race rights and reparation law and the japanese american internment second edition aspen elective

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Race Rights And Reparation

Author : Eric K. Yamamoto
ISBN : 1454808209
Genre : Law
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Race, Rights and Reparation: Law and the Japanese American Internment is the first comprehensive course book that provides critical examination of the Asian-American legal experience, and the legal, social and ethical ramifications of the internment of Japanese- Americans during World War II and the successful reparations movement of the 1980s. Appropriate for a diverse set of law school and non-legal courses, it supplements carefully contextualized case law and social policies with dramatic oral histories, essays, commentary and photographs sure to stimulate class discussion. The Second Edition represents a substantial revision of the original course book. Several new chapters expressly link the Japanese-American internment cases and redress to the civil liberties and national security issues raised post-9/11, making Asian-American legal history even more relevant to significant contemporary controversies. Other key updates to first edition material include an even more comprehensive Overview Chapter and the addition of recent scholarly and judicial treatment of the World War II and coram nobis internment cases. Features: The only course book that covers Asian-American legal history and reparations. Accessible, multidisciplinary approach appeals to scholars, students and instructors of ethnic studies, history, sociology, as well as law and legal studies. Contextualizes internment and reparations to facilitate understanding of what happened and why, including an overview chapter with key details and timelines. Examines how social policy and politics both enabled and constrained legal decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court. Discusses "headline" topics, such as redress for governmental misconduct and the national security implications of the Japanese-American experience. Provocative oral histories, litigation documents, photographs, essays and commentary that enrich class discussion of judicial decisions. Flexible, modular organization accommodates the focus and interests of different courses and instructors. Authors' website provides updates and additional information. The Second Edition has been substantially revised with new chapters and updated material, including: An even more comprehensive overview chapter covering the text's larger themes and significant legal specifics. Completely new chapters replace old ones to expressly link the internment cases and Japanese-American redress to post-9/11 national security/civil liberties issues and to U.S. and International Reparations/Reconciliation.

Security V Liberty

Author : Daniel Farber
ISBN : 9781610441933
Genre : Political Science
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In the weeks following 9/11, the Bush administration launched the Patriot Act, rejected key provisions of the Geneva Convention, and inaugurated a sweeping electronic surveillance program for intelligence purposes—all in the name of protecting national security. But the current administration is hardly unique in pursuing such measures. In Security v. Liberty, Daniel Farber leads a group of prominent historians and legal experts in exploring the varied ways in which threats to national security have affected civil liberties throughout American history. Has the government’s response to such threats led to a gradual loss of freedoms once taken for granted, or has the nation learned how to restore civil liberties after threats subside and how to put protections in place for the future? Security v. Liberty focuses on periods of national emergency in the twentieth century—from World War I through the Vietnam War—to explore how past episodes might bear upon today’s dilemma. Distinguished historian Alan Brinkley shows that during World War I the government targeted vulnerable groups—including socialists, anarchists, and labor leaders—not because of a real threat to the nation, but because it was politically expedient to scapegoat unpopular groups. Nonetheless, within ten years the Supreme Court had rolled back the most egregious of the World War I restrictions on civil liberties. Legal scholar John Yoo argues for the legitimacy of the Bush administration’s War on Terror policies—such as the detainment and trials of suspected al Qaeda members—by citing historical precedent in the Roosevelt administration’s prosecution of World War II. Yoo contends that, compared to Roosevelt’s sweeping use of executive orders, Bush has exercised relative restraint in curtailing civil liberties. Law professor Geoffrey Stone describes how J. Edgar Hoover used domestic surveillance to harass anti-war protestors and civil rights groups throughout the 1960s and early 1970s. Congress later enacted legislation to prevent a recurrence of the Hoover era excesses, but Stone notes that the Bush administration has argued for the right to circumvent some of these restrictions in its campaign against terrorism. Historian Jan Ellen Lewis looks at early U.S. history to show how an individual’s civil liberties often depended on the extent to which he or she fit the definition of “American” as the country’s borders expanded. Legal experts Paul Schwartz and Ronald Lee examine the national security implications of rapid advances in information technology, which is increasingly driven by a highly globalized private sector, rather than by the U.S. government. Security v. Liberty shows that civil liberties are a not an immutable right, but the historically shifting result of a continuous struggle that has extended over two centuries. This important new volume provides a penetrating historical and legal analysis of the trade-offs between security and liberty that have shaped our national history—trade-offs that we confront with renewed urgency in a post-9/11 world.

Blacks And Asians In America

Author : Hazel M. McFerson
ISBN : 159460102X
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 62. 34 MB
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What images come to mind when the words Asians, Asian Americans and African Americans are mentioned? Do the images revolve around negative racial stereotypes of the various groups, beginning with a portrait of African Americans, as noncitizens, and as discredited outlaws, as noted by Nobel Prize Laureate Toni Morrison in her categorization of race talk? Conversely, when images of Asians are conjured, is what comes to mind a picture of pig-tailed Chinese immigrants, along with recent Asian newcomers, eager to maintain social distance from discredited black outlaws? Do the images, which the groups often carry of one another, extend to their histories of shared diminished racial status and stereotyping, recalling a period in history when a significant segment of African American men were mocked as George, Sam and Rastus, and Chinese immigrants were ridiculed as John. How have these images shaped relations between the groups? Are there elements of commonality between Blacks and Asians in America? What historical forces have shaped their interactions? This volume, edited by Hazel M. McFerson, brings together a diverse group of scholars to address these questions. Their chapters are as diverse as their backgrounds, yet they all contribute without pessimism or naivete to a view of the varied interactions, which symbolized the crossings, commonality and conflict between Asians and African Americans during different periods, and to their prospects for future interactions.This book is divided into three parts. Part I examines relations dating from the mid-18th century to the late 1940s. Part II of the book examines contemporary issues and explores changes in Asian and Asian American communities and outlooks often characterized by race talk and social distance from African Americans. Part III of the book focuses on the international dimension of Asian/African American interactions and crossings. The book concludes with an assessment of the implications for contemporary economic interests and solidarity in Africa and Asia today.

Clouds In A Clear Sky

Author : Mariam Rezkallah
ISBN : 0987329715
Genre :
File Size : 68. 61 MB
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