prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits developments in economic geology

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Prospecting And Exploration Of Mineral Deposits

Author : M. Böhmer
ISBN : 9780444597878
Genre : Science
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This is the completely revised edition of a book which was published in 1978 and, such was its popularity, was sold out within two years. It was described as ``An excellent compilation and condensation of a vast field of literature and experience in economic geology. Clear illustrations, charts and tables punctuate the text material very nicely... Valuable for all economic geologists and resource developers.'' (Choice). The material is illustrated by 215 text figures and 76 tables, and is presented in two parts. The first part covers the geological background of the genesis of mineral deposits as a clue to new discoveries, and the methods of geological, geochemical and geophysical prospecting. The second part concerns sampling, documentation and computation of ore reserves and economic assessment of mineral deposits. This new edition has been very extensively revised and brought up to date. This holds true particularly for the chapters on geochemical and geophysical methods, the use of photo-geology and satellite imagery, oil and gas prospecting, exploration of underwater minerals, the application of the principles of global tectonics in prospecting for deposits, and the evaluation of reserves. These new or thoroughly revised chapters comprise almost half of the entire text.

Prospecting And Exploration Of Mineral Deposits

Author : Miloš Kužvart
ISBN : UOM:39015005851905
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Geology Of Tin Deposits

Author : R.G. Taylor
ISBN : 9780444597908
Genre : Nature
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Developments in Economic Geology, 11: Geology of Tin Deposits focuses on the principles, methodologies, and approaches involved in the study of the geology of tin deposits. The book first tackles metallogenic provinces, primary tin deposits, and tin in the geochemical cycle. Topics include tin distribution, deposits associated with anorogenic granites and passive and/or batholithic magmatic environments, deposits related with terrestrial acid lava flows, classification of provinces and province analysis, and plate tectonics and tin provinces. The manuscript then ponders on the relationship between granitoids and tin concentration, significant geological features of tin deposits and their application in search techniques, and observations on large low grade tin ores. Concerns include tonnage-grade curves of various deposit types, porphyry tin deposits, geochemical prospecting, vein analysis, tin distribution and concentration mechanisms in the igneous environment, and trace element specialization. The text takes a look at the transport of tin in the formation of ore deposits, mineralogy and aspects of the crystal chemistry of tin, aspects of secondary deposits, and economic and management considerations. The publication is a dependable reference for researchers interested in the geology of tin deposits.

Essentials Of Mineral Exploration And Evaluation

Author : S. M. Gandhi
ISBN : 9780128053324
Genre : Science
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Essentials of Mineral Exploration and Evaluation offers a thorough overview of methods used in mineral exploration campaigns, evaluation, reporting and economic assessment processes. Fully illustrated to cover the state-of-the-art exploration techniques and evaluation of mineral assets being practiced globally, this up-to-date reference offers balanced coverage of the latest knowledge and current global trends in successful mineral exploration and evaluation. From mineral deposits, to remote sensing, to sampling and analysis, Essentials of Mineral Exploration and Evaluation offers an extensive look at this rapidly changing field. Covers the complete spectrum of all aspects of ore deposits and mining them, providing a "one-stop shop" for experts and students Presents the most up-to-date information on developments and methods in all areas of mineral exploration Includes chapters on application of GIS, statistics, and geostatistics in mineral exploration and evaluation Includes case studies to enhance practical application of concepts

Elements Of Prospectingfor Non Fuel Mineral Deposits

Author :
ISBN : 8170237262
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W Sn Skarn Deposits

Author : T.A.P. Kwak
ISBN : 9780444597922
Genre : Science
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Intended as a reference for the academically-oriented geologist as well as the practising economic geologist, this book is concerned with the study of skarn deposits having anomalously high tin or tungsten contents, or both. Unlike many other books on economic geology, both economic W-Sn skarns and non-economic examples are covered, in order to enable the academically-oriented reader to grasp the full range of such deposits, and also to aid the economic geologist in distinguishing between W-Sn skarns having economic potential and those which do not. W-Sn skarns are notoriously complex, containing a wide range of textures, grain sizes, mineral assemblages, bulk compositions and structures. The lack of a sufficiently detailed data base, coupled with some unsupportable genetic models, has led to many misunderstandings and has often resulted in needless expenditure and effort on fruitless mineral exploration. Thus, the first aim of this book is simply to provide an adequate data base with sufficient references to enable an interested worker to define a skarn deposit and know where to find additional information on similar examples. To aid this, as much data as possible is presented as tables and diagrams. The second aim of the book is to show the reader how to separate skarn rocks found in W-Sn-bearing environments into those produced by metamorphic, isochemical processes (metamorphic skarns) which are uneconomic, and those produced by the introduction and exchange of components from an ore solution (ore skarn). W-Sn skarns are also separated into genetically logical subdivisions so that, if a deposit or a specific geological environment can be identified, then skarn zonation or the potential of finding specific skarn types can be predicted. This is particularly important to the practising exploration geologist because often only a small part of a skarn or only certain skarn types contain economic mineralization. In addition, the book provides an insight into how to assess where mineralogical complications may occur, especially with respect to Sn-skarns, and in which environments such complications may be expected. It also provides enough information for the reader to be able to conceptualize suitable models for W-Sn skarns based on primary data.

