the dynamics of parasite transmission in different food sources, and the prevention and control of foodborne parasites in the food chain. Provides an overview of the occurrence, transmission, and control of parasites in the food chain Explores the different types of foodborne parasites and the dynamics of parasite transmission in different food sources Highlights prevention and control methods to ensure the safety of the food chain

Parasites And Allergy

Author : Monique Capron
ISBN : 9783805579742
Genre : Science
File Size : 75. 67 MB
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The inverse correlation between allergic diseases and helminth infections has been debated for over 30 years. It was initially assumed that the underlying mechanism is an imbalance between Th1 and Th2 responses that, as a result of reduced exposure to Th1-inducing infectious pathogens, has tipped to allergic Th2 responses. It has only recently been clearly demonstrated that helminth infections have negative effects on allergic disease manifestation. This was shown to be consistent with the activity of regulatory cell populations, which control the effector mechanisms of both Th1 and Th2. In th.

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