protecting the polar marine environment law and policy for pollution prevention

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Protecting The Polar Marine Environment

Author : Davor Vidas
ISBN : 1139428144
Genre : Law
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How can we best protect the polar marine environment against pollution? Leading scholars on environmental law, the law of the sea, and Arctic and Antarctic affairs here examine this important question. To what extent do existing global instruments of environmental protection apply to the Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean? Can the arrangements adopted at regional, sub-regional and national levels provide adequate protection? This book examines and compares various levels of regulation in protecting the marine environment of the Arctic and Antarctic, with specific attention to land-based activities, radioactive waste dumping, and shipping in ice-covered waters. Developments since the establishment of the Arctic Council in 1996 and the entry into force of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty in 1998 are also discussed. This is a volume that will appeal to polar specialists and to all those interested in environmental law and policy.

International Marine Environmental Law And Policy

Author : Daud Hassan
ISBN : 9781317230465
Genre : Law
File Size : 64. 3 MB
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International Marine Environment Law and Policy presents a critical appraisal of the main issues, actors and institutions engaged in the legal aspects of marine environmental conservation. With contributions from an international range of authors, this volume provides a concise account of the legal and policy framework underlying international marine environmental issues, and of the fundamental concepts and strategies that are important to the protection of the marine environment. This work provides a solid foundation for researchers, practitioners and students interested seeking to gain an understanding of this hugely important subject.

International Governance Of The Arctic Marine Environment

Author : Lilly Weidemann
ISBN : 9783319044712
Genre : Law
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The Arctic is particularly affected by climate change; over the past few decades, temperatures in this area have risen twice as fast as the mean global rate. The most prominent effect of global climate change in the region is the melting sea ice in the Arctic Ocean, which enables a multitude of ocean uses to be initiated and extended, such as shipping, fishing and oil and gas extraction. Unlike in the Antarctic, there is currently no single comprehensive legal regime for governance of the Arctic. Instead, the region is regulated by a patchwork of international treaties, above all the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), various regional and sub-regional agreements, national laws and soft-law agreements. This treatise provides an evaluation of the governance regime that regulates the use of the Arctic marine environment and its readiness to protect these fragile ecosystems in light of the consequences of climate change.

Legal Regime Of Marine Environment In The Bay Of Bengal

Author : M. Habibur Rahman
ISBN : 8126907592
Genre : Bengal, Bay of
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There Is A Growing Concern About The Change In Composition Of The Atmosphere, Depletion Of The Ozone Shield, Pollution Of Marines And Rapid Population Growth Leading To Alarming Imbalance Between Population And Resources. Concerted Efforts Are Being Made Across The World To Curb The Environmental Degradation. The Un Conference On The Human Environment Held In Stockholm In 1972 Marked The Beginning Of The Development Of International Environmental Law By Soft Law Mechanism. With The Un Convention On The Law Of The Sea, 1982, The State Parties Have Been Made Obligatory To Protect The Marine Environment, Including All The Resources Therein.The Present Book Is A Treatise On The Legal Regime Of The Marine Environment In The Bay Of Bengal. It Provides A Comprehensive Description And Assessment Of The Legal Regime Governing This Particular Maritime Area. It Focuses On Its Protection, Preservation And Development. It Deals With Fisheries As Well As The Protection Of The Environment Against Pollution And The Discharge Of Waste From Land.Beginning With The Study Of Fisheries Management In The Bay Of Bengal, The Book Includes In Its Study The Major Agreements And Protocols, International Documents On Marine Environment, Seabed Mining And Its Consequences, Settlement Of Environmental Disputes, And The Present-Day Socio-Economic Condition In The Bay Of Bengal Region. The Book Also Provides A Bibliography To Enable The Readers To Pursue Their Study Further. The Index That Completes The Book Would Prove A Useful Study-Aid To All Readers. Since The Study Is Embedded In The Global Perspective Of The Protection Of The Marine Environment, It Shall Be Of Significant Use To All Those In Coastal And Naval Services, Government Executives, Planners And Policy Makers Concerned With The Protection Of The Marine Environment. For The Scholars And Teachers Of International Law, It Is An Ideal Reference Book.

Arctic Legal Regime For Environmental Protection

Author : Linda Nowlan
ISBN : 2831706378
Genre : Nature
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For many years, concerns have been expressed about environmental issues in the Arctic. While the Arctic region, unlike Antarctica, has been inhabited for thousands of years, it is under unique threat because of its vulnerability toward resource exploitation and the deposition of various airborne pollutants. With its varied populations, and with eight Nations asserting territorial interests, the Arctic needs a careful approach to its protection and development. This report describes the current Arctic environmental legal regime. It also discusses the possibility of negotiating a sustainability treaty for the Arctic with high standards of environmental protection similar to those in the 1991 Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty. It is hoped that this review of the legal and policy contrasts between the Arctic and Antarctic can help in the consideration of future directions for the Arctic legal regime.