Geo Resources

Author : Shrivastava, K.L.
ISBN : 9789386237361
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The book will be an everlasting and invaluable reference for, academia, industry and planners specialized in georesouce and for those who need updated information and current research in the field. The book will also be equally useful for advance level students and research scholars throughout the world.

Geochemical Prospecting For Thorium And Uranium Deposits

Author : R.W. Boyle
ISBN : 9780444597632
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Developments in Economic Geology, 16: Geochemical Prospecting for Thorium and Uranium Deposits focuses on the analysis of various geochemical methods applicable in the search for all types of thorium and uranium deposits. The publication first ponders on the general chemistry and geochemistry of thorium and uranium, deposits of thorium and uranium and their indicator elements, and geochemical prospecting for thorium and uranium. Discussions focus on radiation surveys, selection of areas, primary mineralization, supergene oxidation, and secondary enrichment of endogenic thorium and uranium deposits, and equilibrium in the natural radioactive series. The book then ponders on lithochemical, pedochemical, hydrochemical, and biogeochemical surveys of the geochemical prospecting for thorium and uranium. Topics include heavy and light mineral surveys of stream, river, pond, and lake sediments, detailed litochemical surveys utilizing primary halos, and case histories. The text takes a look at sampling procedures and analytical methods for estimating thorium and uranium and miscellaneous methods and atmochemical surveys on the geochemical prospecting for thorium and uranium, including isotopic methods, remote sensing and geothermal methods, and liquid inclusion and thermoluminescent methods. The book is a valuable source of data for researchers wanting to explore geochemical prospecting for thorium and uranium deposits.

Geochemical Exploration 1976

Author : C.R.M. Butt
ISBN : 9780444601278
Genre : Science
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Geochemical Exploration 1976 is a compilation of 30 papers presented at an International Geochemical Exploration Symposium. The first five papers included in this journal are entitled World Mineral Supplies-the Role of Exploration Geochemistry; Application of Gold Compositional Analyses to Mineral Exploration in the United States; Tellurium, a Guide to Mineral Deposits; Geochemical Prospecting for Volcanogenic Sulfide Deposits in the Eastern Black Sea Ore Province, Turkey; Anomalous Trace Elements in Pyrite in the Vicinity of Mineralized Zones a Woodlawn, N.S.W., Australia; and Application of Lead Isotopes and Trace Elements to Mapping Black Shales Around a Base Metal Sulfide Deposit. Other papers included in this volume are about primary dispersion; sulfur isotope and trace metal composition of stratiform; geochemistry of the mammoth copper deposit; geochemical indications of concealed copper mineralization; Zinc-Lead-Silver deposit; and geochemical dispersion patterns. The book also discusses sulfide mineralization, serpentinites containing nickel iron sulfides, geochemical analytical techniques in determining ""total"" compositions of some lateritized rocks, natural gamma radiation, Uranium, Uranium isotopes, and soil hydrocarbon geochemistry. The last three papers presented in this volume are entitled Detection of Naturally Heavy-Metal-Poisoned Areas by LANDSAT-1 Digital Data; Recognition of Mineralized Areas by a Regional Geochemical Survey of the Till Blanket in Northern Finland; and Sequential Soil Analysis in Exploration Geochemistry.

Mineral Exploration

Author : S. K. Haldar
ISBN : 9780123914668
Genre : Science
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Globally, mineral exploration has grown significantly in recent years, driven by the rapid acceleration in prices for gold and diamonds since 2004 and the emergence of a middle class in both China and India—aggressively increased demand. Despite this resurgence, no single book has been published that takes an interdisciplinary approach in addressing the full scope of mineral exploration—from mining and extraction to economic evaluation, policies, sustainability, and environmental impacts. Mineral Exploration: Principles and Applications accomplishes this by presenting each topic with theoretical approaches first followed by specific applications that can be immediately implemented in the field. Presents 16 case studies that allow readers to quickly apply exploration concepts to real-life scenarios in the field Includes more than 200 illustrations and full-color photographs that aid the reader in retaining key procedures and applications Each chapter is structured so that its topic is discussed theoretically first followed by specific applications Combines both theory and application in a multidisciplinary reference that thoroughly addresses the full scope of mineral exploration Authored by an instructor with more than 30 years of experience in the field and a decade as a consultant for commercial mining companies

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