positive discipline for teenagers revised 3rd edition empowering your teens and yourself through kind and firm parenting

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Positive Discipline For Teenagers Revised 3rd Edition

Author : Jane Nelsen
ISBN : 9780770436568
Genre : Family & Relationships
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A Positive Approach To Raising Happy, Healthy and Mature Teenagers Adolescence can be a time of great stress and turmoil—not only for kids going through it, but for their parents as well. It’s normal for teens to explore a new sense of freedom and to redefine the ways in which they relate to their parents, and that process can sometimes leave parents feeling powerless, alienated, or excluded from their children’s lives. These effects can be magnified even further in this modern age of social networks, cell phones, and constant digital distraction. This newly revised and updated edition of Positive Discipline for Teenagers shows parents how to build stronger bridges of communication with their children, break the destructive cycles of guilt and blame that occur in parent-teen power struggles, and work toward greater mutual respect with their adolescents. At the core of the Positive Discipline approach is the understanding that teens still need their parents, just in different ways--and by better understanding who their teens really are, parents can learn to encourage both their teens and themselves, and instill good judgment without being judgmental. The methods in this book work to build vital social and life skills through encouragement and empowerment--not punishment. Truly effective parenting is about connection before correction. Over the years, millions of parents have come to trust Jane Nelsen’s classic Positive Discipline series for its consistent, commonsense approach to raising happy, responsible kids. This new edition is filled with proven, effective methods for coping with such parenting challenges as: -Fostering truly honest discussions with your teen -Helping your teen handle the online world -Turning mistakes into opportunities -Keeping your sanity while raising your teen—and making sure your own teenage issues aren’t weighing you down -Teaching your teen how to pursue the goal that make them happy…and a few that make you happy too (like chores) -Making sure you’re on your teen’s side, and that they know that -Avoiding the pitfalls of excessive control and excessive permissiveness

Positive Discipline For Teenagers Revised 2nd Edition

Author : Jane Nelsen, Ed.D.
ISBN : 9780307758958
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Positive Parenting for Those Important Teen Years Adolescence is often a time of great stress and turmoil—not only for kids going through it, but for you, their parents as well. During the teen years, kids aggressively begin to explore a new sense of freedom, which often leads to feelings of resentment and powerlessness for parents who increasingly are excluded from their children's lives. This revised edition of Positive Discipline for Teenagers shows you how to break the destructive cycle of guilt and blame and work toward greater understanding and communication with your adolescents. Inside, you'll: ·Find out how to encourage your teen and yourself ·Grow to understand how your teen still needs you, but in different ways ·Learn how to get to know who your teen really is ·Discover how to develop sound judgment without being judgmental ·Learn how to use follow-through—the only surefire way to get chores done Over the years, millions of parents have come to trust the classic Positive Discipline series for its consistent, commmonsense approach to child rearing. Inside, you'll discover proven, effective methods for working with your teens. Over 1 million Positive Discipline books sold! "I highly recommend this book to parents, teachers, and all others who work with young people. It is one of the best books I have seen on helping adults and adolescents turn their conflict into friendship. Remarkably, it shows how to accomplish this while helping young people develop courage, confidence, responsibility, cooperation, self-respect, and trust. I urge you to read it." —H. Stephen Glenn, Ph.D., coauthor of Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Power Phrases For Parents Teen Edition

Author : Cameron L. Caswell, Ph.D.
ISBN : 9781483426198
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 24. 66 MB
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Parents know that conflict with their teen is inevitable. But when it occurs, many struggle with finding the appropriate thing to say. In her easy-to-use guidebook, Dr. Cameron Caswell shares over one thousand powerful phrases to help parents of adolescents handle even the most challenging situations with poise and grace, and quickly resolve issues before they spiral out of control. Dr. Caswell—a family coach and developmental psychologist—puts the right words at parents’ fingertips to help them address tough topics such as bullying, Internet safety, sex, drinking, cutting, and more. She also provides talking tips, useful resources, informational cheat sheets, and customizable contracts to empower parents to: Address disrespect Boost self-esteem Cool down heated situations Encourage accountability Enforce rules and consequences Provide constructive feedback Say “no” with authority Tackle tough topics

Positive Discipline The First Three Years Revised And Updated Edition

Author : Jane Nelsen
ISBN : 9780804141192
Genre : Family & Relationships
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The celebrated Positive Discipline brand of parenting books presents the revised and updated third edition of their readable and practical guide to communicating boundaries to very young children and solving early discipline problems to set children up for success. Over the years millions of parents have used the amazingly effective strategies of Positive Discipline to raise happy, well-behaved, and successful children. Research has shown that the first three years in a child's life are a critical moment in their development, and that behavior patterns instilled during that time can have profound implications for the rest of a child's life. Hundreds of thousands of parents have already used the advice in Positive Discipline: The First Three Years to help set effective boundaries, forge strong foundations for healthy communication, and lay the groundwork for happy and respectful relationships with their young children. Now this classic title has been revised and updated to reflect the latest neuroscientific research and developments in positive discipline parenting techniques.