The Shipping Industry Ocean Governance And Environmental Law In The Paradigm Shift

Author : Tafsir Johansson
ISBN : 9783319125411
Genre : Law
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This book examines the corpus of status quo environmental legal regime, geographical issues and redundant “stakeholder claims,” which persist in the Arctic. It examines multifarious theories relating not only to conflicting and opposing interests, but also to parties to whom the shipping industry should be accountable. The unique aspect of this book is the Corporate Social responsibility analysis pertaining to the Arctic and alternatives that strike a balance between the increased commercialization of the shipping industry and the laws and concepts of ocean governance. The book relevantly puts forward the concept of “ocean governance” and to what extent it can be addressed in terms of the Arctic. What distinguishes this book from others is the fact that it is not limited to examining the effects of climate change and how it is reshaping the way scholars assume the Arctic will be in the near future. Rather it creates a transparent nexus between opposing claims and increasing commercial interests and proceeds to scrutinize the efforts of the Arctic Council and individual Arctic coastal states. In this context, the book follows a given equation based on initial theories and how the opposing claims and increasing commercialization side of the equation can be balanced with the appropriate legal norm. It also reflects on the critical aspects of “hard law and soft law” which are two opposite ends of the legal pole and core elements of any legal spectrum. The book, after reflecting on those two elements, finally proposes a new Arctic legal regime, which is intricate and detailed and is basically a hierarchy based on logic and reasoning. In doing so, it imports a pristine theory for a pristine territory.

Research Handbook On International Marine Environmental Law

Author : Rosemary Rayfuse
ISBN : 9781781004777
Genre : LAW
File Size : 89. 91 MB
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This authoritative Handbook examines the current state of and the future challenges for international law in addressing the key activities that pose threats to the marine environment. It provides a critical analysis of, and constructive solutions for, the international legal regime for the protection of the marine environment and identifies areas of vital research need for the future. The in-depth chapters, written by emerging and established experts in their fields, explore the legal framework for protection of the marine environment and look at issues such as pollution, seabed activities, and climate change as well as discussing the protection of marine biodiversity and considering regional approaches to the protection of the marine environment. Each chapter goes beyond a survey of existing law to identify the shortcomings in the legal regime and areas of critical research needed to address these shortcomings. This timely book provides significant insights into contemporary issues surrounding the efficacy of the regime created by the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention and details the further work needed to ensure the design and implementation of effective regulation and management of human activities that affect the marine environment. Students and academics researching in the law of the sea and environmental law will find the Handbook central to their subject areas. The analyses and reform proposals are an invaluable resource for government and policy practitioners, as well as IGOs and NGOs involved in marine environmental issues.

Iucn Environmental Policy And Law Paper

Author : International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
ISBN : UOM:35112203365764
Genre : Law
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Recognition In International Law

Author : Stefan Talmon
ISBN : STANFORD:36105060774887
Genre : Law
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The bibliography lists the literature and State practice on the question of recognition in international law for the last two hundred years. It contains books and articles, ie. contributions to journals and other collected works such as "Festschriften" and Encyclopaedias, as well as (published and unpublished) theses, pamphlets, compilations of diplomatic documents and case notes. As many of the monographs on recognition in international law will not be available in all libraries, book reviews have been included in the bibliography in order to enable the user to decide whether it may be advisable to order a certain work by inter-library loan. Its 4,500 entries are arranged systematically according to subject categories in fourteen main sections. Each main section is further subdivided with ever-increasing specificity into sub-sections on codification, codification attempts, general studies, studies of certain recognition questions and studies of specific recognition cases. The bibliography employs a broad meaning of recognition. It is not restricted to the question of status of an authority or entity in international law but encompasses also the question of relations with it. As many of the recognition cases must be considered, and can only be understood, against their historic, political and sometimes even economic background, the bibliography includes not only purely legal treaties but also publications of a primarily historical, political or economic content which incidentally deal with aspects of recognition in international law. This is reflected by the titles of the 730 journals from more than 50 countries in 20 different languages which have been used to compile the bibliography.The bibliography contains both an author and a comprehensive subject index to enable users to locate works of a particular writer or a specific problem.

Denver Journal Of International Law And Policy

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B5114222
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