What Kids Need To Succeed

Author : Peter L. Benson
ISBN : 9781575426617
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 70. 14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Researchers at Minneapolis-based Search Institute have identified 40 Developmental Assets that all kids need in their lives—good things like family support, a caring neighborhood, and resistance skills. Communities across the nation have embraced the book’s quick-read, commonsense suggestions for helping kids lead healthy, productive, positive lives and stay out of trouble. This revised and updated third edition draws on findings from a 2010 survey of about 90,000 kids (grades 6–12) from communities across the United States. The new data confirms the power of Developmental Assets in young people’s lives, reflecting updated levels of assets young people experience as well as the power that assets have to prevent high-risk behaviors and increase thriving behaviors.


Author : 簡.尼爾森(Jane Nelsen)琳.洛特(Lynn Lott)
ISBN : 9789862486665
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 76. 25 MB
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百萬家庭跟阿德勒學正向教養力! 「培養成年人」的任務,讓青少年學會管理自己! 家有青春期孩子的父母,你需要一本真正理解你和青少年、 化解對立衝突、學習愛與尊重的教養書! ★「正向教養」風行美國逾35年,系列書共出版20冊,以16種語言發行全球60國,銷售逾200萬冊! ★台灣第一本正宗、涵蓋青少年各個面向的經典教養指南!繼7月甫上市《跟阿德勒學正向教養》銷售熱潮,旋即推出「青少年篇」,延續阿德勒心理學基礎,安撫每一位焦慮父母與躁動少年的心! 如果你總是拯救或控制青少年子女,是否想過當有一天你不在時,孩子會變得如何?教養青少年從來不是一件容易的事!在美國風行數十年的「正向教養」創始人──簡.尼爾森,與幫助過無數親子度過青春期風暴的琳.洛特告訴你,身為父母的最高成就是「無用」──不再被需要,幫助青少年子女學會獨立生存所需的人格特質與生活技能,如此,才能放心讓孩子邁向充滿挑戰的未來。 ◎關於青春期孩子成長的探問,與青少年「握手言和」 該如何「賦能」青少年,幫助孩子學會獨立,而不是幫他們做他們能做的事,使孩子「減能」──降低學習能力?簡和琳以大量的生活實例和具體方法,幫助父母從了解青少年成長困境到積極啟發青少年走向獨立,深度探討孩子成長的各種難題,協助親子一同面對和解決: .如何知道孩子變成了青少年?理想中的青少年跟真實的青少年差距有多大? .如何開啟與青少年子女的真誠對話? .如何教導孩子生活的技能?何時該對青少年放手?又該放手到什麼程度? .如何將錯誤轉變成美好的學習機會? .如何在教養青少年的同時保持理性? .如何避免落入對子女過度控制或溺愛的陷阱? .如何幫助青少年子女面對網路世界? .如何引導青少年追求使他們快樂的目標? 青少年不是叛逆,而是對自己和世界開始好奇。當你站在青少年子女的角色思考與同理,放下威權責罵,以積極鼓勵取代責備、命令的無效教養,就能發揮溫和堅定的父母力! ◎改變需要練習,書中的每一句話, 都能幫助你檢視自己,重新學習更有效的教養! 孩子需要被理解,而不是控制!本書運用阿德勒心理輔導法:一套涵蓋溝通、衝突處理與相互尊重的「正向教養法」,為父母和青少年設計各種實用的教養技巧,舉凡:壓力遊戲、畫一個青少年、發展「感受詞彙」工具、打開「第三隻耳朵」傾聽、召開「家庭會議」、從錯誤中復原的步驟、「做交易」激勵青少年、共享「特殊時光」的點子……包含90個教養守則、65個實用練習,以及許許多多親子對話情境、衝突實況、情緒難題;甚至可以聽到來自無數青少年的真實心聲。邀請父母以「注重長期效果」的教養法,跟孩子建立親密、信賴、相互尊重的關係。 ◎親子傳達愛與尊重訊息、給予積極鼓勵的時刻! 實行正向教養法的目的,是為了幫助青少年日後有能力處理人生各種危機及挑戰,並帶著快樂的心、獨立的意志,迎向下一段生命旅程。全書深度而完整涵蓋青少年各個面向的探討,提供父母明確的指引和教養技巧,幫助你進入青少年的內心世界,給予溫和堅定的支持。而當父母明白,青春期只是一段孩子嘗試搞清楚自己想法的時期,就更能平心靜氣地享受這幾年陪伴孩子的時光,以此創造溫暖平和的家庭關係。 本書特色 1.運用阿德勒心理輔導法──簡.尼爾森在1980年代接受美國聯邦政府委託,主持「正向教養法」教育研究專案,結果發現對孩子有明顯正面的影響和啟發。 2.收錄數不清的正向教養技巧、實踐案例及自我檢視的提問──協助父母引導青少年成為具有高度社會適應力的大人。 3.提供父母額外的優惠──有機會重新探索自己在青春期未能找到解決辦法的議題。 4.適合青少年自己閱讀──針對自身面臨的成長難題,與父母一同討論,積極找出解決方法。 5.每一章最後都有「溫和堅定的父母力」專欄──提供「教養守則」及「實用練習」,整理該篇章的實踐重點,給予父母明確的指引。 6.台灣首位獲美國PDA正向教育協會認證導師及講師──姚以婷專文導讀、審訂。 各界名人誠摯推薦 王政忠/「我有一個夢」發起人 李貞慧/親職作家暨閱讀推廣者 周慕姿/心曦心理諮商所所長 林明進/建國中學國文教師 姚以婷/台灣亞和心理諮商和訓練中心院長、美國正向教養協會認證資深導師、北美和台灣阿德勒協會認證講師 洪仲清/臨床心理師 陳安儀/親子專欄作家 彭菊仙/暢銷親子作家 曾端真/台北教育大學心理與諮商學系退休教授 黃淑文/心靈&親子作家 楊俐容/兒童青少年心理專家 蔡淇華/作家、教師 鄭皓仁/寬欣心理治療所所長&臨床心理師、美國正向教養協會家長正向教養講師 盧蘇偉/世紀領袖文教基金會創辦人 魏世台/台灣婚姻與家庭輔導學會理事長、台北醫學大學心理學兼任教授 魏瑋志(澤爸)/親職教育講師 (依姓氏筆劃排列) 「自家兩個孩子現在儼然就像兩個小青少年,在閱讀本書的過程中,我頻頻點頭稱是,畫了好多重點呢!這本書提醒為人父母者放下威權與控制,以傾聽、幽默、放鬆、冷靜、尊重、支持的態度與青春期孩子連結,溫和而堅定的陪伴孩子平穩走過自我探索期,是家有青少年的父母必備的一本實用教養書。」──李貞慧/親職作家暨閱讀推廣者 「『青少年正向教養法』幫助我和遍及全球的無數家庭度過親子風暴,讓家庭關係總能在風雨後很快恢復寧靜,維持著和諧關係的親密與彈性。」──姚以婷/台灣亞和心理諮商和訓練中心院長、美國正向教養協會認證資深導師、北美和台灣阿德勒協會認證講師 「『……當一名青少年的父母,跟當一名青少年比起來,絕對沒有輕鬆到哪裡去。妳的父母只是在做他們以為對妳最好的安排,同時也在面對他們自己的不安全感與恐懼。』我在本書看到這一段話時,非常欣喜,因為很簡短又精準深刻地,描寫了父母跟青少年互動的某個切面。」──洪仲清/臨床心理師 「這是一本豐富紮實的好書,內容涵蓋豐富的心理學知識與實用的教養方法,幫助家有青少年的父母學會在溫和堅定中延續對孩子的愛與責任、享受日漸放手的輕鬆自在,也讓更多青少年得以間接受惠,在跨越青春期的種種挑戰之後,成為真實、夠好的自己。」──楊俐容/兒童青少年心理專家 「由於生理的改變、認知的分化、同儕的影響、加上瞬息萬變的環境脈絡,青少年展開了與父母爭執、對立的成長歷程;「為什麼我不能做自己?」「為什麼我都要聽你的?」本書提供父母如何關心卻不干預、導引卻不限制,有信念、有方法,讓孩子有機會學習為自己的選擇負責,使親子雙方都能享受『青春』所帶來的成長中的新鮮與喜悅,以及步向成熟的自信與成就感。」──魏世台/台灣婚姻與家庭輔導學會理事長、台北醫學大學心理學兼任教授 「我向父母、老師與任何從事青少年教養工作的人大力推薦這本書。在許多教導成年人與青少年如何將彼此的衝突轉化為友誼的書籍中,這是我所讀過寫得最好且最棒的一本。最值得一提的是,這本書還教父母如何在達到上述目標的過程中,幫助年輕人培養出勇氣、自信、責任感、合作力、自尊與對他人的信任。聰明的你,絕對不能錯過這本書!」──H‧史蒂芬‧格林博士(H‧Stephen Glenn, PH.D.),《讓孩子做自己的主人》(Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World)的共同作者

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